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Senior Mechanical Engineer Water Projects

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 35600
(06/11/1980, male)
List top 5 skills: autocad 2d/3d, mechanical engineer, pipeline, pump stations, static equipment inspection
Short Bio:

A Mechanical Engineer has over than 11 years with consultancy, FFED, EPC, detail design, design review, supervision, inspection and project management experience on Water Infrastructure Projects (Irrigation and potable water systems) including, calculation, shop drawings, technical specification, cost estimation, supervision, installation, inspection, materials, process, Refurbishing, upgrading, testing, commissioning, troubleshooting, operation, maintenance, coordination with other concerned di

Current location: 

Tunisia - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

, Manufacturing and Operations

Spoken languages: 

Arabi, english, french

Locations I am interested in working:



Seeking a position of mechanical engineer in a company for new challenge, Ready to offer more than 11 years of professional experience and abilities in Design and supervising of hydro-electromechanical equipment, pump stations, piping, and hydraulic structure in water distributing systems in many projects. Be one of the key of the company’s vision into the realization through strong dedication, hard work and good leadership skills to enable the organization to deliver strategic new initiatives on time, within budget and scope.



 2005 Master of Mechanical Design – ENIT Tunis

 2001-2004 Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering – ENIT Tunis

 1998 – 2001 Preparative university of engineering studies (maths and physics section) – EPEI Mateur – Tunisia


Experience Summary

Since 2010
Senior Mechanical Engineer (FEED& EPC Manager)

Water supply projects

Consultant / Water department / Ministry of agriculture and water resources of Tunisia

Principal duties and responsibilities:

Management of Design in mechanical tasks

Undertake design and tendering of mechanical/piping works related to water supply, wastewater, storm-water, potable water and irrigation pump stations.

Prepare and review reports and design documentation for mechanical/piping works related to water supply, wastewater, storm-water, and irrigation pump stations according to standards and regulations (electric control panels, pumps, pipelines, suction and discharge pipes, flow, level & pressure control equipment, pressure vessel, valves, reservoirs, transformers, gauges).

Manage Consultants, undertake technical reviews, and progress reporting and liaising with developers, internal and external members.

Quality control for on-site equipment. Control of procedures applied for the storage and warehousing of the hydro-electromechanical systems.

Review and / or supervise the preparation of construction estimates, schedules and budgets as required

Treatment of RFI (request for information) by subcontractor and contractor and provide technical advices and responses in the best delay.

Performs technical reviews of drawings, product data, material samples, purchase orders, subcontracts, inspection reports, delivery schedules, instruction manuals, Contractors’ shop drawings and technical data to assure compliance with the requirements of the Contract package

Strive for excellence in quality delivery and development of preliminary and detailed design.

Participate with civil engineering department and other departments in design and construction of water supply projects and advice suitable solutions according to the performance of EMI equipment.

Coordinate aspects of projects submittal and deliverables, reviews and approvals against contract requirements. Report and advice on deviations from the same.

Provides coordination support between engineering disciplines.

Assist in the execution, pursuit, assessment and review of future opportunities for project work and consultancy services.

Provide technical design advice, reports.

Review of the works acceptance schedule prepared by the Contractor,

Ensure the relevant QA procedures are followed without exceptions

Assistance for the organisation and supervision of works acceptance testing,

Assistance for the issuance of works acceptance certificates,

Participation in the preparation of the project completion report.

Technical review of compliant drawings relating to the hydro-electromechanical equipment,

Technical review of the User and Maintenance Manuals provided by the Contractor.

Main Projects

(IFAD, AFD, BAD, JICA, FCGBV, FADES, KFW Funding for a total of 240 M$)

• Realisation of 5 irrigation pump stations on hill dams Batta, Mrir, Ain Zlel, Smati, Gassat (flow: 30 to 150 gallons/sec, 60 – 200 meter, 30 – 600 kW ).

• Realization of Madiouna pump station for treated waste water with 3 split case pump (flow: 50 gallons/sec) including reservoirs and hydro-mechanical and electric equipment.

• Realisation of Laaroussa overpressure pump station on Siliana dam with split case pump Ritz (flow: 150 gallons/sec – 1600 kW).

• Rehabilitation and modernisation of Somran pump station on Lakhmes dam including 4 vertical shaft pumps (KSB) and electromechanical equipment (power 1000 kW – flow: 120 gallons/sec – level 60 meter) and reservoir equipment (1.584 million gallons) including control building on hooped concrete pipeline for irrigation area (1280 hectares).

• Rehabilitation and modernisation of Nagaya pump station on R’mil dam including 4 split case pumps (Pleuger) and electromechanical equipment (power 600 kW – flow:80 gallons/sec – level 74 meter) and reservoir equipment including control building on hooped concrete pipeline for irrigation area (1100 hectares).

• Rehabilitation and modernisation of SP1 pump station on Siliana dam including 5 split case pumps (Rovatti) and electromechanical equipment (power 800 kW – flow:100 gallons/sec – level 60 meter) and reservoir equipment including control building on hooped concrete pipeline for irrigation area (1800 hectares).

• Realization of 27 pump stations for drinking water and irrigation areas (flow: 2 gallons/sec to 50 gallons/sec, power 2.2 kW to 167 kW) on drilling and intake stations including electric (MV/LV), mechanical and instruments equipment with several pumping design (End section, frame-mounted, closed coupled, split case, vertical turbine, submersible) .

• Realization of 49 hydraulic control & protection building on more than 300 km of water networks (ø 300 mm until ø 1400 mm) penstock, concrete, metallic, Iron and HDPE pipes (automatic butterfly valves and gates including welding special mechanical parts dismantling joints, hydraulic parts, sonic trap, hydraulic welded parts, air valves, cranes,…)

• Modernisation and upgrading of control equipment (electrical, mechanical and instruments) of six reservoirs and towers (capacity: 2000 m3 to 10 000 m3)

• Rehabilitation and upgrading of electric, mechanical and instruments of the control building of Sidi Ayed reservoir (2.64 million gallons) receiving primary water network (ø1000 mm) with 240 gallons/sec of flow and 16 bar of pressure, including automation of water levels by altimeter valve in public irrigated area of Gaafour (1900 hectares).

• Realization of 70 electromagnetic flow-meters on primary pipes (ø 800&1000 mm, flow: 25 gallons/sec to 320 gallons/sec) equipped by electronic converters (SIEMENS, ABB, ISOIL, Schlumberger) in irrigation areas 6500 hectares (Lakhmes, Laaroussa, Rmil, Gaafour).

• Installation of transformers (10 kVA to 1600 kVA) and MV/LV electric protection equipment.


2007 to 2010
Supervising & Commissioning Engineer

Water supply projects

Consultant / Water department / Ministry of agriculture and water resources of Tunisia

Principal duties and responsibilities:

Review design documentation and layouts for mechanical/piping works related to water supply and irrigation pump stations according to standards and regulations.

Assists in the implementation / resolution of the RFI, FCR / FCN & Control of Non-Conforming Items.

Review and assess the delivery of the Sub-Contractor’s method statements, permanent and temporary works design to a program of deliverables and tracks progress to assure that these items support the requirements of the Project Schedule and the delivery requirements of the Contract.

Planning several construction works.

Assists in civil and structural inspections, acceptance and turn-over reviews,

Review Contractor’s installation method statements.

Control of fabrication of hydro-electromechanical equipment

Control on site of hydro-electromechanical construction and installation (welding, pumps, pipelines, electric control panels, MV/LV unit, transformer, valves, bridled parts, gates, section and discharge pipes, reservoirs equipment, crane, thermo generator, pressure vessel, civil structure…).

Continually review the contractor’s construction schedule during the progress of site works.

Review and make recommendations regarding sub-contractor invoices for payment

Prepare and improve technical documents and guides of EMI.

Prepare reports with all details of activities

Main Projects

• Execution of 50 km of HDPE pipelines ø 125 to ø 400 mm including hydraulic protection and control building for irrigation area Arkou (500 Ha).

• Execution of rehabilitation of water supply networks (hooped concrete and metallic pipelines ø 200 to ø 1200 mm), pump stations and hydraulic equipment of Kharouba, Rouhia, SidiNawi, Fdadin, Sidi Hmeda, twir lil and fwarsnoussi irrigation areas (4500 Ha)

• Execution of mechanical and electric works of potable water supply projects (yahbou, Ain Jbour, Swalem, Henchir roumen, Jwabria, Rziguette, Msaia, Baboucha, Sodga, Ain Zakar, Ouled Slit, Heblen, adducting more than 300000 peoples).


2004 to 2007
Supervising & Commissioning Engineer

Sogreah consulting/ Water department / Ministry of agriculture and water resources of Tunisia

Principal duties and responsibilities:

FADES funding 115 M $

Review detail design, approve layouts, supervise fabrication, construction, installation and test of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment and instruments of :

– Zerga dam (3960 million gallons)

– Kebir dam (17 000 million gallons)

– Moula dam (4200 million gallons)

– Moula pump station (power 1800kW)

Including HEM equipment (welded parts, wagon valves, gates, metallic pipe ø 600 mm to 1000 mm, metallic shield, hydraulic handling jack, electric control panels, transformer, hydraulic control equipment, cranes, and hydraulic control building…)

Prepares and / or reviews design change requests / notices,

Plans via project model the inspection requirements of individual packages,

Assists in civil and structural inspections, acceptance and turn-over reviews,

Participates in on site / off-site testing as required

Performs in-process and acceptance inspections of own and sub-contractors work on a monitoring basis and will assist in resolving any noted problems with the sub-contractors’ work

Understands the sub-contractor’s Contract and administer it in line with the Contract

Provides technical assistance and background information for contract administration and project controls



FEED, EPC, Design, 3D Design, Water supply systems, pump stations, pipelines, hydraulic control building, reservoirs, vales, gates, automatism, calculations, and vessels.

Familiar with international standards (AISI, ANSI, NEMA API 610, API 685, API 674, API 682, API 671. ISO5199 / 2858, ASME / ANSI B73.1 & B73.2, NPS, CAN/CSA C390-10)

Metallic Material treatment (cast iron, galvanised steel, corrosion, welding part…).

Design software:

Professional with: AutoCAD 2D/3D, SolidWorks,

Good knowledge of: Catia V5.R9, REVIT MEP, ProEngineer, Primavera


International supervising:

Franklin Electric– Whitlich Germany, Caprari – Milano Italy, Technidro SA – Genova Italy, HPL Engineering – France
Submersible electric motors (May- June 2012)

Split case, end suction centrifugal, vertical turbines pumps (November 2011)

Hydro-mechanical equipment (butterfly valves, automatic valves, altimeter valves, flanged parts, flowmeter, flow stabilizer, …) – March-2010

Hydro-mechanical dams equipment – 2006



Arabic – Bilingual

French – Fluent

English – Good