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Serial No: 25806
(10/22/1953, male)
Skills keywords: senior commissioning engineer, senior instrument engineer, senior maintenance engineer, senior metering engineer
Short Bio:

Control and instrumentation engineer. Familiar with ESD, DCS and F&G systems. Specialist in Gas and Oil process and Custody Transfer Metering Systems. Familiar with gas turbine, gas engine, diesel engine, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, power generation controls and shutdown systems. Experienced in engineering and design overseeing, construction supervising, pre-commissioning and commissioning of instrumentation systems, start up of new or modified oil and gas production facilities.

Current location: City of Zagreb, Croatia - View on map
Nationality: Croatian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Diploma/Degree: Master’s degree, Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)


English fluently

Italian basic

Career Summary

1. Time period: Since February 28th 2012
Company: INA d.d., Avenija Veceslava Holjevca 10, 10 000 Zagreb, CROATIA;
Employment Basis: Permanent employment

Position: Senior Project/Maintenance Engineer

Activities: Preparation Scope of Work and Design Premises for Projects,

Supervision and follow up instrument and electrical works on construction of the offshore gas production platform, following mechanical completion and commissioning works and activities, maintenance of the electrical and instrument installations on offshore gas production platforms (planning, spare parts ordering, tendering and contracting outsource services), organization and witnessing of the annual check and calibration of Gas Custody Transfer Metering Systems (orifice) installed on offshore gas production platforms.

2. Time period: Since March 31st 2009 till February 28th 2012
Company: INA d.d., Avenija Veceslava Holjevca 10, 10 000 Zagreb, CROATIA;

Employment Basis: Permanent employment

Position: Senior Project Engineer (Instrumentation) – International projects – Joint Venture

Company: HAYAN Petroleum Company, Syria, Damascus
Project : Jihar Stage – 3 (Syria)

Gas Treatment Plant Jihar and Satellite Gas Stations Al Mahr and Jihar construction. Products: crude, gas and LPG.

Activities: Detailed engineering follow up and construction supervision. Reviewing, checking and approving technical documentation prepared by EPC Contractor (Petrofac). The instrument installations supervising. Follow pre-commissioning and commissioning activities. Witnessing factory acceptance tests as Company representative. Accepting site functional and performance tests (SAT and PAT). Commissioning of the DCS, ESD and F&G systems; gas and oil fiscal Custody Transfer metering stations. Various control systems commissioning (Gas Compressors, gas Turbine Generators, Hot Oil System, and Chiller Unit etc.)

Instrumentation maintenance activities after start up and during normal operation of the plants. Handling warranty claims and supervising corrective actions. Spare parts requisitions preparation, spare parts inspection and stocking supervision. Maintenance services technical specifications preparation and outsourcing services contracting. Troubleshooting, replacement and adjustment of the instruments, control systems adjustment.

Plant operation and maintenance assistance. Production monitoring and approval of Custody Transfer Measurement Tickets.

Project : Jihar Stage – 2 (Syria)
Gas and oil gathering station construction.

Gas, oil and water separation, gas compression, gas dehydration and chilling (hydrocarbons dew point control), Gas fiscal metering. Oil dehydration and tank storage.

Activities: Following pre-commissioning and commissioning activities. Instrumentation installation supervising and accepting. Gas Custody Transfer meter runs start up, fine tuning of control loops, testing cause effect matrix for ESD and PSD systems. Testing Gas Compressors packages and Chiller control systems. Checking and reviewing as built documentation for instrumentation. Witnessing and accepting SAT and PAT. Operating and maintenance constructed facility.

Location: Syria, Palmyra surroundings

3. Time period: Since November 1st 2008 till March 31st 2009
Company: TEHNOKOM d.o.o., Voćarska 15, 10 000 Zagreb, CROATIA
Employment Basis: Limited Time Contract

Position: Consultant (Engineering and Project Management)

Project: Expansion of Ivana A and K offshore gas production platforms

(Engineering activities for additional slug catchers, fiscal meter run for Isabella field pipe line connection, additional gas compressor installation, modification of existing control and electric power system to suit new equipment to be installed)

Location: Croatia, Zagreb

Activities: Preparing, reviewing and approving technical documents related to basic design for platforms modification, preparation of the tender documentation package.

Application of ENI, API, AGA, ISA standards and recommended practices.

4. Time period: Since September 23rd 2007 till July 31st 2008
Company: PENSPEN INTERNATIONAL Limited, PO BOX 46562, Abu Dhabi, UAE;
Employment Basis: Limited Time Contract (freelancer contract)

Position: Senior Project Engineer (Commissioning)

Project: Expansion of Khafji Crude Onshore Production Facilities

(crude dehydration, process and loading pumps stations, metering stations, substation and switch gear, MCC, DPCS, F&G, gas fired heaters and heat medium system; heat exchangers, tanks and pumps)

Location: Al Khafji Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KJO Company

Activities: Reviewing and approving EPC Contractor documents related to pre-commissioning and commissioning. Supervise factory acceptance tests and site performance tests. Follow up yard activities, pre commissioning and commissioning activities. Witnessing site performance and acceptance tests as Company Representative.

Application of ARAMCO, API, AGA, ISA standards and recommended practices.

5. Time period: Since December 1st 2006 till May 26th 2007
Company: TRANSOCEAN, SEDCO FOREX INTERNATIONAL DRILLING INC, SPECTRA, 1st Floor, High Street, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai 400076 (Phone: (+) 91-22 4000 0000)
Employment Basis: Limited Time Contract (freelancer contract)

Position: Project Commissioning Engineer

Project: Trident II Drilling Rig (Upgrading, repair, replacement and overhauling rig structure and equipment)

Location: COCHIN SHIPYARD, India

Activities: Supervision of factory acceptance tests and site performance tests. Start up engineer and commissioning engineer for specific units (deep well pumps, raw water piping system, BOP control panels etc). Following up yard activities, pre commissioning and commissioning activities. Following power generators upgrade works and witnessing power generators site performance and acceptance tests as Company Representative.

Preparation of documentation indexes and sorting out collected documents (inspection and test reports, commissioning reports and check lists, material and equipment certificates) together with sorting engineering documentation prepared by project team and vendors.

Application of ABS rules; TSF, API, ISO standards.

6. Time period: Since August 1st 2004 till November 1st 2006
Company: INAGIP d.o.o., Subiceva 29, 10 000 ZAGREB, CROATIA (Phone: (+) 385 1 4592 737)
Employment Basis: Permanent employment

Development Department (Hydrocarbons Exploration and Production)

Position: Assistant to Development Department Manager

Projects: Offshore Gas Production Platforms and Gas Pipelines (Katarina, Pula Gas Terminal, Ivana K, Ivana C, Ika A, Ika B, Ida A, Ida C, Marica). Location: CROATIA – North Adriatic Sea and Shore (Peninsula Istra)

Activities: Engineering supervision of offshore gas production platforms design for: Electric Systems, Control Systems, Telecommunication Systems, Custody Transfer Metering Systems, Instrumentation and SCADA Systems. Basic engineering follow up. Preparation of tender documents. Bid evaluation; vendor selection; ordering equipment; material and services. Project execution following up (EPIC and EPC contracts) Following up EPC Contractor activities. Witnessing factory acceptance tests for equipment (communication equipment, control systems, gas custody metering systems – orifice and ultrasonic meter runs). Following up yard activities, pre commissioning and commissioning activities. Witnessing site performance and acceptance tests as Company Representative. Application of international standards related to electrical and instrumentation systems in hazardous areas and in general (IEC, EN, API, ISO, ISA). Application of ENI internal standards and technical practice for engineering and design of offshore production platforms.

7. Time period: Since September 11th 1978 till July 31st 2004
OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION DIVISION (NAFTAPLIN), Subiceva 29, 10 000 ZAGREB, CROATIA (Phone: (+) 385 1 4592 222)
Employment Basis: Permanent employment

Positions: Engineer Expert for Control Systems and Process Instrumentation,

Engineer Specialist for Control Systems and Process Instrumentation,

Head of Instrumentation and Control Systems Maintenance Section

Maintenance Engineer for Control Systems and Instrumentation

Projects: Commissioning and start up of control systems and process instrumentation equipment for:

Gas and air compressors; water and oil pumps; gas and oil gathering stations; gas take off stations; wellhead shutdown systems; gas treatment plants; oil dehydration and separation units; gas compression stations; gas turbine generator power set; diesel and gas engine generators sets; solar power supply systems and batteries.

Gas and crude oil custody transfer metering systems (Design, commissioning and start up, maintenance)

Location: CROATIA – Onshore and Offshore Croatian Gas and Oil Fields, Gas Pipe Lines

Activities: Preparation of Mining Designs for onshore and offshore gas and oil fields, Feasibility Studies, Design Premises, follow up of Basic Engineering and Detailed Engineering for Control Systems, Instrumentation, Telecommunication systems and SCADA systems applied in Gas and Oil Industry.

Design, start up and maintenance of process gas flow metering and custody transfer metering (turbine, orifice, ultrasonic)

Maintenance of control and measuring equipment (process instrumentation, programmable logic controllers, process computers, DCS, transmitters, controllers, control valves, flow computers, relay logic; pressure, temperature, flow and level measuring equipment, analyzers). Preparation of annual maintenance cost plans and maintenance programs.

Trouble shooting, testing and calibration of instruments.

Process control system, emergency shut down and safety systems (F&G, ESD, PCS systems) testing and trouble shooting.

Inspecting and testing of electrical and pneumatic installations in hazardous areas.

Preparation of equipment and work specifications, requisitions, revision of quotations, bids evaluation, vendor selection, ordering (services, works, instruments, bulk material, and test and calibration equipment, spare parts).

Project engineer for redesign of control system and instrumentation of gas compressor units, gas take off stations, gas and oil gathering stations, gas and oil treatment plants. Responsible for design, works supervision and start up of reconstructed systems.

The control systems, telecommunication systems and instrumentation of offshore gas production platforms design supervision and approval.

Company representative at ENI Office in Milan, Italy (2000-2002).

Additional Qualifications


1. Operation and Routine Maintenance of Gas Turbine and Centrifugal Compressors, (SOLAR, San Diego, California, USA 2005.)

2. Gas Compression Principles and Application, (SOLAR, San Diego, California, USA 2005.)

3. Gas Turbine Control System Fundamentals, (SOLAR, San Diego, California, USA 2005.)

4. Gas Turbine Control System Programming And Maintenance, (SOLAR, San Diego, California, USA 2005.)

5. Microprocessor Surge Control (SOLAR, San Diego, California, USA 2005.)

6. Process measurements and digital communication (ENDRESS+HAUSER, Weil am Rhein, Germany 2001.)


8. Training on ABB PROMASTER SYSTEM (KONCAR INDUSTRIES, Zagreb, Croatia, 1990; ABB AUTOMATION, Vesteras, Sweden, 1988.)

9. Training on ABB PLC 700 SYSTEM (KONCAR INDUSTRIES, Zagreb, Croatia, 1981)

10. Process Control Technology and ac2 Maintenance (FISHER CONTROLS, Leicester, England, 1983.)

11. Process Control Instruments – Theory and Application (SYBRON/TAYLOR, Stevenage, England, 1979.)

12. Ex-proof equipment and associated applied Techniques (Exi, Exd, Exe, Exp, Exm etc.), electrical and non-electrical installations in hazardous areas

13. Courses covering work on the Personal Computer (MS OFFICE, WINDOWS, ACAD).

Professional License

1. State qualification professional exam (12.02.1981.).
Chartered in Croatia


1. Basic Training on Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW regulation VI/1)