CV, Senior Electrical superintendent seeking new work worlwide

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 16771

Skills keywords: power plant maintananace
Short Bio:

I am an individual who is Technically Trained, Professionally Tested and Qualified with infield/ hand on vast experience in Oil and Gas, petrochemicals, power generation and transmission industries project execution and project management

Having 26 years experience, strong Customer Service, project management skills focused on challenging requirement to perform abilities in a way that Cost Effective thinking and an Excellent Communicator to achieve the challenged Goal

Current location: Oman - View on map
Nationality: indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


PDC : Kerala University

Technical : Graduate Electrical Engineering (B Tech)

Projects Handled / contributed:

 Worley Parsons Oman, PMC team ,Electrical superintendent ,Musandam Gas project waste (March 2013 to 8th Jan 2015)

 Jacobs Zate Saudi Arabia, PMC team Assistant resident engineer E&I,Marafiq Industrial waste treatment plant-II project

 NESTE BIO DIESEL (NExBTL) Project Singapore – With Technip Singapore (PMC-Electrical Engineer-Quality/Inspection

 Doha West Power Station –Switchgear Maintenance Contract, Ministry of Electricity and Water MEW / ISCO-ME/EW/3471/2006-2007-Project Engineer/Site manager

 Doosan heavy industries /.ISCO, Kuwait-Project Manager Development and Enhancement of Shuaiba Sea Cooling Water Pumping Stations “C” –

 EQUATE / ISCO, Kuwait, Construction Superintendent -Waste Water Treatment Plant ,OL2K Project –

 Aramco/FAFCO, Saudi –Electrical Superintendent (Saudi Arabia)-Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project ,Restanura,

 FAFCO LTD-Electrical Superintendent. (Saudi Arabia)-Fire water system up grading Project at Uthmaniya Gas plant,

 TECHNIP SPA –Electrical Engineer/supervisor (Saudi Arabia)-Harradh Gas plant utility and offsite facility.

 TECHNIP SPA -Electrical Engineer / Supervisor (Saudi Arabia)Replace Electric Generators at Abqaiq Power Plant ,Saudi Aramco

 PARSONS -Electrical Engineer. (Jubail- Saudi Arabia)-Polypropylene plant-3 project IBN Zahar SABIC

 PETCON LTD-Electrical suprintedent (Saudi Arabia)Rebuild substation 4, 5, 6 project at Saudi ARamco Gas plant,Safaniya ,

 PETCON LTD- E&I superintendent (Saudi Arabia)-Control system replacement project at Uthmaniya Gas plant. Saudi Aramco

 PETCON LTD- E&I superintendent (Saudi Arabia )Control system replacement project at Shedgum gas plant. Saudi Aramco

 BROWN and ROOT – Electrical Commissioning Engineer, Jubail Saudi Arabia MTB, CAEDC, UOC plant project. IBN Zahar, SABIC petrochemical plant,

 SIEMENS/AEL , Electrical engineer/Supervisor (Saudi Arabia)230 KV substation upgrading, Saudi Iron &steel.

 ADCO/ Foster Wheeler Abu Dhabi, –Electrical commissioning engineer/supervisor De gassing plant Bab Oil development project- Habshan,

 Mannesmann -Electrical /Instrumentation Forman (Saudi Arabia Improve crude export capacity project, East West pipe line, Saudi Aramco.

 FAFCO LTD, electrical foreman Fertilizer plant construction, (Saudi Arabia).

 FAFCO LTD-electrical foreman ,Saudi Arabia Fouad international air port construction ,

 PETCON LTD-Electrical foreman (Saudi Arabia Saudi Iron and Steel plant, De dusting plant,

 PETCON LTD ,Electrical foremen (Saudi Arabia)Reduction plant Saudi Iron &Steel,

 BELLALI HEAVY INDUSTRIES SPA, Electrical foremen ,Saudi Arabia/Qatar Qatar north field development project QGPC Gas plant ,

Nature of hand on experience

 Safe execution of project

 Implementation of safety policy and requirements

 Inspection and quality control

 Preparation of work schedule.

 Direct involvement on testing & commissioning.

 Assisting for tender estimation.

 Assisting and involve designing of generator sizing, transformer sizing protection relay setting, cable sizing ,control philosophy and motor starting circuits.

 Preparation of materials take of and ordering materials for the project.

 Motor starters and motors including (variable speed) installation and testing.

 Switch Gears, motor control center.

 Protective relays testing and commissioning.

 ATS, Load shedding & Load sharing.

 Black out system.

 Generators (gas &oil fired)

 Co Generation plant.

 MOV s and control valves.

 High voltage switch yard ,

 Transformers, bus duct.

 Fire diction and alarm system

 Power monitoring system (PMS)

 PDMS, RTU (remote terminal units),

 SOE (sequence of events recorder),

 DCS (distributed control system)

 PLC, TMR, ESD system.

 Interaction with Engineering Dept. for approval of deviation and modification

 Supervising the installation of various electrical substation & plant equipments (indoor AND out door)

 Follow up with material management for timely supply of material at site

 Supervising the cabling, termination , loop check, & commissioning

 Substation installation (indoor out door) GIS up to 230KV, Generators Oil & Gas fired, C o-generating station installation and commissioning.

 UPS & Battery chargers, Battery monitoring system

 Punch list preparation and rectification.

 Verify sub contractor progress & submitted invoice against field progress.

 Co ordinate with site management for the submittal of progress to client.

Standard and specification

• Familiar with international codes and standard-

• NEC,IEC,ANSI, NACE.ASTM,SASO,IEEE,ASIE,ISA,ISO,OSHA,UL,NFPA,API, and Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard ,Equate, Dow specifications, Saudi Royal commission standards, PDO Oman.

• Awarded with MAN OF THE DIVISION OF PETCON LTD – 1999 (Best performance as a SUPERINTENDENT). PETCON (Saudi Electro Mechanical construction company) is a Company with 4800 Employees and having Projects and Shutdown activities through out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.




• Aramco work permit receiver course passed with 100% mark and holder of

Permit receiver card.

• Saudi Arabian permit receiver course and holder.

• EPPS training passed Equate /DOW Kuwait petrochemical plant.

• Electrical level-II passed in Equate plant Kuwait

• Supervisory HSE work shop conducted by NESTE oil

• Supervisory HSE workshop conducted by Technip Singapore


Worley Parsons, Oman, PMC team, Electrical superintendent, Musandam Gas project (2013 March to to 8th Jan 2015)

Project- Installation of New GAS project owned by OOCEP, Musandam, Oman

Jacobs Zate, Saudi Arabia, PMC team, Assistant Resident Engineer E&I, Marafiq Industrial waste treatment plant-II project (2010 Nov to Present)

Project- Installation of 48000M3/day industrial waste treatment plant (IWTP-II) at Marafiq Yanbu Saudi Arabia.

Technip, PMC team, Electrical Engineer Quality and inspection, NESTE BIO DIESEL

(NExBTL) Project at

Singapore PMC Team (May 2008 to July 2010)

ISCO, WLL, Co Ltd, Kuwait, Project Engineer, Doha West Power Station –

Switchgear Maintenance Contract,-ME/EW/3471/2006-2007- (Jan 2007to May 2008)

DOOSAN/ISCO, Project Manager, Extension, Development and Enhancement of Shuaiba Sea Cooling Water Pumping Stations “C” Project.

At Kuwait. (Main contractor- MMD- 2006 Nov to Jan 2007)

Flour Daniel/ISCO, Electrical superintendent, Equate / DOW / petrochemical plant .OL2K, Kuwait, ( 2005 July to 2006 Nov)

Expansion of utilities and waste water treatment plant project

The project was construction of new waste water treatment plant and upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant

FAFCO LTD., Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Construction Superintendent, Uthmaniaya gas plant Saudi Aramco, Jan 2005 To March 2005,

Uthmaniya gas plant (Sulphur unit upgrading- BTX removal from acid gas project

FAFCO/PETCON (ISO Certified) is one of the Leading Construction Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia having 1800 Employees. FAFCO/PETCON is handling Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation Projects (Only Saudi Aramco Projects) and is a part of the ABDULLA FOUAD GROUP.

FAFCO LTD., Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Electrical superintendent, Industrial waste water treatment plant at Res Tanura refinery, July 2004 To Jan 2005

FAFCO LTD., Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Electrical Superintendent, Uthmaniya Gas plant fire water up grading project April 2004 to June 2004

In the fire water system upgrading project is the existing companied fire & utility system up graded with segregated fire and utility system with complete DCS control Also this project is included to replace existing control equipments.

Technip (TPL), Electrical Construction engineer /Superintendent, Harradh Gas plant utility and offsite project, June2002 to March 2003,

Harradh Gas Plant is the world’s one of the largest gas treating facility. The project involves the construction of 230KV out door substation consisting of four ways and 19ea HV breakers and 24 motor operated disconnect switches. And 13.8 KV two substation, control gears, motors, transformers and other plant equipments

Technip, Electrical Construction Engineer / Superintendent , July 2001 to April 2002 Abquiq Aramco plant facility Replace generator projects

In these project is the replacement of three existing generators with new generators (companied / cogeneration units ) (CGTG 7, 8 & 9). Each unit is having a capacity of 42 MW with a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG – 1,60,000 LBS/HR) working with individual unit. And new 69 KV four bay switch yard and 12 ea Breakers and motorized disconnect switches, 69 / 115KV , 25MVA 6ea transformers, 50 MVA 2ea 69/115KV transformers. Also the project is included to modification of the existing 69 KV outdoor substation with out any loss of production. And relocate existing power transformers, current limiting reactors to new substations.

Parsons, Construction engineer, June 2000 to May 2001,IBN Zahar polypropylene plant-III

In these project is to construct and commission of new polypropylene plant at jubail petrochemical area under the construction management team by Parson Arabia LTD. these is the one of the biggest polypropylene plant under Union carbide.

Petcon Ltd, Electrical Superintendent, Safaniya GAS plant Saudi Aramco, replace the existing three substation,August 1999 to May 2000

This is the one of the large GOSP collecting oil from the offshore and on shore wells. This project is to replace the existing three substations with new constructed sub station with out interception of plant operation and production of GOSP and gas plant.

Petcon Ltd, E&I Superintendent, Uthmaniya gas plant control system replacement projects.,

Jan 1999 to Dec 1998

This plant is one largest Gas plant, the old obsolete control system replaced with new electronic control (Foxboro) These project is completed with hot cutover with out any loss of plant production.

Petcon, Electrical superintend Re-build emergency substation projects Aramco Uthmaniya

gas plant, June 1997 to Jan 1998

These project is to build 230/13.8 KV substation at Uthmaniya gas plant, to replace the temporary substation. And this project is included to modify the existing 230 KV transmission line and its control. This substation is feed from SCECO power generating station 230KV then 13.8KV.

Pecton, E&I Superintendent Shedgum- Aramco gas plant control system modification, April 1996 to May 1997

This plant is one of the largest Gas plant in world, the old obsolete control system replaced with new electronic control (Foxboro) These project is completed with hot cutover with out any loss of plant production.

BRSL (Brown &Root) Electrical Engineer Commissioning, IBN Zahar, Sabic group, petrochemical plant, CAEDC, MTB.UOC project March 1995 to March 1996

This plant is one of the largest petrochemical plant in the world, the project is to expansion of new MTBE,CAEDC plant and upgrade the utility system. The project was executed by Brown & Root, These project is completed with hot cutover with out any loss of existing plant production.

Pecon Ltd, Engineer Commissioning IBN Hayyan PVC plant –II project, SABIC group, petrochemical plant. Sept 1994 to March 1995 :

This plant is one of the largest petrochemical plant in the world, and the project is to construct and commission new PVC –II plant. The project CMT contract was Snamprojetti SPA, is included new substation and other processes equipments.

Petcon, Electrical Engineer, Arab pesticide industries co. Construction of Agrochemical Formulation plant,

March 1994 to Sept. 1994

The project is to construct and commissioning new plant at jubail industrial area, and its included civil, mechanical and electrical instrumentation of all the plant requirement.

ADCO , SAIPEM, Electrical Supervisor, Bab oil development project at Abu Dhabi ADCO plant, Sept 1993 to Feb 1994

This is one of the biggest gas oil separation plants under ADCO, The project was included two new substation and associated equipment and booster pumps etc.

Mannesmann, Electrical foremen- Improve Yanbu crude export capacity project ARAMCO, April 1992 to August 1993

This project was included crude pump stations and each pump stations had booster pumps and power generators and other control systems.

Belleli heavy industries, Electrical foremen, Reduction plant-II at Saudi Iron and steel plant

June 1991 to March 199

This project was upgrading of the existing steel plant with new reduction plant, and is included the upgrading of existing and new substations.

Fafco Ltd, Electrical supervisor, Safawa international airport facility project.

June 1990 to May 1991

This project was mainly electrical power distribution system for all facility area.

Belleli, QA/QC foremen Saudi iron &steel de dusting plant project, Oct 1988 to May 1990

This project was upgrading the existing plant with new dust reduction plant, and was included new sub stating, HV/MV/LV motors and its control.

YABO EST, Electrical Engr. / Electrical Supervisor, Various electrical distribution projects Dammam, , May 1986 to Sept 1998

This company was one of the sub contractors to SCECO, and it’s involved to produce and distribute the power under sub contract.