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Skills keywords: control system, foxboro triconex
Short Bio:

I am a DCS Senior Engineer working for one of the biggest automation multinational companies over the world.
I have +6 years experience in Foxboro DCS hardware and software.
Offering extensive experience in complex control loops design ,sequential and Batch control.
I have experience in overseas Mega-projects (Greenfield and Upgrade),including all project phases, Engineering,FAT,I FAT, SAT, Commissioning and Start-up in many countries like Italy,Dubai,Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Current location: Alexandria/Egypt - View on map
Nationality: Egyptian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Arabic, english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Professional Experience: (+6 years)

20/4/2008 – present :

DCS Senior application engineer

Invensys/Foxboro Engineering and Services – Egypt

1. Project: Manifa CPF Location: Saudi Arabia

Customer: JGC End User: Saudi Aramco (September 2010-March 2013)

Project Description: Oil central processing facility.

-Engineering in Egypt

-FAT and IFAT in Saudi Arabia

-SAT, commissioning and startup of utilities

 Control loops implementation and testing.

 Training to the new team members.

 Building markup Graphics from P&ID and implementing customer updates.

 Serial interface Packages implementation and testing (Fire detection,

Air compressor, Vibration monitoring and MCC) via Modbus and OPC.

 Foundation Fieldbus-FF-devices commissioning for transmitters, control

Valves and motorized valves.

 Complex loops implementation and testing.

 Scripting and system programming.

 Commissioning and startup of water injection pumps, air, Utilities area,

Water oil separation plant (WOSEP) and Crude shipping plants.


 Appreciation letter from JGC.

 Project was done three months ahead of schedule and well Under budget.

 Taking the leadership of utilities, WIP and WOSEP plants during SAT.

 Starting up the biggest 4 water injection pumps in Aramco (25000 hp each) successfully.

 Overcoming/applying all logic changes on all motors at site due to defects

In the MCC design and testing it without side effects.

2. Project: Qatar Gas RLTO Upgrade Location: Qatar

Customer: Invensys Middle East End User: Qatar Gas (Jun 2014-Nov 2014)

Project Description: LR Tank Farm, Berth 22/23 and CLPG (SIH62) upgrade.

-Engineering in Dubai

-FAT in Dubai

 Engineering/Testing of 54 controllers efficiently within 1 month.

-SAT and startup in Qatar

 Upgrading the old node-bus system to mesh network and applying all associated

Software and hardware changes.

 Commissioning and startup of 6 LPG compressors and ship loading systems.

 Establishing modbus serial communication between DCS and old existing systems.


 Online Upgrade without affecting other running processes on the same control network.

 Executing the upgrade within ship no loading schedules with no delay in export process.

 Overcoming technical difficulties due to differences between old and new system by

Applying innovative solutions.

3. Project: Qatar Gas Fire Gas Upgrade Location: Qatar

Customer: Invensys Middle East End User: Qatar Gas (Nov 2013-April 2014)

-Engineering in Dubai

 Upgrading Fire and Gas controllers for PU, LQ, ITR01, ITR02, ITR03, ITR05 units.

-FAT in Dubai

 Hardware and software testing for ITR01.

-SAT in Qatar

 Replacement of old hardware and software for ITR01.


 Implementing tools which saved engineering time.

4. Project: BARIK Location: Dubai

Customer: Invensys Middle East End User: Petroleum Development Oman (August 2013-May 2014)

-Engineering in Egypt

 Leading the engineering team in Egypt.

 Upgrading hardware Control processors and Integrators to FCP270.

 Upgrading the Graphics from 2D to 3D in Fox view.

-FAT in Dubai

 System integration, troubleshooting Cabinet power up and Fat Tests.


 Appreciation letter from Invensys.

5. Project: KRATON Phase I/II Location: USA

Customer: Kraton Polymers (Invensys USA) (Feb 2009-May 2009) (Feb 2010-June 2010)

Project Description: Production of polymers.

-Engineering In Egypt

 Implementation of 26 Batch phases with different levels of complexity

Using phase centric model.

 Sequence control loops (30) implementation and testing, Using Sequential

Function Chart and High Level Batch Language.

 Complex loops (75 complex loop) implementation and testing.

 On job training for new comers.


 Handling batch control concepts without former experience.

 Managing the work load due to lack of resources.

 Excellence award from Invensys.

6. Project: EMETHANEX Location: Egypt

Customer: Techinet End User: METHANEX (June 2008- Oct 2009)

Project Description: production of methanol.

-Engineering In Egypt

 Building and programming of complex loops.

 Implementation and testing continuous control blocks.

-FAT In Italy-Milan

-Site In Egypt

 Applying customer modifications to complex loops, commissioning for

All implemented complex loops (20 complex narratives).


 Handling of DCS complex control concepts and operation concepts

In a very short time.

 Adding new controllers and Redistributing the control loops among the controllers without any side effects on project performance.


University, Faculty



Graduation date Alexandria UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor’s degree

Electric Power & Machine Control

June 2007

Professional Skills:

Language Arabic: Mother Tongue.

English: Excellent spoken and written (IELTS certified)

Computer and Programming – Visual basic programming and UNIX commands.

– FOXBORO DCS and Triconex.

– Communication protocols (Foundation Fieldbus-MODBUS-OPC-TSAA).

– Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Specific Courses – Infusion 1.1, Invensys, Egypt.

– Complex loops design, Invensys Egypt.

– Course # 5625 Infusion Batch (Foxboro MA), Invensys, Egypt.

– Foundation Fieldbus course, Invensys, Egypt.