CV, Senior British Construction Manager seeks work overseas

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Serial No: 18645

Skills keywords: civil engineering, project construction manager
Short Bio:

I have over 22 years Construction and Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas and Energy experience within the UK and overseas, mainly within large scale Civil and Mechanical Engineering Infrastructure projects.
I have always maintained enthusiasm throughout my career, I am committed, hardworking and extremely passionate about being hands on by showing my presents within the field.

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Qualifications & Training

Engineering Management Bachelor’s (Hons) Degree (2015)

Civil Engineering HND-Diploma

Construction Management HND-Diploma

Leadership & Management Professional Scholarship Award

Project Management Professional PMP – PMBOX

Professional Recognition Award Graduateship – City & Guilds

Management Professional NVQ 6 – City & Guilds

Leadership Professional NVQ 6 – City & Guilds

Construction Management NVQ 5 – City & Guilds

Health & Safety in workplace NVQ 4 – City & Guilds

Management & Professionals CSCS – CITB – UK

Temporary Works Consultant Construction Plant Certification Scheme

First Aid HSE 3 Day Course

Additional Qualifications and Experience

1. GCSE Results: Mathematics (A) / Art & Design (B) / English (B) / History (C)

2. Driving license – British Valid up to 2059

3. Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 / 2014 / Excel / Word / Power Point / Outlook / MS Project


I have over 22 years Construction and Civil Engineering, Oil & Gas and Energy experience within the UK and overseas, mainly within large scale Civil and Mechanical Engineering Infrastructure projects.

I have always maintained enthusiasm throughout my career, I am committed, hardworking and extremely passionate about being hands on by showing my presents within the field.

My experience is vast and involves Roads and Highways, Bridges and Underpasses, Asphalting, Airport Runways, Helipads, Slipways, Taxiways, Hardstands, Aprons, Reinforced Concrete Basements, Underground Reinforced Concrete Car Parks, Reinforced Concrete High-Rises Tower Block Structures, Water and Sewage Treatment Works & Pump Stations, Water Holding Tanks, Petroleum Holding Tanks/Fuel Farms, Petroleum Pipe Line Infrastructure, Sewage Treatment Works & Pump Stations, Water Holding Tanks, Petroleum, LNG Holding Tanks, LNG Fuel Farms, Oil & Gas Pipe Line Infrastructure, Rock Blasting, Tunneling, Earthworks & Bulk Excavations, Marine Engineering, Sheet Piling, Piling, Sea Defense Walls, Harbour Walls, Promenade and Slipway, Jetties, All aspects of Drainage and Culverts, Accommodation, Car-parks, Roads, Warehouse, Gym, Offices, Canteen and Swimming Pool infrastructure, Installation of all Utilities Services, Water, Gas & Electric Ring Main Trenching & Connection, Testing & Commissioning, MEP, HVAC and Finishing works.

Many of these projects were highly demanding and very challenging, “however” due to having many years of experience coming up through the ranks and covering a vast scope of Engineering projects; it has given me the hard working attitude I have today, along with my excellent international people skills and excellent hands on approach within all sectors of my industry.

My extensive knowledge within the Construction and Civil Engineering sector acting as a Senior Project Manager, I lead my teams with great confidence and self-belief, with excellent quality control measures, and throughout the projects life cycle to always maintain the highest and upmost excellent health and safety record to ensure my team and project maintain safe. I have applied all my skills, training and professionalism to all of my Civil Engineering, Infrastructure and World Energy Construction projects throughout the UK, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.

Company Name: Nass Global

Date Started: February 2012 to December 2014 Reason for Leaving: End of Contract

PROJECT NAME: Ankara Gas Line Project, Turkmenistan

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Gas Pipe Line Infrastructure & Fuel Farm Construction

POSITION HELD: Senior Project Construction Manager

CONSTRUCTION VALUE: £118.5 million


• Reporting to Director of Construction operations.

• Maintaining the projects kept on schedule to budget, and within the projects scope.

• Coordinating all project operations to ensuring the project team are meeting set targets.

• Working in partnership with my health & safety manager, OSHA and ISO ensuring to maintain the highest standards of HSE operations, managing awareness of behavioural based site safety programmes.

• Coordinating a large team of expatriate and multinational in all civil and mechanical construction operations.

• Conducting weekly project meeting with client and stakeholders to ensure all expectations are being met.

• Conducting daily meetings to ensure my civil & mechanical engineers & surveyors are meeting project expectations.

• Coordinating all the logistics and procurements operations with my engineers to ensure that all material, labour and equipment for the project are delivered, hired, off hired on time to the project schedule.

• Weekly meetings with my project QS to ensure IPC payments project claims are correct before signing off.

• Coordinating design work and with design engineering manager, CAD team & draftsmen to ensure drawings are up to clients & stakeholders expectations.

• Working in partnership with QA-QC engineering team to ensure the highest standards construction for the client.

• Monitoring sub-contractors performance to ensure project expectation are being carried out and met.

• Implementing project milestones to senior management to ensure no delays to the projects schedule.

• Provide advice, coaching and training to local national personnel sub-contractors as necessary and mentor, assist in training of junior staff as required.

• Provide direction & control of the Contractor’s structural construction works as directed by construction lead for Sound knowledge of HSSE plans & control of work procedures.

• Managing key construction activity ensuring major milestones are achieved, providing input and liaising with internal and external stakeholders on challenges, delays, cost, schedule and budget management as well as resource allocation, ideally within an EPC environment.

• Development of all programs, procurement and construction, general outline method statement, contract packaging, value management exercises, risk management, value engineering exercises and all tender documentation.

• Overseeing the procurement process from per qualification bid lists, min-tender reviews, bid placing report, sign off and Client handshake to contract signature.

• Expediting of programs and off site progress activities in conjunction with the Project Manager and the Contractors Construction Manager.

• Welfare of the Team including personal training needs and appraisals.

• Managing construction and allocation of resources as required.

• Assist in identification and recruitment review and selection for construction new personnel.

• Effectively manage interface with Production stakeholder departments.

• Ensure constructability review of work carried out by external engineering consultants.

• Provide follow-on construction support for construction.

• Provide single focal point for Construction activities.

• Direct supervision of Construction Superintendents and field engineers.

• Maintain up-to-date knowledge of current construction management and business processes.

• Oversee the management of the terminal construction works through the main terminal contractor.

• Assist in Client assurance and report on progress, safety, quality and cost throughout the project stages.

• Provide control of the piping construction works as directed by line manager.

• Monitoring sub-contractors performance and highlight any concerns to senior project manager.

Company Name: Supreme Fuels

Date Started: December 2009 to January 2012 Reason For Leaving: End of Contract

PROJECT NAME: Onshore Fuel Depot Project, Helmond Province, Afghanistan

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Petroleum Holding Tanks & Pipe Lines Infrastructure /Accommodation Construction

POSITION HELD: Senior Construction Manager



• Reporting to Country Manager.

• Coordinating all civil, Mechanical and construction works to insure that all site activities are kept within projects schedule, budget and to program.

• Participate in the reporting process on construction progress, both schedule and cost in monthly reports to my country manager.

• Manage EPC, Engineering Procurement and Construction strategy to ensure the project will maintain continuous progress.

• Conducting weekly meetings with sub-contractors to ensure production activities and health & safety measures are being met to the highest standard.

• Coordinating all project construction and civil & mechanical engineering activities throughout the site.

• Managing a large multi-national team of civil & mechanical engineers.

• Managing a large team of expats site managers and multi-national members of staff.

• Managing a multi-national design team to adjust and update drawings due to onsite design changes.

• Conducting monthly reviews with Commercial Managers, Project Managers and PMC.

• Working in partnership with HSE manager daily site inspections, weekly health & safety meetings, toolbox talks, daily equipment inspection, hot work permits, permits to dig, risk assessments and updating method statements, and promoting project HSE objectives.

• Keen awareness of management of behavioral based site safety programs.

• Provide direction and leadership to the Contractor works scope in all civil & mechanical related works in the tank and pipelines field areas.

• Participate in the review of onshore team Risk Management Process, ensuring the project teams are fully aware.

• Providing assistance and guidance to the terminal construction sub-contractors for resolution of issues, etc.

Review and acceptance of contractor procedures for installation of all civil structures / sub structures, etc, in the tank and pipelines field areas.

• Working with the training team to develop people skills to enhance production and performance.

• Working with QA-QC Manager to ensure all inspection Witnessing and approving site acceptance tests and ensuring all tests are taken, recorded and documented.

Company Name: Prime Project International

Date Started: June 2009 to September 2009 Reason For Leaving: Personnel Reasons

PROJECT NAME: US Military Embassy Project, Baghdad, Iraq

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Accommodation and Infrastructure

POSITION HELD: Construction Civil Superintendent



• Reporting to Senior Project Manager / Country Manager.

• Managing a large civil engineering team and section foreman.

• Managing a team of multi-national members of staff.

• Managing all civil and construction operations to, Roads, water tanks, sewerage treatment, check point guild houses.

• Weekly progress meetings to keep the project committed to deadlines.

• Working in partnership with the logistic and procurement in keeping material tracked and submittal up dated moving project forward.

• Working in partnership with the HSE Manager facilitating daily permits to dig, hot works permits, toolbox talks updating risk assessments and method statements to maintain highest standards in HSE for construction activities and personnel.

Company Name: AOG & Inter-Oil

Date Started: February 2002 to May 2009 Reason For Leaving: End of Contract

PROJECT NAME: Phase #1 Elk & Antelope Project, Papua New Guinea

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Camp & Helipad – LNG Tank Farm & Pipe Line Infrastructure

POSITION HELD: Engineer Field Superintendent



• Reporting to Senior Project Manager / Country Manager.

• Coordinating all field operation to ensure the project progress.

• Coordinating all logistic and procurement movements to ensure timely delivery of materials.

• Coordinating & managing all EPC construction & engineering processes within the field.

• Managing all quality control and quality assurance in ensure all construction standards & procedures are being met.

• Managing a large civil engineering and surveying team to ensure all field operations are moving on time and on schedule.

• Working in partnership with the HSE manager facilitating daily permits to dig, hot works permits, weekly HSE meetings, weekly toolbox talks and updating method statements and risk assessments in line with ongoing works.

• Hands on approach in the field, problem solving and changing of design and work method when needed.

• Controlling of all major earthworks and heavy plant to keep all infrastructure & construction.

• Overseeing local labour & Sub-contractors.

• Interface proactively with other company departments, Design, Contracts, Estimating, and Cost Planning etc.

• Develop relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

• Keep internal stakeholders regularly informed on project status.

• Conducting monthly reviews with Commercial Managers, Project Managers and PMC.

• Identifying risks and opportunities.

• Weekly project status reporting to project manager.

Company Name: Mowlem Construction

Date Started: August 1992 to Jan 2002 Reason For Leaving: Moved overseas

PROJECT NAME: Winchester Bypass, Gatwick North Terminal runway Extension, Newbury Bypass

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Winchester bypass / Newbury Bypass / Gatwick Airport

POSITION HELD: Junior Engineer / Site Engineer / Site Manager

CONSTRUCTION VALUE: £76 million / £54.7 million / £17 million


• Reporting to Senior Project Manager / Site Manager.

• On and off hiring of labour, equipment and materials, keeping daily dairy and records of all works carried out.

• Working closely with HSE Manager with tool box talks, health and safety induction video and starter packs has been signed for, hot works and permit to dig have been signed off, plant inspection sheets have been filled out, weekly HSE meetings with sub-contractors, HSE team are keeping records and conducting health & safety measures are met at all times with ongoing works diversions and road closures.

• Conducting all site inductions of new operatives to ensure they know all site rules and health and safety measures.

• Ensuring all RFI, instructions and day work sheet have been answered and signed off at weekly meetings with stake holders and subcontractors.

• Managing a QA QC team to carry out inspections of runways and resurfacing, taxiways, pavements and slipways, aprons and shoulders, isolation bays, ramps, steps, hardstand, drainage, ditching, asphalting of runway.

• Coordinating all construction activities of extension of runways, construction of new runways, taxiways, pavements, expansion and strengthening of slipways and aprons, construction of new shoulders, ramps, steps, hardstands, updating of drainage and ditching, isolation bays, asphalting of new and old runways, water blasting of old line markings, painting of new lines.

• Setting out profiles and batter boards, cutting stakes to commence earthworks and bulk digging.

• Constructing, setting out and supervising bridge pilling and foundations, bridge support columns wing walls center columns, approach slabs and retaining walls.

• Installing, setting out and supervising all drainage installation works (Clay & plastic pipe work, manholes, RC culverts SP culverts bricking up of gullies and manhole lids etc.)

• Constructing, setting out and supervising all drainage, road construction and bridge construction.

• Controlling all road closures to maintain public safety.

• Construction, setting out and supervising of all trunk roads to ensure all public transport have been diverted away from ongoing working activities.

• Updating the drawing register, updating method statements and risk assessments.