CV, Saudi Arabia based Project Manager in Petrochemical Sector

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Senior Operations / Commissioning / Start Up / Project Management or Senior Process Engineering position in the
Chemical - Petrochemical Industry - Oil Refining - Industrial Gases – Alumina Handling / Production.

Successful experience in Operations – Commissioning-Start-Up Management for Refineries and heavy
Chemical plants, as well as Senior Process Engineer and as Project Manager on various large facilities.

Current location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Venezuela
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, French and Spanish
Location I am interested in working: saudi arabia

Qualifications & Skills

Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana. Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
Master of Business Administration, Process Management

University of Salford. Manchester, Great Britain
Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry with Environmental Studies, 1979

Instituto Universitario de Tecnología, Región Capit al. Caracas Venezuela
TSU Chemistry and Chemical Processes, 1973

Career Summary

2011 – Current
Air Liquide has signed a Hydrogen Supply Agreement between ALAR (Air Liquide Arabia) and the YANBU ARAMCO SINOPEC REFINING COMPANY (YASREF); that constitutes the biggest single investment project for Air Liquide worldwide. Joined the project team in 2011 to review Basic Engineering, prepare the new Operating Organization, applying Air Liquide standards and procedures to recruit a multinational O&M team, provide fundamental training and specific hands on training on existing Air Liquide HyCO facilities; develop all Standard Operating Procedures, drill them and deploy them. Have been involved with reviewing the Basic and Detail Engineering, actively participated in Facility HAZOP /Vulnerability / ARA reviews. An important achieved goal has been deploying the best possible relation with the Client’s Operations Management Team to identify all opportunities for synergies within the refinery organizations. Currently, leading the commissioning activities supported by the Project Engineering and Construction unit (LURGI) team; preparing the start up and for the initiation of Facility
Commercial Operation expected to be completed by the end of 2014 with additional support from experienced O&M personnel from the Air Liquide world to guarantee a Safe and Successful Start Up.

Engineering & Project Management Unit
2008 – 2011 Commissioning StartUp Manager/ Project Manager / Senior VAR Specialist

Management support to all the MEGA Projects currently on progress in the area of Olefins, Methanol, Fertilizers,

Plastics. Coordinating a multinational team of experts in engineering, construction and operations to meet commissioning and start up milestones with no LDI, on time and within the approved budgets. Assigned to SHARQ, a SABIC affiliate undergoing a major expansion, as PMT Project Manager of the Utilities & Off-sites Area. Participated as Commissioning Start Up Leader in the biggest Petrochemical Complex on earth, SAUDIKAYAN, preparing the teams of the U&O, OLEFINS, Polymer Plants (POLY PROPYLENE / HDPE / Polycarbonates) and Phenolic (Phenol /Cumene / BPA) Plants to achieve a successful Start Up following the SHELL FLAWLESS Start Up program.  Supported the Value Assurance Review team (VAR) to evaluate, control and recommend the Corporations’ Global Project Strategy for the mid and long term.

Operations Manager, Utilities & Hydrogen Plants
2002 – 2008 New facility (CRUDE UPGRADER) owned by the Joint Venture between CHEVRON-TEXACO, CONOCO-PHILLIPS & PDVSA located in the north of Venezuela.

Managed the Commissioning and Start Up of the Plant Utilities involving, demineralized, water plant by reverse osmosis, Utility and Instrument Air, Cooling Water Systems, Condensate Reprocessing Plant, High Pressure Steam Production and Hydrogen Production, and currently responsible for their operation. Responsible for training program for all the Process Technicians employed to operate the UPGRADER different departments: Coker, Sulfur Plant, Hydro-Processing, Crude Handling and Distillation (Vacuum and Atmospheric), Plant Utilities and Hydrogen. Special assignment to the turnaround team as Turnaround and Start Up Manager and UPGRADER Shift Superintendent, responsible for the Operation of the whole facility. Assigned to the UPGRADER Turnaround Team as Operations Turnaround Manager. Certified Facilitator (BST) of the Behavioral Accident Prevention Process in the facility

Operations Manager Latin America:

Managed the Operation and Commissioning of all the new and existing facilities installed in Venezuela, Colombia, 1996 – 2001 Brazil and the Island of Aruba and Curacao. The plants under my supervision are: four (5) Air Separation Units (ASU), three (3) Liquid CO2 generators, one Oxygen PSA generator; one Nitrogen PSA generator and one Hydrogen Plant (described below). Participated on the design and operations HAZOP for new Hydrogen units. Coordinated the re negotiation of all the power supply contracts for the ASU in Venezuela.

Compañía de Hidrógeno de Paraguana CHP

( A BOC Gases – Foster Wheeler Joint Venture Hydrog en Plant of 50 MMSCFD Capacity for PDVSA’s Amuay Oil Refinery).

General Manager:

Responsible for setting up the organization, Commissioning and Start Up for the new Plant starting with recruiting and training the operations personnel, setting the administrative procedures, writing and applying the operating procedures, detailed operating instructions and loss prevention manuals based on the original English language edition produced by Foster Wheeler USA and BOC Gases, partners of the Joint Venture owners of the plant. Successfully implemented ISO 9002 in this unit and obtained in a record period the S3 qualification of the ISRS (INTERNATIONAL SAFETY RATING SYSTEM).

1979 – 1995
Bauxite Refinery of 2.0 MMTPY Metallurgical Grade Alumina

Executive Vice-president (General Operations Manager):

Responsible for the operation of a newly upgraded plant with 1600 employees. The main task was to reach the desired installed capacity and reduce the production costs by US$ 110/ton. The means were to optimize several operating units using the same personnel but reinforcing the main concern areas. In six months production costs were lowered by US$ 90/ton and a new production record was achieved. Started the implementation of the Quality System based on ISO 9002 standard in the organization. Managed several labor problems successfully bearing in mind the strong position the Labor Unions have in the area.

Research and Development Manager:

Execute and Control all the projects related to the alumina plant expansion, optimization and stabilization. Coordinated the preparation of the International bid to install a Red Mud (Alumina Plant byproduct) Filtration and Disposal Plant.

Start Up Superintendent:

Responsible for the selection, training a coordination of a group of operators, engineers and technicians to carry out all the test related to the plant expansion: hydrostatic, loop and equipment tests with the final certification prior to approval by the operations management and finally integrate the newly tested plants to the main complex. The total group was of 300 employees amongst chemical, mechanical, systems and electric engineers operators and technicians. Lead the upgrading of the Control system from Honeywell 2000 to Honeywell 3000. Coordinated the edition of all the process, and operating manuals for each expansion area. Created the functional equipment data base for the expansion project equipment including all the test results and part lists required for two year operation.

Process Coordinator:

Senior engineer in charge of developing the Conceptual, Basic and Supervision of the detail engineering for the “debottlenecking” project to increase the plant capacity from 1.3 MM tpy to 2.0 MM tpy alumina production.

Developed the basic engineering of two vacuum filtration plants in Zurich, Switzerland as part of the supply of a new :process created by the Swiss company “ALUSUISSE”.

General Operations Supervisor:

Coordinate the field activities to keep the highest performance of all the Heat Exchange units of the Bauxite refinery.

Activities were basically, daily and monthly maintenance planning, chemical cleaning, parameter corrections pump

tests amongst others.

Process Engineer:

After two and a half years of training in a similar plant at the north of Australia, GOVE ALCAN ALUMINA (former Nabalco Pty), took the responsibility of select and train the initial start up group to lead the operations of the Calciner,

Precipitators, Classification and the heat exchange units of the newly installed plant. The initial capacity was 1.0 MM tpy and in one year and a half the production was peaking 1.3 MM tpy as a consequence of a few optimization studies performed by this group.


Colgate Palmolive, Manchester, UK;: Mandatory Industrial Training, R & D Department, 09 / 1977- 02 / 1978

ICI Winnington Works, Northwich, UK; Mandatory Industrial Training Quality and Process Control 09 / 1976 – 02 /1977

Becham Pharmaceuticals, Worthing UK; Mandatory Industrial Training R & D Department. 09 / 1975 – 02 / 1976

Montana Gráfica, SANDOZ Laboratorios;Quality and Process Control Technician for Rotogravure, Litho, Photo

Litho and Pigment Development lamination and extrusion processes 07 / 1973 – 01 / 1975.