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Serial No: 25772
(01/16/1990, male)
Skills keywords: chemical engineer, chemical engineering supervisor, chemical process engineer, process engineer, production engineer, shift incharge, team leader
Short Bio:

I have a Chemical Engineering background and am currently working in a plastic manufacturing factory as a chemical engineer(shift in-charge).
The company is producing calcium carbonate filler and master batches especially white and bluish white .Also producing stretch film off different lengths and thicknesses according to customer demands.Having previous experience in water treatment processes like reverse osmosis and ion exchange,also worked as ISO consultant trainee,and did few internships.

Current location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Pakistani
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Arabia, Saudi, Middle East, Pakistan


To work in the challenging environment where I can put my best efforts for the organization and make recognition of myself through my hard work.


B.Sc (Chemical Engineering)
University of Gujrat, Gujrat ,Pakistan 2007-2011

F.Sc (Pre-Engineering)
Punjab College of Science, Lahore, Pakistan 2007

Metric (Science Group)
Ghazali model school,Phalia,Pakistan 2005

Professional Skills

 Leadership

 Good Management Ability

 Organizational Development Skill

 Good Communication skill with God gifted Personality

 Organizational Diagnostic Skill

 Team leader

Career Summary

 Chemical Engineer in Zad Industries and Trading Co..(July 2013 to present)

 Chemical Engineer (Reverse Osmosis And Ion Exchange Specialist Engineer ) In DEEM Water Tech, Onaizah ,Al Qasim ,Saudi Arabia (October 2012 June 2013)

 ISO Consultant in Blue Tech Arabia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (6 months)

 Field Engineer In Fecto Cement Ltd,Pakistan (7 months)

 During internship in M/s. Shah Taj Sugar Mill, Pakistan (Summer 2009)

 Internship in Pak-American fertilizer, Pakistan (Summer 2008)


 Production of Purified Terephathlic Acid (PTA)

IT Proficiency

 Tools (Ms Office, Paint ,)

 Ms Visio

 Mat lab

 Operating Systems (Win 98,XP, Vista, Window 7)

 Internet Searching and browsing.

 Aspen plus

 ArtCam,MasterCam for Engraving Machine

Honors & Awards

 Registered member of Pakistan Engineering Council

 Registered member of Saudi Council of Engineers

 Worked as volunteer in Admission Cell of UOG during admission process

 Information sectary SWAM (Student WelfareAssociation of M.B.DinMember of Chemical engineering society, UOG)

 Organize different events in University of Gujrat

 Active Member of University Cricket Team

 Organizer of Engineering get together

Career Ddetails

Quality Control Engineer in Zad Group

Joined Zad Industries and Trading Co. in July 2013 as a Chemical Engineer, in the field production of master batches (black, white, and color master batches), calcium carbonate filler using polyethylene. Also Stretch and wrapping film production.

Working as junior production engineer, my duties include but not limited to the control of the process, mixing of materials and chemicals, process troubleshooting, quality check and quality control.

Daily work also includes documentation and reporting of all daily activities, keeping in mind the ISO Standards.

Making production reports on daily basis.

Making Quality Reports daily ,making hourly reports of critical areas

Following ISO Quality management system for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Following ISO standards and procedures ,

Making internal audits for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Quality for customer satisfaction is our priority


Chemical Engineer (Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange Specialist Engineer
(Our Leader of water technicians ,electricians and workers)

Supervision of water related projects

Specialist for Reverse Osmosis Process ,Supervision during Installation and maintenance of Process

Specialist for Water Softening (Ion Exchange Process) ,Installation and maintenance

Also works Ultraviolet Sterilization to kill bacteria in the water

Making Drawings for projects using MS Visio and Excel and sometimes AutoCAD

My work is not limited to Reverse Osmosis and Ion Exchange process ,we also have different projects like our recently projects include

Making Of Fountain of 40m height jet in Alras

We already made 20m,15m,10m,8m,and smaller fountains in different areas of Al-Qasim region

We also made and currently making Swimming Pools with different Designs

Work also includes water filtration from home to large scale industrial basis


ISO Consultant Job Description:

• Prepare Files of different companies for ISO Certification

• Prepare Quality Manuals for Trading and Production Companies ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System).

• Prepare files of ISO 14001 (Environment Management System).

• Preparation of ISO 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) file.

• Preparation of ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System).

• Preparation of ISO 27000 (Information Security Management System).

• Execution of ISO Standards

• Implementation of ISO Standards

• Make audits and find Mistakes

• During preparation of Manuals we take different assessments like Customer Complaints, Customer Feedbacks, Internal and external Audits, Suppliers and their efficiency,

• Job duties and Job descriptions of Top Management

• Non conformance reports (NCRs)

• Corrective and Preventive Action reports(CPARs)

• All type of Documentation requirements of ISO Certification


Field Engineer Job Description:

As a Field Engineer, I was responsible for Visiting Site and Control room to make the process to run effectively and to ensure the Product Quality.

• Visiting site routinely and troubleshooting of problems

• Visiting control room and communicating with plant operators and troubleshooting problems

• Following up new business opportunities and setting up meetings

• Planning and preparing plans to improve quality of product

• Establishing and maintaining working relationships

• Communicating new product developments to prospective clients

• To optimize the production

• Minimizing the Shut downs

• Giving confidence to the workers to discuss problems and communicate with top management to resolve their problems

• Providing management with market feedback.


Internship in Shah Taj Sugar Mil:

• During internship in M/s. Shah Taj Sugar Mill, Mandi Bahaud Din (Summar 2009) as a Chemical Engineer I involved in research activities for developing and testing new products and also improving the existing products as per the feedback of customers and senior officials. For this I gained wide knowledge of chemical engineering concepts and technological knowledge. I also took the responsibility of quality control of products which helped the organization to have products developed with greater efficiency.

• I also helped to have a cost effective solution of producing efficient products by reorganizing the production and manufacturing process.


Internship in Pak-American Fertilizer:

• Internship in Pak-American fertilizer, Mianwali (Summer 2008) as a process Chemical Engineer I took the responsibility of monitoring and controlling the production and manufacturing process of chemical products.

• I also took the responsibility of ensuring the quality of products and take vital steps for production of efficient chemical products on time with minimal cost.


Volunteer in UOG Admission Cell Duties:

• Collecting admission forms of Engineering departments

• Checking the forms and checking mistakes

• Helping new comers in form filling

• Making serials

• Documentations


Information Secretary in SWAM:

SWAM (Student Welfare Association Mandi Bahaud Din) is a nongovernmental organization for students formed by a Students of Mandi Bahaud Din ,purpose of this organization is to promote and help the students of our Area and career consoling of students.

I have promoted the organization through

 Social media

 Personal Relations

 Telemarketing

 SMS marketing

 Email marketing

Project: Production of Purified Terephathalic Acid:

It was a design project assigned by our department to 5 students (including me).

We worked on this project and distributed different topics among us.

We made it possible through our hard work; first we study theory mutually.

Then process selection, and they gave me mixer design and I designed mixer.

Also took part in research and design of reactor, condenser, heat exchangers and pumps, process selection ,site selection, plant layout and cost estimation steps.


 Organizer during Engineering get togethers
I took part in engineering get togethers as organizer; we make arrangements for get togethers, and got praise from Vice Chancellor and Director of Engineering for our best arrangements in University.

 Member of Chemical Engineering Society Gujrat University
I have worked as a member of chemical engineering society during my educational career and we discuss problems of our department and student related problems with our Head and Director of department of Engineering University of Gujrat.

We also make arrangements for get togethers, functions and parties..

 Organize different events in University of Gujrat
I have organized different events in University like sports gala, seminars, Musical nights show, Sufism culture show, etc

 Member of Cricket Team
I have played cricket for the University and hostel and I also have lead the team several times in many cricket events.