CV, Rope Access L2 Rigger Welder Deck Foreman Looking Worldwide

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 7398
(26/05/1974, male)
Skills keywords: deck foreman, rigging, rope access, welding
Short Bio:

I have more than 15 years welding experience, qualified and coded and also have 7 years working offshore with many international companies doing rope access and rigging tasks. I am a level 2 rope access technician and have been employed as a Lead Rigger to direct a team of riggers. I am multi-skilled and my welding work is one of the best. I have recently been employed as a Deck Foreman doing lifting and off-loading tasks. I am a freelance contract worker but will also look at permanent and long term contracts.

Current location: South Africa - View on map
Spoken languages: English and Afrikaans
Location I am interested in working: Australia, greece, Italy, Mauritania, Singapore, South Africa


Welding Trade Test -Wingfield Naval Base College & MERSETA Red Seal

Coded GMAW MIG, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

Coded GSFCAW Flux core, 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

Coded SMAW Electrode LH ,1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6GR

Offshore Survival Certificate: Offshore Survival, H.U.E.T, Fire Fighting and First Aid

Rope Access IRATA – Level 2 (4628) hours on ropes

Basic Rigging – Module 1

Scaffolding – Erection and Dismantle



Blue Cranes (Saldanha-Staal Arcelor mittal)

Oct 2013 – Oct 2013 Lead Rigger

Directing a 100 ton mobile crane (boom extended 85m) to various levels of a furnace, working with two assistant riggers. Loading of furnace bricks, cement, scaffolding, welding equipment, cementing units and installation of a 2 ton beam-hoist inside furnace. Directing the crane driver via radio to different sections of the furnace, doing lifting and lowering of equipment. Working on another plant directing the crane driver, loading of dry chemical catalis into confined space for vacuum cleaning company. Assisting all contractors on site by lifting all their equipment for their project onto the platforms of the furnace. Loads varied from 1.5 ton to 1.9 ton.

PetroSA (Mossel Bay) on Pacific Askari

Sept 2013 – Sept 2013 Deck foreman

Responsible for delegating work to the riggers on board. Getting equipment ready for ROV crew. Instructing the riggers to lift subsea diver equipment from quayside onto vessel. Directing rigging crew to load cargo and equipment onto the vessel.

Coga hookup and pre-commissioning project Technip (Congo)

June 2013 – July 2013 Rope access rigger/deck hand

Installation of flexi riser’s, doing pre-com work and demolishing of equipment from different platforms, Worked with tugger winches, compressors, testing gear and piping for other companies. Assisted the deck foreman as a rigger deck hand; offloading from the platform onto a supply vessel. Did various rope access, rigging tasks and worked on demolishing of rigging equipment (chain blocks, pull lifts, rigging slings, snatch blocks, and shackles).

SBM (Equatorial Guinea) for FPSO mooring leg change out

January 2013 – March 2013 Rope access Grade 2 rigger / welder

Working on mooring line’s – connection and disconnection of old one’s and installation of new one’s on FPSO SERPENTINA. Cutting of the old shackles and installing new one’s on chain link which is fitted to the uni-joints. Also responsible for different types of rope access activities on the chain table of the turret; i.e. measuring the angle of the old and new chains for installation and tensioning, in Phase 2 of the project.

Also change out of the old winch wire for a new winch wire on the main FPSO winch. Change out of old mooring legs by new mooring legs and change out the load cells of the tension monitoring system at the turret.

Ocean IRM – Saldanha (South Africa) KCA Deutag – Ben Ryan

October 2012 – December 2012 (Rope access rigger / welder)

Removal of draft channel on a jack-up rig of the forward leg and welding on new numbers on starboard, forward and port side legs. Rigging of hauling and pulley systems to lower down the draft channel once it’s been cut from the forward leg up to 175m high. Rigging of ropes and anchor points on the leg braces of the rig.

Subsea 7- Offshore (Nigeria)

July 2012 – September 2012 (Rope access rigger)

Pulling of risers. Installation and removal of chain blocks and spool installations. Rigging of rope to rope transfers and aerial rigging.

Geo Team- Offshore (Italy)

June 2012 – June 2012 (Rope access rigger welder)

Disconnection of a FSO – cutting of mooring chains inside of tarret. Rigging of shackles, de-rig of risers and cabling by using chain winch, dropping it down into the ocean for tugboats to pull away. Rope access rigging for rescue and hauling. Rigging of leaver-hoists and chain blocks.

Subsea 7- Offshore (Nigeria)

January 2012 – May 2012 (Rope access rigger welder)

Pulling in risers, cross hauling, installations of chain blocks, beam clamps and did rope transfer and hauling of rigging equipment. Also did static rigging installations for the rigging project for pulling in the risers. Cutting out of staircase for riser to be installed on platform.

Subsea 7 – Offshore (Nigeria)

November 2011 – December 2011 (Rope access rigger welder)

Did Riser installations for the new pipelines placed in the ocean. Assisted divers from the Viking Forcados and the Antares for Subsea 7. Supervised and assisted the local welders with their welding equipment and welding. Rigging with turfers and chainblocks above the surface and lowering the riser clamps below the surface for the divers. Rigging and rope access work. Did riser and clamp installations and welding of 8, 18, 20 and 22 inch clamps on the gas platforms. Did a drop object survey inspection on the vessel and painting of the helideck. Assisted the scaffold builders and the inspectors with inspecting of clamps put on and scaffold boards and piping. Coded for this job in Warri, Nigeria.

Subsea 7-3B Pipeline– Chevron – Onshore (Nigeria)

September 2011– November 2011 (Deck Foreman)

Responsible for loading of pipelines on barges and doing layouts from engineering drawings. Assisting the riggers and deckhands with the layouts of the pipes into position. (8, 16, and 22 inch SWS pipelines – 17.5mm width) and (20 inch FBE pipe – 17.5mm width). Managed a team of 8 riggers and 2 crane operators.

SBM – Xikomba FPSO – SBM – (Angola)

June 2011– July 2011 (Rope access rigger welder)

Dis-connection of the FPSO mooring lines, rigging of umbilicals, pulling heads on risers, cutting, removing and installation of pulling chains on rope access. Installation of bell mouths on spider deck for lowering risers and gas injection lines. Rigging and removing spools on riser heads. Working on rotating beam inside turret. Shifting it around with chain blocks and lever hoists. Bolt torqueing on pulling heads, removing and replacing new bolts on riser flanges. Rigging of dynamic rope and rigging for the ROV hooks and dis-connection of risers and gas injecting line. Testing the rigging on bend stiffness.

Ropetech – Total FPU platform (Congo)

March 2011– May 2011 (welding / cutting / fitting / Rope access work)

Maintenance contract – welding and fitting of cable tray support brackets. Building of habitats.

ASP Rope Access – FPSO Sendje Berge (Nigeria)

April 2010– December 2010 (welding / cutting / fitting)

Maintenance contract (welding / painting / sandblasting and inspection work done on ropes. SPS overlay: preparation for the surface areas: welding of perimeter bars, flat bar and drainage pipes (using a solvent that gets injected in 20mm cavities, between the metal of the existing corroded or worn plating. Fabrication of sheet metal work, welding / cutting / fitting. Resolving problems with other welding contractors. Rigging of sheet metal plates and dropping it into tank and anodes. Rigging of SPS injection equipment in and out of the tanks. High pressure water cleaning of bulk heads and longis in the fuel tanks. Work was done in the slop tanks (6 starboard and 6 portside below sea level. Also did heli-deck netting.

Installation of floatation elements (jackets) on mooring hauser. Ascending and descending on ropes. Installation of anti-piracy razor wire. Assembling of scaffolding for the sharestrake (welding of 14m 20mm stifner plates) rigging and slinging work, along the side of the vessel. Constructing habitat from scaffolding.

NDT inspections on the fareleads alongside the vessel for corrosion testing and thickness gauging. Building A-frame 2.5 m in high by 1.8 m wide.

Teamworx – Witbank, Rustenburg

February 2009 – March 2010 (plasma cutting / mechanical bolting / welding and rigging work)

Demolishing of old stack and installation of new 60m stainless steel stack on chemical plantation – Vanchem. Extension of 20m gantry up to 25m bolting, cutting, welding of 25ton mono rail.

South Seas Inspection – Scarabeo 3 Platform (Congo)

December 2009 – January 2010 (welding)

Installation for cement unit. Fabricating and welding of piping. Assisting with mechanical fitting and hydraulic hoses. Putting up cable trays and pressure testing.

South Seas Inspection – Stena Forth Drillmax

September 2009 – October2009 (rope access welding and rigging work)

Installation of new service loops on derrick and various rig welding tasks – from Cape Town to Libya.

Ropetec (Nigeria) – FPSO Hook-up

February 2009 –August 2009 (rope access welding and rigging work)

Assisted with: Turbine units / pull cable / sea water pump / closing of 2 x valves on main deck / fitters on hull deck with bull cable and at water injection (2 trolleys and 1 beam) / compressor upper deck re-valve 3 ton trolley / connecting of 2 x flange on hull deck – connecting of pipe / maintenance on flare / safety to open 3 x valves / moving of slues, chain blocks above compressor / 10 ton trolley hoist / installing supports / sewage line / installing of drainage pipe/ beam trolley 8 inch drainage line / welding brackets and level meter caskets / welding support brackets and installing chain blocks / installing of 10 ton hoist / removal of SBM sheets / removal and welding of stoppers on 8 inch UFR line / welding on port and starboard / welding of stoppers on Platform / installation of riser balcony and welding of cage ladder and security cable / Removal and re-installation of PSV’s and SBM sheet on top deck / Welding of security cage and support brackets on riser balcony / Installation of 20 ton hoist / Removal of JBH Sheet and all unused rigging from entire vessel / piping brackets / insulation pipes, fit chain block and spring hanger locking devices.

Alnix Rigging (Durban)

December 2008 – December 2008

Rope Access and rigging work for the new Durban Soccer Stadium. Tensioning of cross cables with 250kg jacks up to 20m in height and fixing bolts and nuts into place. Rigging aerial installations in confined spaces for stadium arch. Installed beams for compression ring; bolting, torqueing and lifting using cable hoist. (25m to 70m height and 3,5 ton).

Petro Tech Inspections SA: Offshore (Angola)

October 2008 – November 2008

Worked on the Sedneth 701 Rig. Change out valve reach boxes under deck on Port Forward leg. Replacement of knuckles of turn arms and guides. Re-welding of valve reach boxes rings.

Top Rope: Offshore (Namibia)

September 2008 – September 2008

Worked on De Beers Vessel (Peace of Africa) – Assisted the rigging crew and did various Rope Access work and cutting, welding, painting and mechanical fitting.

Petro Tech Inspections SA: Offshore (Angola)

July 2008 – August 2008

Replaced escape ladders (Welding, cutting and grinding of old one’s and replaced with new on the MG Hulme Rig. Various Rope Access tasks as well as rigging and assisted with NDT inspections.

Worked on the Sedco Express Rig. Torqueing of bolts on PRS (Derrick) and STBD Porch hoist rails. Assisted with NDT Inspections. Needle gun areas to MPI. Assisted in rope rigging for ballast tanks and painting in certain areas.

Ropetec: Offshore (Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea)

March 2008 – April 2008

Standby Rope Access Technician for Rigging crew on board a FDS vessel for Cypiem Group. Lifting and dropping of 12m high suction piles in the ocean at anchor points for oil wells.

Premier Rope Rigging: Cape Town

December 2007 – February 2008

Rope Access and welding duties on the Orca Oil rig (PetroSA). Replacing and installing scupper pipelines.

ASP Rope Access: Durban

29 October 2007 – 13 November 2007 – Powerstation

Visual inspection work – replaced expansion joints on 150m high smoke stack in Egypt.

16 October 2007 – 17 October 2007

Welding on ropes at Jacobs bulk handling silos in Durban.

14 September 2007 – 19 October 2007 – Subref Refinery

Pipe line testing: aiding on pipe racks UT/Wall thickness gauging.

Visual testing of corroded pipes and drawing of pipelines in Durban.

Essar Wildcat Oil Rig: From Cape Town to India

May to July 2007. Rope Access and welding on Oil Rig.

Ropetec: Cape Town

Rope Access and welding on Essar Wildcat Oil Rig in Cape Town Harbour in May 2007.

Welding, cutting, installations and various Rope Access Tasks in confined spaces.


Belmet (Paramount) – Flux core welding / ADP Projects – Mig / structural welding

United Industrial Machines – Mig / structural welding (2005 – 2007)

Company: ADP Projects

(Manufacturers of marine & land diamond processing plants)

Dates: May 2005 – September 2005

Position: Qualified & Coded Welder

Responsibilities: Structural welding of diamond processing plants for international and local

companies (De Beers – Namibia)

Welding of shutes and structural beams, (channels, angles and I-beams)

MIG pipe welding

Company: United Industrial Machines

Dates: November 2004 – July 2005

Position: Qualified & Coded Welder / Welding supervisor

Responsibilities: Welding, fabrication and production supervisor for structural welding projects

Company: Far-Ocean (Manufacturers of ship building)

Dates: January 2004 – February 2004

Position: Qualified & Coded Welder (Lloyds Test)

Responsibilities: Welding and manufacturing of shipping vessels

Company: ADP Projects

(Manufacturers of marine & land diamond processing plants)

Dates: March 2002 – December 2003 & March 2004 – October 2004

Position: Qualified & Coded Welder

Responsibilities: Structural welding of diamond processing plants for international and local

companies (De Beers – Namibia)

Welding of shutes and structural beams, (channels, angles and I-beams)

MIG pipe welding.

Also welded 61 tonner Transex plant, recovery plant, and Jet Rigs (marine speck)

Company: Ted Russell Engineering

(Manufacturers of waste trucks used for cleaning, surveying,

sealing, repairing, stormdrains, sewer pipes, pumpstations,

digestors, and storage tanks)

Dates: Sept. 2000 – Feb. 2001 & July 2001 – Feb. 2002

Position: Welder / Mechanical Fitter

Responsibilities: Welding: – UHP/ vacuum tanks – steel storage room for truck parts

Mechanical fitting and installation of water and waste storage tanks,

vacuum pumps, hinges for hydraulic cylinders to lift tanks off trucks, hinges

for back doors and inlet and outlet valves

Mechanical fitting of manholes to view volume of tanks, air-filters to extract

dust/dirt from tanks

– valve warning system

– safety cages for vacuum pumps

Company: Tredcor Engineering

(Manufacturers of air-pressure equipment – tyre industry)

Dates: January 1999 – August 2000

Position: Welder / Semi-skilled Boilermaker

Responsibilities: Welding of:

– (300 bar) air pressure lifts used for lifting vehicles

– pit ramps used for lifting and lowering vehicles

– retread tyre machines for motor and heavy duty vehicles

– compressor cages and buffing machines

– wheel alignment machines for motor vehicles

Company: Plass – Sasol 1 Refinery

(One of the largest industrial companies comprising of diversified

fuel, chemical and related manufacturing operations)

Dates: August 1997 – December 1998

Position: Standby Safety Officer

Responsibilities: – ensuring that safe conditions for work in dangerous areas were met on

construction site

– monitoring fire and safety conditions

– responsible for checking that all equipment used met with set standards

– when conditions changed adversely, alerted all workers to stop operations

– monitored working conditions by carrying out gas and

explosive tests to make area safe for working staff

– responsible for signing of (hot) and (cold) work permits

for a safe working environment on the construction site

– chemical and petroleum fire fighting

Company: New Vac – Sasol and Naatref Refinery /

Power Stations (Industrial Cleaning Company)

Dates: January 1993 – July 1997

Position: Welder/ Supervisor

Responsibilities: – built industrial vacuum equipment

– UHP cleaning of chemical vessels, reactor tanks and tube

bundles with high-pressurised water

– vacuuming of tar tanks and acid dams