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(06/01/1959, male)
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HOBAS PIPE SYSTEMS ROMANIA investiment of HOBAS ENGINEERING GmbH AUSTRIA- specialised in fabrication of centrifugally cast and filled polyester resin glass fibre, reinforced pipes and fittings for burried drains and sewers.

QUALITY-CONTROL MANAGER - April 2004-present

  • manage the activity of control production ( row materials-chemical properties: humidity, viscosity, reactivity, etc.), with tools as LAUDA BATHS, BROCKFIELD VISC, OVENS,SERVOGOR-TEMP .REGISTERS ;
  • process production and final products: mechanical tests: stiffness, tensile, burst (PRESURE) with machines as INSTRONS, BURST EQUIPM-MAXIMATOR, etc, according to SPECIFIC STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS),
  • elaborate and implement the documentation: QUALITY MANUAL, PROCEDURES, INSTRUCTIONS, internal audit (special training-with diploma) for ISO 9001 to be certificate, FINALLY CERTIFICATION
Notable clients and projects included the following:
  • Europe and all over the world
  • Sewage, pressure, drinking pipeline projects
SC GATTEFIN SA Bucharest -Part of a Powerful French Company in Manufacturing Working Sector (Steel, iron, nonferrous sector, welding sector)-Fine Mechanical Sector-with many multi-purpose machine-tools with CNC Equipments.


Our products: equipments and spare- parts for all industries-Construction, Airlines, Drilling Oil and gas industry, Navy, Car-trucks, etc., all of them for EC and WORLD MARKET.

December 2002-April 2004 - PRODUCTION Manager-40 employees,3 0 machine-tools (lathes, milling, drilling NC machines, mechanical and oxy-cutting machines, welding machines etc).
  • Productive and effective management of all mechanical department (personnel, material and machinery to ensure the optimal utilization of these resources) including the execution of necessary mechanical engineering, fabrication (construction)and commissioning tasks of the projects and to ensure that they are completed on time within budget and with the highest possible quality standards.
  • Monitor the projects from engineering, procurement to fabrication and report their progress, costs, problems and other pertinent information to the senior management.
Notable clients and projects include the following:
  • All industries-Construction, Airlines, Drilling Oil and gas industry, Navy, Car-trucks, etc
  • all of them for EC and WORLD MARKET
SC FORADEX SA Bucharest- Leader on the Romanian market for: Drilling, production tests, stimulations, equipping and start-up of deposit of oil, gas, fresh water etc, Mounting and installations repairing of drilling equipment, renting of drilling rigs and equipment

WORKSHOP Manager - July-December 2002
  • Technical support with process development technique and the installation equipment, management and assistance for capital projects.
  • Plans, schedules and supervises the activities of assigned personal in the workshop. Supervise, directs and controls the activities of assigned Direct Hires and Contractor, caring out, maintenance, repairs, installations and commissioning of wide range of mechanical, electrical and rotating machinery equipment.
  • Performs, overhauls and repairs on mechanical and rotating equipments for drilling oil and gas installations (static-tanks, valves, vessels, steel structure, heaters and exchangers, scaffolding, hydraulically and pneumatically installations etc; dynamics- pumps, compressors, diesel engines, gear-boxes, equipments cranes, with them sousensambles ), equipments for Central Power and Process Plants.
  • Assist in equipment failure, investigations and provide recommendations for repairs, provide daily lead direction to other Mechanical Technician, contact personnel and some trainees. Assist the Foreman’s in planning and scheduling the work of teams and maintaining the necessary records and reports. Implement and maintain an engineering store for critical components (spare-parts).
  • Recommends necessary modifications/repairs, methods of improvements and changes in maintenance scheduling. Ensure availability of required spare-parts and consumable items.
  • Ensures that OA/QC and ISO 9001 function on all our activities.
Notable clients and projects include the following:
  • Romanian and S-Eastern Europe Market, Africa market
  • Drilling, production tests, stimulations, equipping and start-up of deposit of oil, gas, fresh water
SC UBEMAR SA Ploiesti -Leader in construction equipment in that time.

1984-2002 -  SECTION II- MANAGER: “General Assembling and repairs heavy equipment”- 4 foremen, 150 employees

March 2001-15 July 2002
  • Manage the activity of the section to realise new products like:hydraulic cranes on tyres with telescopic booms,self loading mobile concrete mixer,urban cleaning equipment (garbage trucks, road sweeping machines)=general assembling (mechanical, hydraulical, pneumatical, electrical installations), testings, remedy, painting, final control, reception,delivery.
  • Capital and current repairs for heavy construction equipments-almost the same steps like new products
SECTION I-MANAGER-“Fabrication and welding steel sector”-Realise all the components(pieces and sousensambles for our typical products-see higher position)
  • Here have had a very strong cold working sector:cutting machines-oxi-mechanical, milling, drilling, tourning, grinding machines, etc; a strong hot working sector-forge-thermal treatment, foundry sector, covering sector; a strong hidraulical sector,welding sector, every sector with his manager or foreman and operators around 150, 3 shifts sometime.
  • SO, into the production process all the time being problems who must be solved; machinery, materials, operators, technology, collaboration with the others sectors like:purchasing dpt, design and technological dpt, account dpt, control dpt, QA dpt etc.
  • These have been a part of daily problems for me ,as Section Manager, who must have a good solution finally, if not should have problems with the TECHNICAL MANAGER-my first superior in this position.
WORKSHOP MANAGER –Strong manufacturing w sector- Heart of Company. May 1995-March 2001
  • Managing the activity into the workshop (cold and hot working sector-50 machine tools : lathes, milling, drilling, grinding machines, toothed gear working machines etc.), 3 foremen, 150 workers, 3 shifts.
  • Organize, coordinate and supervise the activity and technological process in to the workshop.
  • Collaborate with the other sectors to realize pieces and ensembles for our typical construction equipment
  • Assistance to implement the ISO – 9001 – STANDARD (quality syst)
Notable clients and projects include the following:
  • Prototipes as Hydraulick crane on tyre with telescopic boom HTA-18, Garbage truck, Road sweeping machine
  • Petrom Service SA, Electrica SA, National Society of Coil,and many big companies from Romanian market and abroad
  • Siat Nil for Telecomunications-Cairo-Egipt ( Mobil Telephony)
  • Production Manager - Managing the activity of the company. Analyze the drafts, organize the activity into the workshop, and prepare the materials and teams to realize the SITES
  • ISTA (Superior Institute of Application Technology) CASABLANCA - Morocco N-W of Africa TRAINING Engineer in lecture engineering, theoretical: design, material resistance, technology and practical: supervise, prepare and examine the students into the workshop laboratory on lathes, milling, drilling machines, welding equipment’s etc.
  • MS Windows 2000(word,excel,AutoCad etc)
  • Driving licence -Level B
  • French – very good (written and spoken 4/5 points)
  • English – good (written and spoken 4/5 points)
  • Italian -good(written and spoken 2/5 points)
Availability: A month from first contact or a serious job opportunity

Location I am interested in working: africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, canada, china, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, kuwait, Mauritania, Netherlands, new zealand, nigeria, Norway, Poland, qatar, saudi arabia, Singapore, spain, Sweden, switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom