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(08/11/1978, male)
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05.12.2012-present SC ROMPETROL SA LIBYA  HSEQ Officer      

HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)   26.06.2013

- Basic Safety Training Course (Personal Safety Social responsibilities on board ships, Basic fire-fighting, Personal survival Techniques, Elementary First Aid) 13-05-24.05.2013 availability until 24.05.2018

       -80 days between December 17 to 06 March 2013- HSEQ Officer in Libya onshore projects.

-Preparation and implementation of project specific HSE plans to ensure safe working practices and adequate emergency response. Establish and monitor an emergency rescue/response plan and periodic drills / training in case of an   emergency preparation and updating overall staff’s HSE Matrix.

-  Discuss HSE issues every day through daily meeting to promote and enhance HSE performance. Facilitate and use the regular Safety and Communications Meetings to reinforce everyone’s HSE commitments and behaviors.

- Participate in drilling projects as an Senior QHSE wells with a depth of 4000-10000 m in Libya                        

19 OCTOBER 2009  - 01.12.2012

SC FORADEX S.A. – Oil & Gas Company

Senior QHSE Engineer

-6 years QHSE Manager and 3 Years Ph. Geological Eng.

implement general labor protection law 319/2006,

• Coordination teams in order to discover the land seismic hydrocarbon deposits nationwide, in agreement with  O.M.V. SA, Romgaz.

-          Participate in drilling projects as an Senior QHSE wells with a depth of 1500-4000 m in Africa and Asia . onshore projects.

-           45 Days between June 15 to August 1 2010 - HSEQ Supervisor in Mauritania oil and gas industry ,onshore projects

-          45 Days between January 10 to 1 March 2011 - HSEQ Supervisor in Iraq,  oil and gas industry onshore projects.

-          45 days between September 15 to October 30 2011 - HSEQ Supervisor in Tunisia oil and gas industry onshore projects

-          45 days between January 15 to February 28 2012 - HSEQ Supervisor in Tunisia oil and gas industry. In those period I make this jobs as fallow -

-          Rig Safety orientation and HSE policy induction of newly arrived personnel.

-          Inspection of Life Saving Equipment’s, life boats and fire extinguishers.

-          Attending and participating in pre job meetings for the drilling and operating procedures.

-          Coordinating personnel in making Permit to Work, JSA (Job Safety Analysis).

-          Training catering personnel about Personal hygiene, communicable disease and First Aid & Choking.

-          Coordinating in conducting Fire, H2S and abandon rig drills.

-          Course of Training H2S

-          Nebosh HSE Oil & Gas Diploma  2011

-          IOSH Institution of Ocupational Health and Safety  2011

-          OSHA 30 hours - 2012

-          Lead Auditor Training Course 2011

-          Safety Auditing and the daily rig rounds.

-          Food and Sanitation Inspection and inspection of galley, accommodation.

-          Medevac for the cases that requires urgent attention for the treatment in shore based hospital.

-          Presentation of health and safety related topics in safety meetings.

-          Medical and Surgical First Aid for the personnel on board.

-          Making incident report and root cause investigation forms.

-          Maintaining good public relations between operating company, rig management and crew personnel.

-          First aid and latest firefighting techniques.

-           Heavy lifting procedure, preventions and hazards while lifting activities.

-           Identify related hazard and preventing measures as per client safety procedures.

-           Conduct safety exercises, musters and drills.

-           All emergency safety procedures.

-           Contributed effectively for accomplishment of the districts safety goals, objectives and activities.

-           Recognize all the hazards due to different work activities.

-           Safe procedure working around heavy equipment’s.

-           Wire rope and chain slings procedure.

-           Identify the gas and chemicals hazards.

-          Resolves complaints and make recommendations to manager for right actions, as required

-          Scaffolding safe procedure, avoid falls from heights.

-          Standard occupational hazards, including accident analysis and prevention techniques.

-          Tips for an effective safety health committee.

-          HSE Training at the Romanian Ministry of Labor 50 hours - responsable for work safety

-           80 hours course  - HSE Q Inspector Romanian Labor

-          Using/handling maintenance/inspection and refilling of all first aid firefighting extinguishers.

-           Preparing of safety induction training, tool box talk and safety meeting.

-           Seminar orientation of new employees.

-           Maintained all safety procedures and norms efficiently.

-           Wide experience in the field of managing safety aspects in Petroleum & Gas oil areas.

-            Implemented safety measures & effective strategies to reduce risks and hence improved safety.

Strong knowledge of safety procedure (OSHA st Handled highly hazardous chemical products carefully and successfully.

19  October 2009- 15 January 2006  HSE Officer at S.C. PROSPECTIUNI  S.A

-   implement general labor protection Romanian law 319/2006,

- Coordination teams in order to discover the land seismic hydrocarbon deposits nationwide, in agreement with  O.M.V. SA, Romgaz

-  Participation in projects 2D and 3D seismic data

- Coordination of system-wide HSE seismic team (500 people), on how to implement the instructions, weekly meeting HSE and implementation scheme SC (Stop Card-how to prevent incidents and accidents), HSE Weekly Activity Reports, simulations PSI ( simulations fires), accident simulations week to see the response time in case of accident).

- Maintaining low risk of accidents with the objective of 0 accidents

- Abroad experience: three months, from March 15 to June 15- 2007, Iran, HSEQ officer as fallow jobs-

- Responsible for all aspects of OSHA compliance including management, documentation, training, underwriting, and claims processing, OSHA accident investigations and audits

- Assisted clients with development of safety programs; developed on-site training program

-Completing safety and environmental inspections, identifying issues and developing corrective action plans to insure compliance with applicable safety, health and environmental regulations including OSHA, EPA, HAZMAT, DOD, and state and local regulations

- Conducting safety training orientation sessions and teaching OSHA courses to ensure that (EHS) policies and procedures are followed

- Monitoring the use, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals and materials

- Monitoring drinking water systems and testing air and ventilation systems for atmospheric pollution such as contaminants, radiation and noise

- Current in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

15 January 2006- 15 June 2003 Eng. Geological at S.C. DISTRIGAZ SUD S.A.

  •  Identified, understood and documented the type and sources of descriptive geologic and geochemical data; recognized inconsistency, typographical errors, and other problems in data files.
  • Progressively learned basic geologic field techniques, relational databases, GIS software, or other types of software applications to perform tasks such as manipulating geologic map data and preparing digital maps.
  • Used basic graphics software to draft figures for geologic reports and presentations.
  • Acquired knowledge of and familiarity with mining statutes, regulations and procedures in order to perform basic technical application reviews for completeness and technical content related to mining engineering design, appropriate baseline environmental and geologic data requirements.
  • Under guidance, determined bonding requirements for proposed mining operations.
  • Provided information to miners and others to assist them in complying with regulations and permit restrictions.
  • Assisted in scheduling and conducting inspections of mines; learned to identify those technical areas that were not in compliance with numerous mining exploration, operation or reclamation requirements.
  • Recommended alternative solutions and appropriate action to be taken
  • Design and construct safe and efficient pit walls and overburden structures
  • Select, review, and approve the work of outside contractors and consultants
  • Work closely with the on-site contractor and department staff to interpret and map geologic structures in an accurate manner
  • Conduct drilling and mapping program to gather strength, structural, and ore chemistry information for slope design
  • Provide technical coaching and guidance in the development of other department staff
  • Assist in the safe and effective implementation of statistical process control in the mining process
  • Perform soil sampling and analysis work for the proper placement and design of surface structures such as delineation of wetlands, overburden piles, placement of ancillary facilities etc
-          Collected data for research by applying different testing methods.

-          Applied software for the storing and easy understanding of geological data.

-          Created research paper by finding geological properties of different things.

-          Created geological maps, cross-sectional sketches.

-          Used charts, photographs and survey results for finding important characteristics.

-          Investigated the work of art, structure, and the past of the Earth's crust through the collected works.

-          Estimated and founded out credible oil, mineral ore, and natural gas deposits.

-          Tested soil, rock, and diamond in order to find out their geological characteristics.

-          Created records on analyzed and investigated geological, and geophysical information.

Education and training

Period     •2006-2002 Ph.D.   -   Jurassic Inf. Zone Holbav- . Late Jurassic oolites from the Acrocorinth (NE-Peloponnesus): Calcareous micro-algae as an exceptional paleoecologic indicator. Bochumer geol. u. geotechnical. in cooperation with Prof. Dr. D. K. Richter-Germany).

•              2002-1997 University of Bucharest Faculty of Geology and Geophysics

•              Scholarship ERASAMUS in Torino on Mineralogy

•              1997-1993 School Gheorghe Lazar real section

Qualification awarded        - Ph. Eng. Geologist

University of Bucharest Faculty of Geology and Geophysics
  • In-depth knowledge of geological engineering principles, concepts and applications
  • Familiar with various geologic sampling techniques and procedures
  • Possess extensive knowledge of computer based slope analysis, surveying and drafting software
  • Comprehensive knowledge of structural geology, geotechnical analysis and regional mapping
  • Possess excellent multi-tasking, project management and communication skills
Courses and Training

1998- Sedimentology and Stratigraphy   - Bucharest Geology University

1999- Geologic Time and Dating Geologic Events  - Bucharest Geology University

1999- Exploration Methods - Generating and Evaluating Prospects - Montpelier Geological University 2001- Reconstructing Geologic Events through Field Work, Maps, and Cross Sections - Bucharest Geology University

2002 - Oil Shows at the well site- Bucharest Geology University

2005- Formation Evaluation- Bucharest Geology University

Principal subjects / occupational skills       

•Engineering Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Paleontology, Geology of Romania

•Mining geologist – gold and silver in Rosia Montana project

Name and type of organization providing education and training

•University of Bucharest Faculty of Geology and Geophysics

 Skills and competences    

Native language    - Romanian

Language foreign known  -Good English and German                                                      Skills and social skills       - Team spirit, ability to adapt enhanced communication reliability gained working as Eng. Geological at SC Distrigaz Sud HSE  Eng. within SC Prospectiuni SA , SC Foradex SA

Organizational skills  - Team spirit, autonomy in activity, capacity of synthesis

Skills and computer use  - MS Windows & MSOffice,

-               Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw,

-               AutoCAD, Surfer,

-               Multimedia & Accessories Software, Internet

-               Design web page

-               Software and Hardware

Driving license

Category B

Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: africa, Australia, canada, nigeria, Oman, Singapore, United States