CV, Romania Based Production Technician Targeting The UK

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 23201

Skills keywords: innovative spirit, leadership, takes the initiative
Short Bio:

I want to continue building a career, in a position that will allow me to apply and deepen my knowledge

Current location: Județul Sibiu, Romania - View on map
Nationality: Romain
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Manufacturing and Operations, Transport and Logistics
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom, United States

Career Summary

Continental Automotive Sistems, sibiu (Romania)

Optimizing placement programs in order to obtain the best cycle time and the lowest changeover time from one product to another.

Ensuring effective target fulfillment in both line load and SMD components usage as required by Continental.

Ensuring product quality standards and meet minimum fail target , according IPC and CN (ContiNorms) standards. Identify process as well as equipment related defects; establishing causes / diagnosis, implementing and monitoring the solution.

Participation in preventive and corrective maintenance of placement equipment on SMT lines. Translating documentation, active involvement in terms of means and methods of performing maintenance, train involved personnel.

Provide technical support to sustain the proper performance of the production flow.

This is my job profile where I work at the moment :

Current position : JF , Manufacturing process , JP Tehnician process , level 2

Work area : Production , Manufacturing

Responsibilities: Ensuring from the technical point of view of the best yield for the equipments from his segment . Maintenance and repair of the machines and / or components or device used on the production line according to procedures and work instructions in order to obtain quality products , ensure the continuity of the processes on the production , optimize productivity and promote professional security according with the company standards

Main tasks: Check the set-up /changeover on the production equipments on which he is responsabile.Ensure the continuity of production processes . He has to maintain process parameters defined in the description. If there are any adjustement so be made he has to do that.

He`s the first person who is called when production fails.

He replyes alarm systems from production which activates in case the production plan or the quality of the products are in danger .He deals with preventive and corrective maintenance actions .

He`s responsible of the quality of the interventions that are made on the equipments.

He has to update all the processes and quality documents that refers of his activity.

He is responsible for the equipments from the workshop and the spare parts inventory.

He documents tehnical issues that appear on his shift and he remediates that issues.

He respects safety and envirommental equirements.

He trains new colleagues (operators , level 1 technicians).

Practic understanding of the modern tools of quality and production .

Experience with quality standards in automotive industry.

Acknowledge of tehnical equipment (mechanical , pneumatic , electrical , knowledge of MS Office ( Excel)

7 years of experience in tehnical

He promotes innovative spirit

He pays special attention to quality

He acquires the trust of others

He makes proper decision

He plans and organizes work tasks effectively

He takes the initiative

He efficiently communicates


Last year evaluation : 3 out of 4 (sometimes exceeds expectations )



Electrotehnic worker level 1 EQF level 1
Grup Scolar Industrial Energetic, Sibiu (Romania)

Medium and low voltage operation Electrician Level 2 EQF level 2
Grup Scolar Industrial Energetic, Sibiu (Romania)

Mechanical Technician Maintenance and repair EQF level 3

IT Skills

Computer skills SkillsPC skills:

Windows XP, 2007 (A), Microsoft Office XP,2007(Excel, Word, PowerPoint) (M)


Hardware & Software Knowledge(M)


(A – advanced, M – medium, I – beginner)

Specific programs:

Flexa Director, MEdit, IOMonitor – Fuji NXT; Siplace – Siemens SIPLACE

Fuji Trax – Fuji NXT etc