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CV, Romania Based Electrical Engineer, Supervisor, Planner

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 18446

List top 5 skills: electrical
Short Bio:

An adaptable, conscientious, and self-motivated Electrical Engineer with exposure to a wide range of electrical equipment and projects - installation, commissioning and maintenance. Possessing excellent technical and communication skills combined with the ability to relate well to people at all levels

Current location: 

Județul Prahova, Romania - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations

Spoken languages: 

english, romanian

Locations I am interested in working:



1979 – 1983
Electrical Diploma and Certificate
College of Petrochemistry, Ploiesti – Romania

1988 – 1991
Bachelor of Science – Ammunition & Rockets
Military Technical Academy, Bucharest – Romania

Career Summary

Location: Libya – Wafa
Agency: Dietsmann
Employer: ENI Gas
Department: Maintenance Engineering


Main Responsibilities:

-Electrical Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, Failure Reports, Work Packages, Spare Parts Ordering and acceptance upon delivery, Job Tasks List for Preventive & Corrective Maintenance on Electrical Equipment: Power generation and distribution, Field electrical equipment

-Electrical Operation support

Location: Kazakhstan – Kashagan Onshore (Bolashak) Project
Agency: Bolashak & ENI International (2010 October – 2013 December)
Employer: Agip KCO
Department: Start Up & Operation


Main Responsibilities:

– Commissioning Engineering support, on-site technical support during electrical equipment testing, electrical operation support for smoothly start-up

– Management (manpower and equipment request, manpower skills assessment) of Electrical Maintenance Contractors for Plant Utilities Area (3 steam boilers 400t/h, Air Compression and Nitrogen Plant, Water Treatment, Fire Water pumping facilities – Chemical Storage facilities, Fuel Gas Unit, Diesel Fuel Storage facilities, Stripper and Oily Water Plant, Waste Water Treatment – hazardous areas (toxic & high flammable gas H2S up to 200,000ppm, natural gas), Technical Water and Condensate Storage facilities, Mechanical Workshop, E&I Workshop, Central Control Room Building, Chemical Laboratory, Electrical Substation, SIS)

– Following-up, planning and supervision the maintenance of electrical equipment (protection relay General Electric/MM2 – LV motor manager, SR469 – HV motor manager, SR750 – Feeder manager, SR745 -Transformer manager, 10kV switchboards with ABB vacuum contactors and SF6 circuit breakers – Skema Tozzi, LV 0.69kV and 0.4kV switchboards – Skema Tozzi, Electrical trace heating – Bartec, Thermon, Raychem; AC & DC UPS – Borri with Saft Ni-Cd batteries, EDI units – General Electric), systems (electrical interlocks and inter-trips, hardwired signals from ESD, modbus RTU signals to/from DCS – Invensys and LMS/DMS – Allen Bradley, normal-essential-emergency lighting, earthing and lightning network), machinery (step down 35/10kV, 10/0.72kV and 10/0.42kV power transformers ONAN – Areva, 10kV and 0.69kV electrical asynchronous motors – ABB, ASI Robicon, Siemens, Loher; Electrical Process Heaters with thyristor control panel – Heatex)

– Electrical Spare Parts ordering, inspection and acceptance upon Spare Parts delivery to warehouse, Spare Parts list definition and SAP implementation

– YTT (yesterday-today-tomorrow) activity plan and 2-weeks look ahead plan meetings with planners, operation and other maintenance disciplines

– Ensuring timely and safely execution of Preventive, Corrective and Condition Based Maintenance Work Orders, as per Company work procedures and policy (Safety Critical Elements, Inspection and Compliance, Operation Requests)

– Preventive and Corrective maintenance Work Orders releasing, closing out, hours and manpower confirmation, Fault Code Statistics records, measurement recording sheets and technical reports uploading into SAP PM

– Root-Cause Analysis and 5-Whys Reports

– Ensuring that provision of adequate resources to carry out the maintenance activity in the plant and Workshop, (special tools and material, technicians and/or additional maintenance specialist support) will be available

– Support on development and updating of maintenance program for production facilities

– Participating in bi-party punch list system walk down and producing of punch list items to be corrected prior to handover of facilities to Operation

– OR&IP meetings with Reliability Engineers to choose the most efficient way in restoring of normal running condition status of faulty electrical equipment

– Technical support for Planning and Engineering Department

– Management of Change (Checking of Design and Installation of equipment against Project Specifications and Company’s Standards, Site Survey for deviations evaluation and proposing of feasible solutions for improving of installation and/or running of equipment, PCN + Scope of Work + Method Statement preparation), working closely with Engineering Department and Technical Authority.

Location: Libya – Bu Attifel Oil Field – Project: New Produced Water Re-
Injection Plant, Technical Building and Central Control Room
Agency: Craddock Engineering
Employer: ENI Oil
Department: Project Site Engineering

Position: E&I and HVAC SUPERVISOR – Inspection of Installation and Commissioning

Main Responsibilities:

– Reviewing and monitoring of project electrical & HVAC engineering deliveries, vendors data and design changes

– Monitoring of contractors performance on Electrical Equipment installation: power transformers ONAN and ONAF up to 20 MVA; LV and MV (6.6 kV) asynchronous motors – hazardous area installation; LV Emergency Diesel Generators up to 700 kVA, Motor Control Centre, Power Centre, Lighting distribution panels, Trace heating panels, MV power distribution switchboards; AC and DC static UPS, Ni-Cd battery banks, multifunction protection relay REF 540 Plus, Electrical process heaters, LV and MV power cables, control cables – underground and above ground installation in hazardous area according to ATEX 95 & 137, IEC 60079 standards; main and secondary earthing network (electrical safety earthing, instrumentation, electronics and intrinsically safe instrumentation earthing, steel structures, lightning); lighting – hazardous and non-hazardous area installation; Instrumentation Equipment, such as: HART communication type transmitters (gauge pressure, absolute pressure, flow, temperature, level, conductivity, pH – hazardous area installation, pressure, temperature switches and gauges, solenoid operated valves, control valves pneumatic or electrical actuated, cables for normal and intrinsically safe instrumentation circuits, junction boxes, telecom cables, fibre optic cables, fire and gas detection/suppression systems for building using Tyco Minerva MX panels and FM200 fire suppression gas, DCS – Emerson Delta V panels, ESD panels, replacement of gas turbines control system Mark II by Mark VI), HVAC systems with air-to-water and air-to-air heat pumps up to 600 kW cooling / heating capacity – RTAD type, manufactured by Trane

– Witness for onsite acceptance tests of equipment

– Verifying the implementation of PTW, LOTO and other safety procedures

– Monitoring contractors’/vendors’ pre-commissioning and commissioning activity to be done according to project documentation (procedures, manufacturers’ instruction, logic diagrams), and acceptance of work on behalf of ENI Oil

– Elaboration of punch list and punch list items closing out

– Technical support and advice to E&I construction activities

– Ensuring that all relevant As-Built Drawings / Documents are marked up by Electrical commissioning team as defined in project As-Built Procedure

– Supervision and training of junior level electrical inspectors

– Ensuring that contractors handed over the files of commissioned facilities to Project Management Team, including all documents, such as: Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Engineering Mechanical Catalogues, Vendors’ Manuals

2006 JULY – 2008 OCTOBER
Location: Libya – Mellitah Oil and Gas Complex
Agency: Dietsmann
Employer: ENI Gas
Department: Maintenance Electrical Engineering


Main Responsibilities:

– Writing of Standard Preventive Maintenance Job Tasks (Functional Checking,

Maintenance Instruction, Major Overhaul) applied to electrical equipment (LV and MV electrical motors; 20 kV and 6.6 kV (SF6) gas insulated Switchgear (Power Generation and distribution); LV distribution boards for normal and emergency lighting, aircraft warning lighting, road and security fence lighting, NAVAID lighting, electrical trace heating; cathodic protection of pipes, tanks and jetty steel structures; Motor Control Centre; Power Centre; AC and DC static UPS with Ni-Cd batteries; Electrical Control System’s Panels; Multifunction protection relay – SEPAM and CEE for motors, transformers, bus-bar, bus-tie; oil immersed step-up and step-down power transformers ONAN, ONAF rated up to 35 MVA and resin insulated type; synchronous generators 11 kV/32.5 MVA/50 Hz manufactured by Brush and driven by Steam Turbine or Gas Turbine; MV and LV Emergency Diesel Generators up to 2.8 MVA, manufactured by Marelli Generators, in compliance with AGIP standards, manufacturers’ instruction and international standards ATEX, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, NEMA

– Elaboration of Failure Reports for damaged equipment and ordering of spare parts from

manufacturers and suppliers

– Work instruction preparation for corrective maintenance activity and technical support for fault finding and restoration of running condition of faulty electrical equipment

– Supervision of main electrical maintenance activity during planned shut down; Work Permit – electrical, hot, cold, confined space; safety meetings; Technical Assistance to performing High Potential tests for MV cables and cable joints; insulation resistance test of MV cables, transformers and MV electrical motors’ windings; dielectric strength of
transformers oil; protection relay test; switchgear interlocks checking and testing; up-dating of drawings

– Preventive and Corrective Maintenance work orders’ management through Maximo

– E&I Warehouse (50,000 items stored) Inventory and material data (material short description 40 characters length, purchase order text, part number of material checked in Warehouse and against manufacturers’ catalogues, coordination of spare parts available in Warehouse with equipment tag number) uploading into Maintenance Software – Maximo

– Reviewing and updating of data collection sheets filled in by technicians of Inventory Team

– Inputs into main electronic inventory file.

– Electrical, instrumentation and mechanical engineering support for client’s inventory team.

2001 FEBRUARY – 2006 JUNE
Location: Nigeria, Bonny Island – NLNG Complex (Expansion Project – LNG Train 3, Plus Project – LNG Trains 4 & 5, Six Project – LNG Train 6)
Construction, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning phases
Employer: Techint (for Shell Nigeria)
Department: Project Site Engineering


Main Responsibilities:

– Electrical and instrumentation engineering support for construction department

– Elaboration of Construction/Commissioning Technical Query (CTQ) and documentation for

Site Engineering Instruction (SEI) in compliance with Shell Design Engineering Practices, Project Specifications and Manufacturers’- Vendors’ instructions

– Elaboration of Electrical and Instrumentation Circuit Folders – Ready For Start Up, according to client (Shell Nigeria) requirements

– As-built marking-up of Project and Vendors/Manufacturers documentation (cable routing, electrical equipment layout, field wiring diagrams, cable list, single line diagrams, load lists, interconnection diagrams, interface relay panels, switchboards’ single line & schematic diagrams, interlock and intertrip diagrams, power management system connections and panels, power and control junction boxes, earthing system, electrical motor data sheets, instrument loop diagrams, process and air supply hook-up, instrument location layout, P&ID, instrument data sheets, PA/GA and CCTV system, DCS, F&G, ESD and marshalling cabinets, Electrical Network Monitoring and Control Systems (ENMCS), Power Management System according to field modifications during installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning phases

– Elaboration of Electrical Design Packs for linking of new installed equipment (33kV Gas Insulated Switchgear ABB type ZX single bus bar) to existing operational equipment, in direct cooperation with main contractor (T.S.K.J Ltd) engineering department

Location: Romania
Company: Mecanex s.r.l
Department: Manufacturing & Maintenance


Main Responsibilities:

– Management of Mechanical and Electrical Workshops (manpower skills assessment,

elaboration of method statements for complex equipment repairing or refurbishment)

– AC & DC electrical Ex motors overhauling

– Installation, commissioning and start-up of Industrial security systems manufactured by DSC, Esser, Siemens, Sielte, for Companies operating within Oil & Gas sector

1983 JUNE – 1988 AUGUST
Location: Romania
Company: Brazi Petrochemical Complex
Department: Maintenance


Main Responsibilities:

– Installation, calibration, and maintenance of pneumatic (0.2 – 1) bar and electrical (4 – 20) mA

output signal transmitters: flow, pressure (absolute and gauge), temperature, and level transmitters – manufactured by Foxboro, Masoneilan; recording devices (with graph paper, recording pen and chart drive – manufactured by Taylor), PID regulator blocks pneumatic and electronic, control valves pneumatically actuated, pneumatic operated valves, positioners, I/P converters

– Instruments’ loop checking

– Implementation of control logic diagrams (start, stop, alarm and tripping thresholds, interlocks) – Precommissioning, Commissioning and Start-up of DCS – Honeywell TDC 2000