CV, Railway Distribution Manager With Multi Discipline Experience

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Serial No: 18281

Skills keywords: inovitive thinking, people management, technical support
Short Bio:

I am a graduate of the Network Rail advanced apprenticeship scheme cohort 2006. I have varied work experience working not only on track within the OHL disapline but I have also trialled and gained approval for prototype equipment. My latest work experience has been managing the wheel impact analysis team acting in a team support capacity, technical support and also creating the offering architecture and future vision for the team. I am young and driven always looking for the next challenge.

Current location: Northampton, Northamptonshire United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Manufacturing and Operations, Marketing
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Qualifications & Certifications

PEO Level 2 – Initial Engineering Training Aug. 2006

NVQ Lv2 Performing Engineering Operations

Basic Surveying Techniques

NVQ Lv3 Railway Engineering (Electrification and Plant)

BTEC Lv3 Engineering

City and Guilds Lv2 Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification

ILM Lv3 Leadership

City and Guilds Lv3 Requirement for Electrical Installations

Key Skills Certification in: Improving Own Learning and Performance Lv2, Working with Others Lv2, Information and Communication Technology Lv2, Safety Critical Communication

Apr 2006: Communications, Level 2, Employment Responsibilities and Rights, Information Technology, Level 2, Working with Others, Level 2

Key Successes

• Completed data collection and analysis for a new prototype OHL survey laser gauge and successfully produced a report for the senior traction engineer proving that the gauge is fit for purpose. This survey gauge is now in use throughout the railway network as an essential maintenance tool.

• Working as a subject matter expert for the wheel impact analysis service line produced a presentation detailing what we are, what we do and how we do it. As a result raising awareness and interest in the service line and also the added benefit that we can provide to AI as a whole.

• Assisted official government bodies and internal engineers with investigations into incidents acting as the key data provider. This provided a greater insight into possible fault modes and running irregularities leading up to the incident giving a potential cause.

• Ran and managed minor projects looking into condition of assets through the Thames side route this including manpower, tools and equipment and document retention and distribution procedures. Results of project include a better understanding of the OHL infrastructure as whole and increased maintenance frequency awareness.

• Re-organised the technical documentation library of my delivery unit and maintained the library keeping all records up to date and valid. This resulted in a much more efficient and productive information distribution function as all data was kept in a logical and controlled fashion.

• Was the pilot technical officer to manage and distribute the hazard index scoring system for the management of reports for safety related events applicable to E&P. This system is now used by E&P functions to score safety related events.

• Managed the Rail Vehicle team through a time of great change which included organisational, office, technological, process change. During which not only was the change a success the delivery time of our reports dropped from over 1.5 days to an MMA of 1.03 days with reduced staff and also higher workload.

Career Summary

22nd Jul 2013 – Present:
Network Rail
Distribution Manager

Main Responsibilities: Undertake the management of the Vehicle Monitoring team in accordance with the applicable standards and work instructions. Providing Vehicle Monitoring and related data required by other internal and external systems and processes.

Key Accountabilities:

• Deliver an efficient, effective and accurate Vehicle Monitoring data management service

• Collate and monitor the quality of Vehicle Monitoring data received against specified requirements; liaise with data providers to resolve data and quality shortfalls

• Manage and maintain vehicle Monitoring data in the appropriate core systems and libraries, in accordance with applicable standards and work instructions

• Undertake the provision of Vehicle Monitoring data as required by other corporate and third party systems and processes, maintaining synchronisation between systems

• Maintain accurate records of data provision, data maintenance and other activities and assist in the preparation of data assurance and other management information reports

• Support the development and delivery of specific data improvement activities, and process and system enhancements

• Liaise with managers, customers and stakeholders as required to undertake accountabilities

• Facilitate and produce plan for role out of new system data (“Gotcha” wheel impact load detector) whilst still maintaining the current level of service.

• Manage the “Information Distribution Team (Rail Vehicles)” in their day to day activities ranging from operational checks to performance reviewing at year end.

21st May 2012 – 21st Jul 2013:
Examination Data Technician

Main Responsibilities: Facilitated the identification and dissemination of wheel impact data and axle data for train consists nationwide across 27 strategically placed wheel impact detector sites. This role included use of legacy traffic management systems in addition to newer more functional reporting platforms. Also, a good understanding of Microsoft office applications was a must have skill for this role.

1st Apr 2012 – 20th May 2012:
Technical Officer

Main Responsibilities: A hugely varied role in which you can apply and further develop your technical knowledge right from analysing potential problems, to detailing with how to solve or ideally prevent them, and then seeing repairs and improvements are carried out to the correct standards. Carried out regular surveys of equipment and design and assisted in design and planning of modifications that are required. Also, assisted in ensuring that any improvements or new installations were fully tested and in line with our standards prior to commissioning.


Main Responsibilities: Carried out effective maintenance, modifications, installation, commissioning, renewal, earthing, bonding and faulting activities on our overhead lines and associated equipment.

20th Mar 2009 – 31st May 2011:
Overhead Linesperson

Main Responsibilities: Carried out effective maintenance, modifications, installation, commissioning, renewal, earthing, bonding and faulting activities on our overhead lines and associated equipment.

3rd Sep 2006 – 19th Mar 2009:

Main Responsibilities: The apprenticeship scheme was a three year course that provided the knowledge, qualifications and confidence to build a successful career in Network Rail. There were three specialisations of which mine was the electrification and plant route.