CV, Radar And Telecom Testing Laboratory Manager

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(05/02/1973, male)
Skills keywords: calibration, conformity testing, laboratory management, microwave, radar, repair, telecommunications
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Laboratory manager leading a technical team for calibration, conformity testing and repair of electrical/electronic equipment

Current location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , IT and Technology, General Management
Spoken languages: english, Hindi
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B.E. – Electronics & Communications, Diploma – Electronics and Diploma in management, offering 23+years of versatile and value driven experience, consistent success providing strategic & operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations.

Seasoned and technically competent professional, extended career success in managing multiple technical functions with IAF and CITC, KSA across functional sectors of operations, calibration & Repair of test equipment, compliance testing, quality control, maintenance, inventory management, and OJT of technical staff. Currently spearheading functions as Laboratory Manager.

– Possessing valuable insights, keen analysis and team approach to implement best practices, adept at working in high pressure environments with strict deadlines and multiple deliverables. Multicultural experience across various places in India and abroad.

– Hands on experience of over 5 years in an ISO 9001:2000 compliant, NABL accredited, echelon-III standard calibration laboratory on calibration of various parameters such as frequency, current, voltage, power, resistance, capacitance, time, pressure, temperature etc

– Demonstration expertise in operation, maintenance, test and measurement of frequency spectrum monitoring, direction finding, RADAR, SAM, and telecom systems.

– Perfect team manager having ability to lead cross-functional project teams and integrate their efforts to maximize operational efficiency. Proficient in striking perfect coordination with all involved agencies ensuring bottleneck-free work execution.

– Kept abreast with the latest upgraded the current knowledge through continuity training, lectures, presentations, demonstrations and internet surfing. Liaison with technology partners such as Agilent, Anritsu, Fluke, Rohde & Schwarz, Philips, Anritsu, Aplab, Nagman, Electronic Regional Test Laboratory New Delhi, National Physical Laboratory of India, National Test Equipment CA USA, American microsemiconductors, Vishay, Digi-Key Inc., Sh-Halbleiter, for spare parts procurement, calibration of master test equipment, up gradation of technology.

– Strong communication, collaboration & management skills with proficiency at grasping new technical concepts, presales meeting, statement of case(SOC) preparation, equipment demonstration report preparation, coordination with the suppliers and distributors.

Targeting the Top Domestic/International Organizations, at a Senior Managerial position, involving Operations/Productions/ Maintenance/ Management/Quality Control with a reputed organization, bringing the following transferable:

CORE COMPETENCIES: Project Management ♦ Strategic Planning ♦ Operations Management ♦ Calibration ♦ Type Approval ♦ Preventive/Schedule Maintenance ♦ Troubleshooting ♦ MIS Support ♦ Quality Management ♦ Product/Process Improvements ♦ Liaison & Coordination ♦ Training & Development ♦ Resource Procurement ♦ General Administration & Logistics

Experience & Professional Development

Executive Highlights

• Operation of radar and direction finding system: finding range and angle coordinates of the aircraft-monitoring and tracking aircraft for military purposes, detecting frequency-radiated field strength-spurious emission-type of modulation and occupied bandwidth for the compliance of licensing department of telecom regulatory authority.

• Management of laboratory department for calibration, failure investigation, component level repair and conformity testing of telecom equipment.

• Planning and execution of corrective/preventive maintenance and effective management of resources to maintain high operational capability of the surface to SAM complex of IAF and FM Project of Detecon Telecommunications.

• Quality control experience in an ISO 9001:2000 environment laboratory.

• Electronic Warfare, ECM/ECCM, active/passive jamming, O&M of anti-jamming radar system.

• Track record of accurately mapping needs and imparting on job training to technical staff and ensuring minimal technical breakdown by self involvement for fault tracing and repair.

• Writing calibration protocols, preparing annual calibration plan, planning tours for insitu calibration team.

• Instrumental in efficiently maintaining and streamlining the 30+ years old equipment system with ability to enhance operational effectiveness.

• Entrusted with the authority to procure spares, equipments and other items of the project.

• Gained expertise in handling highly sophisticated equipment in HF, VHF, UHF & microwave frequency range such as multi-product calibrator, multifunction calibrator, microwave receiver, scalar network analyzer, radio communication tester, modulation analyzer, precision step attenuator, radiation intensity meter, panoramic adaptor, synthesized sweeper, function generator, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, RF milli-voltmeter, reflection power meter etc. for calibration, repair and testing.

Career Summary

Oct 2011-Till Date

Frequency Spectrum Management Project of CITC, Spectrum Regulatory Authority, KSA

Key Responsibilities:

• Supervision of engineers and technicians of calibration, service & maintenance and type approval equipment testing laboratories.

• Work flow/priority management.

• Developing new test procedures.

• Approving reports of custom release & confiscated equipment and coordinating with licensing department.

• Liaising with manufacturers, suppliers, equipment importers for procurement of equipment and spares parts.

• Employee’s performance evaluation

• Preparing weekly and monthly reports of the task performed in the laboratory and attending monthly meeting.

• On the Job Training of technical staff on latest measurement methods of custom release and confiscated equipment, equipment calibration procedure and advising on repair of equipments.

Calibration Laboratory:

• Operation of master testers such as Scalar network analyzer R&S ZAS , Modulation Analyzer HP8901B, Frequency Counter Systron Donner6030, Spectrum Analyzer HP8566B/R&SFSP/FSAS/FSH18, Function generator R&SAFG/AFGU, Swept Frequency Synthesizer WILTRON 6769B, Range Calibrator HP11683A, Multi Function Generator Datron4800, Precision Step Attenuator R&S RSP, Sweep Generator R&S SWP, Power Meter HP438A/R&S NAP/NAUS-5, AF Power Meter Marconi893C, Amplifier HP11975A, Precision LCR bridge Genrad1689, LCR meter Philips PM6303, GeOhm Meter SiemensB4150.

• Calibration of Spectrum Analyzer HP8566B/8567A/8568B, Signal Generator R&S SMPC, , Frequency Counter PM6672/411/HP5385A, Sweep Generator R&S SWP, Step Attenuator R&S DPSP/RSP, Digital Multimeter Philips/Motwane/Fluke, Test Receiver R&S ESV/ESH2/ESH3, Miniport Receiver R&S EM100, VLF/HF Receiver R&S EK070, Oscilloscope Philips PM3055/3295A/Tektronix2002/Panasonic VP5512/5564A, Panoramic Adaptor R&S EZP, Radio Communication Tester R&S CMT55, Power Meter HP468, Audio Analyzer, Modulation analyzer R&S FAM, HF Communication System Harris RF3200,VHF Communication System KF163/KF164 etc..

• Updating master database for the calibration records.

Repair & Maintenance laboratory:

• Repair of Direction Finder Antenna R&S AP055/AP555, DF Unit R&SPP055S, Antenna Control Unit R&S BG030, Scanning Unit R&S PG055, Junction Unit R&S GX055, Panoramic Display R&SEZP, VHF/UHF Receiver R&S ESM500, Spectrum Analyzer HP8566B/8567A/8568B, Power Supply R&S NGRE50/30/NGRU35, Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter, Frequency Counter PM6672/411

• Installation and dismantling of Direction Finding System AP055/AP555, Log Periodic Antenna R&SHL037/HL023A1, Active Dipole Antenna R&S HE302/HE202, Active Rod Antenna HE010, Calibrated Rod Antenna R&SHFH2-Z1, Broadband Dipole Antenna R&S HUF-Z1, Loop Antenna R&SHFH2-Z2, HF Whip Antenna R&SHV071, Horn Antenna, Yagi Aerial, Discone Antenna DimondD130, HF Wire Antenna Harris RF1912 etc.

Type Approval laboratory:

• Operational conformance testing of ICT equipment such as analogue PMR, TETRA, TETRAPOL, iDEN, APCO25, GSM, UMTS, WiMax, paging, amateur radio, radio broadcast, analogue & DECT cordless telephone, wireless radio application equipment, RFID equipment, tracking & tracing equipment, navigation equipment, software defined radio, emergency beacon, automatic identification system, radio microphone etc. to relevant national and international standard.

• Transmitter measurements:-frequency error, carrier power, frequency deviation, adjacent channel power, spurious emission, inter-modulation attenuation.

• Receiver measurements:-maximum usable sensitivity, receiver amplitude characteristics, co-channel rejection, adjacent channel selectivity, spurious emission rejection, inter-modulation response, blocking or desensitization, spurious emission.

• EMC/EMI(anechoic chamber), ERP/EIRP, Field strength, antenna gain, radiation pattern, frequency and VSWR measurement.

Sep 1991 – Sep 2011

Key Responsibilities:

• Radar operation and maintenance, SNR125, P18, P19 radar systems; specialization in coordinate computing system.

• Making annual calibration and maintenance schedules.

• In charge of technical control room; preparing fortnightly presentation, monthly, quarterly, half yearly returns of the calibration and repair task.

• Designing training material/presentation for technical staff on service & maintenance, test equipment calibration, operation of missile guidance radar, system installation/de-installation, functional checks etc.

• Inventory management through integrated material management on line system.

MGR complex:

• Corrective and preventive maintenance of SAM guidance radar system ( Tx, Rx, preamplifier, 7 stage stagger tuned main amplifier, MTI, MGC, AGC, FAAGC, ECCM, simulator, coordinate computer, digital oscillograph, CCTV camera, servo control system, drive system, aerials, reflectors, transponder , responder and other associated equipment) to generate real time range and angle coordinates of the airborne object.

• Leading technical team in dismantling and erection of the antenna system, carrying out functional checks within the stipulated time.

Electronic Standards Calibration Laboratory:

• Oversaw the calibration of test equipment such as pressure gauge, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, frequency counter, frequency generator, multi-meter, RF Millivoltmeter, power meter, clamp meter, hour meter, wave meter etc. in an NABL & BIS accredited, ISO 9001:2000 certified, echelon-iii standard calibration laboratory.

• Operation of master testers; Multiproduct Calibrator Fluke5500A/5525, Function Generator R&S AFGU, Microwave Receiver HP, Synthesized Sweeper HP, RF Millivoltmeter, Audio Analyzer HP, Power Meter, Dead weight tester.

• Operation of fluke metcal-7 calibration software and writing new calibration protocols.

• Leading calibration team for annual calibration tours for insitu calibration.

• Procurement of spare parts and equipment required in the project maintenance.

• Attended various seminars organized by Fluke Corporation, Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent technologies, National Physical Laboratory of India for awareness of different measurement and calibration techniques.

• Adherence to ISO 9001:2000 standards and quality assurance checks for quality control.


Diploma in Management, IGNOU, Dec 2010

Bachelor of Engineering – Electronics & Communication, JMI University, Mar 2008

Master in Economic, CCS University, Oct 1999

Diploma in Electronics, IAF, Apr 1994


Training Attended

Advance Surface to Air Guided Weapon Training by Indian Air Force/ Seminars organized by Agilent Technologies, Fluke(Technical Trade Links) and Rohde & Schwarz on latest test equipment and measurement methodology.

Computer Credentials:

Proficient with the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point. Experience on C, C++.

Basic Computer Course, CIC Computer Institute, 1993

`A’ level, advance computing diploma, DOEACC, 2011

Fluke metcal-7 software for calibration, R&S RF Exposure software for field strength measurement & national Instrument’s Power viewer plus software for virtual power measurement


Professional Memberships

Membership of Saudi Council of Engineers.