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CV, Quality Assurance Analyst Seeking Work Globally

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 41801
(24/05/1946, male)
List top 5 skills: certified trainer, technical training, training and development, training instructor, training new employees
Short Bio:

I am a retired from Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), I joined Training & Career Department. During 30 years I assigned to work as a Trainer for 3 years to teach Saudi Aramco Employees oil & gas Operation Skills, then as an On Job Trainer for 6 years in oil & gas production plants, after that as an Assessor for 12 years in oil & gas operation skills covering all Saudi Aramco operation plants. Last 9 years I assigned to be a Quality Assurance Analyst covering all operation job skills Trai

Current location: 

Egypt - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

education and training, HR and Recruitment, Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 

Arabic English

Locations I am interested in working:


List of countries I have a visa to work in:

Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Palestinian Territory, qatar, Turkey


B.Sc in Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
1970 – Egypt.

Trainer Certification
Saudi Aramco Oil Company, Saudi Arabia.


Experience/Employment History

I. Egypt:
September, 2011 – present
Ministry of Petroleum and Mining, Oil & Gas Skills Company (OGS)

Project: Finished

Khartoum Refinery Company (KRC); Competency Gap Analysis for KRC Staff.

The project includes the competency development for KRC personnel that will require careful planning and implementation of training to meet job competency profiles of the efficient operations of the company.

The process used to work on my assignment covering 6 production units as following:

● Developed competencies for the production Operators, Process Engineers, Equipment Engineers and Unit Supervisors of the 6 units..

● Performed assessment tests (written, interview and on-job performance) for 252 production operators.

● Performed online assessment tests (i-skills suite program) and interview for 22 production engineers and unit supervisors.

● Prepared competency assessment profile reports for the production operators.

● Prepared a competency-based learning plane for the production engineers.

● Prepared a training matrix for all production personnel.

● Highlighted best performance, worst performance, Safety aspects and recommendations.

Project: In Progress

Qarun Petroleum Company (QPC); CAMS Scoping Studies/ Provision of Competency Assurance for operations.

The scoping study is to identify the overall competency based management requirements at Qarun and how experienced and qualified (personnel and tools) for example On the Job Trainers and Assessors could be deployed to support competency development system. Focus for initial deployment would be on Operations disciplines.

Project: Proposal

Badr Eldeen Petroleum Company (BAPETCO); Competency assessment/ Gap analysis of the current situation for BAPETCO production operation Staff.


II. Saudi Arabia:
December 1977 – January, 2006
Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco);
Dec, 1977 – Jan, 2006 (ID # 137565)

Training & Career Development (T&CD) Department, Job Skills Training.

Details as below:

1997 – 2006 (Dhahran)

(Program Development and Evaluation Analyst, Quality Assurance – Operation Skills).

Reporting the impact that training activity (Oil & Gas Production, Refinery, Pipe lines and Distribution operations) conducted by T&CD Organization , and also for other organizations as requested.

There is a tool that I used to conduct the quality assurance reviews. These reviews covers training curriculums, written tests quality, performance tests quality, inventory system, job skills classroom & workshop activities. In addition, analysing training graduates feed back on given questionnaires.

Last, I evaluated training activities (Job Certification) of operators in the following Aramco operation departments:

– Northern Area Producing

– Eastern Area Producing

– Ras Tanura Gas plan

– Abqaiq Gas Plant

– Ras Tanura Refinery

– Jeaddah Refinery

– Riyadh Refinery

– Yanbu Refinery

– Northen Area Distribution (bulk plants)

– Eastern Area Distribution (bulk plants, civil airports and air bases)

– Central Area Distribution (bulk plants, civil airports and air bases)

– Western Area Distribution (bulk plants, civil airports and air bases)

– Pipelines

– Ras Tanura Marin

– Jeddah & Rabigh Marin

Quality Assurance Analyst Responsibilities:

The Quality Assurance is an essential component of the Department’s overall quality assurance effort and has the following responsibilities:

Develop, implement, track and report on the Department’s training quality assurance plan.

Support the efforts of the Department’s Training Quality Council to provide oversight of self-monitoring activities.

Monitor the consistency, utility, propriety and accuracy of the Department’s self-monitoring activities.

Promote coordination of quality assurance activities Department-wide through collaboration with the Quality Assurance liaisons from each region.

Provide the second level review and tracking of managerial and urgent case practice issues identified through the Treatment Planning Conference/ Administrative Case Review process.

Provide technical assistance and training to the Department’s training programs, facilities and regions in order to provide support for quality assurance activities and ensure consistency across programs

Participate in key strategic planning, training program development, and implementation and evaluation committees.


1995 – 1997 (Jeddah)

(Job Certification Evaluator/Assessor Job Training Standards Certification Unit).

Ensures that operators in Jeddah Refinery, Rabigh Refinery, Western Region Bulk Plants, and Western Region Air Craft Fueling can perform the duties and tasks for their assigned job targets established to meet the company standards.

1987 – 1995 (Abqaiq & Udhalyah)

(Job Certification Evaluator/Assessor, Job Training Stanads Certification Unit)

Ensures that operators in Abqaiq Producing, Uthmaniyah Producing, Mubaraz Producing, and Udhalya Producing can perform the duties and tasks for their assigned job targets established to meet the company standards.


1985 – 1987 (Abqaiq)
(Job Certification Evaluator/Assessor, Job Training Stanads Certification Unit)

Assigned to develop the Job Training Standard Certification Tasks (JTSC) which are used to certify operators in on-shore and off-shore gas & oil separation plants (GOSPs).

J0b Certification

Job Training Standard (JTS) is the primary documentation for employee job certificationduring on-job-training (OJT) activities. The JTS includes a job profile, orientation checklist, job certification requirements, record of on-job mentors, and completion certificates. The JTS provides the means of recording employee mastery of steps, tasks, duties, and finally of the job. When completed the JTS certifies that the employee named on the cover has met the minimum required skill proficiency to

perform the a multi-grade code JTS, the minimum requirements for each grade code are specified.

The mentor is responsible for showing the employee how to safely perform each task in the JTS. The mentor dates and initials the steps mastered when the employee has successfully mastered a task step or steps. The mentor dates and initials the tries for a task each time the employee attempts the complete task.

The employee requests an evaluation when he is ready to be evaluated on a task. The employee performs the task in the presence of the evaluator. The evaluator signs and

dates the certification in the job task list when satisfied that the employee performs the task safely and correctly.


1980 – 1985 (Abqaiq)
(On-Job-Trainer, Operator Job Skills Training Unit)

Assigned to train oil & gas operators (PH-I to PH-IV) curriculum on the site of Abqaiq, Shedgum, and Aindar producing plants.


1977 – 1980 (Al-Hassa/Abqaiq)
(Operation Skills Trainer, Southen Area Job Skills Training Division)

Trained Saudi Arab trainees/and or employees for ARAMCO operation skills. By teaching basic operaator courses (PH-I & PH-II).

Notes: During the period 1977 – 1995, I was assigned to:

Assess developing of Basic Operator Course (BOC) and Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) curriculum as a subject matter exepirt (SME)

Assess developing test items of BOC and GOSP to put into the Test Items Bank.


III. Egypt, Alexandria:
Al-Nasr Petroleum/ Al-Amriyah Refinery Company (current name is Al-Amriyah Petroleum Company
1971 – 1977
(Refinery Operations Engineer, Operations sector)

Assigned to perform my job duties as a production engineer in the refinery.