CV, QA,QC Manager,Engineer Targeting Saudi Arabia, M East Or Australia

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Skills keywords: inspection, metallurgical engineer, quality assurance, quality management, technical support
Short Bio:

Project management and leadership skills; broad knowledge and experience in QA/QC, Inspection in the manufacturing side; Documentation, Auditing, Technical Support on material/Metallurgy; strong presentation and communication skills, with experience with clients from the heavy and light industries, Oil & Gas sectors; overseas experience and exposure to different nationalities in Saudi; proficiency in English language; advanced computer skills (Word, Excel, Power point, Adobe, Out Look)

Current location: Sydney NSW - View on map
Nationality: Australian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations
Spoken languages: english, Hindi, Urdu
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Australia, Malaysia, saudi arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Relevant Qualifications & Education

PhD in Metallurgical Engineering
From UWCC (University of Wales), Cardiff, UK

Bachelor of Engineering (Metallurgical Engineering)
NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan

Registered Professional Graduate Engineer from the Institute of Engineer. Australia,
IEAust. Membership No: 1014092)


Having more than 31 years project quality management, assurance, quality control, In-house Inspection and Document Control and in manufacturing (Sydney), Power Generation (Saudi Arabia), Steel Plant (Pakistan) including:

– Current 7 years in Oil and Gas related pressure vessel and equipment manufacturing industry experience in Sydney Australia as Quality Engineer.

– 7 years experience in Electric Power Generation industry (SEC-Central) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Technical Support/Quality Engineer/Metallurgist

– 4 years with GOW’s Heat Treatment Company in Sydney Australia as Quality Manager.

– 13 years experience in Steel Mill (Pakistan) as Technical Support Engineer (Metallurgy)

My experience covers implementation and maintenance of quality management systems since 1995 and currently maintaining ISO 9001-2008 Certification combined with Oil & Gas Australian and International pressure vessel codes compliance including AS 1210-2010, AS 3992, ASME VIII, ASME 31.3 and ASME IX requirements.

This is combined with comprehensive auditing experience in association with Clients such as Shell, Caltex, BP, Origin, Pall Corp. Jord International, Cuno Pacific (3M) and main contractors like Worley Parsons, Woodside Petroleum, Santos, Foster Wheeler and others.

My recent quality assurance role encompasses oil and gas related pressure vessels, Boilers, Tanks, Header Boxes and skids/structures procurement, construction and pre-commissioning activity including:

Skill & Responsibilities:

QA Responsibility:

– Writing-up and keep update Quality Manual & Procedures in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.

– Writing up and maintaining Standard Operative Procedures (SOP) such as Document Control, In house Inspection & Testing.

– Responsible for ensuring that activities undertaken are in accordance with ISO Standards.

– Preparing and maintain internal audit schedule and conducting internal audits also on demand auditing at sub-contractors end.

– Coordinate and Liaise with 3rd Party Inspector or external assessment bodies & vendors on all matters related to QA System, Documentation, Accreditation and compliance process.

– Preparing work instructions, work procedure, Flowcharts, and project quality plan.

– Select & monitor KPI to maintain QA System within the company.

– Ensure that Quality Objectives are set by the management team for measuring the performance of the project quality systems and that these are regularly reviewed.

– Undertake periodic reviews of the status of non-compliances and evaluate the effectiveness of any corrective measures and preventative actions.

– Responsible for the implementation and control and overall administration of non-compliances related to the project with responsibility for the maintenance of the NCR.

– Investigate and fixing-up of NCRs with their root cause analysis and closing with corrective & preventive measures (CAPA).

– Notify respective process owners/sections to follow up on the closure of NCR’s in a timely manner and report accordingly.

– Control and maintain calibration record of measuring equipment.

– Ensure that a controlled document procedure is adopted to approve, review and update all changes to critical documents are available.

– Arranging meeting with the Management & Staff regarding Q.A. System

– Familiar & Coordinate with OHS and Environmental Staff.

– Ensure that safety requirements are observed in the workshop; welding, testing equipment and tools are in safe condition.

– Check on QC staff for their positive outcome, performance and control and distribute QC responsibilities as per project demand.

– Training Q.A. System for Staff and Shop floor personnel.

Project Related QA Responsibilities:

– Performed in-house Inspection of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, header boxes, tanks, structures during manufacturing till final stage, paint inspection at sub-contractors end and joint inspection with clients or 3rd party inspectors and final release of products.

– Attended and coordinated 3rd Party Inspectors for review of documents (ITP, MDR, Material Certs, NDT Reports etc. and sign off.

– Review of subcontractor quality management documents and approval.

– Preparing project quality plan & ensure that work proceed in accordance with Quality Plan.

– Ensure that all suppliers used by the project are evaluated and that records of their assessment are maintained

– Preparation and follow-up Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) till end of the Project.

– Coordination of Third Party Inspection (TPI) activities.

– Preparation and approval of MDR as per Client specifications.

– Attending project kick off meeting and project set up meeting.

– Material receiving inspection; grade, dimensional, mill certificates.

– Control of Drawings, Welding Procedures, ITP, Work Plan/Instruction to the Shop Floor, and Store.

– Coordination with procurement for a project and follow-up purchase of material as per bill of material and contract documents and co-ordinate project team.

– Coordination with Client and ensuring Client Specifications are satisfied.

– Ensure that all new project staff are inducted into the requirements of the Project Management Quality Plan (PMQP) related to their own roles and responsibilities. Provide update and training as necessary.

– Technical/Engineering Support on Materials, Standards (local or International), Inspection & Testing, Running & Witness Welding Procedure, Welder Qualification and Review Welding consumables.

– Witnessing the Dimensional Check as per As Built Drawing, Hydrostatic-Pressure Test (in-house) and issuing certificate.

– Confirming & Reviewing NDT performed as per Quality Plan and acceptable.

– Conforming & Reviewing Heat Treatment/Stress Relieve Chart (in-house or out sources)

– Confident in Report Writing; Accident, Break Down, Project Progress Report.

Based on latest ISO 9001-2008, main focus of my skills is on project assurance and flawless completion of the project using quality management tools and techniques.

Career Summary

1. 18th June 2007 – 30th April 2014

(Specialized Welding Company in Designing & Manufacturing Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Tanks, Structural etc.)

L& A Pressure Welding P/L a Quality Endorsed Company, one of the largest and well known Pressure Vessel manufacturer in NSW, Australia since 1981. I Joined this company as a Quality Assurance Engineer (Met.) and responsible to look after, run and maintain QA System within the company.

Apart from QA, also involve in inspection activities with 3rd party Inspector or expeditor during and after the manufacturing of pressure equipment; such as witnessing the Dimensional Check as per As Built Drawing, Hydrostatic-Pressure Test (in-house), DFT check and Surface Finishing of Vessels (Painting) and Final Inspection. Material Receiving Inspection with test certificates (grade, composition, dimension, origin). Check NDE Reports (Radiography, Ultra Sound, MPI, DPI & PMI) of welds carried by subcontractors.


• Successfully maintaining Quality System in the company and satisfying 3rd Party Auditors in Surveillance and Triennial Audit since 2006.

• More than 200 MDRs were prepared and sent to the clients. (major Clients are Shell, Caltex, BP, Woodside/Worley Parsons, Foster Wheeler/Woodside etc. Alcova, Cuno Pacific, Santos, Process Group, Pall Corp, Origin, Jord International etc.

• Main Projects: Stabilisers –Woodside, BP Flare knock Out Drums-Woorley Parsons PNG, Shell Cyclone. Origin LPG Bullets.

2. 9th August 1999 – 15th July 2006 (7 Years Overseas)

Worked in Quality Performance Division of Generation Engineering as Technical Support/Quality Engineer (Metallurgist) and looked after the quality of material of the Gas Turbines, Power Plants and its projects. Involved in Inspection & NDT Testing of incoming new and repaired GT Hot Parts Components, during Plant Maintenance or Breakdown & report writing. Responsible to prepare Scope of Work for Repair or new Supply of Hot Parts Components of Gas Turbines, preparation of Tender Documents & Technical Evaluation. Dealing with the clients; Manufactures (OEM), Repairers (Reverse Engineering) and Subcontractors in regard to project/contract allocation, all matters pertaining to contracts and follow-up.

Active member of the Member Hot Part Committee & Pre-Qualification Team, and dealing with the Pre-Qualification of Hot Parts components suppliers & Repair companies, conducted Pre-Qualification visit at repair and manufacturing facilities. Arranged and attended Seminars & Meetings for the pre-qualifying companies. Familiar with the various known Gas Turbines Machines.


• Successfully maintained three years contracts for the Supply of Repair & New Hot Parts Project for the year 1999-2002 & 2002-2005 as a key member of Hot Parts Committee.

• Pre-Qualified more than 70 companies for the Repair & Supply of GT Hot Parts, general supply, contract work, repair work, (Electrical & Mechanical) Technical Consultancy etc.

3. 15th May 1995 – 23rd July 1999 – (+ 4 Years)

Worked as a Quality Group Manager/Metallurgist and responsible to run and maintain Quality System and Technical Assistance in the both Sister Companies of The LSW- Group. Prepared Quality Manual and Quality Assurance Procedures, Work Instructions, Flow Charts in the guide line of AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994 and on demand of company’s requirements. Developed methods for implementing Quality System in the Heat Treatment process and Machine Shops.

Familiar with the Heat Treatment Processes and worked in various areas; Normalizing, Stress Relieving, Solution Annealing, Quenching, Case Hardening and used Fluidized Bed, Muffle Furnace, Seal Quench Furnace, Vacuum Furnace, Bogie Hearth Furnace (for large loads), for carbon steel, alloys, super alloys (ferrous and non-ferrous) etc.


• Accreditation of the company to AS/NZS/ISO 9002:94 as a Quality Endorsed Company by 3rd Party (QAS, Standard Australia) in 1996 and become Sydney’s 1st Quality Endorsed Heat Treatment Company.

• Successfully satisfying QAS External Auditors during the audit sessions and Customers with the Quality System and Quality Products at GOW’S and A.S.K. since 1995.

4. September 1981 – August 1994 – (13 Years)

Worked as Technical Support Engineer in the Technical Department of Integrated Steel Mills and dealt with Hot & Cold Rolling including Hot Dip Galvanizing Mill. I was involved in developing new steel grades for drawing & extra deep drawing quality of HR & CR products. Co-ordinated with the production units and non-production units such as Marketing, Production Planning and Control, Central Laboratory and R & D.


• Developed the technologies with the co-ordination of operational personnel of successful production of new Steel grades of automobile quality corresponding to JIS specifications G3141-90 and API steel grade from X45 to X70 of thickness 1.6-10 mm . Worked in a team of Introducing of Differential Galvanize coating by Air knife coating control.

• Obtained Lloyd’s certification for the production of API steel grade.

• Collected/maintained over 5000 local and international standards related to steel industries such as ASTM, API, BSS, DIN, GOST, ISO, JIS etc. Active member Pakistan Steel Standards Group and prepared/maintained from PSS 001 to PSS 043.

• Got promotion from Assistant Executive Engineer to Executive Engineer (Metallurgy) in March 1988.