CV, QA,QC, Manager with Middle East experience

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Skills keywords:  experienced, dedicated, opened mind, teamplayer
Short Bio:

My career to date has been some what diverse in nature and I have gained experience in many fields i.e. industrial, construction, fabrication, nuclear and areas of responsibility and disciplines including QA/QC, designer, warehouses supervision, safety, engineering etc and have hence developed accordingly both in character and professionally.

I am a multilingual excellent communicator and have enjoyed working on multi-disciplined projects.

Current location: Al Rayyan, Qatar - View on map
Nationality: Romanian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  General Management
Spoken languages: english, italian
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


 University Graduation Certificate (Master Mechanical Engineer) “Poly-technical University of Bucharest – Faculty of Mechanic, Section: Technological Equipment from 1977-1982

 Graduated with Diploma the College – “Gheorghe Sincai” from Bucharest in 1975

Career Summary

SEG Qatar, Doha – Qatar (Jun’08 – Present)

SEG Qatar is Qatar branch belongs to SEG Lebanon based in Beirut, with a high experience in construction in MENA (SEG Morocco, SEG Algeria, SEG Lebanon, SEG Bahrain and SEG Dubai)

QA/QC Manager (Reporting to SEG Qatar Area Manager)

Key Deliverables:

 Obtained the Certification of SEG Qatar as per ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 29001:2010 requirements

 Management of QA/QC Corporate & Major Project Specific QMS/Inspection/Verification Teams/Departments

 Preparation/Implementation/Management of QMS for multi-disciplined, engineering companies & specific projects.

 Preparation/Implementation/Management of integrated QA/QC audit programmes, QMS internal and external management system auditing.

 Preparing, reviewing, up-dating, controlling and distributing the Project Quality Plan for each project of SEG

 Issuing Project Quality procedures, forms and the relevant ITPs

 Issuing the final As-Built Index, organizing and supervising the preparation of the relevant folders

 Organizing Management Review meeting related to the Quality matters for each project

 Organizing weekly meetings with the Customers representatives for Quality matters

 Supervising and coordinating the activity of the sub-contractors on sites (12 mechanical sub-contractors, 6 electrical sub-contractors, 1 coating/painting sub-contractor, 2 NDT company and 1 IT/Telecom)

 Coordinating the Third Party Inspection agencies on site and at sub-contractors facilities

 Reviewing and approving the sub-contractors PQP and ITPs

 Determining Quality Requirement for activities/materials to be subcontracted or purchased.

 Performing Quality Awareness Training for the Project Management Teams

 Monitoring the Customers complaints and initiating Corrective Actions if necessary

 Performing interviews for QA/QC personnel

 Coordinating 3 QA/QC Project Managers and acting as Project QA/QC Manager in 2 projects

 Issuing and reviewing the QA/QC Weekly/monthly reports

 Coordinating the As-Built team (18 people) for all the SEG projects in Qatar

 Coordinate the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities

 Performing internal and external Audits and preparation of Audit Reports and Corrective Action Requests

 Reviewing the Non-Conformity Reports/Logs for the projects on going during the internal weekly quality meetings

 Coordinating the construction teams dedicated to the implementation of the remedial actions for closing the NCRs subjects of delay

 Evaluating Suppliers/Subcontractors’ Quality systems

 Handling several projects; The accomplished projects are furnished below:

 EPIC Project for Ras Laffan Emergency and Safety College, Client- Qatar Petroleum (to be finished in 2014)

 PIC Project for KAHRAMAA Tower(started in May 2014)

 PIC Project for Boulevard Mall (started in June 2014)

 PIC Project for Hermas Towers (started in June 2014)

 PIC Project for Nakilat – Repair Shipyard in Ras Laffan, Client-Qatar Petroleum (finished in 2013)

 PIC Project – Viva Bahria (2 Hotels in Pearl) in Doha

 PIC Project – State Audit Bureau (2 Towers) in Doha (started in 2012)

 PIC Project – Barwa City – Foul Water System (finished 2013)

QA/QC Consultant for Main Contractor –
Joint Venture between Al Khor & Dakira and HGA Servimpex s.r.l. for:

 EPIC project in Mesaieed – Replacement and relocation of 6” flare line with 12” at Station “S” Gas operation Mesaieed – Customer: Qatar Petroleum (on going)

 Refurbishment of existing piperacks at Gas recycling plant within Duckhan fields – Customer: Qatar Petroleum (on going)

Key deliverables:

 Issuing the PQPs as per the projects requirements

 Issuing the Inspection and Test Plans and relevant QA/QC procedures and giving technical support regarding mechanical activities

 Coordinate with Procurement department the quality requirements for suppliers as per QP standards

 Coordinate the TPI inspectors on site

 Perform quality Audits to the possible suppliers

 Interviewing the candidates for QA/QC Engineer positions

 Taking part to the weekly meetings with the customer

 Implementing the quality management system in the projects

 Coordinate and support the QA/QC Coordinators for each project

ISO Certification Company under “QUALITY AUSTRIA”

Key deliverables:

 Taking part to the monthly meetings with QQP and “QUALITY AUSTRIA”, the certification body

 Taking part to the opening meetings with the companies requesting ISO 9001 and ISO TS 29001 certification

 Taking part to the Audits performed to the Customers as consultant

 Issuing relevant QA/QC procedures on behalf of Customers

 Supporting QQP with project documents (Management of Project Activities, material management Procedure, Project Control procedure, Project Execution Plan) for different projects where QQP is involved as Consultant – e.g – Halul Island Project in Ras Laffan, Customer: Qatar Petroleum

Saipem MISR (Egypt), Alexandria – Egypt – Project Burrulus, Phase IV (EPIC)
(2007 – 2008)

Saipem MISR (Egypt) is a company belonging to ENI Group, whose main activities are: offshore and onshore constructions; offshore/onshore drilling activities

Project Quality Engineer/Fabrication Quality Manager (Reporting to Project Manager)

Key Deliverables:

 Responsible for the management of the implementation of the project QMS during all phases

 Ensuring Quality reporting and representation at Progress Meetings in respect of QM activities and warning of issues which may affect the Project

 Drawing up a Quality Plan, Quality Control Plans and Project Quality Procedures

 Liaising with Client about Quality matters

 Ensuring procurement activities apply appropriate levels of Quality assurance and Control

 Establishing the quality requirements for sub-contractors and performing quality assessment/audits to possible vendors/subcontractors

 Performing internal and external project Audits

 Engineering review approval activities associated with material selection (ASME, ANSI, API), welding approvals/design (ASME, AWS, PQR, WPS), NDE, engineering approvals of testing/examination.

 Monitoring the collection of “As-Built” data for engineering and procurement phases in Italy, Fano.

 Liaising with the Third Party related to the inspection activities performed to our subcontractors

 Lead final inspection/NDE/test teams responsible for implementation of final inspection/FAT/final testing acceptance of structures/equipment.

 Organizing Management Review related to the Quality matters

 Approving ITPs and Quality documentation related to the SOWs issued by the subcontractor (PETROJET)

 Coordinating the QC Inspectors on site (6 persons) for construction phase and EFAT/SAT activities

 Organizing Non-Conformity Review meetings with subcontractor’s Quality Managers and Client’s representative

 Coordinating and supervising the special equipment storage in warehouse acc. to manufacturers recommendations

 Performing inspections with the Client and Third Party – GLIS representative on site

 Performing Audits to the subcontractor on site

 Organizing and leading the weekly meeting for Quality matters with the Client and the subcontractor representatives

 Providing project personnel with necessary Quality training

Saipem Azerbaijan, Baku – Azerbaijan
(2007 – 2003)

Saipem Azerbaijan is a company belonging to ENI Group, whose main activities are: offshore and onshore constructions; offshore/onshore drilling activities

Joined on board as Senior QA/QC Supervisor in 2003 and was later promoted as Project Quality Engineer in 2004 (Reporting to QA/QC Manager)

Key Deliverables as Project Quality Engineer:

 Preparing and revising the Project Quality Plan/Quality Control Plan depend of Project and Client requirements

 Preparing the work instructions and forms to be used by Quality Supervisors for inspections/controls

 Planning and performing internal and external audits together with QA/QC Manager

 Organizing monthly meeting with the Management related to the Quality matters

 Analyzing with Procurement Dept. Manager the possible sub-contractors and qualify them

 Verifying and approving the Quality documentation submitted by the sub-contractors for their activities (reinforcement and refurbishment of Crane Vessel-DBA and STB-1, jacket and topside carrier

 Issuing the Quality requirements related to each Scope Of Work

 Coordinating Quality personnel-Quality Supervisors, Welding Inspector and Quality Inspector of warehouses (8 persons: 6 QA/QC Supervisors, 1 Welding Engineer and 1 QC Mechanical Inspector)

 Keeping permanent contact with the Client representative – Quality Manager

 Coordinating the warehouses, the storage areas, quarantine zones

 Coordinating the preparation of the “Final as-built dossiers”

During Offshore campaigns, these are my activities performed on the board of our vessels

 Verifying and approving the Quality documentation submitted by the sub-contractors for the Template, Jacket and Topside installations (MSS, Sonsub, SMIT, SeaMark, Swift Engineering, EMS)

 Mentoring the QC Supervisors activities on board

 Performing audits to the subcontractors on board

 Coordinating the collection of all the documents from sub-contractors, according to their PQP and QCP

Key Deliverables as Senior QA/QC Supervisor (Reporting to Project Quality Engineer):

 Verifying Quality documentation submitted by the sub-contractors for their activities (reinforcement and refurbishment of Crane Vessel-DBA and STB-1, jacket and topside carrier.

 Coordinating the Quality personnel – 6 people, in the absence of the Project Quality Engineer

 Supporting welding inspections

 Witnessing the qualification of Sub-contractors’ WPSs and welders

 Responsible for performing inspections to the warehouses, witnessing together with Storekeeper the reception of incoming materials, checking the related Quality documents

 Performing daily Quality inspections, together with Client representative and subcontractors Quality personnel

 Responsible for taking part at daily, weekly and monthly meetings with Client and subcontractors

 Issuing the “Final as-built dossiers”

Emirom Group SA (on behalf of Saipem Spa Italy)
(2003 – 2001)

EMIROM Group SA is a human resources company created to provide specialists for ENI Group (Italy)

Senior QA/QC Engineer (Reporting to Saipem S.p.A. Milano –Quality Department)

Key Deliverables:

 Preparing General Procedures and Work Instructions related to Quality activities, Quality Plans and Quality Control Plans, for different projects, such as: onshore pipeline construction, materials storage, installation of static and rotary equipment

 Performing interviews for Quality Supervisors/Inspectors

 Responsible for the preparation of the Quality documentation for ROD – a project (onshore pipelines) in Algeria (Deployed in Paris, France in 2002)

 Checking and updating all the QA/QC procedures according to the Saipem’s contracts

 Reviewing and approving the Quality Control Plans of several Saipem’s subcontractors

 Conducting interviews for QA/QC Supervisors/Inspectors for several Saipem projects.

 Performing training regarding ISO 9001:2000 to the QA/QC Engineers working in Saipem’s projects

CNE PROD UNIT 1 – Cernavoda
(2001 – 1997)

CNE-PROD is the first NPP in Romania, using CANDU (Canadian Deuterium) system.

Specialist Mechanical Designer (Reporting to Engineering Manager)

Key Deliverables:

Responsible for Designing Engineering and Quality Surveillance activities related to all the changes made to the piping and mechanical equipment

 Supervising the pre-fabrication on our workshops or subcontractor’s facilities and the installation performing engineering surveillance and QA/QC activities

 Engineering evaluation of inspection findings

 reviewing, updating and modification of the flow sheets, isometrics drawings, according to ‘‘as built” documents

 Responsible for the verification and approval of supplier’s procedures and Quality Control Plans

 Preparing Pressure Test Procedure for pipe systems and equipment (nuclear and classic part)

 Issuing specific engineering work instructions

 Preparing and reviewing “As-built” documentation

 Performing inspections during the outage with CANDU and ANSALDO representatives

SC Nuclear-Montaj SA
(1989 – 1997)

Joined on board as Chief of Quality Control Bureau and was later promoted as Engineering Superintendent (deployed to SC PMNS S.R.L.) in 1992. S.C. PMNS S.R.L. was a private company involved in installation of Cooling Water Systems, Drainage Systems, Demi Water Plant, Piping and piping supports in Turbine building

Key Deliverables:

 Preparing the whole documentation for installation of classic piping systems, maintenance and preservation of the entire piping systems and equipment, pressure tests, according to ANSALDO requirements

 Supervising the control and cross check of issued Route-Cards for classic piping systems and Installation Books for classic equipment in Turbine building

 Supervising and coordinating the Quality Control Inspections together with the Quality Personnel from ANSALDO and NUCLEAR-MONTAJ

 Supervising (Site Disposition), Design Change Notice (DCN)

 Coordinating the preparation of final “As-built” documentation for classic piping systems/equipment installation and the final dossiers for the hydraulic tests of classic piping systems/equipment

 Supervising & coordinating Quality Control Inspectors–29 persons, 22 for installation & 7 for preservation & maintenance

 Preparing procedures for installation of piping and support systems in Turbine building

 Preparing with ANSALDO the program for supports installation and control

 Preparing the Maintenance and Preservation Manual, General Procedures and Work Instructions during mounting and storage (in warehouses) of pipes and equipment

 Supervising and controlling the maintenance and preservation activities; Supervising the inspection, reception and acceptance of materials supplied

 Supervising the maintenance and preservation of materials in the warehouses

 Coordinating inspections (daily and weekly) with CANDU and ANSALDO representatives

Vulcan Bucharest
(1989 – 1986)

Workshop Assistant Engineer

CCPTF Grivita Rosie – Bucharest
(1986 – 1982)

Junior Mechanical Designer