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I have 21 years experience which involved in engineering, procurement, fabrication, welding, construction, inspection, testing and commissioning in various levels of industries such as Power Plant, Gas Plants and Petrochemical Plants, Pipelines including fabrication of ASME coded pressure vessels, piping works and supporting steel structures.
With comprehensive understanding of industry standard and practices, posses a thorough knowledge of national and international codes standard.

Current location: Cebu, Philippines- 6013 - View on map
Nationality: Filipino
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Graduate – Batch 1986
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Cebu (Cebu Central Colleges) Cebu City, Philippines

Registered Mechanical Engineer (RME)
License Number 33365
March 25, 1987

Certified Welding Inspector
Cert . no. 27174/2
October 19, 2011
TWI Certification Ltd.

Career Summary

Sept. 15, 2012 to April 30, 2013
QA Manager
UNISIS Engineering/Supplied to BIN QURAYA EST./SK-4 PIPELINE REHABILITATION PHASE VI- Saudi Aramco Project /BI-10-00094

March 22, 2012 to  June 30, 2012
QA/QC Manager
UNISIS Engineering/Supplied to BIN QURAYA EST./KHAFJI- NGL PIPELINE PROJECT- Saudi Aramco Project /BI-10-00738

April 2011 to  Feb16, 2012
Dpty. QA/QC Manager
UNISIS Engineering/Supplied to MMG – DAELIM/SATORP-Acid Gas Treatment (JERP-2B Project) Jubail

January 2009 to March 2010
QC Supervisor (Piping/Welding)
Consolidated Contractors Company WLL.
Kursaniyah Gas Plant (KGP)
(BTJV / Saudi Aramco Project)

October 2006 to  December 2008
QC Supervisor (Piping/Welding)
Consolidated Contractors Company WLL.
Kursaniyah Producing Facilities (KPF)
(Snamprogetti / Saudi Aramco Project)

February 1994 to September 2006
QA/QC Manager
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phils.), Inc.
ASME Certified Company “U”,”S”,”PP”,”A”&”R”
Bo. Dita, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

January 1993 to February 1994
QA/QC Supervisor
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phils), Inc. Bo. Dita, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

April 1992 to January 1993
QA/QC Lead
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phils.), Inc. Bo. Dita, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

April 1991 to April 1992
QA/QC Inspector
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phils.), Inc. Bo. Dita, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

February 1990 to  February 1991:
Mechanical Work Trainee

1 Taihei Dengyo Kaisha Ltd.

Kuki Factory, Japan


QA Manager
UNISIS Engineering Supplied to BIN QURAYA EST./SK-4 PIPELINE REHABILITATION PHASE VI –Saudi Aramco Project /BI-10-00094

QA/QC Manager
UNISIS Engineering Supplied to BIN QURAYA EST./KHAFJI- NGL PIPELINE PROJECT-Saudi Aramco Project /BI-10-00738

Dpty. QA/QC Manager
UNISIS Engineering Supplied to
MMG-DAELIM/SATORP- Acid Gas Treatment (JERP 2B Project), Jubail

 Monitor the site construction Inspection activity as per Project Quality Manual by Supervision and allocates QCI Personnel per discipline as required.

 Responsible to initiate Project QA/QC Organization Chart and to maintain update with correspond to project site requirements.

 Review and arrangement for submission of QCI personnel CV’s to contractor/clients interview and approval.

 Conducting Internal Pre-inspection meeting to involved personnel in different discipline to discuss Inspection Procedures ITP’s and other issues as per Contractor and Client Inspection requirements.

 Supervise and review the collected Quality Records for proper tracking and compilation.

 Participate in conducting internal quality audit as per company Project Quality Management System and external quality audit from contractor and client project requirements.

 Conducting internal weekly meeting with QCI’s and Construction Staff personnel for feedbacks, complaints and solutions.

 Conducting weekly Tool Box meeting at project site to make awareness of Welding Control, such as the availability of applicable approved WPS. WPQT range & validity, Welding Electrodes storage preservation and controlling among assign welding foreman and welders.

 Conducting weekly site Walkthrough Inspection together with contractor and client to oversee the violations regarding on quality issues and take steps to address the issue.

 Responses site queries and technical issues with respect to QA/QC matters.

 Maintaining and monitoring all issued Non Conformance (NCR-Log) including internal and external audit findings and taking necessary steps in closing any open Non Conformance on desired time and reported to the concerned.

 Investigate and analyze the root causes of violation and take preventive measures in the same that it will not repeat in future.

 Maintaining and monitoring of all involve equipments used in welding control and others that properly identified and calibrated as per procedure.

 To monitor and look out welding repair rate percentage in weekly/monthly basis and take necessary steps in controlling high weld repair rate.

 Attending daily/weekly quality meetings with clients.

 Preparation and submission of Weekly/Monthly QC Reports to QA/QC Head Office and Client (if required).

 Monitoring and maintaining track record of completed pressure testing of test package of project.

 All quality documents and final reinstated test packages to be hand over for final certification.

 Act of duties for Site QA/QC Manager in case of his absence.

QC Supervisor (Piping/Welding)
Consolidated Contractors Company WLL.
Kursaniyah Gas Plant (KGP)
(BTJV / Saudi Aramco Project)

Quality Control Supervisor (Piping/Welding)
Consolidated Contractors Company (W.L.L.)
Kursaniyah Producing Facilities (KPF)
(Snamprogetti / Saudi Aramco Project)

 Objective

To ensure the correct application of the Quality Plan at site activities and coordination with the Staff Site Personnels for proper implementation.

 Supervises and maintaining applicable updated

Project references document such as drawings, procedures, applicable codes and standards.

 Supervises the quality control activities of a project

or its parts, including quality control inspection

schedules and collection of quality records as per

approved Inspection Test Plan (ITP).

 Allocates quality control personnel to various areas

of site activities.

 Supervises inspection reports and the documentation issued by inspectors and collect and file the required quality records.

 Observed and assess the quality control plan implemented at project site.

 Verify and evaluates the qualification of inspection Personnel, welders, NDT- Technicians with regards to the activities assigned.

 Supervises and conduct tool-box meeting to inspectors to ensure in-process and final inspection of all site activities are carried out according to thelatest approved drawings, project specifications, applicable procedures, ITP’s, Codes and Standards.

 Monitor all discrepancies/non-conformance at site activities to ensure proper documentation and traceability that the corrective action to be verified and preventive measures must be addressed.

 Supervises and verify the correct measuring tools, gauges and equipment use for inspection that having identification records and with valid calibration certificates.

 To support and participate the company Quality Management System, internal and external audit conducted at office and project site.

 Directly report to the project QA/QC Manager, incase any major problems arises at site.

 Others,

Test Pack Coordinator

(Punch List, Hydrotest and Reinstatement)

QA/QC Manager
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phils.), Inc.

 Provide technical expertise to support responsible Managers in planning Quality Control System implementation of the company.

 Review Customer’s Document, Technical Specification for Manufacturing Procedures and Applicable Codes & Standards.

 Control over-all QC quality records documents per project and assign traceability file.

 Review prepared procedures, guidelines and instructions.

 Verify if procedures were implemented and followed.

 Review and check material specifications that conforms the Applicable Code Standards and Customers Specification.

 Receive shop drawing from Engineering Department and reproduce controlled copy for distribution to the concern department.

 Update calibration record of tools and equipment use for inspection and maintain calibration record master list.

 Responsible of approving all Inspection Reports of the fabrication work of the entire project including Visual Inspection of weld, Welding records, Dimensional, NDE, Painting and other inspection as required.

 Manage the QA/QC Staff Personnel for the implementation of Quality Control Program and activities to be performed day by day.

 Identify product non-conformance and arrange proper disposition and preventive action.

 Have authority to hold or stop the work if does not conform accordance with the approved procedures, Customer’s Specifications and Applicable Code Standards.

 Implement and prepare Quality Control Documents in compliance with establish ASME Quality Control Manual for ASME CODED works.

 Control Quality Record Documents.

 Report directly to the Plant Manager any quality problems arises.

QA/QC Supervisor
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phils.), Inc.

 Receive instructions from the Manager to be disseminated to the Foreman.

 Supervise all the QA/QC inspection works of the entire project.

 Responsible of QA/QC Manpower arrangement per designated project and maintain the target date inspection schedule.

 Identify non-conformance and report to the Manager for proper disposition

 Check all inspection reports of the entire project including visual inspection of weld, dimensional and other inspection as required.

 Prepare & implement Quality Control procedures, guidelines and instructions.

 Report directly to QA/QC Manager about the progress of inspection.

QA/QC Lead
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phils.), Inc.

 Receive instructions from the Supervisor and discuss to my subordinates.

 Arrange set-up of manpower base on target inspection schedule as instructed to my Supervisor.

 Monitor and prepare all project inspection reports to be forwarded to my Supervisor for review and checking.

 Identify the non-conformance and prepare a report to be submitted to my Supervisor for proper disposition.

 Maintain the quality of all fabricated items.

 Directly report to the Supervisor the progress of inspection.


QA/QC Inspector
Taihei Alltech Construction (Phil.) Inc.

 Receive instructions from the Foreman regarding the criteria of inspection.

 Responsible of conducting the preliminary and final inspection of fabricated materials in accordance with the approved shop fabrication drawings.

 Prepare inspection reports of the complete fabricated items and submit to my Superior.

 Monitor and verify the materials on the process of fabrication.

 Directly report to my Superior about the progress of


Mechanical Work Trainee
Taihei Dengyo Kaisha LTD.

 Leader of the Filipino Trainee in Japan.

 Trained to dismantle and assemble parts of heavy equipment under repair or in preventive maintenance with the supervision of the Japanese Staff.