CV, QA, QC Engineer Targeting Civil Marine, Civil Works In Oil And Gas

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Serial No: 31286
(01/10/1967, male)
Skills keywords: breakwater, civil marine works, dredging & reclamation, jetty
Short Bio:

22+ years of experience as a quality engineer in civil marine projects for oil and gas industry

Current location: Maharashtra, India - View on map
Nationality: INDIAN
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Educational Qualifications

1993 – Bachelor of Engineering – Civil

2008 – Lead Auditor (DNV) ISO 9000:2000

2010 – Master of Science (Total Quality Management)


“I am a graduate civil engineer having 22+ years experienced in managing QA/QC activities in onshore/offshore EPCI projects for Oil & Gas industry. Major part of my experience is implementing quality management system in construction & commissioning of Gas Sweetening Facility, MARPOL Berth, Service Berth, LNG port expansion, Reclaimed islands and causeway for drilling rigs, Marine export facility, LNG import jetty, Breakwater, Berthing & Mooring Dolphins, single point mooring, loading arm platform, 24” dia Subsea pipeline, Offshore bridges to connect islands, Sea water intake, electro-chlorination & substation building, Local Equipment Rooms, drainage system, asphalt & concrete roads related to oil & gas facility.

Apart from civil works, I am also experienced in mechanical works (steel structure, refractory, fire proofing, GRE pipeline, painting on steel structure), electrical works (cathodic protection)

I am looking for a challenging position where my various technical & administrative skills can be utilized to achieve the desired goal. I am capable to perform individually or to lead a team of subordinates to manage large size projects and bring the requested added value.

Summary Of Responsibilities

• Preparation/Review of project specific quality documents; Inspection & test plan, QC procedures, project quality plan. In addition to quality documents I also experienced in review of method statement, material submittal, site technical query, field change notices

• Implementation of project quality management system; ensured by continuous surveillance on contractor’s activity (construction as well as documentation) throughout the project.

• Inspection/surveillance & non conformities; continuous surveillance on construction activities & incoming material. Deviation from specification or design drawing in critical activities are documented in CAR/NCR and follow up for their close out. Minor deviations are resolved through verbal communication and continuous monitoring. Maintaining register of NCR/CAR

• Co-ordinate with construction regarding inspection to comply with ITP requirements and take proactive action during construction process for rectification/improvements if required

• Concrete works; source approval of concrete constituents, trial mixes (lab & field), concrete placement, curing & concrete repairs for in situ concrete & precast concrete. Also underground & above ground concrete protection

• Epoxy & non-shrink cementitious grout; Grouting under steel structures, vessels, rotatory & vibratory equipments

• Dredging, reclamation & shore protection; sampling & testing of dredged material, compaction for reclamation, installation of geotextile, core & armor rock

• Structural steel works; Piperack, handrail, access ladder, equipment shelter

• Asphalt works; source approval of asphalt & under layers, placement of aggregate sub base & base course, witness field test, review of lab test reports, road signage & marking, traffic signal, road kerbs

• Miscellaneous civil works; Earthwork, FDT, general grading, gravel surfacing, brickwork, tile laying, painting

• Refractory lining (castables & brickwork); surface preparation, welded anchors, installation of ceramic ferrules, mixing & gunning of castables, curing, sampling & testing for reaction furnace, incinerator & other vessels.

• Fireproofing (propriety type & concrete); Surface preparation, mixing, application, curing for propriety type fireproofing.

• Follow up with third party laboratory for sampling & testing of construction material (concrete, concrete constituents, rebar, earthwork, armor rock, dredged material, geotextile, asphalt). Reports are reviewed for compliance with specification.

• QC resource management to manage large sized projects

• Communication & Reporting; Establish & maintain communication within department & with other departments in own organization, independent laboratory, TPI, contractor, consultant, vendor & end user. Prepare quality report for supervisor.

• Participates in engineering discussions for problem shoot out

• Follow up for resolving quality & construction issues in the project.

• Follow up for compilation of Project Dossier (As Built Documentation).

• Participate in internal audits for system improvement.

• Working as a delegate of QA/QC Manager/Lead in his absence.

• Attending inter discipline meeting within organization and quality meeting with contractors. Follow up for the implementation on the outcome of meeting.

• Assist discipline engineer during pre FEED & FEED

• Follow up for activities other than civil works like painting on steel & concrete, welding, cathodic protection (impressed current system & superficial anodes) and commissioning of electrical & mechanical equipment.

• Follow up for preparing punch list, closing punch list item and Mechanical Completion Certificate.

• Participates in selection of contractor, design consultants & vendor.

Employment Experience

Jan 2014-onwards
Qatar Petroleum

QA/QC Engineer

Repair of Service Berth No. 4, Bund for Reclamation area at Wakra Dock RLC Port and New Berth for MARPOL Reception facilities

As part of repair of service berth no 4 & new Berth for MARPOL following facilities have to be built

• 82 m & 135 m long quay walls of mass concrete block in front of existing service berth

• Supply and installation of new fenders, ladders and mooring rings

• Removal & re-installation of existing bollards

• New potable water and diesel dispensing points

• Concrete block pavement, road marking and signage

• Surface drainage

• Relocation of existing navigation lights

• High Mast flood light

• Access roads, road crossing duct bank, general grading

As part of bund for reclamation area following facilities have to be built

• 1.33 KM long rock bund with armour rock and core material

• Removal of armour rock from existing revetment

Main Responsibilities

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for production of mass concrete blocks, in situ capping beam, precast foundations, manholes & road crossing duct bank

• Witness underwater diving inspection of foundation strata of quay wall, rubble mount foundation, installation of precast concrete blocks & scour protection consist of armour rock

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for installation of marine furniture; fender, bollard, access ladder, mooring ring

• Follow up for QA/QC for rock bund; placement of geotextile, core material & armour rock

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for asphalt access road, new integrated traffic light, general grading

Jul 2011-Dec 2013
Qatar Petroleum

QA/QC Engineer

Gas Sweetening Facility Project (Mesaieed & Dukhan), Qatar

As part of Gas Sweetening Facilities Project in Mesaieed & Dukhan following facilities have to be built whereof;

• Existing SRU upgrade/modification

• New Acid Gas Enrichment Unit

• New Tail Gas Treating Unit

• Utility system upgrade – Sea water Cooling system, Boiler Feed Water System, Steam Generation System, Waste Water System, Electrical Power System, Control & Safety System

• Substation Building

• New Jetty for Sea Water Pump to supply cooling water for new Coolers

• Land Reclamation for Electro chlorination building

Main Responsibilities

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in construction of new jetty for seawater pump.

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in reclamation for electro-chlorination building including rock revetment.

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in construction of different type of equipment foundations which include earthwork, concrete, waterproofing, Painting (concrete & steel structure).

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in construction of substation & LER building.

• Supports construction team for deep excavation including shoring and dewatering

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in painting on steel (Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel spools) and concrete.

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in installation and inspection & testing of various types of refractory related activity

• Follow up QA/QC activities for lightweight fireproofing activity

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in construction of miscellaneous infrastructure works (Roads, paving, fence, drainage e.t.c.)




2008-2010 Jan De Nul


Deputy QA/QC Manager


Manifa Field Causeway Project, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


As part of overall development of Manifa Oilfield, following marine facilities to be built as follows;

• Construction of 25 oil drilling/production islands (sand fill & armour protection) connected to main causeway by lateral causeway.

• Construction of 2 water injection islands connected to land by causeway.

• Construction of Main Bridge (2.4 KM long), 5 short bridges (180 m long) & 8 culvert bridges (90 m long) spaced along main and lateral causeway.

• Construction of Roll on/Roll off facility & 2 berthing facilities.

• Construction of main & lateral causeway (total 41 km long) supporting asphalt road, pipeline, electrical and other facilities.


Main Responsibilities


• Follow up for QA/QC activities in dredging & reclamation (selected dredged material offshore islands & causeway and sand fill for onshore island & causeway)

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in construction of berthing facility

• Follow up for QA/QC activities laying geotextile and placing rock (armour & core).

• Review of test reports for dredged material, sandfill, rock & geotextile. Review the profile of rockwork and follow up for corrective action if required.

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in construction of bridges & culverts comprising of driving of steel tubular pile (1219 mm dia & 12 mm thick), production of precast concrete elements (Pre-stressed Beam, Pile Cap, Slab), Installation of precast elements and in-situ concrete works).

• Follow up for painting on steel tubular piles and concrete surface.

• Follow up for the QA/QC activities in construction of asphalt road connecting drilling islands through causeway. Responsibilities include mix design, site surveillance, witness field test

• Follow up for miscellaneous activities in the project i.e. installation of electrical cable trays, handrails.

• Follow up for interface with other contractors / sub-contractors / vendors.

Jan De Nul Dredging Ltd. & Boskalis Westminster Middle East Ltd-JV

Sr. QA/QC Inspector

Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project, Qatar

As part of major port expansion several facilities to be built whereof;

• New LNG export basin

• New Dry Cargo basin

• New Dry Dock for Ship repair

• New LNG Berths & LPG Berths

• Harbor support and other Maritime facilities

Main Responsibilities

• Follow up for concrete activities 700,000m³ of Precast concrete Armor Units (Antifers of 1.5m³, 2.5m³, 3m³ and Accropodes of 3m³, 4m³, 5³) for Breakwater subcontracted to JV of Besix & Interbeton

• Follow up for QA/QC activity during production of concrete armor with poly-propelyne fiber.

• Follow up for inspection and approval of concrete batching plant.

• Follow up for concrete trial mix, review of reports and approval.

• Follow up for investigation for cracks in concrete armor unit and co-ordination with SOGREAH (Patent Holder).

• Representing organization quality department on overseas operation (production of concrete armor units)

Al Futtaim Carillion L.L.C. British Leader in construction

Sr. Engineer in QA/QC department

Development of Dubai Festival City, Dubai

As part of development of Dubai Festival City several buildings to be built whereof;

• Main Festival Centre

• High rise Hotel apartment , commercial building

• Educational complex & Residential complex

• Tunnels, Infrastructure

• Canal, Quay wall, Marina

Main Responsibilities

• Follow up for inspection of sub structure & super structure of buildings.

• Follow up for inspection of Tunnel and canal wall.

• Follow up for QA/QC activities in concrete works

• Follow up of QA/QC activities during construction of Quay wall and Marina.

• Coordination among QC Inspector.

• Liaison with PMC & Design Department.

• Preparation of final Hand over package.

Besix S.A. Libya Branch, Belgian Leader in construction

Sr. Engineer in the QA/QC Department

WLGP – Wafa Coastal Plant (Marine Export Facility), Libya

As part of the Western Libya Gas Project, Marine Export Facilities have to be built, whereof

• Jetty including berthing and mooring facilities (L=2,300 m)

• 26″ Subsea Line, including Single Point Mooring (L=1,200 m)

• Quay Walls (L=100m & L=50m)

• Desalination Plant

Main responsibilities

• Follow-up of the concrete precast activities (subcontractor – 3,800 precast elements – 420 Pre-stressed beams L=30m)

• Follow-up of other concrete related activities (off-shore concreting, concrete repair, laboratory tests, identification & trace-ability, etc.)

• Follow-up of two quay wall constructions (sheet piles driving, concrete works)

• Follow up for installation & commissioning of cathodic protection for Jetty Piles

• Commissioning of several equipment (cathodic protection, quick release hooks, fenders, navigation aids, telescopic ladders, etc.)

• Follow up for dredging of Access Channel

• Follow up for installation of precast elements & construction of breakwater

• Follow up for construction of Desalination Plant & concrete coated steel pipeline

• Liaison with PMC, Design Department, sub-contractor & vendors

Ballast Nedam International, Dutch Major Company in Marine Projects

Sr. Engineer in the QA/QC Department

Petronet LNG Project, India

As part of the Petronet LNG Project , LNG Terminal & other Marine Facilities have to be built, whereof :

• Jetty including berthing & mooring facilities (L=2,500 m) ;

• Loading Arms Platform ;

• Breakwater with Accropodes (L=660 m)

Main responsibilities

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for precast concrete (subcontractor – 3,500 precast elements – 400 prestressed beams L=24 m ) ;

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for concrete related activities (off-shore concrete, concrete repairs, laboratory tests, in-situ concrete slab) ;

• Follow up of for QA/QC activities for breakwater construction (production of “Accropodes”) ;

• Others: Identification & Traceability of precast elements. Calibration of testing equipment, preparation of Project Dossier

• Liaison with PMC, Design Department, sub-contractor & vendors.

Besix-Kier Dahl S.A., Joint venture of Belgian & UK construction Majors

Engineer in QA/QC Department

Dahl LNG Terminal, India

As part of 2,100 MW Dabhol Power Project LNG Terminal & other Marine Facilities has to be built, whereof:

• Jetty including berthing & mooring facilities (L=1,900 m) ;

• Jetty Head

• Breakwater (L=2,300 m)

Main responsibilities

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for precast concrete – (440 prestressed beams L=29 m)

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for other concrete related activities (off-shore concrete, concrete repairs, laboratory tests, in-situ concrete slab)

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for of in-situ jetty deck slab

• Follow-up of for QA/QC activities for breakwater (production of “Accropodes”, Dredging, Armor & core)

• Follow up for other miscellaneous activity like installation of precast elements, grouting, calibration of equipment, post driving paint touch-up, hand-over packages etc.

SsangYong Engineering & Construction Company, leading Korean company

Engineer in construction department

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Out Media Road , Dubai

• Sub structure of hotel building

• RC subway

Main Responsibilities

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for earthwork (shoring, dewatering, deep excavation)

• Follow up for QA?QC activities for construction of pile caps (survey checks, pile cutting)

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for in-situ concrete works

Al-Geemi & Partners contracting company WLL

Engineer in QA/QC Department

LPG Blending Facilities, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi

As part of extension of Rowdies Refinery (ADNOC) ,LPG Blending facilities have to be built, whereof :

• Foundation of the Tank (2 Nos.)

• Pump foundations

• Retaining wall

• Truck Loading Shelter

• Drainage System

• Asphalt Work

Main Responsibilities

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for tank foundation, pump foundation, retaining walls

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for precast manholes, pipe sleepers & pedestals

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for miscellaneous civil works like grouting (epoxy & non shrink cement), concrete drainage line, Fence, asphalt work

• Follow up for QA/QC activities for fiber reinforced concrete for slope protection

JHV Construction Company Ltd


Residential & Commercial Building


• Follow for setting out of building foundation & columns

• Follow up for concreting

• Follow up for Laboratory Testing of concrete & review of test reports

• Follow up for finishing work of building (block work, plastering, painting)

• Follow up for purchase orders

Alfab Housing Dev. Pvt. Ltd

Engineer in construction department

Residential & Administrative Complex (World Bank funded project), India

As part of ANM training center Countrywide, several buildings to be built, whereof

• Residential complex for various category of employees including management

• Administrative units

• Boundary wall (L=7,800m)

Main responsibilities

• Follow up for piling, RC Beams, Slabs (setting out, monitoring execution)

• Follow-up of concrete activities

• Follow up for the construction of boundary wall

• Follow-up of Quality Control activities (Laboratory test & review of test reports)

• Measurements of actual executed work & verify sub contractor’s invoices