CV, QA or QC Engineer, Oil and Gas Inspector willing to work overseas

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 18070

Skills keywords: problem solving, responsibility
Short Bio:

I have Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and pursuing Degree in Mechanical Engineering through distance education, CSWIP 3.1 from TWI, CWI from American Welding Society & CWI from Welding Research Institute BHEL, Trichy (India). Auditor/Lead auditor on QMS ISO 9001-2008 from BSI (INDIA). Associate member of Indian Institute of Welding (Kolkatta). Student member of Indian Institute of Metals (Kolkatta). Having more than thirteen years of progressive experience in the field of Quality Assurance.

Current location: India - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, Hindi
Location I am interested in working: afghanistan, Angola, nigeria, Oman, qatar, saudi arabia, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Professional Qualification: –

• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (INDIA) Mumbai.

• Auditor/Lead Auditor training and passed on QMS ISO 9001-2008 from BSI (India)

• Passed CSWIP 3.1 from TWI, UK (Certificate No. – 51438)

• Passed CWI from AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY, America. (Certificate No. – 08125021)

• Passed CWI from Welding Research Institute (BHEL) , Trichy, (India)

• Passed ASNT LEVEL II from Q-TECH (Chennai), in RT, MT, PT

• Training in INSPECTION & QUALITY CONTROL (IQC) from Foreman Training Institute (Jamshedpur) Govt. of India, Ministry of labour.


• Computer knowledge of Auto CAD 2000, Ms-Office 2008, Windows 2008, Email, Internet Application.

• H2S Awareness & escape hood training.

• Attended Initial fire response training.

• Attended dealing with Hazards and risk training.

• Safe training observation program (STOP).

• HEMP awareness training programmed attended.

• Awarded best STOP observer man of the month.

Working Experience:


Job title : QC Inspector (Mechanical)

Project : Lekhwair Gas field development Project, Sur Gas supply station project, Saih Nihaydah Gas Depletion Compression project.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Monitor and implement the contract Quality plan of contractor and subcontractor.

• Participate in planned audits, identify non conformance and corrective actions and monitor follow up.

• Proactively assist project team in resolving Quality, technical and performance related matters.

• Identify and raise NCR’S for non infirmities, verify corrective and preventive actions for non conformance.

• Assist project team in the welding and NDT specification interpretation and resolving quality and technical matters related to welding/painting/coating.

• carry out daily quality surveillance and inspection activities.

• Verify the product confirmation to contractual requirements at various stages of fabrication, erection and testing as stated in company approved ITP and applicable technical specifications.

• Maintain latest revision of all contract documents, drawings and specification required for the QA,QC and inspection.

• Verify and ensure that the calibration status of inspection and testing equipment are valid.

• Witness the procedure qualification and welder qualification test.

• Ensure material conformance by continues surveillance as per approved material traceability procedures, inspection of painting and coating systems & GRE.

• Ensure through continuous surveillance that contractor fulfills all inspections and test requirements as contract requirements.

• Witness the Hold and witness inspection as per approved ITPs, interpret test results and reports.

• Review test packs, marked up drawings and witness of hydro test.

• Ensure that own activities and contractor’s activities are carried out in accordance with the company’s HSE management system.

2. September 2007 – May 2012 : Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG (Oman)

Job title : QA/QC Inspector (Welding)

Project : Off Plot Delivery Contract, MSV Skid fabrication and installation contract.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Ensure Fulfillment of All Inspection & test requirements at all stages as per QCP and contract requirements and Pertaining records.

• Approving the Quality control procedures.

• Coordinate and contribute to the resolution of any technical query issued by contractor/sub contractor during the execution of the work.

• Issue NCR when Non Conformance is observed during Inspection/ Verification.

• Verify Calibration Status of Measuring & Monitoring Devices Used.

• Monitoring Subcontractor’s Performance for Compliance with Quality Requirements.

• Incoming material inspection : Visual, dimension, verification of correctness, identification and correlation with manufacturer’s test certificate.

• Ensure that all QC Plans, Procedures and approved WPS are available for reference and are of the applicable versions.

• Ensure that all Welding Works Carried out as per WPS and Plans.

• Coordinate all NDT requirements with NDT Subcontractor, on Day to Day basis.

• Ensure that the Welders are Qualified to the applicable.

• Verify the Daily Welding Reports and Welding Production Reports.

• Witness Welder Qualification test in association with the company representative.

• Setup Numbering System for the welds, compile and maintain Isometrics containing Weld Numbers Identification.

• Carried out Visual inspection Before, During & After welding.

• Verify correctness of consumables and proper baking / storage.

• Ensure proper preheating and monitor welding parameters as per WPS during welding.

• Monitor welders performance, RT film interpretation and review NDT reports.

• Maintain welder detailing their Qualification with respect to the Welding Procedures.

• Prepare the performance report of welder on weekly & monthly basis.

• Ensure the implementation of HSE Policy and Plan.

• Participate in HSE activities as and when required by the Site Manager or HSE Adviser.

• Follow HSE rules and procedure.

3. March 2005 -July 2007 : Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority (Sharjah)

Job title : Piping Inspector

Project : Boiler and Desalination Maintenance.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Inspection of flanges, types of valves, their direction, tag numbers, rating & size.

• Inspecting the newly installed lines as per method statements, ITP, QCP and Checking the lines and support details as per Project specification and preparing punch list as per categories A & B items.

• Witness for pressure test (hydro test service) packages for the newly installed lines.

• Inspection and verification of stationary and rotary equipment.

• Inspection of alignment of the rotary equipment.

• Inspection and testing of all static & rotary equipment of power plants and analysis of equipment condition.

• To check condition of safety relief valves, Prescribes repairs, as required and Witness relief pressure setting.

• Witness for bolt torquing and checking the bolts and nuts & gaskets during Reinstatement.

• Well-developed experience in the welding works according to welding procedure.

4. September 2003 – February 2004 : Qatar Meta Coats (Qatar)

Job title : Equipment Inspector

Project : Aluminium fabrication.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• System to be followed for inspection.

• Beware of basic material specification.

• Verify the purchase order copy with the material received.

• Check visual and physical inspection of material.

• Verify the test certificate is of required specification.

• Incoming material inspection : Visual, dimension, verification of correctness, identification and correlation with manufacturer’s test certificate

• Prepare report for the damage material.

• Reporting the discrepancies report to the superiors.

• Checking of proper storage & handling materials.

• Uploading of QC procedure and having good manner knowledge to work among other staff with motivation.

5. December 2000 – February 2005 : Vishal Engineering & Construction Company

(Six month leave between service) (india)

Job title : Welding and Piping Inspector

Project : Power Plant and Steel plant maintenance project.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Review the isometric and P&ID for proper monitoring and inspection.

• Monitoring of all Q.C activities as per approved QCP.

• Incoming material inspection : Visual, dimension, verification of correctness,

• Identification and correlation with manufacturer’s test certificate

• Monitor the parameters and Visual inspection Before, During & After welding.

• Carryout visual inspection of root run, cap and ensure inter-pass temperature as per WPS.

• Inspection of welding equipment, materials, filler wire, welding electrode, baking oven and holding ovens and calibration

• Qualify welding procedure and welder as per the applicable standard.

• Initiating inspection and scheduling of the, RT, UT, PT, MT, PMI, PWHT, HT and visual inspection.

• Carried out dimensional inspection on all the finished products like pipe and fittings etc.

• Updating NDT clearance for loops to be hydro test and line wise history sheets for all process lines.

• Evaluation of test package contents (eg. drawing, welding history, NDE coverage etc.)

• Reviewing the test packages with client for final approval.

• Witness for hydro test .

• Coordinating with all departments.