CV, Project Manager Wishing To Remain In Saudi Arabia

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Serial No: 20773

Skills keywords: collaborative management, process design/redesign, strategic planning
Short Bio:

I have excellent skills in communications and management especially: following with the counterparts (regional teams, O&M team and vendors) and the stakeholders (commercial teams and regularity teams), strong team leader with the proven managerial experience/skills to lead multidisciplinary teams and ensure productivity and morale in high-pressure situations, delivering complete products to include thorough engineering documentation, installation manuals, technical briefings and project plans.

Current location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Saudi
Preferred Sector of Employment:  General Management, IT and Technology
Spoken languages: Arabic, english
Location I am interested in working: qatar, saudi arabia


● King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals – Dhahran, Eastern Province – 2007
Bachelors of Applied Electrical Engineering

● University of Cumbria – Bowerham Rd, 2013 Q2 – 2015 Q2 Expected
Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Sustainability)


Core Competencies

● PMBOK Project Management Methodology – 5th Edition

● Project Requirements Gathering

● Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

● Matrix Environment Resource Mgmt.

● Clear Communications & Reporting

● Strategic Project to Business Alignment

● Transmission Project Management (MW, Fiber Optics: long-Haul, Metro and IPBB. IT)

● Global Team / Virtual Team Coordination

● Microsoft Office Suite


Strategic Planning ♦ Collaborative Management ♦ Virtual/Remote Project Teams ♦ Issue & Problem Solution ♦ Cross-Functional Teams ♦ Process Design/Redesign ♦ Risk & Change Management ♦ Roll-out Activity ♦ Data Center, Access and IPBB Transmission Connectivity (Backhauling and Upgrading) ♦ Relationship Capital Management ♦ Fiber Optics

Project Management, Certification

* I have completed the PMP® Certification Training Classroom during the period 24th-27th of October 2013 with Simplilearn (Global PMI® REP ID 3147) and my PMP exam will be on Q3 2015. PMI Member ID 2468551

* I have been registered for ITIL v3 exam through PEOPLECET Organization and the exam will be mid of June 2015.

Career Summary

NCEI – Riyadh
August 2014 – Current

National Education Network Project Manager | CIO Department.

● To review project plan and update on administration of various project activities.

● To develop and review project development and delivery plans, oversee implementation.

● Translate the business plan into detailed activities and action plan.

● Liaise with partners and suppliers to ensure agreements on terms and conditions, responsibilities and deliverables.

● Lead the project implementation, including:

a. Developing project plan in discussion with Program Leader and stakeholders.

b. Ensuring regulatory (MOE) clearances, licenses and approvals required for day-to-day operations.

c. Securing physical infrastructure required for the initiatives.

d. Recruiting required experiences.

e. Preparing budget and getting approval from CIO and Program Leader.

f. Ensuring required growth to meet revenue projections.

g. Overseeing key revenue drivers e.g. customer relations, quality of service, marketing etc.

h. Preparing for discussions on strategy for the initiative e.g. pricing, expansion plans etc.

i. Update project plan based on progress, increased knowledge, new developments etc.

j. Participate in management discussion on project expansion, planning other initiatives etc.

k. Liaise with the identified partners for project implementation.

l. Detail out the roll-out plan covering milestones, facility locations, time-lines, infrastructure etc.

m. Ensure each project milestone meets its revenue projections.

n. Liaise with franchises in case the franchise model is chosen as the preferred model.

o. Manage the communication and marketing for the new project/initiative.

p. Report the progress of the initiatives to the CIO on a regular basis.

Zain SA – Riyadh
November 2012 – July 2014

Transmission Planning Supervisor, Team Leader| Network Engineering Department.

● Project manager for “leased lines migration” which is a special project to migrate most of the existing leased circuit from data service providers to Zain SA fiber network:

a. Preparing the traffic matrix from transmission, IPBB and IT department.

b. Sorting out all the planned leased lines for migration ( 132 circuits with amount of +150 million SAR) and preparing the migration technical requirements such as IP addresses and configuration plans, VLAN’s, DWDM/OTN/SDH ports and cards.

c. Prioritizing the PIP according to main factors: required bandwidth from IPBB and Circuits Expiry Date.

d. Coordination with wholesale department regarding the leased lines circuits status in order to send the termination request to the data service providers.

e. Coordination with the operational and the regional team for each circuit’s status in order to manage the migration and to secure the performance and the KPI’s.

f. Coordination with the quality and capacity management team for the new changes happened to monitors the enhancement.

g. Saving OpEx around 40 million SAR from 2013, 60 million from 2014 and 50 million SAR.

● Managing the DWDM/OTN fiber network with the vendor.

● Working with the internal customer (Access, IPBB and IT) for their requirements within the metro and long-haul network.

● Preparing and reviewing the high level and low level design with the vendor.

● Reviewing all the invoices according the original BoQ.

● Reviewing the performance reports from quality department and make sure to secure the KPI’s.

● Working for “3 years RFP” plan: on-going.

● Fiber Strategy Study: Owner and Analyst.

Zain SA – Riyadh
January 2012 – October 2012

Access Specialist for Microwave Network, Team Leader | Network Planning Department.

● Transmission Planning in Multi-Vendor environment.

● Designing Microwave –Radio link Budgets (using pathloss program).

● Designing the connectivity plan (high level and low level)

● PDH, SDH Transmission Planning.

● Access transmission planning at 15, 18, 32 and 38 GHz

● Backbone transmission planning at 7, 11 and 13 GHz

● Transmission planning for new expansion 389 sites in Jeddah, Makkah and Taif.

Zain SA – Riyadh
March 2011 – December 2011

Transmission Planning Team Leader | Network Planning Department

● Collecting the radio and IBS requirements (capacity for 2G, 3G and LTE).

● Transferring the requirements to high level and low level with the vendors.

● Collecting the operation, optimization and performance report and re-work for enhancing the KPI’s.

● Managed all planning sessions and provided executive level conflict resolution and communication consultation.

● Working for any required plan for Zain Network in regards of MW links or Leased Lines and for current Zain Projects:

Swap Project from NSN to Huawei in the Central Region in low level design (LLD).

Swap Project from NSN to ZTE in the Southern Region in low level design (LLD).

Zain Shops Connectivity Project.

Universal Service Fund (USF) Project

Zain SA – Riyadh
November 2009 – February 2011

Rollout Transmission Team Leader | Network Roll-out Department

● Coordinating with the planning department, regional team and the vendors all the requirements and prepare the delivery procedures and the timelines.

● Coordinating with the wholesale department, regional team and the data service providers the service readiness and the acceptance criteria.

● Managing the vendors in terms of implementation, delivery, acceptance and hand-over process.

Zain SA – Riyadh
May 2009 – December 2009

Fiber Project Assistance Engineer| Network Carrier Department

● Joining the new fiber project division as assistance fiber engineer.

● Joining Zain Group in Bahrain to get their vision and strategy regarding the new project.

● Start collecting the required information for Zain SA network: number of sites, number of HUB site, type of services, network high level topology, IPBB network topology, IT network topology, type of each site, traffic matrix, etc.

● Start collecting the information about telecom standards: ITU, IEEE, ISO, EIA, IETF, etc.

● Start collecting the latest fiber technology for the telecom vendors: CISCO, ALU, Huawei, Ericsson, etc.

● Transferring the requirement to high level design.

● Building a high level fiber topology: Metro and Long-Haul.

● Conducting meetings with Zain Group fiber consultants to review the proposed topology.

● Building fiber roadmaps: Passive Part and Active Part.

● Finalizing the RFP document and share with the vendors.

● Start collecting all vendors’ replies and validating them.

● Conduct meeting the Zain Group consultants and the bidders.

● Closing with the procurement department all the awarding procedures.

Zain SA – Riyadh
October 2008 – April 2009

Carrier Engineer I | Network Carrier Department

● Gathering all the required transmission capacities from Transmission and IT departments.

● Study the requirements and request for quotation from the data service providers including the delivery readiness.

● 24/48 hours BER test and acceptance criteria and coordinate with the regional team for delivery requirements.

● Calculate the department budget and build annual roadmap for each service.

Zain SA – Riyadh
January 2008 – September 2008

Networking Trainee | Network Carrier Department

● Joining the Technical meetings between Zain Carrier department and the transmission department.

● Joining the technical workshops prepared by vendor (NSN, Sky-band, CISCO, etc.)

● Collecting all the required capacities from transmission department (MW, IPBB) and coordinate those with the data service providers.

● Follow-up with the data service provides regarding the delivery readiness.

● Joining the 24/48 hours BER test between Zain vendor (NSN) and the data service provider for acceptance.

Schneider LTD. – Riyadh
September 2007 – December 2007

Project Engineer | Project Department

● Develops project objectives by reviewing project proposals and plans; conferring with management.

● Determines project responsibilities by identifying project phases and elements; assigning personnel to phases and elements; reviewing bids from contractors.

● Maintains project schedule by monitoring project progress; coordinating activities; resolving problems.

● Controls project plan by reviewing design, specifications, and plan and schedule changes; recommending actions.

● Prepares project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends; recommending actions.

Schneider LTD. – Riyadh
January 2006 – August 2006

Cooperative-Training Program | Project Department

• Cooperative-training program in Electrical Power Distribution Boards and Switchgear Ltd (Schneider). I was in projects department and I have worked with a project named: ALI ABDULLAH SALEH MOSQUE PROJECT.