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CV, Project Manager in oil & gas looking for a job in Middle East

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 16015

List top 5 skills: HVAC, natural gas networks, pipelines, project control manager, project management
Short Bio:

My name is Sasa Berisa, senior engineer with more than 22 years of experience in:
Project Management - Engineering, procurement and construction of pipeline and facilities projects within Oil & Gas Industry as well in HVAC and process industry.

Experience in Project Management tools. Natural Gas pipelines, high and medium pressure, distribution networks and gas distribution, metering and pressure regulating stations for natural gas.

Current location: 

Serbia - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

, Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:

kazakhstan, Norway, Oman, qatar, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates


B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade

Key qualifications and professional work areas:

Project Management – Engineering, procurement and construction of pipeline and facilities projects within Oil & Gas Industry as well in HVAC and process industry.

Experience in Project Management tools and methodologies, produce project planning and cost deliverables in accordance with the project timetable of phased implementation from engineering/procurement/fabrication/construction/pre-commissioning/commissioning data.

Strong knowledge of scheduling and project reporting related to: Scope management, Project deliverables, Work breakdown / Cost breakdown structures, Progress measurement / reporting and Productivity Analysis and Calculation;

Prepare detailed engineering and construction project cost reports, charts and diagrams and presentations to illustrate project status, and forecast for corporate presentation.

Capable to deal with: Change Management, Change order control as well as with Risk and Delay Claims. Demonstrated proficiency in working with Microsoft Project Professional.

Developing and maintaining critical path logic network and bar charts.

Capable of multi-tasking numerous projects at once and working within deadlines

Able to develop collaborative working relationships with other departments to achieve goals.

Able to perform Feasibility and Investment studies, to recognize client’s needs and to offer various technical solutions in order to meet client’s requirements. Strong experience with tender, procurement and contracting.

Experienced in providing various reports (Weekly/Monthly Status Report, Cost Performance Report, ) on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis and project status presentations to the client and the corporate management. Communicating with all levels of management, contractors and subsidiaries on progress related issues.

Interacting with subcontractors and project departments to collect project status information (developing a form of weekly reports to gather information on % complete, actual and forecast dates), preliminary analysis of information and presenting it to project Management for decision making;

Natural Gas and oil pipelines, high and medium pressure, distribution networks and gas distribution, metering and regulating stations for natural gas.

Prefabricated equipment and vessels under pressure: plate heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers ,underground and above ground cylindrical LHO or LPG storage reservoirs, expansion vessels , steam collector and buffers, manifolds and other products.

Supervision on production of this equipment, installation on site, checking the documentation (welding approvals and procedures, testing of the vessels under pressure , checking certificates for those equipment issued by the Republican Inspectorate for vessels under pressure).

District heating networks pipelines, central heating installations, Heat pumps combined with other sources of energy – Hybrid systems. Boiler rooms, both steam and hot water, fired by natural gas, LPG or wood pellets.

Gas engines & CHP projects – energy reports and proposed measures in various industrial objects. Energy efficiency improvement and renewable sources of energy.

Facilities engineering – energy plants , boiler rooms, LPG tanks and reservoirs, Liquid Nitrogen tanks, evaporators and ammonia installations in industrial facilities. Piping calculations and isometrics, equipments and materials specifications, field inspection.

Other Licenses:

Serbian Chamber of Engineers :

1.Licence issued by Serbian Chamber of Engineers for Authorized Contractor for thermotechnics, thermoenergetic, process and gas technique, license No. 430 6232 04, date April 22, 2004.

2. License issued by Serbian Chamber of Engineers for Authorized Designer for thermotechnic, termoenergetic, process and gas technique, license No. 330 D056 06, date March 22, 2006.

Ministry of Mining and Energy:

License issued by Ministry of Mining and Energetic for Authorized Engineer for technical control, managing and maintenance of natural gas systems, objects and appliances, No.73/95, date December 29, 1995.

Language skills: English, Fluent oral and written.

Membership of professional bodies:

SMEITS- Serbian Chamber of Engineers,

YUGAS-Yugoslav Gas Association (YUGAS).


Present position: Manager within Energoteam Engineering & Consulting, Belgrade


• Mr Berisa is Senior Engineer- Project and Technical manager with more than 22 years of experience in Serbian Energy sector (Gas distribution networks, Natural gas metering and pressure regulating stations, Industrial boiler rooms, steel gas pipelines, indoor gas installations ,district heating network and heating substations).

• In my professional career I have been involved in design and build of more than 1000 km of PE distribution gas network and 200 km of steel gas pipelines in 8 cities in Serbia, together with belonging Metering & Regulating stations for natural gas.

• I worked as Technical manager in first privately owned gas Distribution Company in Belgrade over 2003 and 2004.

• My specific field of expertise are energy reports, heat demand, conversion of industrial facilities from one source of energy to another (LHO to gas, wood pellets, heat pumps) with creation of reports related to investment and exploitation costs.

• Design and build industrial boiler room fired by natural gas, wood pellet, LHO, LPG

• Heating substations in district heating network, gas metering and regulating stations.

• Strong experience in bidding, contracting, commissioning. Good knowledge of regulations and process in getting the construction license issued by authorities. Excellent communication and command abilities, self motivated and able to work under pressure and to meet deadlines.

• I also have experience in all matters related to the preparation of preliminary and detailed designs and technical specifications for the bidding documents, including technical requirements for equipment, functional specifications. Experienced in work plans, costs monitoring, welding procedures and international codes and standards API, DIN, ASME. Detailed knowledge about preparation of documentation about erected works for technical exam of installations.

• Experienced in developing the Scope of Work (SOW) and in reviewing and approving

design of equipment including drawing, specifications and data sheets, material requisition and bills of quantities.

• Able to perform and review Cooling and Heating Load calculations, and to select HVAC equipment such as Chillers and HVAC accessories.

• Knowledge of codes and standards such as ASHRAE, ASME, ASTM, DVGW.

• My technical experience comprises: Heat balance, Heat production (Steam and Hot water boilers), high pressured devices (including heat exchangers for natural, LPG and heavy oil), steam and hot water boilers, Steam boiler plant equipment, Indoor gas installations.

• I worked as site and lead engineer, and later as Project manager on various construction sites in Serbia on Gas pipelines including: pre-design and design activities, and later construction preparation, complete erection of works, testing and commissioning of steel gas pipelines for medium and high pressure. I was involved in preparation of: pipeline welding lists, as build documentation and methods of statements.

I was responsible particularly in following activities:

• Preparation of Methods of construction ( type of pipes and fittings, coating materials, project planning using MS project, checking welders qualifications, cooperation with cathode protection subcontractors).

• Methods and procedures for testing pipelines that include: Preparation of Elaborates for testing under pressure according to the requested standards and company procedures. Those elaborates also include the way of pipeline filling, hydro testing gauging and dewatering as well.

• Selection of equipment necessary to obtain the test pressure, selection of measuring equipment for recording the test pressure in predicted interval of time.

• Calculation of time needed for testing depending upon applied standard, calculation of pressure losses and other pre-commissioning procedures.

• I worked directly on site, managing the construction of pipeline and gas reduction and measuring stations. At the final stage I was involved in pipeline testing, cleaning, pigging and nitrogen purging.

• QA/QC – Inspection of Welding (Radiographic, X-Ray control), NDE and General Control of QA /QC in Mechanical Installations and Pipeline.

• I was also responsible for the first filling of gas into the pipeline until designed parameters are achieved. Attend meetings with all relevant persons and subcontractors related to problem solving on the site. Finally I am able to prepare commissioning and start up procedures, according to company rules.

Career Summary

2013-2014 Company “Energoteam”,
Technical manager  – Natural gas distribution networks and gas connections

• Design and build of distribution natural gas network in Municipality of Surcin, near Belgrade in a total length of 224 km of PE pipes and 8000 House gas connections. PE network layouts, road, rail and river crossing, identifying potential gas consumers on planned rout of gas network. Calculation of gas needed for specific consumers, industrial objects, schools, hospitals and other.

• Construction of steel City natural gas network in Belgrade p= 6 – 12 bar , ø 219, 168 mm, in a total length 25000 m, with seven Metering and Regulating stations on the pipeline with capacity from 2500 – 3000 Nm3/h in municipality of Surcin ,near Belgrade.

• Design and build the natural gas connection and metering and regulating station for New USA Embassy compound in Belgrade, complex of 4500 m2

• Main design and construction of gas installation in residential complex WEST 65 in Belgrade, 171 apartments (net area 15 000 m2). Wall hung gas boilers with Schiedel Quadro chimneys.

• Design & build of wood pellet fired boiler room Q = 800 kW, in Belgrade for two buildings with 150 apartments, total 8000 m2

2011-2013 Energoteam
Technical manager – Transnafta – Public utility and Srbijagas Public utility Oil&gas pipelines

• Execution of works on relocation of the trunk high pressure natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline and other infrastructure facilities in the new energy corridor north of the highway E75 .

• Construction of 24 inch, 28 km pipeline for oil transport between Oil refineries Pancevo through port at Danube River.

• Construction of two parallel 16 inch, 28 km pipeline for oil products transport (oil derivates) between Oil refinery Pancevo through port at Danube River.

• At the position of Pipeline Team Leader I have been Lead of team where he executed construction of pipeline. Technical inspection and functional control. Disassembling and after repair assembling, installation of pipeline equipment related to XV valves, ESV electro-hydraulic valves, Hydraulic Control units, installation of Instrumentations, installation of transformer substations and other electrical devices related to the pipeline substations.

• Replacement of handling oil pipeline ø 660 mm within Terminal Novi Sad-group 3

PC “Transnafta”, Pancevo 2012

2004-2012 Company “Energoteam”
Natural gas pipelines and distribution gas networks

• Design and build gas connection and metering station NELT Co in Belgrade with gas supply to new CNG station.

• Build the distribution gas network made of PE pipes in the city of Sabac in a total length of 125 km.

• Build the distribution gas network made of PE pipes in the city of Loznica in a total length of 105 km.

• Build the distribution gas network made of in the city of Velika Plana in a total length of 63 km.

• Execution of works on completion of the branch of national MG 05 high pressure gas pipeline RG Batočina-Cvetojevac and construction of the distributive high pressure natural gas pipeline RG Cvetojevac- Divostin, total length 45 km, diameters 6”, 10”, 16”.

2011-2012 Public Company Srbijagas

• State gas pipeline / connection for Underground Gas Storage DV-04-18 GRC Gospođinci –psg Banatski Dvor 20 inch Ø508×7, 9mm length

• Execution of works ,pre-commissionig&commisioning activities on Main pipeline between two Refineries Pancevo & Novi Sad. Total lenght 91 km is made from X52 spiral welded pipe 18” dia meter ,wall thickness 7.92mm. After all examinations (visual, penetrant control , RT ) pipeline was cleaned and tested under 105 barg.Pipeline is planned for transportation Crude oil beween two refineries. During exploatation my Department take care about mainternnce Pipeline,Terminal in Refinery Novi Sad & Pancevo(tanks,pump stations, pig receiver , measure skeeds).

2009-2010 Refinery Novi Sad and Pancevo
Serbian Petroleum Industry Public Enterprise

Regional Centre for LPG Storage and distribution where he executed following:

• Construction and reconstruction process of pipe lines for LPG storage tanks and filling plant

Commissioning and start up preparation for LPG storage tanks and filling plant

LPG storage tanks and filling plant start up including firs filling

• Design and build gas connection and metering station NELT Co in Belgrade with gas supply to new CNG station.

• Construction of gas boiler room 3 x 1200 kW in Belgrade with RIELLO boilers.

• Design the Resavica District Heating System rehabilitation. Main design of new DH System in a total length of 24 km, with 28 new heating substations and Main design of Central Exchange station steam / hot water with capacity Q = 15 MW.

• Main design and construction of gas installation in residential complex WEST 65 in Belgrade, 171 apartments (net area 15 000 m2).

• Construction of industrial steel gas network in FIAT car factory in Kragujevac, with mounting of gas station Q = 5000 m3/h.

• Construction of factory gas installation in Kragujevac, Fiat supplier SIGIT Italy, with gas station Q = 450 m3/h.

• Design and build of LPG facilities, construction of district heating networks and substations.

• Member of the consulting team in preparation of study of rehabilitation and revitalization of HVAC installation and LPG above ground storage tanks in medical institute in Igalo- Montenegro (cca 50.000 m2).

Construction of Natural Gas Metering and Pressure Regulating stations

• MRS Banjica – Beograd Q = 1.350 Nm3/h

• MRS Bel Expo centar – Beograd Q = 350 Nm3/h

• MRS Del Aero commerce – FOX TV Q = 1.000 Nm3/h

• MRS Hospital «Dragisa Misovic» Q = 400 Nm3/h

• MRS AMIGA Kraljevo Q = 1.500 Nm3/h

• MRS Sudent residence Mika Mitrovic Q = 400 Nm3/h

• Reconstruction of GMRS Loznica Q =10.000 Nm3/h

• MRS Health centre Velika Plana Q = 400 Nm3/h

• MRS VET FARM – Beograd Q = 160 Nm3/h

• MRS Sport center Kruševac Q = 500 Nm3/h

2003-2004 Company “LP gas”
Technical director

Local gas distribution company in Belgrade

• Managing the construction and exploitation of gas network in local gas Distribution Company in Belgrade – LP Gas ltd. Technical Director.

• Technical manager in first privately owned gas Distribution Company in Belgrade over 2003 and 2004.

• Developed tariff system (house hold consumers, Industrial consumers and other), worked closely on contracts arrangement between gas consumers and Distribution Company, planning monthly and yearly gas consumption, planning costs, gas import and selling prices.

2002-2003 Company “Traco” ltd ,

Chief engineer for cogeneration Belgrade

• Project Manager in the consortium of 4 companies established for construction of CHP production facilities in Serbia by gas engines.

• Austrian Oil & gas corporation “OMV “with its branch “OMV Cogeneration” provides the financial management. Austrian company “ Jenbacher” delivers the gas generator sets.

• Preparation of energy and power supply studies of industrial enterprises in Serbia that are potential users of the cogeneration technology. This study consists of energy supply analysis with a proposition of a design solution for CHP implementation.

• Financial analyses of costs of produced electrical and heat energy from the natural gas and comparison with the present situation.

• Construction of Main heat exchange station in army object Topčider “Steam – hot water” installed capacity Q = 28 MW, Yugoslav Ministry of Defence, Chief engineer

• Construction of a heat substation in „ Hidrotehnika“ Q = 1.9 MW, connection to Belgrade Heating plant network, with internal pre-insulated network, Hidrotehnika AD Belgrade, Chief engineer

• Installation of central heating in residential complex “Denkova bašta” in Belgrade, ,Chief engineer

• I gained extensive experience in natural gas fired CHP plants during the preparation of Elaborates of Power Supply in several industrial objects in Serbia based on gas engines, GE Jenbacher.

• These Studies were prepared for “OMV Cogeneration dept” and they consisted of Detailed Analysis of Heat production in existing steam boiler plants, monitoring and analysis of Steam utilization in technological process, detailed analysis of existing system of Heat exchanging units (steam/hot water, and recommendations of replacement with water/water heat exchangers), analysis of gas consumption and recommendations on measures for increasing the overall Coefficient of Performance.

Gas engines & CHP projects

• Paper factory UMKA–Belgrade CHP study 4 x“Jenbacher”JMS 616, Total el. Power 4 x 2,18 MWel, Total Heat power 4 x 2,35 MW th (steam 7,2 t/h, hot water 3,97 MW) . Preliminary design of CHP facility with Heat Recovery Steam Generator, utilization of warm water produced by gas engines , heat production and heat consumption analysis.

• Paper factory “Papirpak” Cacak CHP study 3 x “ Jenbacher ” JMS 320 Total el. Power 3 x 1,048 MW el, Total Heat power 3 x 1,215 MW th (steam 2,11 t/h, hot water 1,785 MW). Preliminary design of CHP facility with Heat Recovery Steam Generator, utilization of warm water produced by gas engines , heat production and heat consumption analysis.

• Special hospital “Banja Rusanda” CHP study 2 x “ Jenbacher ” JMS 212 Total el. Power 2 x 0,511 MW el, Total Heat power 2 x 0,667 MW th . Preliminary design of CHP facility using low calorific gas from the oil field in Vojvodina , utilization of warm water produced by gas engines .

IMG International Management Group and European agency for reconstruction Team leader for Serbia

• General support to the Area Office in management and production of Technical data, Needs Assessment, delivery schedules. Work with local field staff, implementing training sessions, report preparation regarding technical issues of boiler rooms and consumption. Oversee the maintenance and management of database records to adequately represent program activity. Support to Area Coordinator in interim, monthly and other summary reports and other activities as required by Area Coordinator

1993 – 2000
Holding Janko Lisjak – Head of Natural Gas Department

• Leadership on all activities in gas department. Coordinate projects and construction activities in the sector (constructing and financial as well). Providing all data for tender documentation and providing company management with interim reports about results from the department.

• Planning the schedules of works using MS Project planner. Developing piping materials specifications, design calculations, design criteria, scope of work, general arrangement drawings, pipeline plan & profile drawings, underground pipeline design, cross country pipelines, data sheets of valves and other equipment.

• Front end engineer design validation prior to detail design work Conduct kick off meetings

• Co-ordinates all piping engineering, design & equipment layout functions to meet the project objectives. Organize all aspects of the workload of piping engineers, designers and CAD operators within project schedule. Organize the resource requirements for the piping team in the project.

• Establish and maintain contacts with Investors, subcontractors, importers of equipment etc. During this period I have been engaged on construction of cca 400 km of PE gas networks in various cities in Serbia.

• Construction of City natural gas network in Gornji Milanovac (6 – 12 bar) , ø 273 mm, length 6500 m, with connection of industrial consumers ( Takovo, Tetra Pak, FAD, Metalac ,Rudnik), NIS Energogas, Chief engineer, 1999.

• Construction of City natural gas network in Krusevac (industrial zone ) 6 – 12 bar , ø 355,6 mm, length 7000 m, with connection of industrial consumers (HI Zupa, Merima, Trayal, 14 Oktobar), Nis Energogas Chief engineer , 1997 – 1998.

• Construction of City gas natural network in Cacak (6 – 12 bar) , ø 273 mm, length 2500 m. Nis Energogas, Chief engineer, 1997.

• Construction of City natural gas network in Arandjelovac (6 – 12 bar) , ø 273 mm, length 2250 m, and ø 355,6 mm, length 650 m, reconstruction of boiler plant in Hotels and replacement of existing boilers fired by coal with gas boilers, Line for PET bottles in ” Knjaz Milos ” mineral water factory, Nis Energogas, Chief engineer, 1995 – 1996.

1992 – 1993 Vodoterma
Technical assistant in Design department

• Working on technical drawings for HVAC installations, Heat substations and district heating systems.

Experience with tender, procurement and contracting

• Mr. Berisa has gained extensive experience in contracting as Head of Gas Dept. in Company HK’’Janko Lisjak – Grejanje’’ ,at the time the main contractor of gas pipelines for NIS ’’ENERGOGAS’’, and one of main contractors for Public Utility Belgrade Heating Plant on construction of District heating network and sub-stations in Belgrade. In this period 1995 – 2000, he has prepared all companies offers for construction of pipelines, heating networks and boiler reconstruction. He worked with equipment manufacturers in piping (seamless, pre-insulated), Metering & Regulating stations, valves, pumps, armatures and compensators and PE fittings ( FRIATEC, GEORGE FISCHER, FUSAMATIC) . Metering and regulating equipment such as : (ELSTER, SCHLUMBERGER ROMBACH). During his engagement in CHP area he worked with manufacturers of Steam boilers (HOVAL), Heat Recovery Steam Generators (Hoval, Aprovis), Gas Burners Weishaupt and Viessmann.

Work as Designer of mechanical installations

Main mechanical designs of boiler rooms in industrial and public objects:

• Construction of steel City natural gas network in Belgrade p= 6 – 12 bar , ø 219, 168 mm, in a total length 25000 m, with seven Metering and Regulating stations on the pipeline with capacity from 2500 – 3000 Nm3/h in municipality of Surcin ,near Belgrade.

• Company ATEKS in Belgrade, gas boiler room ,capacity Q = 3 x 1.2 MW

• Institute for orthopaedic surgery in Belgrade, gas boiler room, capacity Q = 4.5 MW

• Mega market RODIC, Q = 2,5 MW gas boiler room and metering and regulating station

• Meat processing industry Koteks , steam and gas boiler room capacity Q = 1.2 MW

• Meat processing industry Carnex Vitamix , steam and gas boiler room capacity Q = 1 MW

• ALCA , complete designs of HVAC and boiler room for warehouse of 4000 m2.

• Main design of LPG facility in Viline vode, Belgrade

• Main designs of steam line in agricultural company Bankom – Bioprotein ,capacity Q = 9000 kg steam/h.