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Skills keywords: business administration, data administration, data analysis, management consulting, management reporting, management strategy, marketing communications strategy, supply chain, supply chain management
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Highly self-motivated with extensive experience of purchasing, marketing, data processing and project management. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills and the ability to influence and motivate others. An effective team member, who is quick to assimilate new information and keen to take on new challenges.

Current location: BS3 4QH, Bristol, UK - View on map
Nationality: British Citizen
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Manufacturing and Operations, General Management, multilingual
Spoken languages: Arabic, english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


BHS – Bristol City Centre, UK

– Sales Merchandiser Contract– Part time (Temporary – Christmas Season)

NOV 2014 – DEC 2014

– Trained on Health and Safety Procedures in BHS Stores.

– Trained on using BHS Sales Online System and stock check for end customer services.

– Items and products recovery to sales floors and stocking room to bring new items for the season on sales floors.

– Serving customers on the selling points and using the sales check on prices to comply with the sales targeted for the season.

– Helping customers looking for the items required on sales floors and fitting rooms.

– Re-pricing the discounted items on the system to the current prices and vice versa.

– Covering senior sales positions for BHS employees while on holiday for Christmas and New Year on two sales sections (Kids & Women) within the store.


– Operations Manager Contract– Fulltime

JUL 2013 – MAY 2014

– Managed the operations of the official sole distributor of Danone and Abbott in Libya, a very dynamic environment of around 179 employees and going up for fast moving goods, branching out to 3 main branches and 6 showrooms in the whole country.

– Directed and supervised the activities of the businesses with each department in the company.

– Reviewed performance of each department to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing program improvement where we reached 90 % sales for 2013.

– Directed and managed company budget to maximize investment and increase efficiency.

– Established and implemented departmental policies, goals, objectives and internal work procedures to go for ISO Certifications.

– Monitored Maintenance and Purchasing department negotiations and contracting.

– Appointed and monitored service agencies and contracts.

– Managed company’s assets inventories.

– Audited the implementation of work procedures.

– Organized company events.

– Monitored company expenses.

– Identified the gaps in company structure and been delegated for HR Manager Duties till Jan 2014.

UNICEF – Libya Country Office

– Operations Assistant Contract– Fulltime

APR 2012 – AUG 2012

– Support and plan travel and vehicle daily movements for UNICEF Staff covering all transportations within Libya for all programmes, organising events and coordinating Employees Training activities abroad.

– Created new procedures and forms to establish HR Process for payroll and created system for calculating employee’s right for vacations, that includes hiring and recruitment processes.

– Assisted the Main Office-Jordan with the Legal and Contract Administration, Visa and travel arrangements.

– Responsible on all Backup for all Office data (Monthly Report).

– Acted as main point of contact for UNICEF in Libya for HR and Operations purposes.

– Responsible on COHA (Cash on Hand Account) and Office Expenses. Managing the expenditures for procurement for Assets and services that includes travel and transportation.


– HSE Manager Work Placement– Fulltime

OCT 2011 – DEC 2011

– Maintain and ensure policies, procedures and practices of the safety as per ISO standards are communicated and carried out consistently and accurately within the office.

– Assisting the Management Board with updating and maintaining all Document Control System, implementing and updating written Safety Procedures (creating Forms when necessary), assisting with the scheduling Safety training, schedule audits for employees and follow up on the results of check and audits.


– Marketing Manager SELF EMPLOYED– Fulltime

MAY 2007 – FEB 2011

– Support and design Marketing Execution Plans, nevertheless responsible on organising Tour Programs and coordinating these Tours and monitoring our Activities in Libya.

– Identifying Opportunities and act as a communication point to design direct/indirect marketing communication plan that includes Identification of processes and improvements during the execution of Tour Programs and Itineraries.

REZIDOR GROUP – Radisson Blu Al Mahary, Tripoli Hotel

– Marketing Manager Contract– Fulltime

MAY 2010 – DEC 2010

– Succeeded in demonstrating a 25% increase in domestic market penetration within 6 months for marketing, advertising and promotional activities as Radisson’s CSR plan in Libya.

– Represented the hotel management at Travel & Tourism expo in Beijing, China 2010 establishing new marketing leads.

– CSR successes included wining national award for design of marketing expo stand and first ever use of the hotel lobby as a public art gallery for local artists succeeded in generating significant awareness and sales for arts & culture in Tripoli.


– Marketing Communications Manager Contract– Fulltime

JUN 2009 – OCT 2009

– Responsible for organising events and coordinating Campaigns for Microsoft Activities in Libya.

– Identified Sales Opportunities as a communication point and designed Press & Media communication plans that include Identification of PR Agencies, processes and improvements during the execution of Microsoft Campaigns and Events.

KPMG Programme Management &Libya Land Registry Governmental Authority (LRA)

Infrastructure Development &Modernisation Programme – Change Management Local Core Team

– Training &Model Office Analyst Contract– Fulltime

NOV 2008-MAY 2009

– Support and design training programme and model office plans, nevertheless responsible on organising events and coordinating Employees Training activities and model office demos.

– Identified change agents from LRA Employees and acted as a communication point.

– Planning and Coordination of LRA staff assessments, recruitment, development and Implementation of new ideas, structure, targets, plans and policies.

ODEBRECHT, TAV, CCC (ODTC-JV)– Construction Project New International Tripoli Airport Terminals

– Quality Assurance, Quality Control Coordinator Contract– Fulltime

JAN 2008-AUG 2008

– Maintain and ensure policies, procedures and practices of the quality system per ISO 9001:2000 standards are communicated and carried out consistently and accurately by the Joint Venture.

– Assisting the J.V. Quality Manager with updating and maintaining all Document Control System, implementing and updating written Quality Procedures (creating Forms when necessary), assisting with the scheduling Quality training, schedule Quality audits for this project and follow up on the results of quality audits.

SCHLUMBERGER – SLB LIG, Libya GeoMarket-(SCM) Supply Chain Management

– Schlumberger Web Procurement System (SWPS) Champion/Expert Admin Contract– Fulltime

APR 2007-JAN 2008

– Responsible for Suppliers administration for all locations within Libya GeoMarket and managed the administration functions for the Schlumberger Supplier Activation Application. Coordinate with the contract teams to develop guidelines and procedures for auditing supplier’s content and managing supplier files.

– Performed price analysis to support effective decision analysis in the sourcing process, achieved 32% increase in savings with strategic suppliers and helped in setting up new strategy for each targeted category of SLB Resources ensuring that all targeted Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are properly reached for 6 months on the raw.


– Assisting Operations Manager

– Manager Assistant Contract– Fulltime

JAN 2007-MAR 2007

NOV 2004-JUN 2005

– Responsible for all the activities, coordinating the operational procedures and plans related to all projects (small/large scale projects) running with local clients by ALCATEL-LUCENT CIT, also updating the statues and following up the financial status and logistics and Custom Clearance of all Material Shipments.

– Assisted the Main Branch with the Legal and Contract Administration, Visa and travel arrangements including my responsibility to follow-up all the financial aspects for all the running projects with multiple clients.

EDGO Engineering Development Group & CAMCO Petroleum Services

– Quality &Health, Safety, Environment Coordinator

– Technical &Training Coordinator (Operations Department) Contract– Fulltime

JUL 2006-JAN 2007

APR 2006-JUL 2006

– Maintained and ensured that policies, procedures and practices of the quality system per ISO 9001:2000 standard are communicated and carried out consistently and accurately that includes scheduling Quality audits for the group and follow up on the results as a Certified Internal Auditor.

– Assisted the Operation Manager by using Microsoft Excel and Access to create new Purchasing System for CAMCO Petroleum Services with updating and maintaining all Documents filed as records, also following up all purchased items with International & Local Suppliers, have been assigned to create a new Training Development Program for the training of new employees.


– Deputy of Technical Director & LIBYANA MOBILE Project Coordinator Contract– Fulltime

SEP 2003-APR 2004

– Assisted the Technical Director and General Manager of LTT (Internet Service Provider) to establish new company organization, document control filing system, also provided IT support and Customer Services for Technical Department.

– Assisted in Project Management of the 2nd Mobile Network in Libya to coordinate the work of design and construction the base stations of the radio network and my responsibility was to follow-up all the financial aspects of this project including logistics and custom clearance of all related shipments.


22-MAY-2007 Mini-MBA in Leadership Development Programme

National Economic Strategy, Monitor Group – Libya

2001-2006 BA (HONS) Part 1, 3rdYear Student working on Final Project for Academic Year 2006

Faculty of Arts &Society, the Leeds School of Architecture, Landscape &Design

Leeds Metropolitan University – UK

06-JUL-2001 (CATS) Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme – Certificate in Higher Education Centre for Language Study, Leeds Metropolitan University – UK

1996-1999 BSc Architecture Engineering, 2ndYear (Full-Time) Student

Faculty of Architecture Engineering, Department of Architectural &Urban Planning, Tripoli University – Libya