CV, Production Supervisor, Oil And Gas

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Skills keywords: operations managements, training
Short Bio:

A committed operations person with plenty of years of experience in a refinery environment. Have been part of a few projects at different roles and countries. Have also been involved with training and assessments positions on both LNG and NGL processes and their side stream treating units,

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Nationality: Portuguese and South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: English and Portuguese
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Qualifications & Training

High School Diploma Certificate


Oil Refinery Process Operations, EPC ,Plant Commissioning, Dynamic Commissioning, Project Coordination, Planning Refinery Start up and Shut down Turnaround, Understanding and Reviewing of Process engineering products e.g. SIL, P&ID, PFD, UFD, DCS Static Graphic, Plot Plan, Data Sheets, Hazop Studies, providing Commissioning and Procedures for new plants, Heading and guiding Commissioning team, Reviewing 3D plant, Advanced Petrochemical Firefighting trained, Trained in LOTO, PTW,IDC, CSE and Trained H2S Certified , Occupational Health and Safety trained, Interaction Management, Industrial Relation trained, Microsoft Project , Refinery Multiskilling, Refinery Safety Audit trained, OHS Act trained, Refinery Supervisors Health and Safety Trained. Quality Awareness trained, Management of Change, Technical Writing, Competency Assessment trained, Analytical Trouble Shooting and Refinery Zone HSE Representative

Experience: 35 years in the Oil and Gas industry (South Africa, Qatar and Gabon)

Career Summary

March 2013 – August 2014
Shell Gabon
Position: Technical writer and member of the alarm prioritization team that includes the role of Process Engineer, document controller.

Responsibilities include the implementation of the Operational Registers as per Shell’s Operations Integrity initiative.

Part of duties also includes helping operations in the Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM), its development and application.

Change agent for the implementation of the Operations Integrity concept within the operations facilities.

April 2011 – #February 2013
Qatar Shell Pearl GTL

Position (1) Start up support as Shift Supervisor for the commissioning and initial start up of the FGP area which includes the inlet receiving facilities and the stabilization of the condensate. Also included are the gases treating units, AGR, SRU, SCOT (TGT), NGL, Amine Units, DMR, ETU, LPG and Chilled Water system.

During the pre-commissioning and commissioning phase the FSI was part of my duties for implementation. Was the focal point for the cleaning and accountable for the boroscopic inspections.

Position (2): PTW issuer, responsible for the daily issuing and monitoring of the “Permit To Work” work flow with supporting documentation. Ensure that Safety Rules and site instructions were followed at all times.

October 2008 – February 2011
Trainers Partners Limited (contracted to Qatargas), Qatar

Position (1): OJT Instructor (Operations Assessor in Sulphur Recovery Unit, Utilities, condensate refinery and SIMOPS)

Position (2): Technical writer – compile operating procedures to required standard

Recruited as a technical writer but later moved to the SIMOPS team as OJT based on my experience with PTW systems and procedures to be followed. After 2 months, was transferred to the SRU/AGE/TGT working area at the request of management. From there was moved to help with procedure assessments on a new condensate distillation complex. When that project was successfully commissioned and operating I went back to the SRU/AGE/TGT work area.

Was again moved to fill a vacant position on the Utilities complex as an OJT and help with the commissioning and systems punching. For this position the use of WinPCS program was part of my duties.

Again was requested to go back to the SRU/AGE/TGT complex, as a Shift Supervisor, to help with the commissioning and start up of the new units which were successfully started.

In this position, part of my duties included:

1. Managing of the operators who conduct punch listing of a newly built SRU.

2. Verifying all the punch items.

3. Liaising with Construction Company about punch items and pending jobs using WinPcs system.

4. Taking part in PMC meetings between Qatargas and Construction Company.

5. Conduct Pre Mechanical Commissioning (PMC)/dynamic commissioning activities on new plants.

6. Giving support to the Vendors before they handover the new equipment to Qatargas.

7. Testing unit systems for readiness before actual start up.

8. Assist Instrument Technician to do functional tests of the instruments e.g. Valve signature.

9. Carry out Mechanical Test Run (MTR) on new rotating equipment.

10. Carry out Risk Assessments and Toolbox Talks.

11. Executed PTW, LOTO.BPO, IDC, and JSA.

12. Take a leading role in the management of starting up/shutdown new rotating equipment e.g. Compressor, pumps, etc.

13. Carry out safety dry runs.

14. Started up the unit using Flawless Concept with no incident. Safety was high priority.

Feb 2001 – Shell and BP Oil Refineries, Durban South Africa

Sept 2008 Position: Production Superintendent

Production Superintendent on a production complex that encompasses the following process and side stream units: Crude Distillation, Waste Heat Boilers, Heavy and Light Naphtha minus Hydro Treaters, Liquefied Petroleum Gas [LPG] Treating, Long Residue Deep Vacuum Flasher, three Sour Water Treating plants – SWS- [phenolic and non-phenolic], Visbreaker [Short Residue Thermal Cracking unit], Solvents [Tree Cut Splitter, Sulfolane Extraction Unit and intermediate and finish product tank farm for these units feed and rundowns], two Amine [DIPA] units – ‘Clean and Dirty” systems, two Sulfur Recovery Units [SRU’s] processing acid and sour gas, Shell Claus Off-gas Treating unit [SCOT] treating tail gas from both the SRU’s, liquid sulfur degasser and storage tanks.

This process zone has a compliment of about forty operations staff members.

During this period, and on a temporary basis, I was assigned to other duties which include the project for the new SRU, SCOT and Amine. This was a new project in which the Shell FSI was successfully implemented.

Duties included:

1. Manpower plans and strategies for normal and new project implementation.

2. Project management to insure pre-commissioning, commissioning and completion.

3. Coordinate pre-start up reviews and risk assessment to mitigate inherent risks when starting new facilities.

4. Ensure process is in place for systems turn over, hand over and acceptance and to receive commissioned facilities from PMT. To ensure that hand over dossiers, include all documents such as: punch list, as built drawing and vendor manuals.

5. Provide input as necessary to Mechanical completion packages, commissioning plans and start-up check list.

6. To execute the start-up plan and supervise the start-up team which mainly include: pre gas-in checks (tightness, ESD tests, emergency response test), gas in, start-up performance test and punch list management.

I was the operations specialist representative of the refinery Safety Assessment Committee that deals with MOC [Management of Change] PCR’s [Plant Change Request].

During those project phases I was made accountable to ensure that training of all the operators was done and their competency assessed.

Part of my duties was that of the refinery Jet A-1 safety inspector and also as an appointed Gas Safety Inspector (GSI) responsible for the release of the Hot or Open Flame PTW as per the legal requirements of the country and company policy.

Preparing zone budget and have it approved was also part of the duties.

March 1989 – January 2001
Shell and BP Oil Refineries JV, Durban South Africa

Position: Operations Shift Supervisor

Reporting to the Operations Shift Superintendent, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the units (Crude Distiller, HDS/HDT, LPG, Sour Water Strippers, Sulphur plant, Visbreaker, Solvents and Tank farm. Some of the responsibilities of that position were: Products met their specifications at all time; the zone meets the Oil Refinery Key Business Objectives/Key Performance Indicators in terms of SHEQ, Product Quality & Quantity Market Requirements, Reliability Targets & Budget Targets, and Overtime &Absence Targets.

Other duties included taking control of unit emergencies e.g., Fire, Explosion, Injury, Gas Leak or Process Upset.

Staff development was also part of my duties and all staff on my zone was developed to their full potential.

Operational & Maintenance problems were resolved by following a structured process in conjunction with a risk matrix table. PTW systems and JSA were part of those activities.

During this period I was part of some projects development and took part in design reviews and HAZOP studies

March 1984 – Feb 1989
Shell and BP Oil Refineries, Durban South Africa

Position: Senir Operator/DCS Controller/ Panel Operator

Details: Accountable to the Operations Shift Supervisor, was responsible for operating the panel (DCS) for 13 units (7 on one section and 6 on another – was a position called “Super Senior”).

Apart from the normal routine and shutdown, was involved with the training of new operators both on the field and control panel work.

Keeping the units operating at a steady state and products within specifications was the main focus of this position. Optimization was one of the key roles while ensuring that process conditions remained within operating windows.

June 1979 – March 1984
Shell and BP Oil Refineries, Durban South Africa

Position: Rover Operator

Details: Accountable to Shift Supervisor of the Zone. Main responsibilities operate field plant, prepare equipment for repairs/ learn other units including panel. Load Petroleum products to road tankers and trains. Operating tanks and switching products at tank farm. Carry out housekeeping on the units. Was part of team doing the 4/6 yearly turn around planning.