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CV, Power EE Engineer Seeking Contract Work In Europe

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 35286

List top 5 skills: converter, electric generator, electric motor, machine, power electronics, power supply, test engineer
Short Bio:

I have graduated 4-year bachelor in Electro-technics and 2-year MSc in Power Electronics and Drives. I have worked as a research assistant in Aalborg, Denmark in developing a power test station for semiconductors. Currently working at Infineon Technologies in Munich for the last two years, as test station development engineer, verification and characterization for semiconductors.

Current location: 

Munich - View on map



Spoken languages: 

basic German, english

Locations I am interested in working:

austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, spain, United Kingdom


An enthusiastic Power Electronics/Electric Engineer with 4 years of experience in semiconductors/SMPS/converters and motor design/control/drives.



Published Paper Bratiloveanu, Anghelus, Boldea, “A Comparative Investigation of 3 PM-less Mega Watts Power Range Wind Generator Topologies”, IEEE-OPTIM, Brasov, Romania, May, 2012, pp. 535- 543;

M.Sc. Power Electronics and Drives, Aalborg University, Denmark

Thesis ”Design and develop a reliability (power & thermal cycle) test system for IGBT power modules”

Main Matters
 Semiconductors (MOSFET, IGBT, Diodes, snubbers)

 Design of SMPS/converters (DC/AC-DC/AC, buck, boost, forward, flyback…)

 Power Converter-fed/system applications (AC-AC back to back…)

 Modeling/design/control of el-machines (DC-/PM-/Induction-/Brushless Machine, stepper…)

 Basic EMI (PCB Design)

B.Eng. General Electrotechnics, University „Politehnica” of Timisoara, Romania

Thesis „Designing a 3MW 75 rpm Claw Pole Wind Generator in Matlab”

Main Matters
 Transformers and AC/DC machines (Windings, Modeling, Control)

 Motors and intelligent motion control (AC/DC machines)

 Semiconductor (MOSFET, IGBT, Diodes, thyristors, DC/AC Converter topologies)

 Automotive electronics, Hybrid electric vehicles, Power systems, Static converters

 Measurement techniques and electrical sensors


Work Experience

2014 – Present
Infineon Test Station Development, Measurements and Characterization, Munich, Germany

 Designing test stations for datasheet measurements (i.e. Output characteristic, Avalanche…)

 MOSFET/IGBT/Diode LV/HV measurements and characterization, data analysis

 Handling all kind of electrical instruments (Oscilloscopes, power supplies, sensors, meters…)

Aalborg Univ. R&D Power  – Electronics Assistant Engineer

 Developing an IGBT life cycle stress test system

 Designing AC-DC power supplies , transformers, inductors, filters

 Electrical/thermal performance of power electronics; work with frequency converters, design and mounting bus-bars/cable, connecting and soldering, measurements…

Timisoara Univ. Assistance R&D Machines –Volunteer

Keys  Electric machines modeling and control using Matlab/Simulink and dSpace

Student Projects and Lab Experience

 PM syn. motor open loop torque control at low speed without speed sensor

 Design and develop DC-DC buck converters

 FOC/DTC-SVM of AC machines; Scalar control of induction motor


Technical Skills

Advanced →  Matlab/Simulink

 P-/LT-Spice

 MS-Office

Basic→  Altium Designer

 LabView


Advanced Handling and Measurement Power Electronics, Electric machines, Electrical apparatus/components, PCB development, Windings, acoustics, heating, drilling, cutting, milling

Extra Activities

Teenage hobby  Develop a mini-radio, lighting circuits (high school projects, tree blinking-lights)

 Design and develop transformers for power supplies (AC-DC, variable/amplifying voltages)

 Repairs: radios, tape recorders, TVs, kitchen el-apparatus, washing machines, ovens, etc.

 Design/develop a 3-way speakers and their filters; home-made LED disco-lights effects

Electrical Installation  Experience gained during ~5 years working with my father (Electrician) in high school:

 Installation of main electrical panel, circuit breakers and subpanels, wiring

 Installation of all kinds of drains and power supplies, circuit breakers, lighting bulbs, RGB lights, lamps, etc.


Foreign Languages English: Fluent

German: Beginner


 Electrical appliances improvising, maintenance and cleaning my electronic appliances

 Reading books and courses on and off the field-domain