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Serial No: 5865
(24/03/1964, male)
Skills keywords: focus on results, good personnel interrelationship, leadership capacities
List Of Qualifications:

General Management ;
Management ;
Results Oriented ;
Negotiation ;
Innovation ;

Previous Employment Details:

Deputy Board Member-Board Advisor ;
General Manager ;
Board Delegate-Branch Manager

Current location: Porto, Portugal - View on map
Nationality: Portuguese
Preferred Sector of Employment:  General Management

Iperplano, Gestão Planeamento e Fiscalização de Obras (Iperforma group) - Since September.12

Soapro Benguela Branch General Manager –Angola - Since September.12

  • The GM reports to the Board of Soapro–Sociedade Angolana de Projectos group , due to the crossover stock capital between Iperforma group and Soapro group (the activity of both groups are project design and project management and supervison)
  • This Branch, which includes Benguela and Kwanza Sul Provinces and with annual  Sales 6.000.000 USD -> 4.600.000 €, has a Commercial Dpt, an Engineering Project Design Dpt, an Construction Management and Supervision Dpt, an Administrative Dpt, with 4 Head Dpt (2 with university degree), 6 Technicians (2 finishing university), 5 administrative,
Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção, S.A - January.03 to May.12

Construction Planning Manager – Iberia Division - February.08 to May.12
  • This area – reporting to a Board Director – have two Departments (Civil Construction & Engineering Dpt and Road Infrastructures Dpt) with 2 Head Dpt and 8 Technicians (6 with university degree)
  • Elaboration of Project Rebudgets and analysis, evaluation and monitoring the production performance of Iberia Division sites (Portugal 2011: 510.000.000 €), with consolidated information given to the Board
  • Analysis and consolidation of production profits from Iberia Division, Central Europe Division, Africa Division and Americas Division
  • Coordination of implementing and standardization of the Production Economic Management and the Schedule Management processes at Africa Division and Americas Division
Technical-Commercial Coordinator Manager – Angola - February.05 to January.08
  • This area – reporting to the Executive Board Angola – aggregate several Departments in two areas, with 5 Head Dpt (expatriates) and 12 Technicians (total of 6 with university degree)
  • Preparation of Commercial Tenders and also Scope of Work alterations (on sites on course) and responsible for Tenders and Contracts negotiation with Clients
  • Responsible for the Commercial area reorganization, with the development of 2 Departments – Civil Construction and Road Infrastructures (each one with his own Head Dpt) – allowing to reach a value of Commercial Tender 2007: USD -> 880.000.000 €, reflecting a 360% growth vs 2004, with direct influence on Backlog.
  • Responsible for implementing the Technical Area which gives support to Production, with the creation, development and consolidation of Construction Planning Area, of Occupational Safety Dpt, of Quality Dpt and with reorganization of Construction Detailing Dpt  (each one with his own Head Dpt), accompanying high growth of Sales (2007: 177.000.000 USD -> 120.000.000 €, almost 3 times plus than 2004; the 2008 Sales were 355.000.000 USD)
General Coordinator of Evaluation Commissions–Financial Contract Equilibrium - July.04 to January.05

Contract Management Area for Executive Board – ACEs NORACE, - October.03 to September.04


  • General Coordinator, presiding the Evaluation Commissions–Financial Contract Equilibrium and representing Consortium (ACE) NORACE and VIANOR, with the responsibility in each Commission of technical evaluation and final recommendation on each Financial Contract Eqilibrium  (2004: 16.000.000 €)
  • Responsible, since Oct.03 to Sep.04, for the Contract Management Area – General Contractors, regarding the Design and Building Contracts of Highways (value: 2.370 Million €), to be executed from Jul.99 to Aug.07, by Mota-Engil, Odebrecht-BPC, OPWAY (OPCA), H. Hagen, MonteAdriano, Amândio de Carvalho, Rosas Construtores, A.M.Mesquita, Jaime Ribeiro
Construction Planning Manager - January.03 to October.03
  • Responsible for this area with two Planning Departments (Civil Construction & Engineering Dpt and Road Infrastructures Dpt) and the Construction Measurement Dpt, with 3 Head Dpt and 63 Technicians
  • Elaboration of Project Rebudgets and analysis, evaluation and monitoring the production performance (Portugal 2003: 640.000.000 €), with monthly consolidated information given to the Board
  • Coordination of the merging process of the former two Construction Planning Areas from Mota e Cª and from Engil, into the new area of Mota-Engil Engenharia Construction Planning
Engil – Sociedade de Construção Civil, S.A. - (June.90 to December.02)

Construction Planning Manager – Northern Branch - June.95 to December.03

and  IT Coordinator Manager – Northern Branch - January.97 to December.01
  • Responsible for this area, in Portugal, with two Planning Dpts and the Construction Measurement Dpt
  • Elaboration of Project Rebudgets and analysis, evaluation and monitoring the production performance (Portugal 2002: 291.000.000 €), with monthly consolidated information given to the Board
  • Coordination of the merging process, during 2002, of the former four Dpts (geographic division) into the new area
  • Responsible, since Jun.95 to Jan.02, for Northern sites construction planning (2001: 82.000.000 €) and supervises the Northern Construction Measurement Dpt
  • Responsible, since Jan.97 to Dec.01 for coordinating IT Area (Northern Branch), supervising the IT Manager which has the responsibility of managing and operating 6 servers, 240 PCs and 150 printers
Construction Planning and HR Deputy Manager – Northern Branch  - September.93 to May.95

Procurement Manager – Northern Branch - July.93 to August.93

Site Manager – Northern Branch - March.91 to June.93
  • Responsible for contract management, production management, subcontractors management and planning of “Construção do Empreendimento Habitacional da Urbanização da Prelada – Porto” (value Engil: 10.400.000 €; 221 habitation flats and 15 commercial spaces; Duration: 28 months), being accomplished and surpassed the objectives of results, schedule, health and safety and quality product
  • Deputy Site Manager, since March.91 to October.91
Technical-Commercial Area – Northern Branch - September.90 to February.91
  • Coordination of Commercial Tender “Design and Building of Drainage System, Treatment and Rejection of Polluted Water in Vale do Ave”.
  • Technical support at Environment Impact Report analysis phase and at Building Project analysis concerning “Design, Building and Operating Industrial Facilities of Urban Waste” – Assoc. Municipios da Terra Verde
Technical Area – Northern Branch - June.90 to August.90
  • Responsible for implementing the Statistic Analysis in Resistance Essays and Concrete composition Essays, in Concrete Production Centre (Northern Branch).
Military Service - (February.89 to May.90)

Construções Técnicas, S.A. - (September.88 to February.89)

Production Area – Northern Branch
  • Deputy Site Manager of “Consolidação do terrapleno e Construção dos caminhos de rolamento referente à 1ª Fase do Novo Terminal de Contentores Doca 4 Sul” – A.P.D.L. (Plataform consolidation and Building of rolling paths of 1st Phase of New Ship Container Terminal Dock 4 South – Leixões)
Education and Training
  • Licensed (5 years course) in Civil Engineering, Structures option, in 1988 by Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (FEUP)
  • Logistics Management, in 2011 by PBS – Porto Business School
  • Advanced Management Program, in 2010 by PBS – Porto Business School
  • Balanced Score Card, in 2008 by AESE – Escola de Direcção e Negócios (Business Management School)
  • PADE (Advanced Business Management Program for Mota-Engil), in 2003 by AESE
  • Project Planning and Control Techniques, by Hawksmere (Manchester / UK)
  • Finance Analysis for Engineers, by CICCOPN
Personnel Skills
  • Portuguese: Mother language
  • English: Experienced / Independent in understanding (C1/B2), talking (C1/B2), writing (C1/B2)
  • Spanish: Independent in understanding (B2/B1) and talking (B2/B1); Elementary in writing (A2)
  • Computer skills: Regular user of Excel, Word and Power Point, as well as MS-Project and CCS

Spoken languages: english, portuguese, spanish
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere