CV, Polish General Labouror seeking work in the UK

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 9051

Skills keywords: advanced language skills, basic computer skills, excellent interpersonal skills
Short Bio:

I have worked as a security guard, in a large mall areas. I have helped train new employees which has allowed me to develop leadership skills. I have worked with my colleagues to secure the mall areas, and to prevent problems from arising. I am a very hard working and reliable individual . I put all I have into each task at hand. I am willing to do hard physical labour when needed. I am also able to assist in interpersonal relations when necessary due my exposure with everyday civilians and my volunteer time at local rest homes .With advanced knowledge of the English and Polish languages I can become a bridge for language barriers.

Current location: Silesian Voivodeship, Poland - View on map
Spoken languages: Basic Russian, english, POLISH – NATIVE
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom


My experience has lead me to be able to act quickly in emergency situations have experience in : working in teams to tackle difficult tasks, Public security services and assistance have helped train new employees. I have advanced knowledge of European cultures and languages. My previous position is securing the mall area and other security obligations. Having previous experience if in this line of work has prepared me for multiple situation and that I will allow me to at accordingly‏.

Skill Base

⦁ Languages: Polish, English, Basic Russian

⦁ Works well with public.

⦁ Rapid adaptability to new problem-solving and new locations

⦁ Time management

⦁ Basic computer skills.