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CV, Philippines Based Civil Engineer

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 41533

List top 5 skills: 
Short Bio:

Previous project : Exxon Mobil/ Bechtel/Total /Technip /Takreer/ Aramco /Sabic
Recent Industry 12 +yrs in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Brownfield, Live plant
Expertise : Site Civil Engineer, supervisory, inspection

Current location: 

MIMAROPA, Philippines - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:



Expertise : Site Civil Engineer, supervisory, inspection

Eligibility : Certified Civil Engineer (Philippines – 5years course)

Software Skills : (1) Basic editing knowledge – AutoCAD / Microstation (2) Working knowledge – Lotus application / MS Office (word/Excel)

12 consecutive years on EPC assignments, manage the sub-contractor, preparatory, tool box meeting, installation job, supervisory , Job Hazard Analysis, Method of statement, inspection, ITP, raised Engineering issues on conflict drawing details, work acceptance, hand-over, job assessment, commissioning stage. From mobilization, completion stage, close-outs, punchlist, mechanical completion, Energize related Substations and Buildings. Utilize on international codes of ACI, ASTM, UNIFORM BUILDING Code, ARAMCO, BECHTEL and TECHNIP.

Project involvement from New Gas plant, Expansion plant to existing Refineries. Main Sub-Stations, Process and Utilities, Operation and Maintenance, Workshop, CCR and Process Interface Building. Sales Gas area, Sulphur Recovery, Hydro-Crackers, Unit Compressors, Vertical and Horizontal vessels, Furnace, Waste water treatment, Ponds, motor pumps. Asphalting, concrete paving, gravel, concrete foundations, pipe racks, sump pits, dry basin. Chilled/Cooling water, Underground trench on cables, pipes, oily sewers, sanitary, storm, manhole / catch basin.

Previous work involvement:

* Industrial Pipe Plant – Pipe/Tubing manufactures (Machine Foundations, 3-Bending, Edge Mill, Expander)

* Shipping Dock Yard – British ship (Structural Steel Catwalk/platforms/concrete piling / pile cap)

* Commercial shopping center & Tele-communication building.

* Reclamation Island : Concrete Bridges, Roads, Retaining walls.


Work Experience

Total work experience in KSA : 10yrs and 10months

Total work experience in UEA : 2yrs and 10months

Total work experience in Singapore : 11months

Total work experience in Philippines : 5yrs and 2months


Years project experience with Technip : 12yrs

Years project experience with Saudi Aramco : 9yrs and 6months

Years project experience with Sabic : 7months

Years project experience with Saudi National Pipe Company : 10months

Years project experience with Takreer/Adnoc, UEA : 2yrs and 10months


Overall project values I have worked :

Understand the end goal, Identify clear roles, Collaborate, Ask questions, Communicate, anticipate future and looking back previous assignments, recognize and work with the interdependencies between you and the others involved in the project. Ensure to satisfy the clients and maintain good reputation of the Company who hired you.


Employment : Current – UNEMPLOYED


From : March 02, 2014 To: October 03, 2014
Client : ExxonMobil and Sabic

Project Name : Kemya Saudi Elastomers Project

Capacity : Produce up to 400,000 t/y of synthetic rubber, Halobutyl, Styrene butadiene, 102,000 t/y Polybutadiene, Ethylene propylenediene monomer (EPDM) rubbers, Thermoplastic specialty polymers, 50,000 t/y and Carbon black.

Total Project Value : 3.4bn US$

Expected Completion: by 2015

Location : Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Employer Name : Technip

Project Package : Halobutyl Project – 9409C

Feed / Type : Fluor Transworld Services/ Petrochemicals

Project Package Cost : Undisclosed (Approx. 0.6bn US$)

Scope : Halobutyl facility units, Rubber Building, Main Substations 380KV

Position : Building / Substation Supervisor


From : July 21, 2010 To: Dec. 29, 2013
Client : Saudi Aramco / TOTAL


Capacity : 20.0 million tons/annum &400,000 bbl/day

Total Project Value : 9.6bn US$

Expected Completion: 2013

Location : Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Employer Name : Technip Italy

Project Package : JERP-Package 2A & 5A

Feed / Type : Technip/ Oil & Gas Refinery

Project Package Cost : 1.7bn (Package 2A) / 1.3bn (Package 5A) US$

Scope : Hydro and catalytic cracking conversion process units, utility units, process controlsystemthe entire refinery and interconnecting network.

Position : Civil Supervisor


From : August 11, 2006 To: June 29, 2010
Client : Saudi Aramco

Project Name : Khursaniyah Producing Facility and Gas Plant P/PL System

Capacity : 1,000 MMSCFD of sour gas – production of 560 MMSCFD of sales gas,

300,000 BPD of C2+ natural gas liquids and 1,800 mt/day of liquid sulfur

Total Project Value : 4.5bn US$

Expected Completion: 2008 – Processing facilities completed (delayed due contract issues – unit rates)

Location : Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Employer Name : Technip Italy

Project Package : Khursaniyah Gas Plant

Feed / Type : Bechtel and Technip / Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

Project Package Cost : 1.2bnUS$

Scope : Three gas processing trains, cogeneration plant with boiler, sulfur recovery unit storage tank, substations and transmission pipeline-Kingdom‘s Master Gas System

Position : Civil Supervisor


From : August 01, 2003 To: June 30, 2006

Project Name : Unleaded Gasoline/Low Sulphur Gas Oil (ULG/LSGO)

Type : Oil & Gas

Capacity : Two continuous catalytic converters (CCCs) each of 120,000 b/d, heavy/light naptha

Hydro treaters and combined capacity of 31,700 b/d, a 15,000 b/d gas/oil hydro treater

Total Project Value : 480m US$

Expected Completion: Within 36 months from the effective date of award

Location : Ruwais, Abu Dhabi UAE

Employer Name : Technip Italy

Scope : New process units, expansion of offsites and utilities, revamp existing process

units, expansion of the tank farm, new electrical substations and operator

shelters, expansion of existing control systems and additional shipping facilities

Position : Civil / Building Supervisor


From: June 24, 2001 to May 15, 2003
Client : Saudi Aramco

Project Name : Haradh Gas Development Program (HGDP)

(Awarded year 2003 : Project of the Year)

Capacity : Producing 1.6 BSCFD of natural gas and 170,000 BBL/day of condensate (oil)

Total Project Value : 2bn US$

Expected Completion: Within the third quarter of 2003

Location : Haradh, Saudi Arabia

Employer Name : Technip Italy

Project Package : Haradh Gas Plant

Feed / Type : Technip/ Oil & Gas

Project Package Cost : 1.3bn US$

Scope : All utilities, off-sites and pipeline systems, compression and heat recovery systems, a 230 kV substation and sulfur loading facilities. Two pipeline systems:

(1)Haradh gas plant with the Master Gas System of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

(2) Un-stabilized condensate from Haradh and Hawiyah to Abqaiq plants for stabilization

Position : QC Civil/Building Inspector


From : April 05, 2000 To: Feb. 22, 2001
Client : National Pipe Company

Project Name : NPC Expansion Phase II

Type : Pre-Engineered Building, Site Development and Machine foundation for Industrial Pipes (3-Bending, Edge Mill, Expander)

Location : Half-moon beach, Dharhan Saudi Arabia

Employer Name : Saudi Weimer &Trachte Ltd.

Position : Junior Site Engineer


From : Feb. 21, 1998 To: Jan.30, 1999
Client : Singapore Government

Project Name : Reclamation of Jurong Island – Pulau Seraya Phase II

Type : Roads & Bridges, Retaining walls

Location : Pulau Seraya, Singapore

Employer Name : KENRICH

Position : Site Engineer


From : Jan. 05, 1997 To: Jan. 24, 1998
Client : British Company (merge Telecommunication PLDT and Bayantel)

Project Name : ICC – Butelco Building

Type : International Telecommunication Lines (Bayantel)

Location : Roosevelt avenue, Manila, Philippines

Position : Construction Inspector 1


From : Feb. 16, 1995 To: Dec. 24, 1996

Project Name : CABLE & WIRELESS Expansion I

Type : Shipping Yard & Structural Steel Cat walk, Conc. Piling & Site Development

British Shipment Docks

Location : Baun, Batangas, Philippines

Employer Name : D C C D Engineering Corporation

Position : Construction Inspector 1


From : Nov. 24, 1993 To: Sep.17, 1994

Location : Batangas, Philippines

Project Name : CAEDO Commercial Center

Type : Shopping Mall, cinemas, stalls & parks

Client : Private owned by the Company

Position : Junior Site Engineer

From : Oct. 20, 1992 To: Nov. 15, 1993

Location : Pampanga, Philippines

Project Name : 3-Storey Commercial/Residential Building

Client : Private Owned by the Company

Position : Office Engineer (Cadet)


Professional Affiliations

Member – Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE)



– BTJV Working at Height Training

– Certificate of Achievement for “Zero Accidents”

– Certificate of Achievement for “Man hours worked without Lost time Injury”


Qualifications & Education

– Educational Attainment : BS in Civil Engineering (Registered CE – Philippines)

– Name of School : Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University

– Year of Graduation : 1993