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CV, Operation And Maintenance Manager Looking Globally

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Serial No: 40746
(09/18/1979, male)
List top 5 skills: natural gas networks, oil and gas, operation and maintenance, operations, power generation
Short Bio:

Competent and result-oriented Mechanical Engineer with rich experience across Operation & Maintenance and Technical Troubleshooting of Gas Turbines, Gas Compressor Stations, Gas Operations, Gas Pipeline Operations. Currently spearheading as Operation & Maintenance Manager with HYUNDAI ENGINEERING CO., LIMITED at their site location Gas Transportation Corporation limited, Ashuganj, Bangladesh.
Overall O&M,Commissioning,Start-up & Performance Test Acceptances activities of Ashuganj & Elenga .

Current location: 

Bangladesh - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 

english, Hindi, KANNADA, Konkani, marathi, Telugu

Locations I am interested in working:


Professional Profile

Competent and result-oriented Mechanical Engineer with rich experience across Operation & Maintenance and Technical Troubleshooting of Gas Turbines ,Gas Compressor Stations, Gas Operations, Gas Pipeline Operations Currently spearheading as Operation & Maintenance Manager.

Overall O&M,Commissioning,Start-up & Performance Test Acceptances activities of Ashuganj & Elenga Compressor Stations of 1500MMSCFD capacity each,Natural Gas Cross Country Pipeline, Metering & Regulating Stations and all other associated Facilities of full-fledged Gas Compressor Station package.

Operation & Maintenance of Siemens SGT 400,SGT100 Gas Turbine compressors using Compressor control corporation, gas engine generators. Gas Pipeline Operations Monitoring, Pipeline Pigging operations, Emergency Handling and total Gas compressor station package by PCS7,DCS.

Taking care of all Legal and statutory issues & maintaining compliances to avoid deviations.

Caterpillar gas Engine Generators Operation & Maintenance, Troubleshooting activities.

Major Maintenance activities Like Station Scrubber filters replacement/Cleaning activity, Gas After Coolers, Diesel Engine Generators, Electrical Substation, Gas Compressor Suction Strainer opening, inspection & cleaning activity, Pigging Operations, LRUT, Bell Hole Inspection of Buried pipelines.

Adept in generating structured technical reports and documentation to serve as handy resource to resolve operational issues. Daily Logging of Plant & Equipment Operational Parameters in E-Log.

Actively involved in HSEF activities like ERDMP, Safety Committee Meetings, Housekeeping, and Safety Audits.

Assisting top management for the Optimistic Annual budgeting and timely Reviewing of same to control cost.

Innate strengths in planning and executing erection & commissioning of industrial machines/ equipment’s within agreed timelines. Capable of defining and enforcing process parameters to maintain desired yield and quality norms.

Focused and hard working with well-honed management skills and proven ability to motivate professionals to maximize levels of productivity. Motivated and goal driven with strong work ethics, continuously striving for improvement coupled with excellent.


Career Objective

To Work and Grow with an Organization in the field of Gas Operations & Maintenance and Energy Generation thereby attaining highest overall efficiency without jeopardizing any of the HSE policies keeping them always on top priorities.


Core Competencies

Gas Turbine Compressors Operations & Maintenance

Gas Pipeline Operations & Maintenance

Power Plant Operations & Maintenance 

Pipeline Pigging Operations



Preparations of Standard Operating & Maintenance Procedures

Gas Engine Generators Operations & Maintenance 

Planning & Scheduling

Resource Optimization

Operational Efficiency 

Budget Preparation 

Troubleshooting 

Erection & Commissioning 

Breakdown solutions 

Failure Analysis 





Educational and Professional Credentials

B.E Mechanical

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Chief Director of Factories and Boilers, Karnataka

CNC Technology
Foreman Training Institute, Bangalore

Industrial Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Advanced training Institute, Hyderabad


Professional Experience

August 2015 to Present
Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Manager
Hyundai Engineering Co. Limited  – Process Management Department, Bangladesh

Overall responsible for the O& M of Gas Compressor station.

Involved in Commissioning activities of Gas turbine, Gas Compressor and related auxiliaries.


May 2010-August 2015
Lead Operations
Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure limited

Fully responsible for Operation and Maintenance of Gas Compression Station.

Overall responsible for Operation and Maintenance of Gas turbine Compressors and all related auxiliaries.

Overall responsible for availability, reliability of all machines, equipment’s with best efficiency.

Overall responsible for HSEF at site delivering as a HSEF Coordinator.

Overall responsible for Pipeline integrity, HSEF and Pipeline healthiness.

Overall responsible for all Legal and statutory requirements of the region.

Facilities included in the compressor station:

Local Control Centre(LCC),

Gas Turbines GE NUOVO PIGNONE PGT25+DLE – 3 Units,

Gas Compressors GE NUOVO PIGNONE PCL803 – 3 Units,

Natural Gas Pipeline of size 48”

MARK VI systems,

Compressor control Corporation(CCC)

Vibration Monitoring & Diagnosis by Bentley Nevada 3500 series ,System 1.

Hydraulic starter with a hydraulic power unit common for all units at station

CO2 fire suppression units

Gas compressor with dry gas seal systems

Air filter with pulse jet cleaning

Water wash system

Lube oil console

Lube oil cooler with electric motor driven fans

Gas generator lube tank

Ventilation system

Mineral oil vapour separator system

Synthetic oil vapour separator system

RO plant

Electrical Substation,

Remote & Manual MLV’s,

Gas turbine driven compressors

Diesel engine driven generators

Gas After Coolers

Scraper launcher and receiver for pigging.

Fuel gas conditioning unit.

Blow down silencers for all stations

Telecom and SCADA equipment

Fire and Gas detection system

Fire water system

ESD System

Local Control Centre and other utility buildings.

Electrical substation.

HVAC system

Instrument air Compressors / plant air system

Lifting equipment’s

All the other associated facilities.


Overall Responsibilities at Compressor station & on Gas Pipelines:

Working as Lead Operations for the Overall operations & Maintenance of Gas Compressor station.

Operations & Maintenance Of natural gas pipeline.

Delivering as Station HSEF Coordinator.

Smooth & safe Start-up/Shutdown of GTC units from MARK VI as per the pipeline requirement.

To ensure safety of the station by operating in safe limits and maintaining safety equipment as per schedules through concerned station staff.

Carrying out local operation of equipment’s as per business requirements in coordination with Pipeline operations center

Minimum down time of equipment’s and maximize availability of critical equipment’s.

Compliance of all safety management systems and procedures.

Ensuring Safe operation of the station as per the gas throughput requirements set by Pipeline Operation Centre day to day duty.

Co-ordination with maintenance departments for carrying out safe and smooth maintenance activities

Track the status of Statutory & Regulatory renewal due dates to facilitate compliance. Inform Area Manager and statutory coordinator of any deviations and alert for due dates.

Preparation & readiness for Internal & External audits. Trainings of Security guards for emergency situations.

Ensure Availability & Reliability of equipment’s.

Timely Preservation of standby Equipment’s as per the standard procedures.

Eliminating critical equipment trips on account of operational mistakes

Control & monitoring of UFG by periodic LEL checking,

Review of all SOP and SMP’s within the stipulated review period.

Prevent unwanted emergency blow downs.

Validation of Notification created by POC, RCA creation and data updating whenever job with malfunction is created.

Troubleshooting of equipment operational issues.

Issue SAP notification against abnormalities for maintenance of equipment’s

Identification of training for self & sub-ordinates.

Imparting job related training to work crew.

Conducting of Safety audits, PSSR audits, IMS audits, British safety council internal audits.

Conducting of RCA’s, Implementation of MOC’s.

Initiation of Trip interlock bypass form for any detector bypass or process parameter bypassing.

Core person at station for all the process related concerns, isolations, Gas Venting’s etc.

Authorised Person at station for issuing PTW, PTW A01 approvals in SAP, Job Risk analysis & Mitigation, LOTO, Incident Reporting.

Authorised person at station to conduct trainings (HSEF & Technical) to all employees and contract employees.

Authorised person for statutory compliances and all other statutory issues.

Emergency Response Team leader.

Trained person at station for Rescue & First Aid.

Authorised Person at station to carrying Electrical Isolation in the absence of electrical team.

Pipeline inspection by line walks, Aerial surveillance, and Public awareness programs etc.

Pipeline Inspections, ROU monitoring and handling of ROU issues.

Functional checks of all process valves at CS and MLV’s.

Logging of all equipment parameters, Daily Activities, Daily Process report, Notifications in E-Log & SAP.

Preparation of all the station reports like Daily Process report, Generation report, Maintenance gas accounting etc.

Alarm Management in SCADA and raising job notifications in SAP for any abnormalities.

Raw Water, washing water & Reverse Osmosis plant operations & Maintenance.

Fire Water System Operations & Maintenance, FW system maintaining healthy and always in AUTO for meeting emergency situations.

Conducting of Firefighting & Protection trainings to all firefighting staff and other employees.

Conducting of HSEF activities at station like Safety committee meeting, Housekeeping audits, Site Visits, Environmental inspection Audits.


March 2009- May 2010
Site Manager O&M
Thermax Limited

Fully responsible for Power plant operations covering entire engineering and management aspects to realize efficiency objectives of the unit

Operational & Maintenance experience on BHEL, IJT, Thermax, CVPL,IBL,Steam Generators.

Operational & Maintenance experience on Siemens, BHEL,Triveni,TDPS,Mitsubishi,Scoda,Stal steam turbines.

Contributed technical expertise in managing operations and maintenance of key equipments like High pressure boilers upto,670TPH PF boilers, 250TPH(CFBC/AFBC) Air Preheaters,Steam Turbines and their auxiliaries,ESP’s,Economisers,feed mills,Super heaters,Bed Coils,Steam& Water Drums, Boiler Feed Pumps,Deaerators,De superheators,Steam generators Chemical cleanings,Slow firings of furnaces,Alternator air/water Coolers,Condensers,Cooling Towers, Coal and Ash handling Systems, Water treatment plants etc.

Independent overall cold & Hot Startup operation of AFBC,CFBC,PF boilers and all related auxiliaries

Operation & Maintenance of large Gas and Coal Fired Boilers.

Independed errection & Installation of all High Pressure Steam Drum Internals as per the drawings.

Commissioning of Electro Static precipitator by Dry Air leakage test, Soap Solution test, radiology tests, Rectifier testings,Collecting & Emitting electrodes inspections, Rapper inspection systems.

Complete knowledge of erection, commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of Waste heat recovery Boilers.

Independent overall operation & maintenance of Dense air type ash handling systems and trouble shooting.

Capable of Independent smooth startup of Steam Boilers,Steam Turbines and shutdowns.

Major Maintenance & Overhauling activities of High Pressure Steam Generators packages, Steam turbines, Condenser tubes cleaning by chemical circulation & Jet bullet cleaning, Pumps, Water & Air Cooled cooling towers, Fuel Handling Systems.

Cleaning of air cooled cooling tower bundle fins with high pressure water jet for increasing the efficiency.

Planning and implementation of various maintenance activities including preventive, corrective and breakdown maintenance for Power Plants. Planning & Execution of Major Shutdown Jobs timely.

Proactively participated in planning process relating to issues of generation, load schedule, shutdown of transmission lines & Maintenance, unit shutdown/startup etc.

Management of Safety, Health & Environment at site and submission of MIS reports.

Management of manpower at site and fulfillment of all statutory requirements.

Maintaining healthy & Constructive relation with client there by increasing the revenue.

Operation & Maintenance of Large Chillers, Nitrogen plants, Utility boilers, Cooling towers.

Optimize fuel consumption by using available alternate fuels with reduced generation cost and Prompt Preventive & corrective maintenances thereby increasing the plant overall efficiency.

Independent handling of water treatment plants like water clarifier, RO plants, and Discharge plants.

Inspection & Checking of water samples in Lab collected from Raw Water tanks, RO outlets, Cooling tower sumps, Boiler feed water etc & take prompt corrective action to avoid deviations.

Maintaining Plant Load factor Highest possible with available resources.


May 2007- March 2009
Operations Manager
OEG India Ltd, Chennai

Planned effective preventative/breakdown/proactive maintenance schedules of various machineries & equipments to increase machine up time & equipment reliability.

Operation & Maintenance of Power plant by using Siemens, Honey well,Yokogowa DCS,SCADA.

Independent overall cold & Hot Startup operation of AFBC,CFBC,PF boilers and all related auxilaries.

Independent overall cold & Hot startup operation of steam turbines and all related auxiliaries.

Steam Turbine rolling, Hydraulic or Manual cranking, Oil wetting activites during long shutdowns.

Steam Boilers preservation activites like nitrogen filling, Placing of Silica gel bags, Holding of chemically added water in water tubes, stroke checking of all valves etc during long shutdowns of power station.

Operation & Maintenance of Waste heat recovery boilers and their trouble shooting.

Overall independent Erection ,Commissioning of Steam Boilers, Steam turbines,Gear Boxes,ESP,Air pre heaters, Economises,Surface Condensers,attemperature,Chimneys,Fans,Fuel Handling sytems, denseair ash handling systems using DCS.

Minimizing performance bottlenecks for achieving high productivity with optimization of men, material & machine. Executing processes of maintenance of Machines & Equipment so as to take corrective action & reduce downtime to minimum.

Independently Handled the Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of 43×2 MW Arasmeta Captive power Pvt ltd, Chhattisgarh, for 4×90 TPH Thermax B&W AFBC Boilers & its associated auxiliary, 2x43MW BHEL extraction cum condensing turbine & its auxiliary using operating system like DCS (Siemens).

Commissioning Activities of 35MW power plant Project of M/S Deepak Steels & Power Ltd, Barbil, Orissa.

Operation & Maintenance of 75MW captive power plant of M/s Rayalseema alkalis and allied chemicals Ltd, Kurnool.(A.P) having 100 TPH Thermax B&W, 60TPH CVPL AFBC boilers & its associated auxiliary, 1×25 MW SIEMENS controlled extraction, condensing turbine & its auxiliary using operating system like DCS (Honeywell)

Boiler Errection ,Commissioning activities like Slow firing, Chemical cleaning of water tubes, headers, Drums and flushing activities, Refractory material application in furnaces with cooling & slow firing to avoid cracks

Operation & maintenance of RO plants,DM plants,Clarifliers.Raw water Reserviours.

Operation & Maintenance of coal handling systems like belt conveyor ,screw conveyors, chain slot conveyors, vibrating sieves, belt load limiters, conveyor safety interlocks like pull cord systems.

Maintenance activities of Coal/Fuel handling systems like Pulley replacements, Drum replacements, Damaged Belt repair/replacement activity,Belt Tensioning activities, Belt Sway Online adjustments to reduce down time.

Breakdown Maintenance of all Coal Crushers, Vibrating Sieves in a avialable short time to reduce fuel starvation therby reducing station outages. Able to handle crtical conditions during wet fuel handling in monsoons.


October 2006- May 2007
Panel Engineer for the Operation & Maintenance activities of Power Generation Station.
SHRI IndraPower Energies Ltd


October 2004- October 2006
Assistant Engineer for the Operation & Maintenance activities of Power Generation Station.


August 2000- August 2003
Sr Technician
Shree Haunuman Erectors,
210MW RTPS Site Project Works


August 1999- August 2000
Shree  Narayan Erectors
210MW RTPS Site Project Works