CV, Oman based Civil QC Engineer and Inspector

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Skills keywords: inspetion, project supervision, quality management, safety
Short Bio:

More than 22 years of experience in Middle East as a civil engineer with extensive background in quality management system as well as project supervision for diverse projects including but not limited to oil and gas, infrastructure developments including roads, dams and building construction projects.

Current location: Oman - View on map
Nationality: Filipino
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Bachelor Of Science in Civil Engineering, 1985
Aquinas University, Legaspi City, Philippines

Familiar with Implementation of QMS ISO9001.2008

Career Summary

More than 21 years of experience in Middle East region as a civil engineer and senior inspection engineer for various oil and gas projects as well as infrastrusture projects including but not limted to the the following;

Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbon projects; Brief scope; Supervision for the construction of sub-stations and control buildings, foundations and steel structures for compressors, vessels, scrubbers, coolers, pipe racks, etc. Construction of drainage system, road and paving works, and other associated civil and structural works required for process plant project. These projects were located in Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Infrastructures – Supervision and inspection of dual carraige roads and flyovers projects. Supervision of dams, flood protection and reservoirs projects. Locations: Oman & Philippines

Buildings – Supervision of residential villas and industrial building. Locations: Oman and Saudi Arabia & Philippines

Applus Velosi LLC, Oman (PDO Gas Project)
Feb. 13, 2013 – Present:
Proj: Saih Rawl Compression Depletion Phase 2 (Hydrocarbon/Gas)
Position: Sr. Civil Inspection Engineer

Brief description of project: SRDC Phase 2 package includes the construction of four parallel compression trains with total capacity of 30 MMSCMD of gas.

Scope of Work:

• Inspection: Performs third party inspection for civil and structural works including but not limited to setting out of strucures, earthworks including excavation and backfilling, concrete and steel structures, sub-station building, road/paving works, drainage system and grading works, and other associated civil works within the plant area.

• QA/QC Submittals: Review and provide inputs on technical submittals including but not limited to inspection test plans (ITP), method statements, materials review and other relevant QA/QC document required for the project.

• Structural Concrete: Review concrete mix designs submitted by the contractor and validate trial mix reports according to project specification and requirements. Validate batching plant compliance and calibration certificates including competency assessment for operators. Carry out periodic plant audit to ensure frequency tests for aggregates are being done consistently. Perform pre-pour inspection and post-pour surviellance to ensure all construction requirements in particular to “hot-weather concreting” are being followed on site. Perform inspection and monitoring for “thermal curing” for massive concrete placement. Witness and validate NDT reports for disputed concrete works. Review test reports as required in ITP for final acceptance of concrete works.

• Structural Steel: Inspect setting out, alignment and level as per ITP procedures. Welding, bolt tightening and torquing are done by mechanical team.

• Engineered backfilling: Validate source/vendor for general fill materials as submitted by the contractor. Review and validate laboratory test reports for various types of backfill materials as per project requirements. Perform site inspection and surviellance to ensure the construction requirements for backfilling is being followed on site accordingly. Review compaction test reports for its final acceptance.

• Buildings: Review and validate technical submittals for civil and architectural materials including but not limited to steel reinforcements, masonry items, industrial paint coating materials, industrial doors, louvers, windows and its ironmongeries, raised floor and false ceiling, tiles including toilet fixtures and accessories and other finishing materials required for industrial buildings. Attend hold and witness point inspections as mentioned in ITP.

• Roadworks, Site Grading and Fencing: Supervise the construction of asphalt road including but not limited to survey setting out, formation of sub-grade, sub-base, road base, and laying of asphalt base course and asphalt wearing course. Supervise final grading

• Independent Laboratory Tests Inspection: Check calibration certificates of laboratory tools and equipment. Verify test methods as per project specification. Random witnessing of actual test procedures for soils and concrete. Validate laboratory test reports for final approval as per project requirements.

• Material Inspection: Inspect incoming civil materials and ensuring it is in good condition without physical defects and damages. Verify test reports, specification, manufacturer profile and ensure it is meeting clients approval..

• Participate in weekly quality review meeting.

• Review of material submittals for civil scope including but not limited to concrete, asphalt, soils, steel reinforcements and associated building materials.

• Issue Non Conformance Report as required and determine corrective / preventive actions for close out report.

• Recommend improvements in quality management system as required.

• Validate civil work test pack including ITR for CCMS upon completion of work.

• Review and validate red line mark-up drawings and prepare As-Built drawings.

• Participate in periodic audit as per QMS ISO 9001.

• Monitor the contractor & sub-contractor’s compliance in accordance with approved quality management system.

• Safety: Ensure all safety procedures are in place by checking work permit is signed off, risk assessment and mitigation have been identified and all personnel involve for the work have their PPE’s available. Participate in STOP intervention program by PDO.

Wood Group / CCC JV. (PDO Oil & Gas Project)
May 2012 – Feb. 10, 2013 (Short term employment)
Proj: EMC South, PDO. Marmul, Oman (Oil & Gas)
Position: Senior Civil Inspection Engineer, SCIE

Brief description of project: EMC South is JV project set to provide operation and manitenance services including integrated engineering for existing PDO facilities (oil and gas) in sothern Oman.

Scope of Work:

• Performs site inspection, monitoring and surviellance as project progressess and ensure WORK is carried out in accordance with approved ITP, MS, AFC drawings prior to offerring RFI to client.

• Review and provide update on QA/QC submittals including but not lilited to inspection test plans (ITP), method statements, material approval procedures and other relevant QAQC plans.

• Prepare concrete mix design as per project specification. Perform concrete trial mixes and submit to client upon completion of tests.

• Review material submittals for civil scope and ensure it is meeting project specification prior to submission to client.

• Maintain record of RFI, AFC drawings, inspection test reports ITR, MAS and other relevant quality documents for the project.

• Liase with client regarding daily inspection activities.

• Supervise the fabrication and installation of pipe sleepers and various types of pipe supports.

• Supervise and inspect setting out, levels and alignment of steel structures shelters and pipe racks.

• Prepare non-conformance report (NCR) against completed WORKS that are not meeting specification requirements and discuss resolutions with construction team for the close out of NCR.

• Attend periodic QAQC review meeting and participate in resolution of site observations and other QAQC related concerns.

• Al Qalata Oil Pipeline Rehab: Performs inspection for pipeline setting out, trench excavation, pre-padding prior to lowering of pipes, post-padding and backfilling. The rehabilitation also includes the construction of new graded roads, windrows, installation of pipeline signboards and other associated works.

• Marmul Asphalt Road and Graded Roads: Supervise/inspect the construction of asphalt road including the formation of sub-grade, sub-base, road –base and laying of asphalt base course and wearing course. Supervise construction of culverts, slope protection and drainage system. Supervise road paintings and markings, installation of highway signboards and other associated works for the road.

• Marmul Telecommunication Building: Supervise the construction of two storey telecommunication building in Marmul starting from excavation up to building construction.

• Prepare test packs upon completion of work orders.

• Participate in project audit by presenting to auditors required files, registers etc,, as evidences for audit process.

Renardet Consulting Engineers, LLC Oman – Infrastructure Projects
Feb. 16, 2010 – April 30, 2012:
Proj: Darsait – Wadi Kabir Flyover, Construction of Wadi Naam Dam
Roads and Dams, Client: DGR, Municipality, Ministry of Water Resources
QC Engineer/ Resident Inspector – Civil

Brief description of project 1: Construction of Wadi Naam Recharge Dam & and new Asphalt Road. Ibra, Oman

Brief description of project 2: Construction of three flyovers along Darsait – Wadi Kabir road. Muscat, Oman

Scope of Work:

• Recharge Dam: Supervise the construction of three recharge dam located at wadi Naam, Ibra starting from setting out of spillways, dykes, stilling basins, and all associated structures within the dam area up to the construction stage.

• Assist resident engineer in reviewing shop drawings, material submittals, bill of quantities and progress reports.

• Perform site inspection as per ITP and ensure works are carried out according to project quality plan.

• Review and validate inspection test reports for soil as well as concrete and ensure it complies with project


• Review method statement for excavations, concrete works, backfilling and other related activities in the project.

• Maintain a record of daily activities on site including manpower, equipments, materials and ensure it meets the planned program.

• Report to resident engineer any deviation in the works and initiate non-conformance report.

• Attend to concreting activities based on ITP and ensure works are done according to project specification specially during hot weather concrete pouring. Ensure necessary planning has been done, timing adjusted and precautions are in place to avoid unacceptable work.

• Supervise earthfilling works as per ITP and ensure work is done as per construction requirements.

• Asphalt Road: Supervise the construction of road formation, embankments up to the laying of asphalt base course and wearing course. Ensure works is done according to ITP and method staement for roads.

• Supervise the construction of box culverts, irish crossings, drainage system and gabion slope protection.

• Supervise installation of highway signboards and road markings.

• Validate associated test reports for general fill materials and bituminous materials.

• Perform final inspection for alignment and levels as per AFC drawings and Omani regulations.

• Safety: Ensure road safety practices are observed during the construction stage..

Associated Consulting Engineers, ACE Oman, (Infrastructure & Buildings)
Nov. 17, 2007 – Feb. 16, 2010
Proj: Blue City Project (Madina Al Zarka), Infrastructure & Building
QC Civil Engineer

Brief decription of project: Blue City project known as Madina Al Zarka is a tourism and residential development covering an area of 35 square kilometer along Al Sawadi coastal region. It is entirely a new city containing residential, retail, commercial, education, hospital and liesure properties expected to house 250 thousand residents.

Scope of Work:

• Supervise the construction of 200 units two storey golf course villas.

• Attend site inspection for soil improvement works through dynamic compaction method (DC) and rapid impact compaction method (RIC).

• Assist resident engineer in the review of shop drawings, inspection test plan ITP and method statements submitted by the contractor and ensure it is in line with project specification.

• Attend site inspection for engineered backfilling and concrete works as per ITP and method statement.

• Attend inspection for masonry works and finishing works.

• Report to resident engineer deviations in the work and initiate non-conformance report accordingly. Discuss with contractor proper resolution for closing out NCR.

• Attend quality and progress review meeting with contractor.

• Review and validate material submittal for civil and structural works submitted by contractor.

• Ensure project safety plan is enforced in all aspect of the works.

Saudi Aramco (BH Hussaini) Utility/Gas
June 1998 – July 2007
Proj: LFC/EMC Dhahran Utility Division (Utilities, Oil)
Supervising Construction Engineer (Project Coordinator)

Brief decription of project: Long Form Contract (LFC) with Saudi Aramco Utility Division in Dhahran Saudi Arabia set to provide operation and maintenance to existing underground utilities in eastern province (Dhahran, Ras Tanura, Abqaiq and Hofuf, Saudi Arabia).


1998 – 2000 Started as Site Engineer & Estimator in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
2000 – 2004 Assigned as QC Engineer, Utility Division, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
2004 – 2007 Assgned as Supervising Construction Engineer, Utility Division, Dhahran, Saudi Arabi

Scope of Work (Latest designation):

• Supervise implementation of work orders issued by Saudi Aramco contrcat section.

• Organize all resources including manpower, equipment, materials and other logistics required to perform the work.

• Prepare project milestone, detailed program of works with daily and bi-weekly look ahead schedules.

• Prepare project quality plan as per Saudi Aramco quality system.

• Participate in inter-descipline planning and simultaneous operation. SIMOPS.

• Prepare and implement material procurement plan starting from approval stage to site delivery.

• Prepare project safety plan including HIP (hazard identification plan), risk analysis and risk mitigation for approval of Dhahran Safety Department and Loss Prevention Department.

• Attend weekly progress meeting with PMT project management team.

• Attend periodic safety meeting with Safety Department and Loss Prevention Department.

• Ensure all staff and workers have attended safety induction prior to mobilization to site.

Al Shammary Est., Jubail, KSA (Gas) / DAELEM KSA
Jan. 1991 – 1993, Site Engineer at Royal Commission of Jubayl, KSA housing project.
1993 – August 1995, Supplied as Site Engineer to DAELEM KSA, Saudi Aramco Al Berri Gas Plant EMC, Jubail, KSA

Brief decription of project 1: Operation and maintenace of existing facilities and pipelines in Al Berri gas plant located in Al Jubayl, Saudi Arabia.

Scope of Work:

• Prepare program of day to day activities including manpower, equipments and materials for assigned task.

• Supervise excavation and backfilling for underground pipelines.

• Supervise the fabrication and installation of pipe sleepers and various types of pipe supports.

• Supervise the construction of structural stell shelters and piperacks.

• Supervise the rehabilitation/renovation of existing facilities including offices, industrial building and roads.

• Report to line manager and attend daily construction meeting.

• Arrange work permit prior to start of the work.

• Ensure Saudi Aramco safety procedures are observed in the execution of work.


Work Experience in Philippines (04 years)

Makati Development Corporation MDC
1989 – 1991
Crisanta Tower, High Rise Building
Site Engineer

Brief decription of project: Construction of twenty storey residential building in Pasig City, Metro Manila.

National Irrigation Administration NIA
1987 – 1989
RIDA Project (Irrigation and Dams)
QC Inspector/Engg. Assistant A

Brief decription of project Construction of irrigation system including flood protection system in Rinconada area, Bicol Region,