CV, Oil And Gas Plant Operator Looking Globally

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 37202
(04/05/1982, male)
Skills keywords: Field_DCS Operator
List Of Qualifications:

Bsc Engineering Refining-Petrochemistry

Previous Employment Details:

Field Operator ExxonMobil-RasGas JV from May 2012 to June 2017.
Panel Operator Sonatrach Skikda Refinery September 2011 to May 2012.
Field Operator Sonatrach Skikda Refinery November 2007 to August 2011.

Current location: Wilaya de Skikda, Algeria - View on map
Nationality: Algeria
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, french
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Bachelor degree Refining-Petrochemical engineering from the Algerian petroleum institute, 10 years experience in oil and gas fields, worked as a Panel operator, Field Operator, Commissioning-Startup Operator in all sections of Skikda refinery (Algeria): CDU, VDU, naphtha stabilization and LPG fractionation, CTU, Catalytic reforming unit, actually I’m working as Senior operator with Ras-Gas/Exxon Mobile JV Al Khaleej gas project (Qatar) including condensate stabilization , AGR, dehydration mercaptans treatment, demercuration, LNG recovery ,LPG treatment and fractionation), have experience in commissioning and pre-commissioning, shutdown, troubleshooting and maintenance, involved in QND program worked as OJT and train national trainee to be a full field operators, and senior operators.


– Bachelor degree Refining-Petrochemical engineering from the Algerian petroleum institute, Corporate University (IAP-CU).

– Diploma for the occupation of high-level technician specialized in health, safety and environment from the organization of prevention of occupational hazards, center of Algiers.


Professional Experience

Senior Process operator :
From May 2012 to present:
At ExxonMobil – RasGas JV (Qatar); production rate is 1 600 000 m3 /h (Mega Train):

Duties & Responsibilities:

– Operates the plant equipments using radio network (clearly and concisely communication).

– Follow up standard authorized procedures & checklist for starting up & shutting down equipments.

– Monitoring & maintaining the process parameters of continuous running for static & rotating equipments as per procedures.

– Preparation equipments Isolation for maintenance works according to procedures and ensures proper implementation of PTW instructions with adequate safety measures & following lock-out/tag-out procedure.

– Continuous monitoring of ongoing maintenance activities in the area including Co-operating with maintenance team to reduce down time.

-Receive chemicals, maintain the stock/consumption register and prepare chemical batches required for the process ensuring adherence to procedures.

– ensure good housekeeping of the plant.

-Responsible to collect all required samples and monitors any abnormal analysis and takes proper action.

-Performs necessary works as per DCS operator instructions in operating controlling, adjusting and regulating temperature, pressure, levels, and flow rates.

– Collaborate with other operators to solve unit’s problems.

– Control equipment to regulate flow and pressure of gas to feed lines of furnaces, and related steam-generating or heating equipment.

-Control fractioning columns, compressors, purifying towers, heat exchangers, and expanders, gas turbines, steam turbines and related equipment in order to extract LNG from feed gas.

– Monitor equipment functioning, observe temperature, level, and flow gauges, and perform regular unit checks, in order to ensure that all equipment is operating as it should.

– Monitor transportation and storage of flammable and other potentially dangerous products to ensure that safety guidelines are followed.

– Read log sheets to determine product demand and disposition, or to detect malfunctions.

-Involved in the Qatarisztion program by giving the OJT training for the national trainees. (ensuring classroom and field trainings).

-I work as senior process operator during RasGas shutdown at March, 2013.


Panel Operator: (09 months):
Skikda refinery:
From September 2011 to May 2012.

Duties & Responsibilities:

– Monitors and coordinates the designated operation from Control Panel, ensuring safe and efficient operations. Includes maintaining continuous contact with various areas of the entire Plant to keep them informed of overall operating conditions.

– Monitors via terminals and alarms, the operations of the designated area and coordinates Process activities, making field adjustments according to process parameters as required.

– Maintains continuous radio contact with Senior Operators to keep them informed of operating conditions to request manual adjustments of equipment, to carry out on-site readings and convey instructions given by Shift Supervisor.

– Maintains continuous liaison with other Panel Operators to coordinate the required supplies according to production conditions.

– Alters operating conditions or product flows to allow prior isolation of equipment for maintenance and re-commences operations according to procedures, following completion of maintenance.

– Communicates with the Panel Operator of other areas to coordinate operations that may affect the operation and/or production of any unit within the Plant.

– Determines developing trends in operating conditions, reporting significant changes and initiating action as required.

– Responsible for the support of Company Safety, environment and Quality policies and programs.

– Carries out similar or related duties such as assisting in maintaining shift log; initiating emergency procedures as required and complying with safety rules and regulations.

– Compliance with the Safety Management System and the Emergency response plan of the company.

– Monitoring, control and reaction to the process control, emergency shutdown and Fire and Gas System

– Applies process isolation under the direction of Area Authority and as per the standards procedure.

– Communicating observed operational problems to the appropriate supervisor.

– Control and monitoring of hydrocarbon process plant and utility system.

– Initiating unit, train and emergency shutdown of process and utility system during abnormal operation, or as a result of an emergency situation on the installation.


Process operator (area operator): (03 years,09 months):
Skikda refinery: Production rate is 15,000,000 T/Y
November 2007- August 2011,

Duties & Responsibilities:

– Monitors and controls plant operations.

– Constantly reviews the operation of the plant to monitor production and quality, anticipating and solving problems in a timely manner, and identifying opportunities for

-Participates in projects that improve efficiency and/or reduce operating costs.

– Maintains adequate records of key production variables such as production volume, yield, plant uptime, utility consumption, etc., on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis, as required.

-Assists maintenance technicians in performing maintenance and repairs.

– Assists with diagnosing and trouble-shooting maintenance related issues.

-Trains junior operators.

-I am member of the team which makes the commissioning, pre-commissioning, and the first startup of Skikda Refinery.


Commissioning-startup Operator: ( 02 years):
Skikda Refinery
From May 2005 to May 2007.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Developed standard Operating Procedures for Refinery with CPECC group.

• As per P & Id’s Mechanical check of lines, Pressure testing of pipelines by pneumatic and Hydraulic methods.

• Flushing of pipelines by Conventional methods such as Gasket bursting, cardboard blasting, water flushing, Air blowing.

• Solo run of motors, Trial run of all types pumps and Compressors

• Prepared a punch list of construction completion, Ready for start-up unit

• Instrument loop checking, function test of heaters, compressors, columns,…

• Precommissioning procedures review, chemical cleaning and passivation of Compressors lines.

– Commissioning and startup activities in Desalting-preflash Unit, CDU, VDU, CTU/Naphta Stabilizations Unit/ LPG Trim Treating Unit, Platforming unit.


Refreshing Courses

– Foxboro DCS, Siemens step 7 DCS, hydrogen sulfide, Breathing apparatus, confined spaces entry, work at heights, authorized gas tester, permit to work, golden rules, isolation tag out lockout procedures for maintenance work, scaffolding, work place risk assessment, hot work, manual handling, risk assessment, work management system, job safety analysis, online analyzers, choice and exploitation of the centrifugal pumps, lifting safety, Problem solving



– Arab: Oral examination & Writing: Fluent.

– French: Oral examination & Writing: Fluent.

– English: Oral examination & Writing: Good.