CV, Oil And Gas Mechanical Technician Targeting Offshore Libya

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Serial No: 26575

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Short Bio:

I am a 37 years of old married Filipino citizen and my aim is to build on my current qualification base, knowledge, work experiences, skills and training, I am a hard working, honest, respectful and obedient worker.

Current location: Al Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: filipino
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, mandarin, Tagalog
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


To contribute any of my work experiences, training, skills and education to the company and governments or private institutions for my personal career and growth.

Career Summary

Position: Apprentice Engineer ( ship board training)
Company: San Juan Shipping Lines
Address: Cebu City Philippines

Position: Operator BMC Injection Machine, Forklift and Mechanical Technician (BMC Department)
Company: Ming Yang Traffic Industrial Co., Ltd. (now DEPO Auto Lights)
Employer/Address: Shu hsu Ming/ Sinying, Tainan City, Taiwan
Date: Feb. 25, 2004 to Feb. 17, 2007

Job description:

Proper PPE Handling Equipment

Check the report of the outgoing operator

Check machine status cooling system, hydraulic, compressor, mold temp. and wiring, moving plate and fixed, censored switch.

Injection Machine Mechanical overhauling (cleaning and repair)

Check mold type and serial or code, material to be used

Set the Program and reset every mold inserted to the machine by overhead crane and read the order book

Check product if good or not/ production start

Check forklift before to used gas, battery, brake

Used forklift in putting materials to the machine hopper

HSE in the workplace and co-workers

Make report

Position: Machine and Forklift Operator, Machine/Mechanical Technician & Factory Worker
Company: Hacksaw and Knife Manufactory Co., Ltd.
Employer/Address: Huang Yin Han/ Taiping, Taichung City, Taiwan
Date: June 28, 2007 to August 14, 2013

Job Description:

Proper PPE Handling Procedure

Check hacksaw, knife mold and code then put pin were blade hold

Assembled tools (hacksaw, cutter and knife)

Operate Manual operated machine, Label Product, Packaging by packaging machine

Machine Mechanical Overhauling

Package product load to the container van by forklift

HSE in the workplace and co-workers

Position: Operator CNC Boring Machine, Forklift (TUV ), Rigger II (TUV ) Pumps Mechanics and Mechanical Technician and member TERMOMECCANICA workshop SAFETY TEAM
Company: Termomeccanica Saudia Co., Ltd.
Employer/Address: Termomeccanica/ Al Jubail City, KSA
Date: July 22, 2014 to PRESENT…

Job Description:

PPE Handling Procedure

Assembled and overhauled pump

Cleaning and Applying Belzona (5892, 1111)

CNC boring machine set program and operate

Check machine and maintenance, Cooling system, Lubrication and Hydraulic oil

HSE in workplace and co-workers


SOLAS (safety of life at sea course)

First Aid

Leadership and Human Behavior


Simulator Training for marine Propulsion

Oil Tanker Safety Familiarization

Electro technology, Auxiliary System, Hydromechanics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Best Training

Youth Leadership Training

HSE Training and Consultancy Services (nebosh,highfield)

Forklift Training

Rigger Training

Skills & Knowledge

Basic Welding (Tacking)

Drill Press Machine Manual and automatic

Injection Machine

Knowledge in Packaging and Machine

Forklift (TUV Nord) and Maintenance

Knowledge in Rigger

Machine Maintenance

Knowledge CNC Boring Machine and Milling

Water Pump Maintenance

Knowledge in Belzona

Knowledge in pump alignment

Knowledge in HSE in workplace and co-workers


TERTIARY: 1994-1997
COURSE: Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering [BSMAR-E]

SECONDARY: 1990-1994

PRIMARY: 1984-1990