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CV, Oil And Gas Control Room Operator

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 41947
(01/15/1977, male)
List top 5 skills: 
Short Bio:

I am a B.E graduate in Mechanical Engineering.

I have 15 years of experience in oil and gas field production, utilities, process and commissioning operations.

I have worked in Mexico (BW offshore, FPSO - Yuum Kak Naab), Abudhabi (TOTAL ABK), Qatar (QPD) and India (IOC, koyali, Gujarat) oil and gas fields. Presently I am working in DNO, Iraq as a control room operator. My contract will be completed this month due to nationalization.

Current location: 

Madhya Pradesh, India - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 

english, Hindi, Tamil

Locations I am interested in working:


Experience Summary

Around 15 Years Experience In Oil and Gas Field Production and commissioning operations.


DNO, Fishkhabour Export Facility, Kurdistan IRAQ – Onshore. Mar 2011 to Till present Control Room Operator

BW Offshore – MEXICO (FPSO – Yuum Kak Naab).PEMEX KMZ project. Nov 2007 to Oct 2010 Central Control Room Operator (Production – FPSO)

QPD (QATAR Petroleum Development Co Ltd) -Offshore, Through Aquatic engg – QATAR Dec 2004 to Aug 2007 Control Room Operator / Field Operator

TOTAL ABK (ABU DHABI) Through S.O.S Recruitment Consultants (Offshore) July 2002 to Sep 2004 Production Wellhead Operator

Indian Oil Corporation through S.S CONSTRUCTION – KOYALI,GUJARAT-REFINERY May 1999 to Jun 2002 Tank Farm Operator


Professional Training

● Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting – HIMT, Chennai.

● Elementary First Aid – HIMT, Chennai.

● Personal safety and social Responsibilities – HIMT, Chennai.

● Personal Survival Techniques – HIMT, Chennai.

● Oil Tanker Familiarisation – HIMT, Chennai.

● Offshore Survival (Sea Survival & Helicopter Underwater Escape Training-ETSDC, Abu Dhabi.

● Basic Fire Fighting- ETSDC, Abu Dhabi.

● Routine Lifting Handling – TABK, Abu Dhabi.

● Basic Slinger/Rigger Training Course – QPD, Qatar.

● Basic/Advanced First Aid Course-NMC Hospital, Abu Dhabi

● Life Boat Coxswain-ETSDC, Abu Dhabi

● H2S Awareness & Escape Course-Total ABK Abu Dhabi – QPD Qatar

● AMOS / STAR Maintenance Management System-YKN, Mexico.


Experience Details

Mar 2011 Till present
Designation Control Room Operator
Employer DNO, Kurdistan, Iraq (Onshore plant)

Client : NOC (Northern Oil Company)

Project : DNO as Iraq Project

Place : Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Plant : FK Tawke filed; on shore plant.

Company : DNO (Norway based Company)

Main Duties : Control room operation, DCS Commissioning, Controlling loading during export shutdown and unloading during export operation and Train the national operators.

Production : Oil = 145,000 bpd

Separation : Oil, water and gas separation.

Operation : Oil: Receiving emulsion from different wells, processing in the separation system and stored in the storage tanks, loading in the tankers and exporting to ITP (Iraq Turkish Pipeline).

Job Rotation : 35 and 35 days

System, Units and equipments handled:

DCS: Invensys FOXPORO DCS system

Process units and equipment:

• Well Heads (Natural flow wells)

• Separators (3 phase horizontal type)

• Booster pumps, Transfer pumps and Export pumps (centrifugal type)

• Oil Storage tanks

• Loading station.

• Off loading station

• Heaters.

• Khohne flow meter.

• Closed drain and open drain system.

• LP and HP flare system.

• Evaporation bond for produced water.


• Boilers, Emergency diesel generators

• Instrument air compressors, N2 Unit

• Diesel tanks, R.O unit, Fresh water pumps.


• PTW system, ESD system.

• F&G System (HC, H2S, heat, Smoke, Line of sight, Flame Detectors and Manual call point).

• Emergency diesel fire water pumps, Emergency electrical fire water pumps, Jockey pump, Fire water tank, Foam and water monitors, Deluge system with deluge valves.

• Portable Fire extinguishers.

Duties as Control Room Operator:

• Responsible for the safe and efficient operation, start-up/shutdown of production/ separation system, Gas sweetening unit, Gas compressor, Produced water treatment and disposal system, Loading operation during shutdown, unloading operation during export, Export in ITP line, HP / LP flare system, open/closed drain system, ESD system as per the cause and effect, F&G system, metering system, Control room operation, utility systems under the guidance of the Production Supervisor.

• Acting as permit controller within the PTW System.

• Responsible for fault identification/investigation on control systems.

• Conducting shift meeting and tool box meeting.

• Coordinating with the NOC client for export start-up / shutdown.

• Coordinating with the ministry officials and company representative for loading and unloading operations.

• Coordinate with inter departmental leads for routine PMs.

• Coordinate with the project Dept for ongoing commissioning activities.

• Determines developing trends in operating conditions, reporting significant changes and initiating action as required.

• Implements shut down, isolation, depressurizing, and cleaning procedures as required for maintenance and equipment repairs.

• SOP preparation and updating.

• Work permit preparation for the process side.

• Red Line Mark-Ups for P&ID updating.

• Schedule preparation for first line maintenance for operators such as running equipment change over, filter replacement, strainer cleaning and preservation of the valves, flanges, and equipments.

• Submit defect reports in CMMS and forward to the maintenance supervisor.

• All reports preparation like daily production report, loading report, downtime calculation report and process trend for the day, production activity log book, diesel consumption report, etc.

• Maintaining long term process / mechanical isolation register, electrical isolation register, safety system bypass register, control room log book and parameter log sheets.

• Maintaining and updating the LO/LC and fire extinguisher files.

• Chemical inventory checking and maintaining.

• Controlling and maintaining all original documents in the control room.

• Giving training to the local control room operators.

• Worked as a DCS commissioning incharge during the DCS commissioning time; Graphics page modification, function test of the instruments, function test of the equipment, test run of the running equipments without load, valve exercising, status checking with compared to the field, all F&G detectors calibration, ESD system function test as per cause and effect diagram.


Nov 2007 To Oct 2010
Designation Central control room operator (production)
Employer BW OFFSHORE , FPSO , KMZ project, Mexico

Client : PEMEX (Petroleum of Mexico)

Project : KMZ (Ku Maloop Zaap) Project

Place : Gulf of Mexico, Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico.

Vessel : FPSO – Yuum Kak Naab.

Company : BW OFFSHORE (Norwegian Offshore Company)

Production : Oil = 140,000 bopd and Gas = 120 mmscfd.

Main Duties : DCS commissioning, Control room operation and Train the national operators to competent level to manage control room.

Operation : Receiving non stabilized heavy oil from Pemex platforms and Processing; blending with incoming light oil; stored in Tanks; offloading to the tankers / the Pemex Platform Ku-A;

Gas compressing and exporting to the Pemex platform Zaap C.

Separation : Oil and Gas.

Job Rotation : 35 and 35 days

Reason for leaving: Contract was two year and extended one year. Then the contract completed due to localization.

System, Units and equipments handled:

DCS: Emerson Delta V operating system and Autronica F&G system (Three process consoles, two safety consoles and one Autronica F&G console MMI and Rockwell PLCs related with PSD and ESD systems; CCTV; Two operators working at a time).

Process units and equipment:

• Two phase horizontal separators.

• Oil/ Oil heat exchangers (Plate type)

• Hybrid heaters (Shell and tube type, heating medium: hot water)

• Coolers (coolant : sea water, type : plate type)

• Gas Sweetening Unit (Capacity : 10 mmscfd)

• Centrifugal gas compressors (Siemens, 120 mmscfd capacity)

• Reciprocating fuel gas compressors (Flotech, 3.5mmscfd,Dual mode : Fuel Gas side and acid gas side)

• Internal STP turret system.

• Crude oil Booster pumps (centrifugal type)

• Chemical injection system (Anti foam, Gas Corrosion Inhibitor and MDEA)

• Flaring system (Flare KOD, Flare ignition system, Hot Flare and Cold Flare)

Utility :

• Turbines with WHRU (Capacity : 24.8 MW, Dual fuel : gas and Diesel)

• Boilers (capacity :25 MW, Dual fuel : gas and Diesel)

• Inst air compressors, N2 generator units, Utility air compressor.

• Emergency diesel generators, RO Unit and tanks, cooling water pumps.


• PTW system (hot work, cold work, confined space entry), ESD and PSD system.

• F&G System (HC, H2S, heat, Smoke, Line of sight, Flame Detectors; Manual call point)

• Electrical Fire water pumps (centrifugal), Emergency diesel fire washer pumps, Foam and fire water monitors, Deluge system with deluge valves, etc.

• Portable Fire extinguishers.

Duties as CCRO:

• Attending the shift meeting with the production supervisor and the field operators.

• Continuous surveillance of process variables, with operational set points, Surveillance the F&G system out puts.

• Advice the field operator to handle the process in manual whenever required for trouble shooting.

• Acknowledging, trouble shooting, resetting and normalizing the ESD system after shutdown by F&G system activation.

• Efficient start up and safe shutdown of the units, equipments and the plant.

• Reporting the problems, abnormalities to the supervising without delay.

• Controlling and registering the work permits; Verify the work permits precisely; Issue work request, Raise work order in CMMS system, Prepare production side work permits.

• As per the supervisor instruction, advice the operator to adjust the chemical injection flow rate, maintain the level of the chemical in the chemical storage tanks, start the injection whenever needs, maintain the surge drum levels in GSU; maintain the lube oil in compressor (centrifugal), cylinder oil and frame oil in reciprocating compressors.

• Change over the pumps, running equipments (pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, coolers and filters) with coordination of field operators weekly once as per the schedule)

• Participating as a process controller during emergencies and turn around.

• Coordinating with the production supervisor, field operators and the other maintenance dept crew (Instrumentation dept, electrical dept, mechanical dept and other contractors).

• Reports preparation like DPR (daily production summary), DPS (daily production report), daily process trends, downtime calculations preparation, daily activities report preparation, DCS log sheet logging.

• Registering and logging all faults, inhibits and normalizing of F&G detectors and system properly; and electrical isolation, long term mechanical isolation registering in log book properly.

• Maintaining the lock open/lock close files, safety equipments files properly.

• Coordinate with the instrument tech to do the F&G system detectors calibration, transmitters calibration.

• Coordinate with the client for start-up and shutdown activities.

• Proper handover at end of the shift and end of the hitch.


Dec 2004 To Aug 2007
Designation Control room operator / Field operator
Employer Qatar Petroleum and Development company, Offshore Platform, Qatar
Designation : In QPD, we have to work 3 weeks in control room and 3 weeks in field.

Client : QP (Qatar Petroleum)

Place : Qatar, Offshore platform, Al karkara oil field.

Company : QPD (Qatar Petroleum Development – Japan based Company)

Contract company: Aquatic Engineering, Qatar.

Production : Oil = 10,000 bbls/day and Gas = 3.25 mmscfd.

Operation : Oil producing from two wellhead platforms; oil and gas processing; oil export to Halul Island; gas is processed by gas sweetening unit and used for power generation; gas is processed by Gas dehydration unit compressed and injected to the reservoir; produced water injected to the reservoir.

Separation : Oil, water and gas separation.

Job Rotation : 42 and 21 days.

Reason for leaving: Contract changed from Aquatic to another company and they offered low salary compared to Aquatic and that time I got job in BW Offshore.

System, Units and equipments handled:

DCS : Emerson Delta V operating system. (Two consoles; two control room operators working at a time), MMI system and RTU system.


• Oil/gas Production wells (ESP wells and natural flow wells)

• Injection well (gas injection and water injection)

• Three phase horizontal production separators (Test separator, HP separator, LP separator, and oil surge drum)

• Heater (shell and tube type, heating medium= hot water)

• MOL pumps (centrifugal pumps)

• Custody metering skid (Daniel flow meter; auto sampling system; online BS&W analyzer and density meter; Meter prover)

• Produced water system (Degassing drum; produced water pumps; produced water conditioner; produced water injection pumps; Injecting through Injection well A-8H casing)

• Gas sweetening unit (capacity = 2.5 mmscfd)

• Gas dehydration unit – Thyristor controller reboiler – (Capacity = 9.1 mmscfd)

• Sour Gas Injection compressor (purpose: to inject the gas in to the reservoir through the injection well; Type-Reciprocating compressor Made: Ariel; 5 stages and 4 cylinders; Capacity : LP stage – 2.9 mmscfd and HP stage – 5.5 mmscfd; Coolers-Finfan cooler; PLC-Allen Bradly; Injection pressure-5200 psig)

• Vapour recovery compressor (0.5 to 40 psig; Capacity – 2.3 mmscfd: PLC – Allen Bradly)

• Chemical Injection system

• Drain system (open drain drum and closed drain drum; open drain pumps and closed drain pumps)

• Flare system (HP flare and LP Flare; HP KOD; LP KOD; Flare ignition system-Flame front generator type ignition)


• Fuel Gas system (Fuel gas buffer vessel, Fuel gas filter and fuel gas heater)

• Turbines with WHRU (company: Siemens ,Capacity : 6.44 MW, Duel fuel : gas and Diesel, 2 numbers)

• Emergency diesel generator.

• Inst air compressors (Instrument air unit and vessel and Utility air vessel)

• N2 generators, RO Unit, Cooling water pumps, Sewage treatment plant.

• Fresh water and diesel storage tanks.

Safety :

• ESD and PSD system.

• F&G System (HC, H2S, heat, Smoke, Line of sight, Flame Detectors; Manual call point)

• PTW system (hot work, cold work, confined space entry)

• Fire water pumps (centrifugal), Jockey pumps, Emergency diesel fire water pumps, Fire water with foam monitors and Deluge system with deluge valves.

• Portable Fire extinguishers.

Duties as a CCRO:

• Attending safety briefings and pre-job safety talks and actively participating.

• Controls the operation of the plant from the control room and directs action of the outside operators to ensure continuous safe and efficient operation of the plant.

• Operation and control of wells through RTU at the wellhead platforms.

• Monitoring and controlling all parameters of pressure, temperature, levels, differential pressures and flow in normal operations.

• Operate and control DCS system; Process and Wells control equipment and panel, and that the plant is safely operated within its design capabilities

• Monitor the alarm in DCS and MMI and take action accordingly.

• Efficient start up, safe shut down and routine operation for a smooth running plant.

• Whenever an alarm is received, I will inform plant operator to check for the cause of alarm and to rectify it.

• Achieving Zero flaring and production goals as per management concepts.

• Active participant and as a process controller during emergencies and turn around.

• Re-initiate all systems and associated equipments following a unit trip or plant ESD.

• Reports equipment malfunctions directly to the production supervisor

• Verification of the daily work permits and ensures that all ongoing works are confirming to the prescribed procedures. Daily permit logging and work permit controlling. Ensures that all activities in the plant are covered by a well prepared and implemented PTW.

• Inhibiting/bypassing/suppressing the detectors according to the permits and requests.

• DPS, DPR reports preparation. Daily process trends and downtime calculations preparation. Daily activities report preparation.

• Operational procedure preparation; we need to prepare operational procedure for all major works and planned long time shutdown activities.

• Co ordinate with the contractors and co workers.

• Coordinate with the instrument tech to do the F&G system detectors calibration, transmitters’ calibration.

• Coordinate with supervisor, field operators, maintenance crew and the project team.

• Keeping accurate log of all events and activities of the SHP Process Operations.


July 2002 To Sep 2004
DesignationProduction Wellhead operator
Employer TOTAL ABK, Offshore Platform, Abu Dhabi.

Location : Abudhabi, Offshore platform Company

Contractor : S.O.S recruitment and consultants.

Production : Oil = 30,000 bbls/day and Gas = 360 mmscfd.

Operation : Oil producing from wellhead platforms; processing; oil export to

Das Island; gas export to onshore and using for gas lift wells.

Wells : Oil/Gas producing wells and Gas producing wells.

Job Rotation: 28 and 28 days

System, Units and equipments handled: RTU system in the wellhead platform.


• Oil/Gas production wells (Gas lift wells and natural flow wells)

• Water injection wells.

• Test separator.

• Pigging operation.

• Injection water treatment and chemical injection.

• Chemical injection system (chemical injection pumps and chemical tanks)

• Closed drain system.

• Production header and test header.


• Inst air compressors.

• N2 generators.


ESD and PSD system.

• F&G System (HC, H2S, Flame Detectors; Manual call point)

• PTW system (hot work, cold work, confined space entry)

• Portable Fire extinguishers.

Duties as a Wellhead operator:

• Checking units and equipment on the wellhead platforms regularly, including all surface and down hole safety systems and completes daily records of work visits. And taking all parameters in log sheet.

• Opening and closing of wells

• Performing Well test in wells through test separator.

• Reactivation of the well by reactivation pump.

• Doing function test of choke, DHSV, SSV, and pilots periodically as per the schedule.

• Shutdown and depressurization of the platform as per the rig requirements.

• Coordinating with the rig rep, rig workers when rig job is going on. Participate in the preparation of wellhead platform handover for work over, maintenance, repair or modification.

• Participating in re-commissioning of equipment and wells after maintenance work has been completed. Assisting commissioning during start up / shut down of process modules and when bringing new wells on stream

• Collecting oil and water samples for quality control according to agreed procedures and schedules.

• Carrying out periodic oil and water line pigging in addition to Intelligent Pigging

• Approving work permits. Acting as Area Authority and validator for Permit to Work activities within area of responsibility.

• Millipore test to check the injection water quality, flushing of chlorination units

• Pre planning and co-coordinating with other departments, wire line crew and schlumberger for offshore operations and taking care of logistics, using chopper, supply vessels, tankers and barge movement.

• Perform in-plant housekeeping duties as necessary.

• Taking effective action to control emergencies and contain hazards within area of responsibility.

• Checking drain sump vessel level, start if level is high.

• Checking chemical tank level, injection pumps, running status, injection rate and pump stroke.

• As per wellhead control panel procedure, checking control panel and maintaining hydraulic oil level.

• Check Air Compressor running status, drain condensate from receiver.

• Checking both annulus 1&2 pressures bleed off if more than recommended.

• Checking ESD and F&G panel alarm.

• Draining gas scrubber condensate.

• Topping up chemicals to the tanks, adjusting flow rate as per requirement.

• Carrying out of service water pump weekly test run.

• Performing Xmas tree valves maintenance and preservation of valves, flanges, nuts and bolts.


May 1999 To Jun 2002
Designation Tank farm operator
Employer Indian Oil Corporation- KOYALI,GUJARAT REFINERY, INDIA

Location : Koyali, Gujarat, India

Company : Indian Oil Corporation.

Contractor : S.S Construction.

Operation : Processing the crude oil in the refinery, storage in tanks and loading, unloading and Export

Job Rotation : Yearly once one month.

System, Units and equipment handled:


• Storage tanks (fixed roof and floating roofs)

• Booster pumps and loading pumps.

• Closed drain system.


• Emergency diesel generators

• Inst air compressors.

• N2 generators.

• Water well.

Safety :

• ESD and PSD system.

• F&G System (HC, H2S, Flame Detectors; Manual call point)

• PTW system (hot work, cold work, confined space entry)

• Pilot systems.

• Portable Fire extinguishers.

Duties as a Tank farm operator:

• Erection, Pre-commissioning, commissioning, startup, shutdown, normal operation and troubleshooting activities.

• Tanks and pipelines erection and checking as per P&ID and vender documents.

• Witness of the hydro test of the tanks and pipelines, cardboard blasting, pigging of the pipelines with different types of pigs including launcher/ receiver operation.

• Flushing, Purging, Pressure testing of the pipelines whenever required.

• Crude oil separation by method of mixing, settling and water draining.

• Fuel oil handling and storage.

• Water draining of crude and finish product tanks.

• Tank Sampling.

• On line tank change over.

• Tank to Tank transferring.

• Monitoring current level of the tanks.

• Tank gauging and Dip memo Preparation.

• Monitoring Temperature and Pressure in Tanks & Bullets.

• Checking and Ensuring Nitrogen Blanketing in tanks and Bullets.

• Checking of Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves in tanks.

• Blending operation.

• MOV operations.

• Operation and control of roof top intermediate tanks float top main tanks.

• Handling transfer pumps, booster pumps and main pumps.

• Pump operation for loading, unloading and oil movements.

• Pumps operation like changeover, handover for maintenance.

• Metering of the fluids by turbine type metering skid.

• Proving operation by prover.

• Housekeeping in tank farm area.