Multilingual Business Manager Seeking Work In Europe

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Serial No: 22885

Skills keywords: business consultant, business developer, business project management
List Of Qualifications:

Master's degree in International Relations, Lisbon,Portugal
Business Studies, Auckland, New Zealand

Previous Employment Details:

Business Manager Thermoheat PT, Portugal
Business Manager Central SA, East Timor
External Relations Officer, Portuga

Current location: Lisboa, Portugal - View on map
Nationality: Portuguese
Preferred Sector of Employment:  General Management, Retail Wholesale and Purchasing, Travel and Tourism
Spoken languages: english, french, german, portuguese, spanish
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Career Summary

Since April 2014

After 19 years of work in the private sector, I decided to change temporarily my career perspective and I have started to collaborate with the not-for-profit sector in cooperation and development.

I decided to volunteer on-line, and to contribute, even in a small part, for peace and development.

Doing something voluntarily implies contributing without necessarily getting anything in return. This altruistic motivation is what moved me to be a current UN on line volunteer.In addition I also became more familiar with all not-for-profit sector nuances.

Main duties : UNV On-line Coordinator | UNV Bonn Knowledge and Innovation Section Germany

Development topic : 1.Youth Training Manual (involving knowledge of UNV terms, capacity building vocabulary and language specific to learning, training and non-formal education)

From August to November 2014
Home-based Duties. Proofreading – English to Portuguese(official documents ) and coordination of a project team of UNV On line volunteers.
UNV On-line volunteer : ONE UN (UNICEF,UNDP,WFT,WHO) Cape Verde,Africa

Development topics: 1.Development Advocacy and Strategies,involving knowledge of legal terms and project management vocabulary . 2.UNV Child Protection, IPV and OPV non-Gavi countries involving knowledge of polio and funding vocabulary. 3.UN National Volunteer Program knowledge products, involving knowledge of volunteerism and related UNV vocabulary. 4.WHO, Volcanic eruptions – Natural Disaster

Profile – Technical Hazard Sheet
Since April 2014
.Home-based Duties.English to Portuguese translation (legal documents and short texts)

Main achievements : The expected end result of the overall UNV Bonn project was having translated into Portuguese the UN Youth Volunteer Assignment Preparation Training Curriculum (over 25,000 words).There where three different teams being formed, each working on the translation into one of the languages listed. In each of the team there was one coordinator, and in my case I was proposed by UNV for this role, given a recent fruitful collaboration and thereby familiarity with UNV’s terminology.

Accomplishment of requested tasks on-time.The contribution helped ONE UN Cape Verde in its overall programme to achieve the MDGs, and more specifically to develop a global partnership for development.It is important to provide local partners with a Portuguese version of contracts, concept notes, proposals and other reference texts in order to ensure full understanding of their content.

Sector : Not-for-profit Sector | UN and UNV |

Mar 2010 – Nov 2013
Business Manager,Researcher & Developer
Central Soc S.A. Dili, East Timor

Main duties : Managerial guidance and coordination of all operations and all service-related activities ensuring use of best practices in monitoring and evaluation.Monitor the implementation of the business strategies.Follow an annual work plan with the priorities and activities aligned with the corporate strategies. Delineate and implement internal procedures accordingly.

Liaise,develop and strengthen external partnerships with public and private sector,cooperatives,non-governmental and civil society organisations and media.Establishment of links with national and international companies, organisations and governing bodies to promote business and generate sustainability.Facilitate collaboration with internal and external counterparts, maintain close collaboration between country office and HQ Officers for overall coordination.Ensure the flow of relevant information from the country office to HQ as well as external partners, including facilitating internal and external communication.

Participating extensively in all meetings, including organising( talking points, briefing notes) note taking, reporting on outcomes and following up on actions.

Supervision in loco of all marketing and media campaigns.Provide input for the communications’ dept to produce communication materials pertaining to assigned activities.Market analysis and research.

Data analytics. Extensively utilised SAGE program to ; – create personalised ad-hoc query and report lists. -selectively access critical data to identify issues early, make an accurate analysis, and take timely action to improve performance on the a.m.units, through constant monitoring and evaluation.

Supervision of local procurement of goods and services, monitoring the section budgets to ensure optimal delivery.

Human Resources ‘ operations : recruitment ( application of gender mainstreaming), workshops and training ,capacity building and supervision assuring roles,responsibilities and goals of staff were clearly defined and monitored on the use of corporate requirements.

Provide guidance, technical and legal support to country office.Permanent liaison with HQ in Portugal.

Travel for short work assignments namely to Singapore and Portugal.

Main achievements : Delivering results on time and on budget. Consolidated the human resources office resulting in greater efficiency, streamlined operations and savings in payroll alone.

Negotiated new travel policy with effective controls, resulting in greater efficiency and consistency in travel planning and reduction in costs.

Wrote all company internal procedures and provided one-on-one training to all staff instilling a level of confidence that led to higher efficiency.

Interviewed and recruited over 80% of Timorese staff.

Supervised all marketing and publicity campaigns in loco.

Established partnerships with the Timorese media, numerous companies,national and international organisations.

Sector : Private Sector | Wholesale and Retail |

Reason for leaving : I handed in my resignation since I wanted to start an Executive Course overseas and thereafter to look for another challenging Job position.

Apr 1996 – Jan 2010
External Relations Officer
Beroa Iberia, Lisbon, Portugal

Main duties : Liaise with all national and international clients. Partnership building. Follow up with clients providing support.Facilitate collaboration with internal and external counterparts and entities,establish and maintain linkage, ensure the flow of relevant information.

Identifying business opportunities and prospects nationally and internationally.

Provide technical support to overseas staff in international projects , backing up them with commercial,administrative and logistical issues.

Management of company events providing logistical support to facilitate all participants.Monitoring the financial aspects of all assigned projects.Planning and monitoring : billing of all national and international projects and following up on payments.Managing and ensuring monthly billing on-time and on-budget. Reporting : progress reports ,accompanying intermediary invoices and final reports per project assignment.

Collecting and analysing data.Extensively utilised PHC program to manage customers’ commercial and financial data. Effective knowledge management of key financial data. Perform daily analysis to follow up on payments. Identify opportunities for mobilising resources.

Procurement of services.Negotiation of payment terms and discount policies.Coordinating of Transport & Logistics handling international shipments from Portugal to Middle East, Australia and Africa,providing support to all logistics needed for project activities.

Frequent travel for short work assignments to Belgium, France and Germany to monitor, evaluate and report back to our President Mr. FTM.

Main achievements : Communicating in a credible and effective way with national and international clients.

Building and promoting partnerships across the holding Co. and beyond, moving forward in a changing environment.Utilised and updated PHC database program to manage key information of major clients.Cultivating rapport and smooth communication with each client and partner.

Coordinated an International event for 60 p as part of the 1st International Seminar of BEROA Holding Company.

Sector : Private Sector | Engineering and Installation of refractory lining for all industries,namely steel, glass, non ferrous,cement, ceramics, power, environmental, chemical and petrochemical. |

Reason for leaving : I handed in my resignation since I wanted to start an international career.

Following jobs via Temp Agencies : Manpower and Multipessoal I

March 1996
Marketing Assistant
Bank BES – Banco Espirito Santo , Lisbon, Portugal

Main duties : Mailing project : update of customers’ data.

Main achievements : Accomplishment of deadlines.Good practice of Banking IT Tools.

Sector : Private Sector | Banking |

Dec 1995 – Feb 1996
Executive Assistant
IT Department , AICEP Agência para Desenvolvimento e Comércio Externo de Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal

Main duties :

Managing the day-to-day operations of the office.Organising and maintaining files and records

Planning and scheduling meetings and appointments.Preparing and editing correspondence and reports.

Main achievements : Control the workload and see that all work was completed correctly.

Successfully reorganised company archive which significantly increased efficiency of work processes.

Sector : Public Sector | Trade & Investment Government Agency |

Sept to Nov 1995
Karstadt and Hertie, München, Germany

Main duties :

Fashion Dept StoreAnswering queries from customers. Assisting shoppers to find the goods and products they were looking for. Giving advice and guidance on product selection to customers.

Stocking shelves with merchandise.Keeping up to date with special promotions and putting up displays.

Main achievements : Improvement of my german speaking,listening and writing skills.

Able to work as part of a sales team.Comfortable working with members of the public.

When we are living in Germany, learning the language happens almost automatically. I lived in student residences and socialised too, having the chance to learn colloquial German almost automatically, apart from the work environment.

I improved my chances of finding a job on the international job market. Because after English, German was the most widely spoken language in Europe.I found this job position most valuable.

Sector : Private Sector | Trade| Dept Store Group | |

Jun 1995 – Jul 1995
Front Desk Executive
Embassy of Canada to Portugal, Lisbon

Main duties : Managing correspondence, greeting Guests, answering phones (responsible for supplying information, taking messages and keeping co-workers informed about the time, date and nature of calls), and maintaining records and files as well.Use of both Canadian official languages : English and French.

Main achievements : It was my first job experience. I learned how to manage the day-to-day operations of a front desk office, answering phone queries and giving guidance , speaking both in English and French.This job position enabled me to start applying for other job positions related to my university education.

I gained my First Job experience, after having recently finished my university studies.

Sector : Public Sector | Diplomacy |

Education & Qualifications

Nov 2013 – Feb 2014
Business Studies
LSI-Language Studies International, Auckland, New Zealand

Module 1 International Trade

Module 2 Developing Leadership Skills & Team building Module 3 Effective communication in Presentations

Module 4 Decision making, Motivation & Delegation

Module 5 Marketing & Advertising

Module 6 E-Commerce, Technology & Innovation

Module 7 Banking and Stock market

Module 8 Effective communications in Meetings

Module 9 Recruitment Interviewing

Module 10 Business Law, Ethics & Environmental Issues Module 11 Effective Communication in Selling & Negotiations Module 12 Management Styles in International Companies

Sept 1990 – Jul 1995
Masters’ degree in International Relations
Lusiada University, Lisbon,Portugal

The study of a diverse set of political, economic, social ,cultural and diplomatic interactions between sovereign states, international organisations, non-governmental organizations, multi-national corporations and civil society actors at a global, regional or inter-state level.International Relations focuses on cutting-edge questions related to historical, political and economical processes of globalisation, international relations and cultural encounters. Using approaches from social science, political theory and cultural analysis.


Listening/ Reading/ Spoken/ interaction/ Spoken production

English C 1 C 1 C 1 C 1 C 1
Certificate : English Business Studies | Level : Advanced | Grade : excellent
LSI ,Auckland, New Zealand

Certificate : English in international relations context | Level : Advanced | Grade : good
University Lusíada, Lisbon, Portugal

French B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2
Certificate : French in international relations context | Level : Advanced | Grade : good
University Lusíada, Lisbon, Portugal

German B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2
Certificate : Zertifikat Deustch als fremdsprache | Level : Grundstufe | Grade : sehr gut (very good)
Certificate : Zeugnis Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung| Level : Mittelstufe | Grade : gut (good)
Goethe Institut, Lisbon, Portugal Certificate : Zertifikat Intensivkurs in Deutsch | Level : Oberstufe | Grade : mit groBem Erfolg (excellent) DID, Nürnberg & München, Germany

Tetum* A2 A2 A2 N/A N/A
* East timor language | Private lessons, Dili, East Timor

Italian B 2 B 2 N/A N/A N/A
Level : 1 & 2 Basic Grade : Good | Instituto Italiano, Lisbon, Portugal

Spanish B 2 B 2 B 2 B 2 A1

IT Skills

 Word Processing software -create worksheets, type letters, type papers ; MS Word, AppleWorks

Desktop Publishing software – illustrative worksheets, newsletters ; Adobe and AppleWorks

Spreadsheet software – to compute number-intensive problems such as budgeting, forecasting plus graphs ; MS Excel, AppleWorks

Database software – to store data such as address, membership and other relevant text information; MS Access, Sage,PHC

Presentation software – to create multimedia stacks that can effectively present a lesson MS PowerPoint, AppleWorks (slideshows)

Internet Browsers – to surf the Web; MS Internet Explorer, Safari.

Email programs – send and receive emails,MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook

Graphics Programs – Adobe , MS Paint

Communications software – to communicate through audio, video, and/or chat-based messages .Skype,Viber


Research Skills

University Theses works : Europe & Africa

1. Portuguese Foreign Affairs Policy post 1974-International Decolonisation of Portuguese Colonies : Guine Bissau, Cabo Verde,Sao Tome & Principe,Angola and Mozambique (1993/1994).

2. Europe in transition (1994/1995).