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CV, Mooring, Loading Master, Marine Pilot, Looking Globally

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 32605
(09/19/1981, male)
List top 5 skills: loading master, marine master, marine pilot, mooring master
Short Bio:

13 years experience in marine aspects, 9 on board crude oil tankers. Most of voyages were short trips in the Red Sea and Gulf of Suez resulting in increasing my skills in manoeuvering vessels I was involved in 108 mooring, loading and discharging operations as Chief Officer. Last 3 years working with Petro Canada/ Harouge oil operation as Pilot/ Loading Master at Ras Lanuf Oil Terminal - Libya for offshore mooring (SBM, CBM) during this period I carried out pilotage for 72 tanker vessels.

Current location: 

Alexandria/ Egypt - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy, other

Spoken languages: 

Arabic, english

Locations I am interested in working:



• 13 years experience in marine aspects, 9 on board crude oil Tankers with Pyramid navigation co. Operating by Chandris Hellas, Most of voyages were short trips in the red sea and Gulf of Suez resulting in increased my skills in maneuvering vessels I was involved in 108 mooring, loading and discharging operations as Chief Officer. Last 3 years working with Petro Canada/ Harouge oil operation as Pilot / Loading Master at Ras Lanuf Oil Terminal – Libya for offshore mooring (SBM, CBM) during this period I Carried out Pilotage for 72 Tanker Vessels.

• Experienced with Classification Society Rules and Statutory Regulations (SOLAS, MARPOL).

• Strong experience in various aspects of Navigation and Maritime transports engineering.

• Computer Skills
Excellent-Windows, Microsoft Office, Loading/ Stability Programs..

• Personality Ambitious, optimist, sociable (team worker), good leadership, team builder, with a great work potential. Self-motivated and achievement orientated, commercial acumen.

• State of health Excellent


Secure a challenging maritime position where in my team player attributes, experience and communication skills can be utilized in obtaining personal career goals and those of the employer.

Professional Experience

MM / DD Name and type of the vessel

5M – 13 D M/T Alexia – crude oil tanker 3rd Officer

11M – 09 D M/T Zienat 2 – crude oil tanker 3rd Officer

03 M – 17 D M/T Alexia – crude oil tanker 3rd Officer

06 M – 08 D M/V Chris – bulk carrier 2nd Officer

10 M – 21 D M/T Alexia – crude oil tanker 2nd Officer

05 M – 07 D M/T Alexia – crude oil tanker 2nd Officer

09 M – 16 D M/T Louka – crude oil tanker Chief Officer

03 M – 14 D M/T Zienat 2 – crude oil tanker Chief Officer

03 M – 28 D M/T Zienat 2 – crude oil tanker Chief Officer

07 M – 12 D M/T Alexia 2 – crude oil tanker Chief Officer.

05 M – 19 D M/T Sharifa 4 – crude oil tanker Chief Officer

09 M – 07 D M/T Zienat 2 – crude oil tanker Chief. Officer

08 M – 11 D M/T Sharifa 4 – crude oil tanker Chief Officer

01.01.2011 – 30.05.2012 Zeit Bay Oil Terminal – Egypt Mooring/Loading Master

14.06.2012 – 14.03.2015 Ras Lanuf Oil Teminal – Libya Mooring/Loading Master

JOB DESCRIPTION: I have been in the marine profession since 2003 –  the 12 years were on tankers. In these years I have served on several crude oil tankers – Suezmaxes, Aframaxes, VLCC’s.

From 2003 to 2011 work with Pyramid Navigation CO. operated by Chandris Hellas.

In 2011 I was a Mooring/Loading Master (Pilot) at Zeit Bay Terminal ( SBM ) Suze gulf -Egypt

From Jun.2012 Mooring/Loading Master (Pilot) at Ras Lanuf Oil Terminal ( SBM , CBM ) –Harouge oil operation /Pedro Canada (Libya)

The overall responsibilities were:

– Berthing/loading/un-berthing and documenting VLCC’s, Suezmaxes and Aframaxes.

– Coordinate loading and discharging aboard tankers at offshore berths.

– Remain aboard the ships at offshore berths to coordinate and monitor the loading operation.

– Conduct pre-loading safety inspection of ship’s manifold and mooring equipment.

– Instruct ship’s Master on proposed mooring and loading operation.

– Give direct commands to ship’s Master regarding steering orders and engine speed.

– Direct tugs and/or mooring launches assigned to berthing/unberthing operation.

– Direct Foreman and vessel’s personnel for mooring in the order and sequence of connecting or deploying the grommet and the mooring lines.

– Coordinate with terminal`s control during cargo handling operations with regard to starting, stopping or changing cargo flow rates.

– Responsible for conducting periodic safety inspection during the course of loading (at a minimum interval of every 4 hours) corrects and reports deficiencies discovered during such safety inspections.

– Ensure safety inspection records are maintained within ship-shore checklist.

– Review and premeasure ship’s cargo tanks to recalculate cargo figures to reconcile ship-shore differences.

– Direct deep loaded vessels to a safe zone as required and directs deep loaded vessels to departure upon ship’s Master request.

– Maintain cargo log (times) of vessels operations.

From 2007 to 2011 as onboard crude oil tankers

As Chief Officer on board of the vessels I had the following functions and responsibilities:

• The Master’s authorized deputy in his absence or incapacity due to illness.

• The vessel’s “Safety Officer” and shall ensure that all LSA equipment is maintained and is fully operational. This routine maintenance is to be conducted by the 3rd Officer and 4th Engineer on deck and in the engine room respectively.

• The vessel’s “Ship Security Officer” undertake security duties as requested by the Master.

• The vessel’s “Garbage Control Officer”.

• In charge of the safe, efficient and environmental operation of the deck department.

• Responsible for the safe navigation of the vessel during watch in accordance with owners’s Shipboard Manuals and document proper records of events.

• Implement safe and environmental ship operations including loading and discharge of cargo and ballast, tank cleaning, purging, gas freeing and reinerting operations with subsequent monitoring of the vessel trim and stability.

• Plan the in port Risk Assessment (RA) and brief the officers and crew prior to arrival in port.

• Prepare, prior to departure from port, all loading or discharging papers, cargo calculation results of ship’s draft, stability, bending moments and shear forces to the Master, cargo surveyors and agents as applicable.

• Maintenance and cosmetic appearance of the vessel, in accordance with the planned maintenance system, of all areas of the vessel, other than machinery and engine room, engine store room and spaces.

• Calibration of all potable gas detecting instruments including explosimeters, gas scope, O2 analysers, toxic portable instruments and any other gas detecting device onboard.

• The Chief Officer shall ensure the deck hands are suitably employed during working hours and that adequate “on the job” safety standards, risk assessments and work routines are maintained.

Dry docking lists, in cooperation with the Chief Engineer, for deck and cargo related items.

• Prevent pollution, report all environmental incidents, actively support the commitment of the environmental policy and facilitate the compliance with environmental regulatory requirements and promote high standards of environmental awareness throughout the organization.

I was in charge of all matters concerning cargo relating to:

– Cargo distribution

– Cargo calculations

– Familiar with Cargo oil pumps and stripping systems;

– Crude oil washing, inerting, purging, gas freeing, water washing;

– Use of Oil content monitors.

Preparing vessel for classification society surveys and other surveys.

I’m familiar with permit to work systems.

In charge of the emergency teams for safety drills.

Carried out safety meetings.

In charge of the deck crew and cargo operators; distribute and supervise jobs given to them

– Daily maintenance jobs;

– follow PM’s and maintain PM’s;

– Maintenance of all cargo equipment;

I believe in teamwork and cooperating with other departments.


** Officials

Unlimited Master cert no.5487 Issued at: Egypt May.2011 Valid till: May.2016

Seaman book no.: 178010 Issued at: Egypt Feb.2012 Valid till: May.2016

Civil passport no: 09279209 Issued at: April.2013 Valid till: Mar.2020

** Qualifications & Certifications

* Master COC at Jul. 2010 with excellent merit

* Chief Mate COC at Jul. 2007 with excellent merit

* Second Mate COC at Jul 2003 With excellent merit

* Graduated from Arab Academy for Science & Technology ( AAST ) at Aug 2002 , ( V.Good grade )



Courses Obtained/ Valid till

Advanced fire prevention and fire fighting 19.07.11 13.06.16

Advanced personal survival & search & rescue 19.07.11 01.06.16

Medical care studies 25.12.11 19.12.16

ISM / ISO Course 18.11.07

GMDSS course 22.11.11 08.07.16

GMDSS General operator license ( GOC ) 10.07.11 08.07.16

Personal safety & social responsibilities 21.11.11 14.11.16

Proficiency in survival crafts & rescue boats 29.09.05

Radar Simulator 15.05.08

Prevention & combating of marine pollution 05.09.05 ——-

Marine Radar & automatic Radar plotting aids 01.09.05

Operation of electronic navigational aids included in second mate course 24.07.05

ECDIS simulation based on IMO model course 1.27 13.06.11

Bridge resource management simulator BRM/BTM 12.12.11

Risk assessment for hot work & Risk management 08.11.07

Ship handing and maneuvering 29.05.11

Ship board safety officer 02.01.12 01.12.16

proficiency as a ship security officer 16.11.09 05.11.14

Advanced communication course 29.07.08

Management Level course of International code for the security of ships & port facilities ( ISPS ) 29.09.05

** Oil Tankers specialized courses

Course Obtained Valid till

Advanced oil tanker training program(Safety) 21.07.11 20.07.16

Advanced oil tanker training program(IG & COW) 21.07.11 20.07.16

Oil Tanker Master Endorsement 22.12.12 21.12.17

References/Other Information

Available on request