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CV, Montenegro Based IT Manager Looking Worldwide

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 40720
(10/08/1988, male)
List top 5 skills: 
Short Bio:

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Current location: 

Budva, Montenegro - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

IT and Technology

Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:


Work Experience

SeniorIT Manager
Dukley, Budva (Montenegro)

▪ Responsible for designing, implementation and managing communication network (fiber optic, Wi-Fi, Ethernet) and TV network applying security standards in Dukley Gardens and Dukley Marina

▪ Managing and supervising construction of fiber optic network (FTTH) project for luxury condo Dukley Gardens with over 200 apartments, restaurants, beaches, technical rooms.

▪ Designing and supervising construction of fiber optic network project in Marina, finishing the project with camera surveillance and Wi-Fi network.

▪ Creating a design, maintaining and monitoring Wi-Fi network over 150 unifi AP.

▪ Developing CCTV network with over 80 Dahua Technology cameras in luxury complex Dukley Gardens.

▪ In deep market analysis for IPTV providers

▪ Participating in creating IPTV system for complex.

▪ Discovering and analysis programs for CRM, restaurants, beaches, storehouse and whole complex.

▪ Routing with Mikrotik, medium level creating firewalls, nats, ports, vlans DHCP servers etc.

▪ Higher level procurement of IT hardware, software maintenance products & service, creating tendering procedures for small and medium procurement from Montenegro and from other countries.

▪ Managing the IT budgets and expenditure on hardware and software(monthly and anual plans).

▪ Managing mail system with Google Apps for Work(8 companies), around 250 users, creating mail forwarding system, filtering emails etc.

▪ Participating in creating contracts for mobile communications, internet and IPTV, amount of contracts value more than 30k euros per year.

▪ Managing 100 domain names and hosting (forwarding, DNS, renewing) for main company Dukley and sister companies.

▪ Creating web sites for Dukley brand. Familiar with SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter

advertising, creating diverse social networks.

Business or sector Development: Design and Construction


Junior IT Manager
Monterra Construction, Budva (Montenegro)

▪ Maintaining computers, desktop applications, local area networks, printers, scanners.

▪ Responsible for hardware and software installation, maintenance and repairing over 60 users in 5 sister companies.

▪ Connecting 3 different constructing sites with main building using VPN connection, static IP address and links with UBNT equipment. This network has 50-100 users .

▪ Routing with Mikrotik, beginner level, familiar with firewall, DHCP servers, pools, web-proxy, NAT, queues, monitoring web traffic.

▪ Medium level procurement of IT hardware, software and maintenance products & service, familiar with tendering procedures for small and medium procurement in Montenegro and other countries.

▪ Managing IT budgets and expenditures for both hardware and software.

▪ Developing & maintaining company IT systems, software and database


Personal Skills

▪ Creating PayDox file exchange system for 30-50 users.

▪ Implementing and maintaining 1C finance program.

▪ Evaluating, testing, advising, training and supporting related projects.

▪ Management of server software and associated backup routines.

▪ Performing routine audits of systems and software.

▪ Managing the internal & hosted network infrastructure including: servers, switches and telephony.

▪ Responsible for training of new staff.

▪ Maintaining documentation of changes regarding users, functions & systems.

▪ Managing around 100 mobile numbers (Telenor Group), optimization of telecommunication costs, regulation of packages, procurement for phones, reports for finance sector

▪ Participating in creating contracts for mobile communications and internet, amount of contracts value more than 20k euros per year.

▪ Managing mail system with Google Apps for Work(5 companies), around 80 users, creating mail forwarding system, filtering emails, Google docs system etc.

▪ Managing 50 domain names and hosting (forwarding, DNS, renewing)

Business or sector: Construction


Mother tongue(s) Montenegrin Language

Other language(s)

Listening/ Reading Spoken interaction/ poken production/Writing

English C2 C1 B2 B2 B1

Russian A2 A1 A1 A1

Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user – B1 and B2: Independent user – C1 and C2: Proficient user


Digital Competence & Computer Skills

▪ Web desing (Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Concrete5).

▪ Proficient user of Office 2007, 2010, 2016.

▪ Proficient user of Windows and Mac OS X.

▪ Proficient user of Google Chrome, Gmail, Play Store and other Google products.

▪ Basic user of Photoshop, InDesign, Key Note, Gimp, Ubuntu.

▪ Familiar with AutoCAD.



▪ University of Donja Gorica – UDG Podgorica, Montenegro.

▪ Graduate studies Management of Information Systems and Technologies.

▪ Expected M.A. degree – third quarter of 2016.



▪ Snowboarding.

▪ Fishing.

▪ Hiking.

▪ Climbing.

▪ Mountain biking