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Skills keywords: account management, digital marketing, global sales training., medical device sales, product launch
Short Bio:

Over 10 years selling as an account manager within the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. Designed & created an iPad app from the marketing budget as a sales tool for sales team in UK & Ireland. Won numerous awards including collaboration. Acted as a Global Sales Trainer within EMEA and the USA training new starters on anatomy, physiology, sales process and competitors. Certified Field Sales Trainer for Global Surgery. My PDP is to go in to training and professional education.

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  education and training, Medical and Nursing
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, french, german
Location I am interested in working: United States


** I have extensive experience working within both the pharmaceutical and the medical device industry in several roles.

**I am a certified Field Sales Trainer for Global Surgery and have acted as a mentor for new starters.

**I have trained new company starters from across the world acting as a Global Sales Trainer on the Sales Mastery Course within Rome, Italy and Fremont, San Francisco where I have taken the lead in training and presenting core products as well as signing off the final role plays.

**My physician was the first person in the world to use a newly launched product which I organised and supported as well as helping to bring a Global R&D Engineer from our head office in Fremont, San Francisco to observe the evaluation within the UK.

**I won the Cordis Gold Encore Award 2014 for contribution to business through team collaboration with the AAA INCRAFT team helping new team members gain account access and book small access cases during launch of INCRAFT.

**I won the INCRAFT Collaboration incentive for 2014. I was the only person in UK & Ireland to grow my Endovascular sales by over 10% within the same accounts that I collaborated in, in order to help launch INCRAFT.

**I have worked large territories including: parts of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire; – Boston, Grimsby, Kettering and East Anglia, London and have travelled to Europe and the USA on behalf of my company in my career to date and I am quite willing to travel extensively. I have performed technical product demonstrations/presentations for surgical consultants and at professional education meetings within large workshops as well as created business plans for procurement (non-clinical stakeholders).

**I increased sales in 2013 for one product by 48.4% vs. prior year within Cordis and I was one of the top 3 sales persons for Exoseal (vascular closure) within the UK, Ireland and Nordics Region in 2013. I finished 96.4% on plan for Total Territory Sales in 2014.

**I designed and created an iPad app for Cordis marketing for the UK & Ireland sales team for a high value product (OUTBACK) incorporating a health economic model and visual in-service to enable account managers to use it as a sales tool. The iPad app was launched nationally in January 2015 with the intention to further roll out to EMEA, USA and Asia.

Career Summary

Cordis- Johnson & Johnson
26th January 2012- Present

-Territory Manager- East of England (encompassing Southern Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Midlands, Norfolk & Norwich, Peterborough, Kettering and Northampton) – Interventional Radiology & Cardiology

• Permanent position selling Cordis vast range of interventional radiology and interventional cardiology products to consultant interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, consultant cardiologists and nurses and lab staff within cath labs and radiology labs.

• Products range from sheaths (for access), diagnostic and guiding catheters and wires, Chronic Total Occlusion devices to cross the lesion and balloons and stents (intervention) and a vascular closure device (Exoseal).

• Covering large territory- from Doncaster and Sheffield, to Grimsby and Boston, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and down to Kettering and Northampton, Norfolk & Norwich, Peterborough and King’s Lynn (includes over 32 hospitals).

• Spend most of my time within labs training consultants how to use our products and advising consultants step by step on the patient with product training as well as having meetings with procurement in order to justify product cost/usage

• Working with procurement managers (non-clinical stakeholders) – creating business case models and also taking part in tenders and mini competitions for both Interventional Radiology and Cardiology portfolios.

• Opened 14 new business accounts within 2013 -all taken from competitors.

• Opened 10 new business accounts within 2014 – all taken from competitors.

• Increased total territory sales by 5.6% vs. prior year in 2013

• Grew endovascular balloons by 48.4% (51,880 pounds) vs. prior year within 2013

• Increased 0.18″ PTA business by 23.7% GOPY in 2014

• Increased Outback (CTO) business by 19.3% GOPY in 2014

• Increased SX Stent business by 27.8% GOPY in 2014

• 96.4% on total territory plan 2014

• Number 1 in SABER league table for UK & Ireland – 2014

• Number 1 in Outback league table for UK & Ireland – 2014

• Number 1 in SMART Flex league table for UK & Ireland – Q1 & Q2 2015

• Top 3 sales performer for Vascular Closure (Exoseal) in January and February 2013 within the UNI cluster (includes; United Kingdom, Ireland and Nordics).

• Travelled to Barcelona to attend the CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe) congress in September 2013 and represent the United Kingdom & Ireland.

• Travelled to Varese, Italy in October 2013 supported physicians at a workshop for professional education purposes in order to help expand their below the knee practice -October 2013

• Designed and created a marketing iPad app for one of our most expensive products (OUTBACK) integrating a healthcare economic model for justification of price to non-clinical and clinical stakeholders as well as another part to be used to visually educate and train the physician on how to use the product through an interactive demo. . – App launched to UK & Ireland team in January 2015 with the view to further launch it within the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and eventually globally.

• Experienced and trained with using the Salesforce CRM system. Regularly help train other members of the team with CRM system.

• Work closely with marketing team on creative ideas on how to extend CRM tool.

• First person in UK/Ireland to portfolio sell: Powerflex Pro, SABER and SMART Flex within the same order from one hospital.

• I am the digital lead for the Southern Team- helping team members use iPad and apps productively as a sales tool.

• My physician was the FIRST person in the world to use a newly launched product- 0.18” balloon SABER. I organised & facilitated the evaluation & supported the R&D global engineer to visit from USA HQ. -May 2014

• Certified Field Sales Trainer for Global Surgery – July 2014

• Travelled to Rome, Italy in June 2014 to help conduct the First EMEA Global Sales Mastery Course; training EMEA new starters.

• Travelled to Cordis Global Head office in Fremont, San Francisco in September 2014 to lead Global Sales Training team in training US & Latin America new starters in the Global Sales Mastery Course for 2 weeks (partly on my vacation time).

• Gold Encore Award 2014- Winner. Contribution to business through team collaboration with new AAA INCRAFT Launch, helping INCRAFT sales representatives gain access in to accounts and book in small access cases during launch period.

• Winner of INCRAFT Collaboration incentive 2014. Only person in UK & Ireland to grow Endovascular portfolio by over 10% in accounts that I worked in collaboration with AAA team in order to successfully launch the product.


**Roles I took between February 2008 to July 2011 were all contract roles that ended according to the contract. These roles were taken until I found a suitable permanent role.

Bristol-Myers Squibb
4th July 2011- December 31st 2011

Therapy Area Specialist

• Short-term contract covering Diabetes product Onglyza

• Selling to Diabetic specialist GP’s and Diabetic nurse specialists in PCT

• Nottingham, Leicester and Northamptonshire

Schering-Plough (Now part of Merck)
August 24th 2009- April 30th 2010

Woman’s Health Sales Representative- Nottinghamshire

• Sold Implanon (Implant device), NuvaRing (insertion device) & Cerazette (progestogen only pill) within female contraception.

• Sold to GP’s, nurse practitioners and pharmacists in C&SH clinics (Contraception and sexual health clinics) and PCT.

• Top sales person for Implanon for each cycle with 181% SvT.

• Achieved 67% of team sales for NuvaRing (all generated from me.)

• I trained clinicians on how to insert the contraceptive implant and how to counsel the patients.

• Left due to end of contract term

• After this role I moved to California and studied a certificate in Social & Behavioural Sciences and then returned to the UK in February 2011.

November 3rd 2008-February 10th 2009

Surgical Sales Specialist- Woman’s Health- Trent & East Anglia

• Contract role to cover long-term sickness

• Sold female sterilisation insertion device- The Filshie Clip & single use applicators such as trocars and cannula’s. Sold single use applicator kits. Also sold sureflex lasers for kidney stone removal.

• Sold to surgical consultants within theatre, theatre staff, urologists & procurement within Secondary Care.

• Theatre Access Course- University of Dundee

• Covered 23 hospitals.

Allergan UK Ltd.
4th February 2008- 1st May 2008

Aesthetics Sales Specialist- Leicester- London

• Facial product specialist for Botox/ Vistabel and the Juvederm Ultra (dermal filler) range.

• Contract role covering a maternity leave.

• Sold to plastic surgeons, dentists, nurses in private health care and private practices.

• 600 customers including Harley Street, London.

KCI Medical International
November 14th 2006-15th January 2008

Wound Care Sales Specialist- North London

• Vacuum Assisted Closure therapy (negative pressure, advanced wound care device). Capital equipment either sold or rented.

• Sold to tissue viability nurses, district nurses, surgical consultants and theatre staff, podiatrists, burns specialists, community matrons, procurement, director of finance and commissioners in both Primary and Secondary Care.

• I doubled my sales figures within the first 4 months of being on territory.

• First person in the company within Europe to gain contract with a tissue viability nurse and KCI in the PCT for number of VAC’s rented per month.

• Smoothed transition of patients with product from acute care to primary care & located budget within transition.

• Held workshops presenting and training clinicians and surgical consultants.

• Clinical marketing lead for London- analysing clinical papers & helped marketing team to create presentations.

• Created non-promotional audits and made business plans for directors of finance and procurement.

• Left due to relocation.

GlaxoSmithKline –
4th September 2006- October 27th 2006

Respiratory Care Associate- North London

• Mis-sold role. Thought it was promotional, turned out to be non-promotional.

2005- 1st September 2006.

Medical Sales Representative- North Nottingham & Derbyshire & North London

• Sold pharmaceuticals within Cardiovascular, Oesteoporosis, Chloesterol and pain management.

• Sold to GP’s, nurses and pharmacists in Primary Care.

• In cycle 1 of 2006, sales on my territory went up from £7,800 in January 2006 to £12,333 in March 2006 putting my territory number 1 in the company for sales.

• Created business plan models for success.

• Left to get into healthcare/medical device sales.

Queens Medical Centre
March 2004-17th September 2004

Auxiliary Nurse- Nottingham

• Worked as volunteer nurses assistant in the General Surgery Ward within the Queens Medical Centre for experience within a healthcare environment setting in order to better understand the struggles of the clinicians and the NHS.

• Helped wash and dress patients, take their vitals and prepare them for surgery.


• MiraCosta College, Oceanside- San Diego- California- USA- May 2010-February 2011
-Social and Behavioural Sciences Certificate

• University Of Dundee- November 18th 2008.
-Theatre Access Course Certified

• ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry)
-Qualified- July 12th 2006

• De Montfort University, Leicester 1999-2004
-BSc (HONS) Biomedical Studies (- Thesis title: ‘Cutaneous Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus’)

• Ockbrook Moravian Girls School 1987-1999
-GCSE’s- 9
-A-Levels- 3 (Biology, Chemistry, Business Studies)


Hobbies & Interests

• I have been playing the piano since I was a child and I have reached Grade 5 (senior level).

• I have been writing poetry from a very young age and I have been a finalist in the national poetry competition. I have had my poems published in several newspapers as well as an anthology ‘Off the Page- A collection of Poetry’; which was distributed to every library within the UK and Ireland.

• During my time studying within California I was very active within my role at MiraCosta College and became a senator for the Associated Student Government and won ‘Senator of the month’. I was elected ‘Director of PR’ for the entire Southern California region and was the MiraCosta representative at regional meetings. I was a member of the regional committee for Equal Employment Opportunities and I was the only student representation sitting on a panel of heads of faculty and the Dean of the University.

• I have had the opportunity to travel around Europe, the Middle East and parts of the USA. I have enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures.