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CV, Mechanical Engineer Seeking Work In Switzerland Or Germany

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 35933
(05/23/1991, male)
List top 5 skills: dairy industry, life cycle costing, reliability engineer, root cause analysis
Short Bio:

I come from a farming background that has instilled in me a strong work ethic and resourceful nature. I have a strong understanding of Reliability Engineering and related theories. I have worked in many team environments during my recent employment

Current location: 

Melbourne - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

, Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations

Spoken languages: 

english, German (Beginner)

Locations I am interested in working:

Germany, switzerland


I graduated from Monash University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (with honours). In February 2014 I secured a position as a Graduate Engineer with ARMS Reliability, based in Ocean Grove. As a graduate Reliability Engineer I am required to deliver engineering solutions within a project management context, engage professionally with senior members of companies and report internally to the Manager of Engineering Operations.

I have also completed a 12 week summer internship at ARB 4×4 accessories to satisfy the requirements for my degree but more importantly to immerse myself in the operations of an engineering environment and to utilize my skills developed at University. Coming from a farming background I pride myself on my work ethic, ingenuity, innovative and teamwork skills.



Monash University Clayton
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (with Honours)

Mercy Regional College
Secondary School VCE

RCA Facilitator Competency Course


Employment History

Arms Reliability, Ocean Grove
February 2014 – Present

Graduate Reliability Engineer

I have been involved with a range of industries (PowerStation’s, Mining, Oil and Gas, Water as well as with other Utilities)

The main focus of Arms contracts is to gain transparency into their customer’s asset management framework and identify areas of high risk, unavailability, bottlenecks, and hidden failures. From this identification process we then progress to the development of tailored strategies to realign and optimise outcomes in accordance with asset failure data or onsite facilitation. This analysis requires significant interpersonal skills during facilitation sessions, efficient computer literacy skills and a thorough knowledge of the development of maintenance strategies in accordance with reliability fundamentals.

Additionally at ARMS I was involved with multiple in depth RCA investigations, where igneous problem solving discussions were orchestrated to achieve multiple controls to eliminate the occurrence of root causes.

My experience includes a recent embedded role into a large mining company located on a remote island off the coast of Papua New Guinea where I operated as a Reliability Engineer. The project/scope primarily focused on the alignment of tasks within SAP for upcoming shutdowns. The project was also structured to equip the company with reviewed and aligned maintenance procedures and strategies. This role required proficiency with SAP and analytical skills to identify areas of unreliability and required me to develop/refine maintenance strategies in a manner that is prioritised by their impact on plant reliability.

On another engagement I was contracted to an explosive producing plant for 10 weeks. In this time I developed extensive libraries within ARMS asset management software (Isograph Availability Workbench). From these libraries of detailed FMECA’s we were able to simulate the reliability and effectiveness of current strategies, determine which assets had the largest cost association and the impact revised/new strategies would have on plant reliability and consequently availability.

I have also carried out capacity modelling within water treatment utilities. Capacity modelling of their asset structure was built into an extensive RBD (Reliability block diagram) where current strategy was simulated to reveal an overall plant availability. Asset structure redesign scenarios were modelled to reveal availability improvements and varying maintenance strategies and life cycle costing was simulated and reported upon.


November 2012 – March 2013
Vacation work – ARB 4×4 Accessories

I was fortunate to be able to completed a 12 weeks summer vacation work at an accredited engineering firm, ARB 4×4 Accessories

My responsibilities included

• Provision of detailed drawings for machining and folding sheet metal (SolidWorks, CNNS)

• Implementation of safety barriers, mechanisms and procedures

• Focusing on achieving an increase production line efficiency/reliability through the rearrangement of process flow


2003 – 2012
Farm Hand

Farmhand on a family dairy cattle farm in the South West, working full time during university breaks and school holidays


• General maintenance

• Operating machinery

• Managing/quantifying dam water supply levels

• Maintaining irrigation pumps

• Servicing machinery


January 2010
Two weeks work experience with Vista wind towers at MacArthur wind farm project.



• Bachelor Of Engineering (with Honours) in the field of Mechanical Engineering

• Achieved an Enter score of 94.15 out of a possible 99.95


Skills & Qualities

Ability to work well in a team environment,

For the period of my employment at Arms Reliability as a graduate reliability engineer I have learnt the importance of being considerate of people’s differing talents, strengths and personalities. I’ve had the satisfaction and enjoyment of achieving success in group environments and believe the foundation of strong team spirit and support is listening.

During my time at a large remote gold mine, I have lived and worked alongside the national people. I have learnt that a strong relationship between field work force and management is the critical path for maintaining, implementing and continuously improving strategies. This path of communication and respect must be two ways in order to continuously improve operations.

In 2013 and 2014 I was Captain of the Division 1 Commonwealth Golf Club pennant team. Working closely with the Pennant Manager and as a player in a 7 man team we were successful in winning the pennant in 2014.

While me work restricted me to be as fully involved in 2015 pennant, we won the pennant flag for the second year running and I successfully competed in the team winning my match in the final.


Problem Solving

During my time at ARMS Relaibility, I was involved in many indepth RCA facilitations where we were contracted as expert RCA facilitators to implement the RCA methodology. This involved the development of a precise cause and effect chart through the orchestration of conversation, appropriate delegation of tasks that required futher information and the management of cohesive team discussions to arise at solutions, for root causes. I have recently completed a trained accreditation.

Through my initial work on a rural farm, and within Arms Reliability I have developed a great sense of resourcefulness and ingenuity to complete confronting tasks. I believe that both of these demanding environments have moulded my approach to problem solving as very opportunistic, creative and thorough.

Hard Working

Once again, through my upbringing on a farm I have learnt the importance of hard work and also to maintain quality in my work. Making sure jobs on the farm are done properly is paramount as leaks in pipes and breaks in poorly constructed fences can go undetected and can result in dire consequences. I believe this has also carried over to my reliability engineering career as I understand the diligence required to design tailored and safe maintenance strategies.


Operating as Graduate Reliability engineer and acting in a consultant capacity requires clear and concise communication skills which are vital in aligning work colleagues to reach a common goal. I have learnt that instructions must be received and given in a manner that prioritizes the objectives of the client’s deliverables. I am not afraid to ask for clarity or advice on tasks and am very confident in my own delivery and opinion on outcomes.

I am also a member and have been captain of the men’s pennant team at a prestigious golf club in Melbourne on the sand belt called Commonwealth Golf club. Here I have learnt valuable life lessons such as; being able to converse and respect elder members, gaining skills to confidently introduce myself to other adults, performing numerous public speaking engagements and generally learning to hold myself in a manner that is of a high standard, both on and off the golf course. I was Club Champion of the Club in 2013.



Available on request