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CV, Mechanical Engineer In Oil, Gas And Energy Sectors

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 48451
(06/08/1991, male)
List top 5 skills: construction supervision, maintenance, operations
Short Bio:

I have Bachelor Degree (Mechanical) having more than 5 years working experience in Oil & Gas field and currently working as a Mechanical Engineer (Construction / OPS Maintenance) at BAB Gas Compression Stations, Habshan ADCO, UAE through CH2M Hill Energy Ltd. Canada, I am certified in CSWIP 3.1, BGAS Gr-2 (awaiting result) and ASNT Level-II(RT,MT,PT,UT).

Current location: 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 

english, Urdu

Locations I am interested in working:



 CSWIP – 3.1 Cert. No. 81121

 BGAS CSWIP Level-2 (Awaiting Result)



 H2S Awareness

 Task Risks Assessment

 Emergency Response


FAMILIAR WITH CODES AND STANDARDS. ASME B31.3, B31.4 & B31.8, B16.5, ASME SEC I, II, V & IX, API 1104, API 650, API 610, API 615, API 614, API 617, API SIFE SIRE, AWS D1.1, ISO 13847, SHELL DEP & ADCO Specifications.


More than 5-years working experience in Oil & Gas field e.g. Construction, Operation, Maintenance, Mechanical Completion, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Startup/Shut down, SIMOPS Operations, Interpret and understand P&IDs, Isometric & General Arrangement Drawings, Vessels & Rotating Equipment Inspection, Operations-Process Plant, Gas Compression Facilities, Permit to Work Coordination, Construction work of O&G Wellheads, Piping, Pipelines, Welding, Painting, Coating, Material Inspection, Piping & Steel Structure Fabrication & Erection, Tie-in Work, Hot Tapping, Cathodic Protection System, Installation/Maintenance/Replacement & Demolition work of flowlines, ROW, HDD, Cold Bending, Pipeline Stringing, Welding of Pipeline, Visual Inspection of Weld Imperfections, NDE(RT,MT,PT,UT) Sand(Garnet) Blasting, Surface Cleaning & Testing, Painting & Coating application (3LPE,3LPP,3LPO), FBE Coating, Wet & Dry Film Thickness, Heat Shrink Sleeves Joint application, Holiday/Pinhole Testing, Adhesion/Peel off Test, Trenching, Lowering, Crossing & Backfilling of Pipeline, Berm Construction, Pigging Activities, Hydro testing, Leak & Pneumatic Test, Nitrogen Purging, Insulation Work, Pin Brazing, CP/Bond Boxes Installation, Marker/IP Posts, Reinstatement Works, Documentation and working experience in H2S environment etc.


• Participate in meetings with EPC & Sub-contractors to ensure that all activities are being complied with the Project Quality Plan (PQP) as required.

• Ensures that controlled copies of all relevant codes and specifications are available at the project and only current documents are in use, in accordance with ‘Master Lists of Documents’.

• Study of relevant Procedures, Method Statements, TRAs, QCPs/ITPs, Inspection Reports according to the project specifications and International Codes & Standards.

• Carried out all planned or unplanned mechanical maintenance work and ensure good housekeeping at the work sites in accordance with established safety procedures.

• Ensure that all piping erection operations and pipe supports installation are in accordance with schedule, Procedures, Specifications and Priorities.

• Supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in setting up, installing, repairing, and maintaining machinery and equipment, and in fabricating metal parts and tools.

• Monitor daily activities e.g. Fabrication, Piping, PWHT, Erection, Cold Bending, Stringing, Mainline Welding, Tie-ins, Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD), Painting, Coating, Trenching, Lowering, Backfilling, Berm Construction, Pipeline maintenance & demolition work, Replacement of redundant line pipes, Installation of Marker & IP posts, Hard Barricading and reinstatement work etc.

• Inspecting the tank/vessel/ column (tray columns and packet columns), filter after installation to verify that they are properly installed according to the project specifications.(equipment installation on the foundation, nozzles orientation, equipment verticality and horizontality. This inspection also included verification of ladders, platforms provision as provided in applicable drawings).

• Checking the resolution of punch list during the construction phase, issue commissioning punch list, closing of the punch list.

• Preliminary box up of the equipment after cleaning and internals installation, using temporary blinds and gaskets.

• Final box-up of the static equipment’s in the moment when pressure testing activities on piping was completed, temporary blinds was removed, the final gaskets installed and manholes finally closed using final gaskets. Issue the form for the final box-up.

• Perform the leak test for all equipment’s of the plants after the final box up (together with the all system or on the single equipment). Issue the form for the leak-test.

• Collaborate with process department for packing / catalyst loading.

• Perform the necessary commissioning activities (as motor solo-run in, oil flushing, oil filling, re-coupling) according to equipment typology: centrifugal pump, positive displacement pump, vertical or horizontal pump and with the reference made by vendors and maintenance manuals.

• Checking the preliminary alignment of motor-machine for rotating equipment’s when the machinery is installed on the foundation, before the grouting. Ensuring that strains imposed by the piping on the machinery are minimized and are in accordance with the contract specifications, vendor’s requirements or with the API 686 tolerance.

• Reception of the machinery (DAC – Discipline Acceptance Certificate) from the construction team once all the installation activities and inspection records (preliminary alignment, grouting, piping flange alignment) are completed.

• Final alignment after the motor run-in activity has been completed.

• Monitor Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities (as per P&ID) like; Hydrostatic of Piping & Pipelines, Leak Test, Flushing, Cleaning, Drying, System Inerting, Systematic conformity checks of equipment’s & Box-up activities.

• Witness/Review the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) as well as Welder Qualification Test (WQT) as per project specifications and standards, for different materials according to the ASME Sec. IX, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, API 1104, AWS D1.1 and ISO 13847.

• Review the Mill Test Certificates (MTCs) of all received materials especially piping, pipelines and welding consumables to ensure that all piping materials and welding consumables, gases, fluxes, filler wires meet with the codes/specifications requirement and are in good condition prior to use.

• Performance test on blasted surfaces; visual surface cleanliness and contamination test, coating visual inspection, thickness (WFT/DFT), adhesion and discontinuity test.

• Witness the Procedure Qualification Trial (PQT) for the Paint Systems & HSS coating application according to the project specifications.

• Supports contractor/subcontractor and inspect civil works during construction projects of fences, berms, pipeline crossings, etc. to ensure that the work is in safe condition according to the project specifications.

• Check/monitor of control storage, handling, baking and issuance of consumables to the welders at site.

• Witnesses weld surfaces (visually) and review the radiograph films of the welded joints for the detection of external & internal welding imperfections and defects according to the acceptance criteria.

• Witness as well as conduct the PMI of the product to meet with the material chemical analysis.

• Monitor/witness the Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle activities of tie-ins & golden joints etc.

• Ensure that all testing equipment/instruments/gauges are calibrated before and during use.

• Ensure that all processes/products of non-conformities are highlighted through CAR’S/PAR’S to the QA/QC team for their rectification and follow up.

• Witness the bolts torqueing for successful work completion.

• Participate with the mechanical completion walk-through team, system wise and rectified the punch points.

• Monitor/witness the hydrostatic activities of the Flow lines, Transfer lines e.g. cleaning, pigging/gauging, filling, thermal stabilization, pressurization, depressurizing, de-watering/flushing, air drying and purging at site.

• Review Test Pack and final QC Dossier/Inspection Records and handing over to Plant Commissioning Team.

• Check the PSV calibration according to the Project Specifications.

• Comply with implemented HSE requirements at site.

July 2015 to continue

ADCO Expansion of BAB Gas Compression Project Phase-2

August 2014 to July 2015

ADCO Engineering & Projects (Gas) BAB Habshan, ADCO.

Jan-2013 to July, 2014

MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co. 12” Extension Line and 8”& 10”Makori East-3.

Nov-2011 to Nov-2012

Integrated Gas Development(IGD), DAS Island

Jan-2010 to Oct-2011

MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Co. 12” Pipeline Neshpa to Makori, Karak. 10” Pipeline Well to Makori, East Pakistan.