CV, MBA Graduate, Public Relations, Targeting EU, UAE

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Serial No: 46768
(01/27/1989, male)
Skills keywords: operation management, project management, public relations
Short Bio:

A smart, results-oriented and industrious worker recently finished my MBA course (September 2015) with experience across the private and public sectors as well as with the United Nations (UN). I have over one year experience of managing projects for a shipping company. I also possess considerable experience relating to social and local development at the UN including providing humanitarian and rescue assistance as well as heavy involvement in relief aid. I have proven ability of work under press

Current location: Lebanon - View on map
Nationality: Lebanese
Preferred Sector of Employment:  General Management
Spoken languages: Arabic, english
Location I am interested in working: Europe, Oman, qatar, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom


A smart, results-oriented and industrious worker recently finished my MBA course (September 2015) with experience across the private and public sectors as well as with the United Nations (UN). I have over one year experience of managing projects for a shipping company. I also possess considerable experience relating to social and local development at the UN including providing humanitarian and rescue assistance as well as heavy involvement in relief aid. I have proven ability of work under pressure and I have a strong tendency of calmly achieving notable results. I am a big team worker and I was a member of the team responsible for the planning and organizing of high-priority level meetings for the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC); I grew expertise in negotiations and I built experience of work with the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I take pride in my ability to explain complex terms and instructions to my colleagues and to my peers with a consummate ease. At the UN I have had dealings with Ambassadors and Diplomats from across the world. At the UN Development Program (UNDP), I worked on two main projects: Live Lebanon project and Art Gold. These focus on five essential domains: Women Empowerment; Economic Prosperity; Education; Social Development; Enhancing Youth. Following completion of my MBA in September 2015, I aim to become an integral part of many teams which habitually attain results harmoniously just as in the private shipping sector or with the UN. I chose to read an MBA to gain a firm and meticulous understanding of several aspects of complex companies (Please view all courses studied in the MBA under „Education‟ below). I am now hoping to add value to any team that I join and I realise that my career begins now.


Key Skills

Project Management:
Worked on several high priority level projects for the UNDP and UNIC relating to social and local developments as well as projects related to enhancing youth and education. Used problem solving skills to deal with obstacles that inevitably arose during project management.

Marketing knowledge:
Through the MBA program, gained a thorough knowledge of marketing and related theories including SWOT analysis that helps determine the strengths and weakness of a company or service and transform threats into opportunities. Applied several marketing theories into a practical assessment which aimed to create a marketing strategy for a company in the sector.

Led a team of ten employees at Gharib shipping agency with responsibility for ensuring the company‟s strategy and work processes operated effectively.

Organizing events and conferences:
At the United Nations Information Centre, part of a team responsible for organizing a significant number of International events and conferences focusing on different topics including Economic, Social, Political, Women Empowerment, Agricultural, and Industrial. Part of the UNIC team who was responsible for all aspects of the secretary general‟s (Mr. Ban Ki Moon) visit to Beirut. – A high level meeting and conference entitled “the Arab Spring.”

Team Work:
Worked as part of a team who was responsible for implementing several projects as part of the UN goal focused on the most vulnerable communities with full collaboration and coordination between employees and directors and trained to use available resources to give the most productive outcome. Tangible results were demonstrated on the ground.

At the UNIC, UNDP, and the Lebanese ministry of foreign affairs, dealt effectively with a wide number of professionals and well known diplomats.

Languages: Fluent in English and Arabic and intermediate in French.




University Of Bradford, School Of Management UK

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) December 2015

Coursework: Operations Management; Business Accounting; Business Economics; Managing people; Marketing; Personal

Development Portfolio; Business research; Management Consultancy; Strategic Information Systems; Marketing

Communications; Entrepreneurship; Strategic Management.

Certificates: L7 Diploma in Professional Consulting


Lebanese American University Beirut, Lebanon

M.A., International Affairs June 2014

Coursework including: International Political Economy; International Conflict and Conflict Resolution; Political Economy of

Violence; Theories of International Affairs; International Law: Globalization and International Political Systems; International

Relations of Europe; and a Masters Thesis.



American University Of Beirut Beirut, Lebanon


B.A., Political Studies-Emphasis: International Relations June 2009

Coursework including: Research Methods; Survey of Comparative Politics; Survey of International Relations;

International and Regional Organization; Human Rights, Democracy and International Politics; Survey of Political Theory;

Public Policy; International Political Economy.

Minor, Public Administration

Coursework including: Contemporary Trends in Public Administration and Management; HR and Personnel

Administration; Organization and Management; Public Budgeting.


Professional Experience

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And Emigrants Beirut, Lebanon

Intern, Protocol Directorate February 2014 –April 2014

 Coordinated with embassies and diplomatic missions to plan and organize their visits and attended meetings with ambassadors and diplomats

 Prepared diplomatic cards for diplomats(embassies), international employees(UN staff and international NGO employees), and the honorary consuls

 Developed an extensive database, using it for diplomatic cards and diplomatic plates and regularly updated it, which provided better information on each diplomatic mission for the Lebanese government

 Provided logistical assistance to the team for the preparation of meetings, receptions, and other events. This included liaising with the press which covered all these events

 Arranged the opening of the „ honor salon‟ at Rafik Hariri International Airport for traveling visitors



United Nations Beirut, Lebanon

Intern, May 2012 –June 2012

United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Social and Local Development Division

 Prepared and delivered PowerPoint presentations to potential donors and partners to secure funding for UN projects

 Attended meetings with Goodwill ambassadors and mayors

 Made field visits to several areas (ex: villages in Bekaa) covered by our projects. This included working on several social and development activities as part of the projects funded

 Attended a number of events as part of the enhancing youth program, aimed at engaging youth in community

activities(decorated walls through painting activities and renovating football fields

 Coordinated with AUB and LAU clubs as part of the “Live Lebanon” project

 Participated in an “Art Gold” event for the UNDP and Lebanese prime minister in the governmental palace. This event focused on elaborating more on the problems facing the municipalities in this district and trying to find solutions for these problems by implementing new policies in coordination with the Lebanese government and other effective partners.




United Nations Beirut, Lebanon


Intern, United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) August 2011- February2012

 Assisted in the preparation of budgets for some UNIC activities such as the human rights day campaign

 Provided logistical assistance to UNIC for the preparation of meetings, press conferences, and other events

 Part of the team responsible for the organization of the UN secretary general Mr. Ban Ki Moon‟s visit to Lebanon. Coordinated with hundreds of local, regional, and international press agencies and TVs to ensure the maximum coverage of the Secretary General‟s program and press conferences

 Participated in the high level meeting and round table discussion about the Arab spring at Phoenicia hotel as part of the UNIC team that was preparing for the conference. This conference included a number of regional and international prime ministers who discussed the future of the Arab Spring and the implications of it on the Arab people and the effect on international relations



Gharib Shipping & Trading Beirut, Lebanon

Operations/Administration Officer Jan 2009- Jan 2011

 Provided the company‟s head office with daily updates concerning the exporting and importing process inside the port of Beirut

 Supervised the maintenance of equipment inside the port of Beirut

 Maintained and updated the inventory in the office

 Followed up on necessary assigned activities with the port administration and our agents