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Skills keywords: commercialization, management, technology consultation
Short Bio:

Talented in developing technology products and services with substantive understanding of commercial considerations and client aspirations. Capable of ensuring communications attain the necessary quality and relevance to drive business activities. Adaptable and welcomes challenging projects.

Current location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - View on map
Nationality: British
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Manufacturing and Operations, Marketing, IT and Technology
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Australia, canada, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, switzerland, United Kingdom

Relevant Qualifications & Education

Ph.D. Particle Physics, University of Birmingham, UK
Thesis on analysis of observed particles to determine imbalance of matter-antimatter. Stationed as research scholar in Stanford University, USA

MPhys MPhys (Master + BSc Physics) degree, University of Wales Swansea, UK
Thesis on modeling and analysis of electrical discharges in gas systems

Organizational and soft skills courses Presentation skills, Time management, Coaching and Mentoring, Commercialization, Certificate IV in Business modules, Toastmasters Extensive

Areas Of Expertise

 Product and Service Development  Technology Consultation  Commercialization

 Project Analysis and Planning  Proposals Writing  Report Writing

 Client Handling  Training and Coaching  Communications

Career Summary

Photonics Research Centre, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

Universiti Malaya (UM) is the nationally top-ranked University for research, and the Photonics Research Centre is the most productive sector per head. My role involves improving the centre’s output quality and managing photonics commercialization and development activities, for which I have:

 Secured partnerships and funding through liaising with internal and external stakeholders.

 Constructed grant-winning proposals; the most recent ongoing is a RM 9 million Government research proposal.

 Produced RM 200K commercialization modules commissioned by Higher Education government agency.

 Represented UM as an invited panel member on an Astro televised World Innovation Forum debate about Asia’s future.

 Raised centre’s overall quality in research and development – it subsequently has been awarded elite institution status.

 Significantly increased centre’s publications rate within leading international journals.

Metrology Developer on Photolithography Systems
ASML, The Netherlands

ASML is the world leader in producing advanced photolithography equipment for microchip fabrication, and incorporates cutting-edge technology. I designed, implemented and tested features and performance enhancements, which were then packaged for customer service or purchasing agreements. My principle tasks included:

• Project management: analyzed and planned project validity, solution, resources and schedule breakdown.

• Influenced stakeholder decision-making through presentations of technology design, system analysis and verification.

• Satisfied existing and potential customers’ requirements by improving a variety of systems.

• Bridged knowledge gaps within company by providing technical assistance.

Lead Physicist on Spectral Analysis Systems
Scantech International Pty., Australia

Scantech produces real time spectral analysis systems that significantly reduce production costs for mining industries. I held responsibility for all product performances and represented the entire company for a global clientele. I also acted as the principle radiation safety regulator, whereby I managed logistics of radioactive sources and all administrative paperwork. My principle achievements were:

 Technology consultation: resolved all product-related service issues under my supervision.

 Increased product sales through management of R&D projects to bring greater product competitiveness.

 Coached and trained 8 service staff to perform off-site and on-site customer support.

 Added brand value for company by disseminating persuasive insights for marketing and services communications.

 Established guidelines for future sales contracts via constructive criticism of existing contracts.

Application Designer on Satellite Technologies
SciSys Ltd., United Kingdom

Algorithmic Integrity, GALILEO global navigation system: The €3.4 billion Galileo global navigation satellite system was designed to provide positioning measurements more accurately than contemporary systems. I investigated whether model position processes were accurately portrayed within sensor measurement performance limits. Contributions were:

• Ensured the integrity of positioning system algorithms.

• Delivered code that was thoroughly compliant with design specifications.

• Determined a comprehensive software verification process via investigation of various testing techniques.

• Established actionable plan with development team and business analysts on client requirements.

Satellite simulations: Satellites with high-end sensors were proposed to accurately measure the Earth’s gravity field and provide global observations of wind fields in order to aid climate forecasts. My involvement on these projects included enhancing simulations of operational functionality and environment. Contributions were:

 Provided satisfactory usability for clients via detecting and solving program abnormalities.

 Aligned satellite and sensor model performance with contractor design requirements.

 Developed and executed formal testing procedures for output validation.

Researcher in High Energy Physics
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

BaBar International Collaboration: The BaBar experiment at Stanford University used a particle detector to investigate differences between matter and antimatter. I developed and applied methods to determine whether current theoretical models match the characteristics of events detected by sensors. My contributions were:

• Analyzed sensor data, assessed implications, and contributed findings to collaboration’s international publications.

• Generated simulation datasets for aiding team investigations.

• Disseminated knowledge to team, and presented and discussed research findings at international conferences.

• Validated software development packages and sensor analysis tools on Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms.

Furthermore I contributed to the ANTARES International Collaborative project that examined high-energy particle detections from an underwater sensor array. My contributions included examining equipment design issues, investigating cost-effective implementations of research goals, and inspecting and providing advice for sensor deployment.