CV, Logistics and Materials Lead Engineer targeting specific countries

Serial No: 16535
Skills keywords: drill equipments, drilling fluids, mud engineer, process operator, projects
Short Bio:

Am a very result oriented person with very positive relationship.

I run a 28/28 rotation with TOTAL E & P.

Am based in the USA.

Am a graduate of Chemical Engineering and the best graduating student from ACE mud/Fluid school in California.

I have put in 12 years to the Supply Chain Management in one of the great Oil Players (TOTAL E & P) within Nigeria and Angola, 1 year in the Petrochemical Industry.

Current location:  New Jersey, United States - View on map
Nationality: Nigerian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Qualifications & Education

• ACE Mud School California.
Honours(November 2014)

• Enugu State University of Science & Technology, Enugu State, Nigeria.
B.Eng. (Chemical) (1995-2000) Second Class Honors

• Command Secondary School Abakaliki, Ebonyi State Nig.

Senior Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.E) (1988-1993)

• Ekulu Primary School, Enugu State, Nigeria
First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) (1982-1987)

Career Summary

• Mud Engineer

• Testing and making recommendations for the formulation and maintenance of drilling fluids during oil and gas exploration drilling operations.

• API Mud Checks

• Management of inventory to ensure availability

• Maintain drilling fluid systems in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

• Effectively apply the most advanced technology in drilling fluids.

• Modify the properties of the drilling fluid based on changes in hole conditions or drilling requirements

• Maintain appropriate levels of product inventory on location based on the maintenance and treatment recommended by the drilling fluid program.

• Interpret property test results to identify treats.

• Gathering samples and performing test to identify contaminants

• Establish required treatment and action from property test data.

• Determine cause of Fluid problems/contaminants and assist in treatment recommendation and chemical treatments required to optimize drilling parameters.


• Offshore/Onshore Logistics and Materials Lead (28/28 Rotation)

• Land/Marine/Aviation Transportation risk impact assessment and Oil Spill Response.

• Description Of Duty:

• Responsible for Logistics planning and execution (Land, Marine and Aviation Operations) in company facility.

• Ensure that audit schedule is carried out in rotary wing and vessel in accordance to government/industrial practice.

• Primary Liaison between the field operations and the field warehouse on Drilling (OCTG), Production and Maintenance equipments.

• Responsible for ensuring that logistical operation are conducted in a safe and efficient manner and that costs are minimised where practical and exposure of operations to non-productive time is avoided.

• Provide field support and assistance required for exploration and appraisal drilling activities. Discuss and review daily logistical requirements for all drilling .work over and Production operations.

• Provide coordination between company drilling, work over and production operations and company warehousing operations so as to ensure that all materials, equipment and services arrive and leave the location as necessary to ensure continuous and cost efficient operations.

• Aspect champion in technical evaluation of service providers and Vendor’s quotations.

• Responsible for scheduling aviation operations for personnel movement to and from locations (offshore and onshore).

• Responsible for review of company procedures and processes in relation to government changes in oil/gas practices.

• Team player in the implementation and development of company policies and procedures in relation to shore base operation.

• Ensure Proper inventory keeping and cost allocation of all consumables, materials and equipments used to conduct drilling, work over and production operations.

• Responsible for the proper organisation, management and operations of the drilling, work over and production warehouses.

• Responsibility for liaising with all transportation and logistical service providers for road/sea/air transportation.

• Responsibility for maintaining a minimum stock level of all materials and equipment.

• Work with drilling, work over & Production department personnel as required.

• Monitor and ensure HSE requirements of Road, sea and air transport activities are respected at any time.

• In charge to monitor mooring activities and to ensure full compliance with company specification.

• Interface between well site personnel, onshore personnel and service contractors and Procurements.

• Total Exploration and Production ANGOLA

• Position: Head of Logistics(28/28)

• Description of Duty

• Through detailed planning and execution strategy development, provide logistics direction for project sites, including existing assets, spares, fuel consumption, camps, vehicle allotment, vehicle movement, journey management, movement of material & work force to sites.

• Provide interface to PTW team and other projects

• Responsible to ensure introduction of systems/measures towards improvement in logistics & assets (materials and equipment) control.

• Coordinate the functioning of Equipment Section, Transport section, Logistics Coordinator (Assets), Logistics coordinator (Man Power) and all camps through respective Camp bosses.

• Monitor the Logistic functioning of various sites through regular feedback and liaison and introduce measures to enhance efficiency/cost cutting.

• Ensure economy in utilization of assets and monitor any unusual high expenditure/utilization.

• Monitor all camp facilities including catering and medical arrangements and ensure basic welfare & recreational measures are provided.

• Total Exploration & Production NIGERIA

• Position: Offshore Logistics and Materials Coordinator

• Coordinates with operations Logistics, Masters of Marine Vessels on site, Other Logistics Officers, Other TOTAL Offshore Sites: Drilling/Production Logistics Personnel.

• Plan and ensure helicopter/vessel audits are carried out as per schedule

• Team Player in Operating Personnel Transport solution Software (PTS) for personnel movement from shore base.

• Supervises and Manages Helicopter Operations.

• Supervises all Vessel Operations and movement from Site/Bay

• Supervises and inspects Fuel and Fresh water Supplies to the Vessels

• Manage and control the Heavy lifting and Transport contract to insure optimum and safe utilization in line with HSE objectives.

• Create Business Processes for the Supply chain Management.

• Recommends Materials specification & Standards for Maintenance

• Team Lead for Oil Spill Contingency Plan(OSCP)

• Anti-Pollution Station Bill Facilitator

• Aspect champion of ISO14001

• Coordinates Third Party Inspection Processes & QA/QC

• First Point of Contact in Project/Maintenance execution.

• Train Personnel’s on Engineering Supply Chain Management.

• Support the Procurement Department on Biddings & Standards.

• Raise PR and PO for job requisition.

• Prepare Monthly status Report and recommendations.

• Follow up of contractor’s equipment inspection as per Company Standard.

• Design manifest & Freight Waybills for shipment to offshore.

• Responsible for all contractors’ equipment mobilized to site and catering supplies.

• Good ability for presentation if need be.

• Work with Supply Contractors on mobilization and demobilization of equipment to and off Field location.

• Provide Stock Creation Process, contracting and contract administration for existing spares and new spares for equipment’s(Production, Well Services & Maintenance)

• Assist Operators on operational jobs.

• Team Lead in SAP operation for Material Tracking/Buying & Purchasing

• First Point of call in Operations on Supply chain Management.

• Operator of Personnel Transport Solution (PTS) for booking, check in, personnel creation, travel plans.

• Reports to the Country Manager Technical Field Operations.

• Eleme Petrochemical Nig. Ltd. (NNPC)

• Position: Operator Polypropylene Plant(Trainee)

• Description Of Duty:

• Checking and monitoring of the Piston Level on Bulk area.

• Deluging of the separators of Pellet cakes.

• Everyday checking of the oil Level of the motor machine.

• Shutting and starting up of the Extruder machine.

• Taking hourly reading of the temperature of the Extruder.

• Application of additives to pellet formation

• Monitoring maintenance work on site.

• Pressurizing and depressurizing of Compressors

• Elf Petroleum Nig. Ltd.(TOTAL)Oml 58

• Position: Operator (Trainee).

• Description Of Duty:

• Well Testing/Gas Allocation to Gas Lifted Wells.

• Pressure Survey/Well Head Pressure

• Water injection Monitoring (Annulus & Tubing)

• First Level Maintenance on Running Equipment.

• Well testing to ascertain the Gas Production, Crude Production and determine BSW.

• Tank dipping/gauging/Storage tanks.

• Wash Tank Monitoring.

• Plugging Test for Total Suspended Solids on Tubing injection Wells.

• Assist in Tracing flow lines.

• Assist in closing and opening of valves

• General operational duties