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CV, Lead Geophysicist Seeking Work In Europe, Middle East Or US

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 35806

List top 5 skills: atlantic margin, barents sea, depth conversion, exploration, field development, geophysics, middle east, north sea, norwegian sea, seismic, seismic acquisition, seismic interpretation, seismic processing
Short Bio:

25+ years' experience in oil and gas exploration and development, specializing in seismic interpretation, depth conversion, AVO, rock physics and seismic attribute analysis. Broad experience with seismic acquisition and processing, both planning and execution. Familiarity with both clastics and carbonates.

Extensive experience with prospect maturation including assessment of risk and complex volume distributions. Special focus on DHI supported prospects.

Functioning as peer reviewer.

Current location: 

Copenhagen, - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 

Danish, english, french, german, Norwegian

Locations I am interested in working:


List of countries I have a visa to work in:

Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, portugal, spain, Sweden, switzerland, United Kingdom

Core Technical Skills & Experience

25+ years’ experience in oil and gas exploration and development, specializing in seismic interpretation, depth conversion, AVO, rock physics and seismic attribute analysis. Broad experience with seismic acquisition and processing, both planning and execution. Familiarity with both clastics and carbonates.

Extensive experience with prospect maturation including assessment of risk and complex volume distributions. Special focus on DHI supported prospects.

Functioning as peer reviewer and geophysical advisor for exploration and development projects.

In depth knowledge of the geological basins of the North Sea, Atlantic Margin, Barents Sea, West Greenland and Middle East.

Received EAGE’s Nigel Anstey award 2014 for best paper in First Break describing the exploration work that led to DONG’s Glenlivet gas discovery West of Shetland. In addition to the studies involved, the paper highlights the value of a strong interdisciplinary teamwork, which is very close to my heart.

Personal Skills

I am a strong believer in data analysis as a base for innovative interpretation. I strive for the best technical solutions within the projects time frame.

Team player with good interpersonal skills and encourage open discussions

Proven ability to work under pressure and produce output that is accurate, timely and of high quality


Employment Experience

Lead Geophysicist, Maersk Oil, Al Shaheen

 Analysis of well and seismic data providing input to development plans

 Uncertainty estimation on gas caps and depth conversion

 Well ties, interpretation, depth conversion using Cohiba uncertainty module

 Analysis of seismic data quality and suggestions for improvement

 Responsible for geophysical road map for Al Shaheen


Staff Geophysicist with DONG Energy

 Exploration West of Shetland, Norway, Denmark and Greenland

 Responsible for licence applications West of Shetland (22nd, 23rd and 24th rounds) resulting in the AVO driven Glenlivet prospect and later discovery as

well as other licences

 Participated in licence and APA rounds in Norway, particularly in the Møre Basin and Barents Sea

 Field evaluation of Ormen Lange

 Maturation and appraisal of the DK North Sea Solsort prospect and discovery

 Planning and execution of exploration and wells in close cooperation with drilling department

 Participating in many farm-ins and due diligence in relation to company mergers

 Involved as partner in the Cambo, Rosebank and Laggan/Tormore developments West of Shetland

 Specializing in depth conversion, AVO modelling, amplitude driven prospect evaluation and sub-basalt imaging

 Advisor of defendable depth conversion in connection with unitization projects

 Project management of seismic acquisition and processing projects

 Advisor and peer reviewer for both exploration and production

 Member of risk review team

 Mentor for younger geoscientists

 Team lead for project optimizing usage of seismic data


Senior Geophysicist with DONG Energy

 Seismic interpretation West of Shetland and Faroes

 Inversion and AVO modelling at the Stenlille gas storage

 Seismic interpretation and reservoir modelling of the South Arne Chalk Field

 3 months cross-posting to Amerada Hess working on the South Arne Field


Geophysicist with Maersk Oil

 Forward modelling and ray tracing for seismic acquisition design

 QC of seismic processing project

 In-house 2D pre-stack depth migration

 Seismic interpretation Denmark and Indonesia


Research Geophysicist with Ødegaard-Danneskiold Samsøe APS

 Optimisation of seismic acquisition parameters

Geophysicist with GEUS

Student with Maersk Oil


Software Skills

Petrel, Cohiba, Charisma/Geoframe, DUG Insight, Kingdom, Hampson-Russell, Norsar, GeoX,

SAAM, Rokdoc, ProMax, Geoteric, Xaitporter, Excel, Word, Powerpoint



1978-1987: MSc in physics and geophysics, University of Copenhagen

2008: Master Module: Leadership and innovation in Complex Systems, Copenhagen Business School and University of Århus



2014: Maersk Oil inhouse Provence field trip, Al Shaheen analoques

2013: Nautilus field trip, M028: Sand-rich Turbidite Systems and Megaturbidites: From Slope to Basin Plain.

2012: Rokdoc Introduction, Ikon Science

2012: Uncertainties in Depth Conversion, Nautilus

2011: Risk analysis, Prospect Evaluation and Exploration Economics” course, Rose and Associates

2011: Professional Level Rock Physics for Seismic Amplitude Interpretation (AVO & Seismic Inversion), Nautilus

2011: Petrel Depth Conversion, Schlumberger

2011: Seismic Imaging and Velocity Model-Building Techniques: Concepts, Examples and Pitfalls, Nautilus

2009: SVIPro course, ffa

2009: Project management course

2007: Hampson-Russell course (AVO, Strata)

2006: Risk analysis course

2005: Geological field trips to Isle of Skye and to Argentina

2005: Geostatistics, Jeffrey Yarus

2000: Carbonate reservoirs, OGCI, 1 week

1999: InDepth, GeoQuest, 3 days

1998: Advances in seismic technology, IBC UK conferences, 2 days

1997: Rock Physics, Gary Mavko (GEUS), 3 days

1997: Geostatistics for reservoir description, OGCI, 1 week

1996: Seismic structural modelling and depth imaging workshop, Paradigm, 3 days

1996: Recent developments in deconvolution, inversion and wavelet processing

1995: Petroleum Generation and Occurence, OGCI, 1 week

1995: Sequence stratigraphy, OGCI, 1 week

1995: Introduction to UNIX

1994: Positioning for Explorationists, Hydrosearch, 3 days

1993: Designing 3D surveys, IHRDC

1993: Sampling seismic wavefield, 3 days

1993: Structural Imaging. Geotec, 1 week

1993: Wellsite practical borehole seismic course, Schlumberger, 1 week

1993: Technical report writing, Advanced language learning, 2 days

1992: North Sea Workshop, Badley-Ashton, 1 week

1991: Advances in seismic data processing, IHRDC, 3 days

1991: Practical AVO, IHRDS, 2 days

1991: Modern Production Geology, Exploration and Production Consultants, 1 week

1991: Presentation skills, Advanced language learning, 3 days

1991: Marine seismic processing on ProMAX, Geotec, 1 week

1991: Land seismic processing on ProMAX, Geotec, 1 week

1990: Advanced Practical Seismic Interpretation, Badley-Ashton, 1 week

1990: Seismic data processing, Successful project management, 2 days

1990: Seismic Data Processing, OGCI, 1 week

1989: Comparative structural geology, OGCI

1988: Innføring i reservoarteknikk, Statoil, 1 week

1988: The application of biostratigraphy to the oil industry, Robertson Group, 1 week

1987: Techniques of integrated exploration, Phillips Petroleum, 1 week

1987: Seismic stratigraphy, GeoQuest, 1 week

1986: Geophysical Methods, Texaco, 2 weeks



2014: EAGE conference, Amsterdam

2012: Biennial Geophysical Seminar, NPF, Kristiansand

2012: EAGE conference, Copenhagen (presentation of paper Glenlivet gas discovery)

2010: Petex conference, London

2009: 7th Petroleum Geology Conference: North West Europe & Global Perspectives, London

2008: EAGE Conference, Rome

2006: EAGE Conference, Vienna

2006: Petex conference, London

2005: 6th Petroleum Geology Conference: North West Europe & Global Perspectives, London

2003: Norsk Petroleum Forening: Biennial Geophysical Seminar, Kristiansand

2001: EAGE Conference, Amsterdam

2000: Joint Chalk Research symposium, Brighton

1998: EAGE conference, Leipzig

1996: SEG conference, Denver

1989: EAGE conference, Berlin

1989: SEG conference, Dallas



M. Westphal Stephensen, M. Larsen, G. Dam and T. Hansen: The Glenlivet gas discovery – an integrated exploration history, First Break, Vol 31, No 7, July 2013, pp.

51 – 64 (received best paper award 2014 from EAGE)