CV, Lead ECI Commissioning Engineer, Gas Turbines. International role

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Skills keywords: c & i, commissioning, electrical
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Lead Engineer. Over 35 years of international experience Electrical, C & I Commissioning of power plant. Professionally trained in Europe.
Industrial gas turbines (GE), steam turbines including combined cycle plant, geothermal plant, boilers, generators, rotating equipment, control systems, low voltage equipment and balance of plant.
Team Management of site personnel & contractors, western and foreign, senior and hands-on level. Work planning, QA documentation. H&Safety.

Current location: MIMAROPA, Philippines - View on map
Nationality: British
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Philippines Valencia, Negros Oriental, Philippines Lead Electrical & Commissioning Specialist. 50MW Geothermal Power Station.

Provide expert electrical engineering talent to represent the plant owner during final installation, commissioning and testing of the power station. Oversee complete electrical commissioning including pre commissioning of cables and switchgear (Fuji and ABB), electrical rotating equipment inc. main generator(Fuji), and all balance of plant. Start-up of all electrical plant inc. switchyard and HV cables and transformer. Oversee performance testing and one month reliability run. Handover to client. Develop punch lists. Review drawings and manuals. Specialize on state of the art Siemens type fire detection and alarm system. April 2014 – Aug 2014.

Marubeni Engineering.

Japan Calabar Power Station. Nigeria. Lead Electrical Installation / Commissioning Engineer. 5 x GE Frame 9E units, BOP, DCS and 330KV Switchyard & substation.

Led team of local engineers and technicians with final electrical / C&I erection works plus commissioning E, C&I. including cable installation / testing, instrument calibration works, cold/hot loop checks to the point of firing the units.

QA/QC of all documentation, certificates, drawings etc. Planning all activities. Coordination with site manager /client/owner.

Mid 2013 – March 2014.

Tenaga National Berhad, Malaysia. Melacca & Langkawi Island, Malaysia. Lead Electrical C&I / Commissioning Engineer. Team Leader. Supervision of GE Mk5 controls, PLC, HMI, & DCS system maintenance & startup during major overhaul on CCGT Power Plant due to a catastrophic failure. 2 x GE Frame 9B Gas Turbines and Steam turbine with 2 x HRSG’s & rotating equipment. Loop checks, calibration, QA management.

Relocation of 2 x Alstom Fram6 gas turbines (with GE Mk5 controls), PLC, HMI, Alstom generators and switchgear/substation plus balance of plant (BOP). Recorded all pre shutdown running data. Tagged and removed all plant wiring. Sized new cables and wiring for new location. Dismantled complete plant for shipment. Malaysian workforce 2011 – 12

Turbine Technology Services Corp. Orlando, FL, USA Global – Philippines, Gabon, Kuwait, Korea, Bolivia, Vietnam, Singapore, USA, Nigeria. Lead/Senior Electrical / Controls / Mechanical / Commissioning Engineer (Multi Disciplined). Team Leader. Usually with local workforce. Installation & Commissioning / testing of new simple cycle gas turbine power plant – 1 x GE Frame 6FA with GE Mk5 controls, PLC’s, HMI. Re-engineering of controls. Including Alstom generator and switchgear / substation. Rotating equipment. Multiple major electrical rewires, major overhauls, and commissioning / testing of Westinghouse 251’s and balance of plant barge mounted, GE Frame5, GE Frame 6B, GE Frame 7E simple cycle gas turbines. Also CCGT. GE Speedtronic Mk4, Mk5 and Mk6 Control systems, with HMI’s. Brush Electrical Machines, Alstom and GE generators inc. rotor threading, all electrical tests, and auxiliaries. GE Frame 7EA x 4 Complete relocation and conversion from 60Hz system to 50Hz system, including order / purchase of new cable, switchgear, transformers, and BOP. Troubleshoot Electrical / Controls / Mechanical faults on all mentioned power plant. Fuel conversions. Multiple Installation / retrofit Allan Bradley PLC control systems & HMI’s. Install / commission wet / dry low NOX systems. Loop checks, calibration, QA management. 2001 – 2010

Masaood John Brown, UAE Das Island, UAE Resident Engineer. Electrical / Controls / Mechanical. Provide planning and supervision of maintenance on 4 x Alsthom Frame 5 gas turbine sets & all electrical equipment including Alsthom Substation /switchyard.Train clients personnel. Advise parts procurement. Advise and supervise plant up grades. Troubleshoot & repair. 1998 – 2000

Deutsche Babcock, Germany Global – UAE & Bangladesh Senior Electrical / Controls / Commissioning Engineer. Major overhaul to 2 x GE Frame 5 gas turbine gensets with AEG MkI controls. Complete unit rewiring. Generator major overhauls inc. removal of rotors and replacement of rotor endcaps and slip rings. Recommissioning, start-up. Brush Electrical Machines 40MW Generator. Major overhaul. All electrical tests. Loop checks, calibration, QA management. 1998

Thomassen BV, Holland Global – Turkey, India, Italy. Senior Controls / Commissioning Engineer. Team Leader. Commissioning and testing of 4 x GE Frame 6 gas turbines coupled to GEC Alstom generating sets and Babcock & Wilcox HRSG’s. GE MK5 controls and Foxboro DCS., PLC’s, & HMI’s. Supervision of alignment of embedded parts in concrete foundation for steam turbine. Installation and commissioning of a GE MS5261RA gas turbine coupled to Borsig process air compressor. Installation and commissioning of natural gas to naphtha fuel conversion to 10 x GE Frame 5 gas turbine generator sets with GE MkIV controls. GE type Frame 1 gas turbine set (5000hp) coupled to a gas compressor. Neuvo Pignoni Suvimac control systems. 1997

European Gas Turbines, UK Connah’s Quay Power Station, Wales, UK Electical / C&I Commissioning Engineer. Team Leader. Commissionig and startup to handover of 1,450MW CCGT power station, (4 x 360MW generating sets). GEC-Alstom Frame 9FA gas turbines & rotating equipment, with MKV speedtronic control, PLC’s and HMI, Alstom switchyard and substation. Loop checks, calibration, QA management. GEC-Alsthom steam turbines and generators with Stein HRSG’s. Commissioning and fault finding on DCS system, CO2 fire fighting system, and on-base instrumentation and LV equipment. Familiar with various start-up, load and shutdown curves, and wet low Nox system. 1995 – 1996

Deutsche Babcock WED Abu Dhabi Senior Controls / Commissioning Engineer. Team Leader. Including technical advisory service on heavy duty gas turbines and control systems, generator controls, and auxiliary equipment. 19 x GE Frame 5 and Frame 6 turbine sets with LA. MK1, MK2, MK5 and MK5 controls. 2 x GE Frame 9E gas turbines at Taweela Power Station. Numerous alternators on 25MW GE gas turbine generator (Brush and GE). Rethread rotor and commissioning AVR etc to full load. Switchgear and protection system. 1994 – 1995

John Brown Engineering, UK Global – UAE. Italy, Peru, China, Philippines, Panama, UK, North Sea, Oman, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Brunei, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Curacao, Bahrain. Resident Engineer. Customer Services Division. Various Site duties. Usually as Team Leader. Installation / Commissioning of General Electric heavy duty Gas Turbine operated power plants, including balance of plant, rotating equipment, etc, manufactured by John Brown Engineering. Also maintenance and fault trouble shooting 1993 – 1094

Westinghouse USA Puchon, S Korea Lead Mechanical Engineer. Installation of 500MW combined cycle power station. Equipment included 3 x Westinghouse 501D5 gas turbines, Brush generators, Mitsubishi HRSG’s and steam turbine. Installation of concrete embedded parts, mechanical equipment laydown, turbine alignment and installation of all auxiliary equipment associated with the gas turbines and generators. Installation of generator rotors to three Brush 115MW generators. 1993

John Brown Engineering, UK. China, Panama, Philippines, UK, North Sea. Resident Engineer. Various Site duties. Usually as Team Leader. Installation / Commissioning of General Electric heavy duty Gas Turbine operated power plants. Also maintenance and fault trouble shooting. General Site Management. 1991 – 1993

GEC Turbine Generators, Rugby, UK CEGB, Aberthaw & West Thurrock Coal Thermal Power Plants, UK. Kelanitissa Thermal Power Plant, Sri Lanka. Lead Mechanical Engineer. Team Leader. Major overhaul on 500MW AEI steam turbine and generator. Major overhaul and replacement of HP and IP cylinders on a 200MW English Electric steam turbine. Replacement of generator rotor. Rehabilitation of 2 x 30MW English Electric steam turbine generator sets and associated equipment. 1988 – 1991

John Brown Engineering, UK Global – UK, Oman, India, UAE, Indonesia, North Sea, Brunei, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Curacao, India, Bahrain. Mechanical / Controls Site Engineer. Various Site duties. Usually as Team Leader. Installation / Commissioning of General Electric heavy duty Gas Turbine operated power plants. Also maintenance and fault trouble shooting. 1983 – 1988

South of Scotland Electricity Board, UK Hunterston Power Station, Scotland 3rd Engineer. Shift Operations. Hunterston Advanced Gas Cooled Nuclear Power Station. 2 x 660MW sets 1981 – 1983

South of Scotland Electricity Board Inverkip Power Station, Scotland Graduate Trainee. Followed the Boards 3 year professional engineer trainee program based at Inverkip Power Station. 3 x 676MW Parsons Steam Sets 1978 – 1981

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, UK Dounreay, Scotland Student Internee, Operations. Prototype fast breeder reactor, Dounreay. 1976 – 1977 (Part time)


Scottish HND in Engineering 1978.  ( BSC Degree Technical Equivalent ).

Scottish OND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 1976