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Skills keywords: mechanical qa/qc, qa manager, qa/qc manager, QAQC, qc (quality control), qc manager
List Of Qualifications:

- Bachelor of science degree holder in mechanical engineering,
- Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015 (IRCA approved),
- Lead Auditor OHSAS 18001 (IRCA approved),

Previous Employment Details:

all three as a QA/QC manager.

Current location: Al Madinah Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Construction, Manufacturing and Operations, Engineering
Spoken languages: english, Turkish, Very little Arabic
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: afghanistan, Albania, azerbaijan, bosnia and herzegovina, cyprus, Georgia, kazakhstan, kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, TFYR, Malaysia, Oman, Somalia, Turkey


Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University of Ankara.
Graduation : September 1980 with Cumulative GPA : 2.61 / 4.00


Turkish : Native Language + English : Fluent in reading, writing & speaking + Arabic : At beginners level

Career Summary

Jan.2014 – Up to Now
YAPI MERKEZI Construction Co. / Madinah / Saudi Arabia. A Turkish contractor company.
Project : High Speed Railway Station Construction Project.
Project value : 412 million US Dollars

Title : Quality Assurance Manager Subordinates : 2 QA Eng. + 1 QA Arch.+ 2 Sr. Document Controllers + 2 Doc. Controllers

Duties :

– Ensuring proper implementation of the QA System in the Project.

– Revising and updating of the Project Quality Plan. Producing Procedure Flowcharts.

– Performing Internal Audits and responding to External Audites as the Auditee.

– Following up NCRs and RFIs and getting them recorded into Logs, daily. Reporting the status of open and closed NCRs, Site Instructions, etc.

– Checking, reviewing and approving MSs, ITPs, Check Lists prepared by Construction Personnel

– Organizing Training Sessions and training all Company personnel on Quality Issues.

– Acting as the Commissioning Agent of the Company and organizing Cx activities. Preparation of Cx Plan, Specifications, Handover Documentation, etc.

Feb.2013 – Sept.2013
SONMEZ METAL A.S. / Madinah / Saudi Arabia. A Turkish mechanical sub-contractor company.
Project : Prince Mohammad International Airport Construction Project.
Project value : Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : 60,000,000 US$ / Approx. 800 Million US$

Title : Senior Mech. QA Engineer Subordinates : 2 Engineers + 1 Draughtsmen + 2 Inspectors

July.2011 – Mar.2012
MET MUHENDISLIK Ltd. Co. / Makkah / Saudi Arabia. A Turkish mech. sub-contractor company.
Project : Mechanical works in Jabal Omar Development Project in Makkah.
Project value : Mechanical Works : 4,000,000 US$

Title : Technical Office Engineer Subordinates : 1 Draughtsman

Duties :

– Preparation of monthly payment certificates

– Preparation of daily and monthly progress reports.

– Preparation of variation orders and claims.

– Carrying out all correspondence works.

– Document control : Filing of all correspondence, shop and preliminary design drawings.

May.2009 – Jun.2010
SAUDI INSAT Construction Co. / Riyadh / Saudi Arabia. A Saudi construction contractor company.
Project : Construction of a compound consisting of 72 villas and a health club in Riyadh.
Prj. Value : Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : 3,720,000 US$ / 24.800,000 US$

Title : Senior Mech. Engineer Subordinates : 1 Engineer + 2 Draughtsmen + 3 Foremen + 35 Labors

Duties :

– Coordination and management of mechanical subcontractors. Preparation and Follow up of Material Submittals.

– Preparation of Purchase Orders. Following up purchased items for timely delivery.

– Checking payment certificates of the subcontractors. Preparation of monthly payment certificates of the company.

– Getting design drawings revised if necessary. Getting construction / shop drawings prepared.

– Programming and supervision of site works. Coordination of inspections and tests.

– Attending all meetings with Client and Consultants. Editing all correspondence related with mechanical works.

Mar.2008 – Mar.2009
ERENPORT Construction Co. / Muscat / Oman. A Turkish construction contractor company.
Project : Construction of an Extension Pier to the existing terminal building in Al-Seeb International Airport in Muscat
Project value : Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : 4,000,000 US$ / 23,000,000 US$

Title : MEP Manager Subordinates : 3 Engineers + 2 Draughtsmen + 4 Foremen + 27 Labors

Duties :

– Coordination and management of mechanical and electrical subcontractors.

– Market research for the equipment and materials to be used in the project. Following up Material Approval Submittals.

– Purchasing of approved items. Preparation of Purchase Orders. Following up the purchased items for timely delivery.

– Checking payment certificates of the subcontractors. Preparation of monthly payment certificates of the company.

– Getting design drawings revised if necessary. Getting construction / shop drawings prepared.

– Programming and supervision of site works. Coordination of inspections and tests.

– Attending all meetings representing the Company, All correspondence related with MEP works.

July 2006 – Apr.2007
SAMKO W.L.L. Co. Int. / Doha / Qatar. A Turkish MEP subcontractor company.
Project : Construction of Doha High Rise Office Building in Doha / Qatar.
Prj. Value : Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : 12,000,000 US$ / ??? US$

Title : Chief Mechanical Engineer Subordinates : 3 Engineers + 2 Draughtsman + 2 Foremen + 18 Labors

Duties :

– Supervision of site works.

– Assisting the project manager mostly by acting as a project manager in his absence and by writing all correspondence.

– Attending weekly design meetings with the main contractor, and weekly progress meetings with all parties and the client.

– Attending monthly design progress meetings with the consultants.

– Supervision of take-off works to continuously update the BOQ as well as carrying out some of the take-off works.

– Issuing of Purchase Orders for minor mechanical items and consumables (Main mechanical equipment were being purchased by HO).

– Studying of Subcontract Agreement together with all its appendices and amendments.

Aug.1995 – Oct.2004
Value : Approximate total value of the items inspected so far : 50,000,000 US$

Title : Mechanical Inspector / Non-exclusive Surveyor

Duties :

– I worked as a Mechanical Quality Inspector by representing the German classification society, GERMANISCHER LLOYD (GL), with the title of “non-exclusive surveyor”. My responsibility in GL was mainly to assure that the containers manufactured under my supervision fully conformed to customer requirements, specifications, ISO Standards and GL Rules. I was inspecting incoming raw materials as well as production activities like sheet metal bending, welding, surface cleaning, shot-blasting, painting, drying, decal application and so on. I was also conducting strength tests and acceptance (final) quality inspections of dry cargo steel containers manufactured for export in Eskisehir and İzmir. My contract with GL was terminated in March 2005. I also served Bureau Veritas, Baltic Control and Moody International as a surveyor on inspection of different industrial goods. Please see the attached list.

– I took part in military shelters development project as a production engineer in METIS MAKINA A.S. I designed and published all 35 test procedures according to US Military Standards.

– I performed Vendor Inspections for all site materials like Workshop Overhead Cranes, Kitchen Equipment, Cold Storage Rooms, Prefabricated Camp Buildings as well as Coating Inspections of 42” crude oil pipes, Trenching, Lowering-in, Bedding, Padding & Backfilling inspections in Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Project during my employment by TEPE-NACAP JV.

May 1991 – Jul.1993
ESEN A.S. / Eskisehir / Turkiye. A general steel fabrication and container production factory.

Title : QA/QC Engineer Subordinates : 2 Foremen and 7 inspectors were working in my team in the factory.

Duties :

ESEN was a general steel works factory in Eskisehir. However, the factory had been specializing in the manufacturing of dry cargo steel containers. I was working in the quality control department, responsible for the transformation of all production activities according to ISO 9001 quality assurance system for ISO 9001 certification. For this purpose, I have written a “Quality System Manual” defining procedures and responsibilities at all steps like incoming materials inspection, design, pre-production, production, packaging, storage, shipment, etc. according to new organisation and an “Inspection Methods Manual” describing all quality control procedures on raw materials and on container production.

Jul.1989 – Jul.1990

Title : Chief of Electromechanical Section Subordinates : 2 Engineers + 4 Foremen + 59 Labors & Drivers

Duties :

I worked as the chief of electro-mechanical section of the Artificial Stone Factory of Al-Haram Extension Project in Madinah Al Munawwarah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I was responsible for the operation and maintenance of all machinery and mechanical utilities in the factory such as diesel generator sets, air compressors, vehicles, concrete mixers, hand tools, air / fuel / water supply and distribution systems.

Mar.1988 – Jul.1989
EMTA A.S. / Ankara / Turkiye. A Turkish construction contractor company.

Title : Mechanical Estimator Subordinates : 1 Engineer

Duties :

At the time of my admission, the company was bidding for the projects issued by U.S. Government to be constructed in the air bases of NATO in Turkey. My main duty was to perform take-off studies. I analysed the mechanical parts of the projects and determined the total cost before bidding. The company had participated in approximately ten tenders and had undertaken three projects . These were Personnel Housing Building in Balgat / Ankara, High School Renovation and Base Supply Administration Building in Incirlik / Adana. I left the company for Saudi Arabia at the stage of material submittals of these projects.

Jan.1985 – Jan.1988
BOYTAS A.S. / Ankara / Turkiye. A Turkish construction contractor company.

Projects & Values :

1. 48 luxurious housing flats in Kirikkale. Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : 900,000 US$ / 6,000,000 US$

2. 194 economy housing flats in Izmir. Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : 1,680,000 US$ / 12,950,000 US$

3. An airport terminal building and some auxiliary buildings in Dalaman Airport in Turkey. District hot water system with about 2500 meter piping, central water pressurizing and distribution system, central domestic hot water generation by solar energy and the like in Dalaman Airport Area. Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : ? US$ / ? US$

4. Head office building of the company in Ankara. Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : 115,000 US$ / 950,000 US$

Title : Mechanical Engineer Subordinates : 1 Engineer + 3 Foremen + 25 Labors

Duties :

– I worked as head of the mechanical engineering department of the company responsible for the installation of all mechanical systems such as plumbing, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, sanitary systems, etc. of the construction projects the company had undertaken.

– My responsibilities ranged from project evaluation and small scale revisions to supervising the installations and administrating the subcontractors. I examined the projects to determine the material and manpower to be used and hence estimate the total cost before bidding.

– From the commencement of the project, I procured the materials, sent them to site, found suitable subcontractors, supervised the works, revised design drawings if necessary and prepared monthly payment sheets (certificates) according to the German System -unit prices- being used in Turkey.

Jan.1984 – Jul.1984
SET Ltd.Sti. / Dhahran / Saudi Arabia. Representative of ITT in Turkey.
Project : Erection of Steel Telecommunication Towers.
Prj. Value : Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : ??? US$ / ??? US$

Title : Mechanical Engineer Subordinates : 1 Foreman + 8 Riggers

Duties :

I worked as a team leader for a group of Turkish steel riggers. We erected 140 meter-high self supporting steel towers for telecommunication on Aramco sites of Udailiyah / Houfuf, Abu Ali and Berri / Al-Jubail in Saudi Arabia. The contractor company was Dywidag of Germany.

Feb.1981 – Sep.1981
SET Ltd.Sti. / Turkiye. Representative of ITT in Turkey.
Project : Radio Link Systems Installations.
Prj. Value : Mechanical Works / Total Contract Value : ??? US$ / ??? US$

Title : Mechanical Engineer Subordinates : 2 Foremen + 10 Riggers

Duties :

I worked in radio-link systems installations for PTT in South eastern Turkey under the supervision of Belgian experts. The Belgian branch of ITT, Bell Telephone Manufacturing Co., was the main contractor of the installations in cities like Adana, Diyarbakir, Hatay, Iskenderun, Mardin and Urfa. We were installing parabolic antennas on existing towers, electronic equipment in the nearby station buildings and wave-guides in between the two.

Other Skills/Training

– Books : I have written two books on the subject of Design of heating systems and hydronic piping : “Heating System Design – 450 pages” and “Centrifugal Pumps, Selection and Operation – 65 pages” .

– Teaching / Training : I’ve given private courses on English, Math, Science, Strength of Materials, and Statics to high school and college students.

– Simultaneous Translation : I’ve served as a simultaneous translator in a technical course on Nissan Vehicles by Nissan engineer, Kouchi Hirama, in Ankara for two months.

– Training Courses attended : 3 courses on ISO-9001 Implementation, Defensive Driving, Off-road Driving, Arc Welding, Indoor LNG System Design

– Word, Excel and AutoCad at medium level.

– Military service : Completed in Burdur / Turkey in 1983 (from July to October).

– I have also worked in short term projects like a military camp in Gizan/Saudi Arabia, Goznak Paper Factory in St.Petersburg/Russia, Housing units for earthquake survivors in Izmit / Turkey.

– Turkish and Saudi Driving Licences of Classes B + A2.