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CV, IRATA L2 blaster and painter looking for work

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 7633

List top 5 skills: handyman, irata
Short Bio:

I'm IRATA L2 rope access technician, I live in Poland, now I work for one of only two polish IRATA operators companies - Climbex SA.
You have a full list of work I've done at my CV but I would like to briefly describe last ones.
Climbex isn't company that cleans windows, our work are far more "harsh and difficult". Most of Climbex work takes place in power plants, ironworks, cement and paper factories, etc. - these are very dirty works. Most of time during last few months I spend in Bogatyna power plant where me and my friends were vacuuming construction and equipment. We use KOKS MegaVac vacuum loading system - Climbex is only one company in Poland (and one of the few in Europe) with so much hardware to do such work. We were vacuuming main building construction, every pipes, interior of cyclons, siphons, boilers, air smoke ducts and elektrofilters.
One of my most interesting work was vacuuming and water cleaning of one elektrofilter in Skawina power plant. First stage was vacumming the interior of elektrofilter's funnels with use rope access (about 8 meters height). Very requiering was entry to the each funnel (there was a total of six) - I had to squeeze between electrodes and steel partitions of elektrofilters. Second stage was cleaning electrodes, partitions and funnels by water with use firehose, water from funnels was sucked out by our KOKS MegaVac turned into wet suck mode.
I work for Climbex for six months and it's time for change. I spent two weeks in Aberdeen making offshore tickets - I completed BOSIET and MISTcourses. Additionally I completed OPITO Blaster/Painter course to gain knowledge about safe blasting and painting.
I'm rope access technician experienced in industrial rope access, familiar with lots of construction around, hot pipes (some extremely hot - 700 C), sharp edges etc.
I want to develop, learn new things and gain offshore experience.

Current location: 

Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland - View on map

Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:

Germany, Netherlands, Norway


• 1997 – 2002 University of Physical Education in Wroclaw

Rope access – IRATA 2/58104

BOSIET and Additional Safety and Emergency Training for the Norwegian Sector (OPITO, OLF and NOGEPA Approved)


OPITO Blaster / Painter L1

Safety passports: CSCS and SCC (German)

Professional experience / last works (from the current to the older):

• Acoustic insulation  National Music Forum, newly built in Wroclaw. Box in box construction

• Vacuum cleaning of superstructure and equipment (boiler interior included) of Turow power station in Bogatynia (55 m h) with truck mounted KOKS Megavac vacuum loading system, we cleaned five blocks to the day, it’s work for months because power plant is old and leaky.

• Vacuuming and water cleaning of electrofilter interior in Skawina (8 m h) power station (three days of work only) -vacuuming six funnels of elecrtofilter with vacuum pipe Ø 100, shovel and pickax. After that clean structure and electrodes inside by fire hose.

• Vacuum cleaning of superstructure and equipment of Eltur Wapore facility in Bogatynia (40 m h) – lime mill building, which delivered lime to Bogatynia ps, they use it to lower the sulfur level.

• Mechanical cleaning of funnel electrofilter interior in Polish biggest coal fired power station in Belchatow (8 m h) – in there was a huge (weighing five tons) rock and only one can crush it :

• IRATA L2 direct entry assessment pass 22 December 2012

• Repair damaged by an explosion of coal dust the facade of Turow ps in Bogatynia (67 m h) – removal of

damaged elements of the facade, cleaning the structure, installation of new wall cartridges (with use actuated fastening tool made also by HILTI, inserting of insulation (mineral wool), installation of exterior trapezoidal plate sheets – total almost 3500 m2 surface, it took us almost three months.

• Point corrosion protection painting (Sigma Coatings and JOTUN paints) of the hall superstructure of waste incinerator/

power station (45 m h) in the Swedish Helsingborg – nice project, I hope we will have some like Filborna in Poland. Painting job half to half with construction fixing – a lot of grinding and tightening the screws of superstructure with most expensive hand tool I’ve ever carried, electric torque wrench:

• Wall insulation with light–wet method (17 m h) – 160 m2 in a very difficult access – it was expansion gap between

the old and newer apartment building, only glue on net without plastering.

• Wall insulation light–wet method comprehensively overhauled a historic building in the center of the city (15 m h), plastering and painting with KEIM mineral paint, 100 m2. My longest abseil – almost seven hours during plastering.

And some from my early beginnings:

• Painting the communication section (32 m h) in Wroclaw wastewater treatment plant – primed and double silicate paint (CERESIT system), 700 m2.

• Anticorrosion painting of fermentation chambers in Janowek wastewater treatment plant in Wroclaw (32 m h from the point of anchor) – cleaning, painting the trapezoidal facade (primer and surface by Sigma Coatings) – a total of 3000 m2

• Coal chute cleaning Wroclaw power plant (15 m h) – mechanical (shovel and pickax) removal of coal overhangs.

• And my first job: renovation of aged brick chimney (30 m h) – cutting the fugue, day by day only by my friend and me (it takes us two weeks, I didn’t now then it’s long or not, chimney was very old and when I goes up inside I broke some ladder steps). After that just pointing/grouting (using Point Master and standard methods), delicate sand blasting, preassure cleaning (inside also), exterior acid cleaning, color merging, painting of earlier removed clamping rings, impregnation, clamping rings montage and finally done 150 m2 in EIT+ research center in Wroclaw.

There I learn basics of rope access.