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E&I Construction Supervisor offering a comprehensive management background that includes over 18 years of experience in the onshore oil and gas projects. Areas of specialization include construction, mechanical completion and commissioning.

Current location: Guria, Georgia - View on map
Nationality:  Argentineas / Georgian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, spanish
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Professional Experience

Apr 2013 – August 2014: Poti Terminal Holding LLC, Georgia, East Europe

E&IC Commissioning Manager / Client representative

Project: Methanol Storage Terminal EPC Project

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Ensuring the construction and commissioning activities of new and upgraded facilities in accordance with design specifications and quality objectives;

 Reviewing and approval engineering, scope of work, ITP plan, E&I commissioning procedures, safety requirements and QA/QC procedures to prevent mistake in the implementation;

 Ensuring the availability of spares, tools and consumables for construction & commissioning activities;

 Coordinating and executing the construction and commissioning activities with contractor;

 Witnessing erection and Test of 6, 6 KV transformer, MCC Switchgear, MVP, LVP, VDF unloading pump, transfer and export pump tests in the electrical area;

 Being involved in the factory acceptance test of the integrate control system (Honeywell Experions PKS) ;

 Ensure correct installation of the ATEX equipment on hazardous areas (instruments, panel, JBs, cable gland, etc)

 Witnessing test (SAT) of F&G system, firefighting system, chromatograph lab, deluge system, intruder detection system, N2 systems and logic test between DCS/ESD/F&G.

 Implementing and establishing safety and cooperative working relationship with EPC contractor.

2011 – 2013: Construction Company: SPIECAPAG, Papua New Guinea, Asia-Pacific

Position: EI&C Facilities Construction Manager

Project: EPC5A Onshore Pipeline Project

Client: ExxonMobil Highlands Limited

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Being responsible for coordination, implementation and mechanical completion of E&I department and ensuring compliance with company HSE and quality requirements;

 Developing and controlling materials and tools;

 Reviewing E&I scope of work, hook up drawings and executing instrument construction activities in line with the project specifications and standards;

 Submitting the planning of the E & I Department;

 Preparing installation procedure and attending coordination meetings with company, vendors and other areas of the project;

 Maintaining close relationship with HSE and quality control department to assure a correct and safe installation on site;

 Assuring adequate maintenance of instrumentation equipment for calibration and control as per quality control recommendations;

 Execute and supervise E&I pre-commissioning activities: instruments calibration, tubing pressure tests, continuity test, cable insulation tests, grounding test (Electrical & instruments), hook up installation, DCS hardware panel installation, etc.

 Ensuring that all pre-commissioning activities of E&I discipline are completed prior RFC.

2009 – 2011: Construction Company: SPIE OIL & GAS Service, Angola, Africa

Position: E&I Construction Superintendent

Project: Angola LNG Project (near shore & onshore facilities pipelines) EPC2 Rehabilitation Project

Client: Somoil & Angola LNG Corporation

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Managing construction and pre-commissioning activities of the project;

 Recruiting and establishing construction teams;

 Preparing scope of work, purchasing and developing materials and tools;

 Reviewing and commenting work and resolving in site technical queries relative to the construction;

 Interfacing with operations teams in all stations, including safety and information training, access to the site, obtain permits to work and general management issues;

 Attending daily and weekly coordination meetings for good construction interface;

 Pushing and helping to E&I construction team for early mechanical completion;

 Submitting the planning of the E & I Department;

 Ensuring high quality construction execution for the instrument discipline.

2006 – 2008: PMC Company: TECNA – MG Energy, Ontario, Canada

Position: EI&C Supervisor / Client representative

Project: 2 (two) Bio-Oil Production Plant (yard fabrication & site)

Client: Dynamotive Energy System Corporation

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Supervising EPC contractor & subcontractor during construction; installation & commissioning activities;

 Ensuring daily contribution for the HSE department & Quality implementation

 Reviewing plans, resources and procedures required to the construction and commissioning phase;

 Ensuring that all modules (13) will be built as per EI&C installation procedure, cost and schedule;

 Validating RFI and Logical functional SCADA/F&G/ ESD;

 Following up and clearing instrumentation and electrical punch list as per OPERCOM and ICAPS methodology;

 Ensuring compliance with the schedule of commissioning of instrument in order to reach the planned on date;

2004 – 2006: Construction Company: SPIECAPAG, Georgia (Eastern Europe)

Position: E/I/T Commissioning Engineer & B2B of construction superintendent

Projects: Baku – Tbilisi – Ceyhan (BTC) project

South Caucasus Pipelines (SCP) project

Client: British Petroleum

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Recruiting and establishing construction and commissioning teams for EPC project;

 Preparing plans, resources and procedures required to supervise the construction and pre-commissioning activities;

 Overseeing simultaneous projects in 12 stations on spread 1;

 Managing simultaneous construction of several capital projects with a staff of over 70 employees;

 Installing 27 block valves and 12 check valves, scrapers stations, LER (Local Equipment Room), HPU (Hydraulic pump unit) Power Generation units, SCADA, FOC and telecommunication systems.

 Being responsible for MC1 (mechanical completion) and SH1 (system handover) at GOC documentation;

 Implementing project in remote and environmentally sensitive and difficult areas.

2002 – 2004: PMC Company: TECNA, La Plata, Argentina, South America

Position: E&I Supervisor / Client representative of yard fabrication and site

Project: Catalytic cracking revamp project

Client: Repsol YPF

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Monitoring contractor during construction and pre-commissioning activities.

 Assuring that the safety standards and quality requirements are observed at all time;

 Validating RFI for all mechanical installation and Logical functional SCADA/F&G/ ESD;

 Verifying correct installation of the instrument and electrical equipment in the modules (Reactor cyclones, catalyst cooler, electrical driven centrifugal air compressor, steam drum, new vacuum unit feed, fractionator’s botton pumps, fired heaters and heat exchanger)-.

 Revamps utilities (fuel gas, seal gas, fire fighting and instrument air, panel and racks within control room)

 Requesting methodology OPERCOM and ICAPS for the project.

 Highlight: Construction performed in an operating plant.

2000 – 2002: PMC Company: FLUOR DANIEL- SADE, Argentina

Position: Instrument Construction Supervisor

Project: Cracker II Extension Project

Client: Dow Chemical Company, Argentina

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Being responsible for coordination, implementation and mechanical completion of E&I department and ensuring compliance with company HSE and quality requirements;

 Supervising all activities related to the upgrading existing areas, ethylene, polyethylene and infrastructure facilities at petrochemical Bahia Blanca complex;

 Coordinating with construction teams about work priorities and HSE requirements;

 Distributing manpower and monitoring daily accomplishment for daily activity report.

1997 – 1999: PMC Company: TECNA, Neuquén Argentina

Position: E&I Construction Supervisor (Yard fabrication and site)

Project: Aguada San Roque Treatment plant (Dew point plant)

Client: Total Austral

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Ensure full compliance with HSE policies and procedures in all areas of responsibility at all times.

 Use PTW system for all pre-commissioning and commissioning activities

 Assist the Commissioning team for preparation of: FATS review and monitoring of FATs punch list as per E&I ICAPS database

 Review Tools, consumables and commissioning spare parts for any requirements.

 Execute and Supervise E&I pre-commissioning activities: intrumentes calibration, tubing pressure tests, control and electrical continuity test, cable megger tests, earthing checks, packages conformity etc.

 Supervise vendors for SATs activities.

1995 – 1996: Construction Company: MG Energy, Argentina

Position: E&I Construction Supervisor

Project: LPG Recovery Plant, Aguada Cajon Project.

Client: Capex S.A

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Oversee, coordinate and manage field installations works and personnel

 Organize materials, plant and equipment.

 Liaise with Clients and other Contractors: Attending meetings and keeping and maintaining a detailed daily diary

 Complete returns

 Undertake assessments of other personnel

 Ensure and supervise attendance, time-keeping, monitoring and ensuring compliance with all aspects of Health and Safety, Environmental. And Permit To Work Systems.

 General supervising duties, tasks and responsibilities including deputizing for management personnel.

1993 – 1995: Construction Company: MG Energy, Argentina

Position: E&I Construction Manager assistant

Project: Gas Treatment Plant 5 train, Loma La Lata Project.


Duties & Responsibilities:

 Assist Construction Manager to execute and monitor all E&I works

 Ensure all aspects of the works are carried out in the safest manner at all times.

 Review project drawing & workshop drawing.

 Ensure materials and installation compliance to specifications.

 First experience in managing and coordinating with other Building Services.

 Ensure the full compliance of Safety and Schedule requirement.

 Ensure productivity of labor force against the budget man-hours.

1991 – 1993: Construction Company: MG Energy, Argentina

Position: E&I Engineer assistant

Project: Gas Treatment Plant, Loma La Lata Project.


Duties & Responsibilities:

 Performs routine engineering calculations and prepares sketches for a specific segment of a project.

 (Gathers information for and assists in the preparation of technical specifications and material requisitions.

 Organizes and tracks various project activities i.e. material requisitions, vendor submittals etc.

 Reviews vendor drawings and bids to determine compliance with specifications.

 Prepares information to be shown on drawings and reviews drawings when completed.

 Gathers, organizes and maintains data sets for specific segments of a project.


 Date of Birth : 19th September 1966

 Nationality : Argentinean/ Georgian.


 Bachelor Degree in Electro Mechanical Engineering

National Technological University.


 Language 1 : Spanish (native proficiency)

 Language 2 : English (professional proficiency)

 Language 3 : Portuguese (work proficiency)

 Language 4 : Russian (work proficiency)


 PM Training (108 hours) Technological National University;

 Professional knowledge of international standards and procedures used in oil and gas project(API,ASME,ANSI, ATEX, IEC, ISA, ISA, ISO, NEC, NFPA, etc)

 Hazardous Area Training and Certificate, in Gas & Dust Atmospheres. (Competency Training PTY Ltd);

 Senior Instrumentation Calibration (National Institute of industrial Technologies);

 Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Equipment, Rosemount 3059 series (Emerson)

 Opercom and ICAPS Methodology (Total &Tecna Argentina).

 GOC Certification(BP/Spiecapag Georgia)

 WinPCS Certification Tracking System(Spiecapag / Exxon Mobile Papua New Guinea)