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(02/01/1975, male)
Skills keywords: expediter, inventory controller, logistics coordinator, material controller, warehouse incharge
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15th May 2011 – Till Date - Material Controller, Worley Parsons, Bahrain Project – Facilities Engineering and Construction (Department: Well Hookup Development Team) i.e. - Gas Lift, Beam Pump Unit, Well Manifold, Mini Manifold, Module Gas Injection, Tank Battery, Gas Dehydration Unit, Water & Chemical Injection etc):

Job Responsibilities: Project Materials Control.

  • Conduct all materials management activities safely and in accordance with the Company’s HSE policies
  • Operating & Maintaining Computerized Inventory in Oracle R12, MAXIMO & EMPAC Software System, generating Purchase Requisition Internal/External (Catalog & Non-Catalog) Service Request etc
  • Apply the provisions of Quality Management System (QMS), particularly with respect to the Purchasing Pipes/ Fittings/Instrumentation & Valves. Review and approve Vendor’s quotations, evaluate the technical spec of materials.
  • Material Cataloguing, Data cleansing & enrichment, Walk down & inspection of warehouse items (spare parts), developing buying specification and additional characteristics to accepted standards by taking measurements/inspections,
  • Identifying the discrepancies between the actual item characteristics/measurements in stock and the reference documents, capturing the relevant information from Catalogue, drawings and other reference documents.
  • Review CWORKS and ensure relevant information is properly checked to maintain the highest possible standards in Material Master (Catalogue).
  • Standardize the description format in a logical sequence. Verify if the technical description is maintained according to the new cataloguing standards using noun, modifier and attributes and ensure relevant technical information is accurate.
  • The critical aspect and responsibility to ensure that new materials are thoroughly reviewed with existing materials to avoid duplicate entries.
  • Review and maintain planning data and calculate the required inventory level parameters based on forecasted usage and supply lead time.
  • Update all the relevant information in the CWORKS Material Master and ensure all required fields are updated.
  • Assist MRs originators, Buyers and Material Mgt team in identifying correct material and resolve any query related to cataloguing.
  • Coordinate with users to obtain accurate specific data from suppliers in order to correctly identify the material product and assist Purchasing in specifying the right item to the supplier based on precise description.
  • Responsible to obtain data of physical material from warehouse and update system accordingly.
  • Responsible to obtain the latest drawings or specifications to update the catalogues
  • Meet originators requirements to catalogue the items to release and procure in time.
  • Ensure optimum level of Inventories in stock (Including ABC and age analysis of inventory).
  • Maintain inventories level at predefined Min Max level. Overseeing stock control and processing orders.
  • Responsible for managing the service / logistics requirements ensuring product delivery and service requirements are met. Management and close collaboration with 3rd party logistics providers to ensure product is delivered on time. Responsible for developing and maintaining solid relationships with the key customer and supplier counterparts
  • Interface with internal and external customers, freight forwarders, Customs Clearing Agents, and customs. Keep up to date the list of consignments departures and provide Management with regular reports on consignments schedules and ETA/ETD, and ensure receipt on site of shipped materials.
20th Jan 2011 – 30th Apr 2011 Material Control Supervisor, Heavy Engineering Industries & Shipbuilding Co. (KSC) Joint Venture with Sicilsaldo S.R.L Italy, Kuwait  - Project – Hyundai - Part A, Construction pipeline from Maa to Sabiya and Doha (42” & 36” Dia 120 Km)

Job Responsibilities: Pipeline Materials Control.
  • Maintaining computerized Inventory in ERP Software System.
  • Raising corrective action for all non-conformances. Cycle counts on Inventory including the resolution of count discrepancies, Surplus declaration and disposal.
  • To ensure the storage and handling of any hazardous materials in accordance with Company policy, manufacturers’ recommendations and local legislation.
  • To produce timely reports on the inventory and usage of Pipes/Fittings/Consumables & spares.
  • To conduct periodic reviews of stock levels and make recommendations for changes.
  • To advise Construction Engineer and Supply Chain of any issues related to materials management which could merit their attention.
  • Ensure satisfactory storage to prevent damage or deterioration pending use.
  • Ensure vulnerable items are stored under cover.
  • Ensure open storage areas are reasonably flat, well drained, capable of supporting stored items and accessible to material handling equipment.
  • Ensure all materials are stored off the ground by supporting timbers, or other suitable bearers.
  • To assist other departments in meeting their goals and objectives as directed.
16th Feb 2010 – 31st Aug 2010 Warehouse Incharge, Al-Zamil Heavy Industries Ltd (Saudi, Jeddah)

Project – Design, supply, manufacturing, assembly, construction, installation and maintenance of capital equipment utilized in the Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Power Generating, Desalinating, Defense Industries, Boiler & Pressure Vessel.

Job Responsibilities: Projects Materials Control.
  • Data entries in ERP Navision i.e. - PR, Issue, MRIRR, GRN and Remnant.
  • Receives and visual inspects all incoming materials and reconciles with purchase orders, processes and distributes documentation with purchase orders, reports, documents and tracks damages and discrepancies on order received.
  • Calculates and plans daily and long term ordering requirements of (Project/Non Projects) stock items. Works closely with user department to assure that inventory items reflect actual needs and are in accordance with standards and specifications.
  • Ensure non-conforming materials are kept in quarantine area.
  • Ensure all materials, whether stored single or stacked are supported using sufficient bearer or spacers to ensure freedom from overloading or distortion.
  • Ensure all materials are stored in a manner permitting easy access for inspection with identification marks clearly visible.
  • Ensure materials are stored in a secure storage area in conditions, which prevent damage or deterioration pending use.
  • Ensure that Material susceptible to deterioration by weather, humidity, time (expiry date) monitored closely. First In First out (FIFO) followed.
  • Control of inventory, Orders materials and supplies to facilitate both minimum levels of stock on hand and quantity buying.
04th Jan 2005 – 23rd Jan 2009 Inventory Controller, United Engineering Services L.L.C “MNC” An American base Company (Oman) Smith Services group till 2008. (2008 onward group of M.B Holding Company) Muscat, Oman

Project – Rental of Drilling Equipment, Tools, Milling and Fishing Services , API Oilfield and General Machine Shops (incorporating premium thread connections such as VAM, NSPT and NKK), Mechanical Design (pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks and other oilfield structural equipment), Refinery shutdown support services, Design, Supply materials, Fabrication, Welding, Blasting and Painting.

Job Responsibilities: Materials Control.
  • Maintaining computerized Inventory in SAP/Oracle/Accurate Base Stock system, feeding of document i.e.. MRF, GRN, MIN, MRN, MTI & MTO.
  • Generation of month end stock reports in line with Finance Department and also provide monthly Account statement to the finance department of transaction done on monthly basis.
  • Maintain Supplier relations and liaise between suppliers and account on any payment issues.
  • Plan, check and prepare the Materials Requisition order, based on revolving stock levels, Base Supervisor’s request & related instruction to proceed with regular or emergency orders.
  • Raise MRF for Spares and consumables materials and up-date minimum and maximum stock level, storage of tools and parts in an organized safe and effective manner, bagging & tagging of spares and consumables materials as per Bin & Cardex System, Overall responsibility to keep all required spare & consumables at optimum level at all time.
  • Ability to resolve material-handling issues technically and within Company/HSE guide lines and ensure its effectiveness
  • Submit reports as necessary and update Base Operation Manager.
  • Monitor over all activities & operation of the Store and provide guidance to the Storekeeper whenever required.
  • Co-ordinate with the company internal/external Audit verifies the Tools, Spares & Consumables in periodical session.
  • To record internal-external (supplier) non-conformance in order to ensure product quality is being delivered consistently in accordance with the specified requirement and ensures all tasks and duties are performed in accordance with Company procedures.
  • Continually making attempts to improve productivity and work methods.
  • Primarily services equipment and maintain associated paper work in-line with Client Company policies, procedures and systems.
10th May 2003 – 31st Dec 2004 Logistic & Material Officer, Niko Resources Ltd. “MNC’’ A Canadian based Oil & Gas Exploration Company. Olpad, Surat India.

Project – Exploration, Production of natural gas and crude oil.

Job Responsibilities: Projects Materials Control.
  • Updating the information (GIRN/GIN/MRN) in ERP System used by the company.
  • Raising a MSR (Material/Service Request) i.e. Materials to be ordered or service to be done to meet the requirement of drilling rigs, plants & pipelines.
  • Maintaining Bin & Carding System.
  • Maintaining stocks, reconciliation and inventory with client and sub-contractor.
  • Expose to handle all types of construction materials like Civil-Structural, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Valve, Consumables and Oil drilling/fishing materials for Rigs
  • Allocating the location of heavy and small materials as per ISO/IADC/Company rules, staging and keeping them as per size, grade & schedule.
  • Sound knowledge of maintaining of staging materials.
  • Jointly inspection and verification of materials with QC/Third party.
  • Trained in handling loading & offloading materials.
  • Observe and ensure safe working signalling practices accordance with Safety Management System.
  • Co-ordination for all movement & operations pertaining to equipment & materials, liaison with the management and monitor all third parties, contractors for supply of various tools and equipment requisitioned by rigs, platforms and pipelines.
  • Procurement planning based on field requirement with cost effectiveness and time bounded planning, execution, co-ordination to higher management, weekly, fortnightly, monthly consumption and procurement data.
  • Involved in various drilling activity related “Waste management procedures and protocols” as laid down by regulatory pollution control Boards.
  • Experience of ‘Land Rig Move” in Indian states (Rig 709 PDI).
  • Co-ordination with the Electricity Board, Indian railways and PWD for shutdown of power and associated activities.
  • Co-ordination with the R.T.O for transfer of over dimension equipment.
  • Execute the consolidation of orders at hand and arrange export documents.
  • Coordinate with the service provider in charge of shipment (forwarding agent, carrier, sea/air freight ) all instructions and documents required for a good execution
  • Inform the consignee, prepare and send him the import documents within the required time frame. Carry out the material import if justified
  • Ensure the relevant custom documents have been received and forward them to the administrative agent as soon as possible.
  • Observe tax and duty exposure on imported materials, equipment and parts and closely liaise with Project Manager, Client and relevant regulatory bodies in processing and granting exemptions.
  • Verify and process all logistics related bills/invoices prior to payment or disbursement.
  • Provide effective shipment visibility and traceability at all time during project execution. Providing regular and accurate status reports on the progress of the activities by means of appropriate shipment status report.
  • Ensure feedback and supplier performance evaluations upon completion of works by use the Supplier performance assessment.
21st Apr 2002 – 09th May 2003 Material Controller, Clough Engineering Ltd, “MNC” (An Australian based company Hazira, Surat, India)

Project - Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Lakshmi On-shore Gas Plant, Cairn India Ltd.

Job Responsibilities: Projects Materials Control.
  • Develop clear procedures and forms necessary for control and traceability of project materials. Develop new and update existing transportation, handling and storage plans for equipment based on vendor specs and also making sure material handling is conducted in compliance with those plans.
  • Coordinate with warehouse representatives to perform SAP Goods Receipt, including inspection for damage, and verifying material received matches the items listed on the Purchase Order or Material Requisition Form.
  • Prepare the Field Materials Management Plan (FMMP) for receiving and staging Client and Company -furnished materials at Yard and Warehouse, as well as all fabrication, sites.
  • Ensure that all materials receiving, inspection and staging activities for the project are managed in accordance with the plan.
  • Organize the field team to assure that the plan is properly implemented.
  • Oversee receipt inspection and proper storage of equipment and materials as per the specifications.
  • Communicate with the Buyer or Expeditor on any problems with materials requiring resolution.
  • Communicate with the fabricator(s) on the materials receiving schedule
  • Oversee Issuance equipment and materials to the fabricator(s) in support of their schedules.
  • Issue the Materials Receiving Reports (MRRs).Issue Over, Short & Damaged (OS&D) Reports to the PPM and Buyer for resolution with the supplier, or file a freight claim with third party logistics provider for freight damage.
02nd Mar 1995 -19th Apr 2002 Material Expediting & Material Control, Dodsal Ltd & Maruthi Construction, (Location: Surat, Banglore & Jamnagar INDIA).

BWSSB Pipeline Karnataka Government Cross Country Pipe Line 82” Dia. Experience: 9 months.

156.1 M.W Combined Cycle Power Plant “ Alstom Power (ABB Group) Experience: 1 yr 3 months.

World Largest Refinery/Petrochemical Project (Reliance Petroleum Ltd) Experience: 2 yrs 10 months.
  • Handling more than 7000 Store line items at any point of time, comprising of oilfield and gas related material, Pipes/Fittings/Valves/Consumables/Civil Structural/Tools/ Equipments, machinery part and offshore constructions.
  • Reconciliation of inventory, maintain records of all card system and computerized inventory control.
  • ABC Analysis of stores management including maintenance of Cardex and bin Locations.
  • Liaising between Shore logistic department and offshore groups, contractors, service vendors etc. Back loading Preparing Cargo Manifest, Dangerous Goods Declaration.
  • Sign a Goods Issue form taking custody of materials from warehouse to the project; keep copies of Goods Issue forms on file for record, and record Goods Issue in the project MOTS system, and notify Expeditor.
  • Coordinate with vendors and follow-up for delivering the materials on the given time frame.
  • Work with vendors, engineers, construction reps, expeditor or others to resolve discrepancies and damage.
  • Assist company construction representatives in procuring items from warehouse, keep records of these procurement items, and provide reports to Business Team to record in commitment logs.
  • Ensure items are properly labeled and stored for easy identification.
  • Create an orderly, clean, safe environment in all storage locations.
  • Ensure all line pipe is stored with end caps and openings in equipment are covered to prevent habitation by wildlife.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of the location of all project materials.
  • Maintain an account of materials that are in the custody of construction contractors.
  • Verify transfer of materials to construction contractors, and obtain contractor’s signoff to transfer custody of materials physically load, transport and offload smaller items (those that can fit on pickup truck and not requiring cranes) from warehouse or vendor shop to field construction sites as requested by Construction Representatives.
  • Develop a filing system for documentation; this may involve scanning and uploading to an electronic system.
  • Conduct weekly inventory material, including items in the Company warehouse and other storage locations, and items in the custody of construction contractors; provide weekly inventory reports to Business Manager.
  • Manage surplus materials returned to staging; coordinate return to the supplier or add to the surplus inventory database.
  • BA in Economic/History & Civic from Magadh University Bodh Gaya at Bihar India, Year 1994
  • Diploma in Materials Management from Indian Institute of Management and Technology at Chennai, India, Year 2004
  • MBA in Material/Purchase/Logistic from International Institute of Management and Technical Studies, at Surat, India, Year 2009
  • PGPME, Professional Graduate Programme in Mechanical Engineering from International Institute of Management and Technical Studies at Ahmedabad, India, Year 2012
  • Quality Work Group (Smith Services an American based “MNC” Muscat Oman)
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (Suraksha Marine Mumbai India)

Spoken languages: english, Hindi
Location I am interested in working: africa, Bahrain, India, kuwait, Mauritania, nigeria, qatar, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates