CV, Indonesia Based E And I Supervisor, Metering,Instrument Technician

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Skills keywords: contruction, electrical, engineering, instrument, project
Short Bio:

Qualified and experienced more than 2 year as FSO E&I Supervisor, 8 years in Metering, Analyzers and Field Instrumentation technician in gas plant, Project Engineering and Commissioning.
I had experiance as on the Job Trainee at ExxonMobil Nigeria (Oct 2012 – Sep 2013). I assigned as E&I Supervisor for FSO Conversions and Mooring Tower Project Commissioning on Singapore and Cilegon (Indonesia)(Sep 2013 - Sep 2014). I was back to my responsible as FSO E&I Supervisor for Gamang FSO on Java.

Current location: Indonesia - View on map
Nationality: Indonesia
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Degree conferred (S1) Electrical Engineering from STT Telkom Bandung

Training Highlights

1. Kongsberg K-Safe Autronic Gas Detector Training, July 2014, Singapore

2. Kongsberg K-Chief 700 Step 2 Training, June 2014, Singapore

3. Kongsberg K-Chief 700 Step 1 Training, May 2014, Singapore

4. FMC Metering System Training, May 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia

5. Electrical and Hydrolic Maintenances Training for Lieberr Crane RS 1270 type, April 2014, Rostock, Germany.

6. Custody Transfer Equipment and Metering Training, October 2013, Bandung.

7. Technical Guidance and Qualified Inspectors training training for safety valve on Oil and Gas Industry, Dirjen MIGAS, June 2013, Bogor, Indonesia.

8. CCC Series 3 plus Operation & Maintenance Training, April 2011, Bandung.

9. Flowboss S600 Maintenance Training, September 2010, Jakarta.

10. Daniel USM Flow Meter Maintenance Training, June 2010, Jakarta.

11. GE Fanuc Automation Training, October 2009, Jakarta.

12. Gas Chromatograph Training, July 2009, Hang Tuah Field, Kep. Riau.

13. Valve Maintenance Training, September 2008, Jakarta.

14. RS Logic Software Advance 5000 Training, August 2008, Bogor.

15. Honeywell PKS Experion Training, July 2008, Cipanas.

16. Honeywell FSC Training, June 2008, Cipanas.

17. Flow Measurement and Analysis Problem Training, January 2008, Bandung.

18. Basic Instrumentation System Training, September 2007, Jakarta.

19. Gas Processing and Fractionation Course, July 2007, Jakarta.

Management Training :

1. Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry, September 2007, Jakarta.

2. Completed Staff Work, March 2008, Jakarta.

3. Presentation Skills, May 2008, Jakarta.

4. Industrial Hygiene, September 2008, Jakarta.

5. Report Writing Training, October 2008, Jakarta.

6. ENFOS Training, August 2012, Jakarta

HSE Training:

1. HSE Induction & HSE Management Training by ConocoPhillips co, August 2005, Jakarta.

2. Stop Program Training (completed book 1 – 7 th) by HSE ConocoPhillips co, September 2005, Jakarta.

3. Permit To Work Training Basic & Advance by ConocoPhillips co, October 2005, Jakarta.

4. H2S and Respiratory Training by ConocoPhillips co, May 2006, Jakarta.

5. Material Hazard Handling Training by ConocoPhillips co, July 2007, Jakarta.

6. Confined Spaced Training, April 2008, Jakarta.

7. Coxswain Training, November 2008, Jakarta.

8. Re-Fresh T FOET, HUET, Basic Fire Fighting and Basic First Aid Training by Samson Tiara Indonesia, Aug 2012, Jakarta.

9. Advance First Aid Training by International SOS, September 17, 2012 Jakarta.

Career Summary

E&I Supervisor – ExxonMobil Indonesia(Gagak Rimang FSO, Tuban, Indonesia)
March 2012 – Present

Job Description & Responsibility:

– Conducted E&I and Telecom Equipment FAT & SAT, assessed, reviewed and punched list if they have any corrections.

– Reviewed Commissioning and startup procedures specially all E&I Equipment (All transmitter for cargo tank, metering equipment and Electrical equipment)

– Ensured that E&I and Telecom system activities are carried out in strict compliance with the project specification.

– Provided overall E&I and Telecom engineering technical leadership & expertise.

– Participated in lessons learned reviews and provide input to close-out reports sections upon completions of work.

– Reviewed contractor, vendor and supplier’s completion files for accuracy and completeness.

– Reviewed original material certificates for compliance to codes and spec

– Reviewed Maintenance procedures for all E&I and Telecom equipment.

– Achived Equipment strategy workshop for all E&I and Telecom Equipment.

– Supported HSSE Programs on FSO Project, Commissioning and Startup activity (Prepared and reviewed PTW, JSA and all certificate for tomorrow job plans with technician, monitoring and audit PTW on site with technician, sharing lesson learned and support incident investigation).

– Developed competency, On The Job Training and Coaching for sub-ordinate.

– Assisted and contributed to resolution of technical queries relating to E&I engineering activities.

Metering & Analyzer Technician –  Belanak FPSO ConocoPhillips Indonesia (Eastern Hub Operation)
May 2008 – March 2012

Job Description & Responsibility:

– Maintenance and Inspection All Analyzers running well especially for Export Sales Gas

(Gas Chromatograph, H2S, HCDP, Moisture).

– Maintenance and Inspection Flow Meter Measurement running well for Custody and Non Custody Metering System especially for Fiscal Oil Metering and Export Gas Meter.

– Maintenance and Inspection All Analyzers running well for our product specially Propane & Butane ( Gas Chromatograph for Propane &Butane Product, H2S, Oil In Water, O2 Analyzer, CEMS for Export Gas Comp., Salinity & PH for Fresh Water ).

– Supervised Re-certification of Proving line on the site like prepare support document, PTW, prepare Smart Transmitter re-calibration and prepare spare part for this activity.

Instrument Technician – Belanak FPSO ConocoPhillips Indonesia (Eastern Hub Operation)
July 2004 – April 2008

Job Description & Responsibility:

– Maintenance and Inspection Fire and Gas Detector.

– Maintenance and Inspection Transmitter especially related with Shutdown System.

– Maintenance and Inspection Control Valve, SDV, BDV.

– Maintenance and Inspection Inner Gas Generator System.

– Maintenance and Inspection Instrument Air Compressor.

– Maintenance and Inspection Turbine Generator Instrumentation and Control.

– Assist Production Team to maintain our Plant running well and smoothly.

Track Record:

– Commissioning FSO Convertion and Mooring Tower at Singapore and Cilegon (Indonesia) on March 2012 – Now

– Achieve participate for Oil Lifting to Tanker.

– Commissioning New Feed gas Exchanger Project Phase 2 at March – Mei 2008.

– Commissioning New Feed gas Exchanger Project Phase 1 at November – December 2007.

– Commissioning New Instrument Air Compressor Installation at November 2008.

– Achieve to Participate for Shutdown Job.

– Preventive Maintenance All Fire and Gas Detector every 6 Month.

– Preventive Maintenance Transmitter especially related with Shutdown System every 6 month.

– 4K & 8K inspection for Turbine Generator, Export Compressor and Injection Compressor.

Site Of Engineer – PT. Telkom Indonesia
June 2000 – June 2004

Job Description & Responsibility:

– Monitoring and Analyze Telkom’s Customer network with NMS Tellabs Martiss and NMS Frame Relay.

– Fault Handling for Telkom’s customer network problem which one use Frame Relay connection for their WAN.

– Negotiation and Communicate with Telkom’s Engineer and Customer to solved their network problem.