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Skills keywords: mechanical engineering
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Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

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Al Jaber Engineering &Contracting L.L.C

Current location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - View on map
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, Engineering, Construction
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Dubai, India


Al Falahi Maintenance and Services Dec 2014-

Member of Abu Dhabi oil Company (JAPAN)

Abu Dhabi,UAE


• Responsible for supervision and installation of the HVAC system such as steering gear and winches; cranes; power units; pumps; valve etc.

• Supervision of construction, installation, and commissioning of building mechanical facilities i.e., heating, ventilating and air-conditioning, plumbing and firefighting.

• Monitors and operates the functioning of utilities and equipment placed under responsibility.

• Develop general knowledge of utility construction patterns and layout.

• Review and approval of materials for HVAC and plumbing works.

• Hand over activities in coordination.

• Management of all maintenance personal and ensure that daily work schedules are delegated accordingly.

• Installation and maintenance of electrical panel and equipment at well head platforms

• Inspection and Maintenance of ESP motor (Electrical Submersible Pump)side and Switch board side.

• Carrying out the preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance schedule & attending the break down calls.

• Follow inspection plan and quality checks and recommend continuous improvement in the production processes and the execution of work.

• Maintain and repairing all kind of control room air condition and refrigeration system.

• Maintenance of Sewage treatment plant.

• Maintenance of UPS system and Battery banks.

• Maintenance of offshore pedestal type crane like Diesel and Electric (20 Ton).

• Assisting budget work preparations.

• Reviews operations and maintenance safety procedures.

• Represent the organization in investigating plant incidents and near misses.

• Ensure employee discipline, and support employees to redress grievances

• Perform all other duties as assigned by operation supervisor or manager.

• Monitor and implement safety regulations and ensure safety procedures are strictly followed by the team members.

• Ensures that the Company’s HSE regulations are respected (especially procedures related to Work Permits), as well as approved operating procedures and standard industry practice during performance of maintenance operations placed under his responsibility.

• Ensure that all tools and equipment are calibrated and valid for use.

• Allocation of work to team members and ensuring timely completion of work as per the schedule.

• Ensure quality preparation and execution of all maintenance work.


• Helicopter Under water Escape Training.

• Sea Survival Training.

• Radiation Protection awareness Training.

• Rigging and Slinging Training.

• Introduction to Safety Management.

• First Aid Training C.P.R(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and A.E.D(Automated External Defibrillator),this training approved by American Heart Association


Al jabber L.E.G.T Engineering &Contracting ALEC) LLC.

Dubai, U.A.E 2010-2012


• Handle all aspects related to personnel management on site and make decisions pertaining to production on a daily basis.

• Performs additional duties requested by the Engineer, Facilities Maintenance/Maintenance &Engineering Manager in order to ensure the effective and efficient operation in the community.

• Assisting ,planning, assigning and Supervision the installation,servicing,repairing of HVAC system

• Coordinate all work with workers and subcontractors.

• Inspection of construction projects for conformance to plan and specifications in the use of materials, labor and practices.

• Experienced HVAC duct-line, pipe line work and air balancing and testing commissioning.

• Responsible apartments building HVAC equipment.

• Installed new air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, heat pump and chiller water pump with help of engineering drawing.

• Installation of HVAC units in commercial locations such as Office buildings, Malls, Apartments and Villas.

• Inspected contract work for conformity to specification; recommended contract work as appropriate.

• Participating in safety planning programs and pre-construction meetings and prepare as-built drawings, thus the inspection of the existing facilities and prepare reports and submitting related technical queries.

• Fixtures through plans, sketches and diagrams. Communicate on a regular basis with the General foreman or supervisor to determine what has already been done what needs to get done to complete building projects

• Responsible for preparing papers such as time reports. Also writes reports recommending the purchase of different HVAC equipment, tools and materials.

• Supervise the employees making sure everyone sticks with the budget and time frame of the building project. If workers are having problems with the part of project, use my expertise to help them complete task.

• Ensures the integrity of the regulatory system and assists with the preparation of reports, and recommends effective solutions to complex problems.

• Prepare reports and Maintaining accurate records of hours worked and materials and labor used with the records locations of certifications after of the jobs completion.

• Ensured quality work and monitored work progress.

• To obtain work permit for planned work coordinately with operations and safety personnel.

• Provide direction to employees and contractor engaging in painting, repairing and furnishing of buildings and mechanics on HVAC repair.

• Will contribute effectively in developing and implementing maintenance programs.

• Handle the tasks of repairing faucets, plumbing, heating and ventilating systems, and firefighting systems.

• Coordinate with senior Construction manager in scheduling the daily activities of maintenance staff.

• Estimate materials, labor and time needed for project.


• Provided and effective service in testing and commissioning in HVAC field.

• Experienced to take quantity for HVAC line (duct and pipe) for ordering and estimating.

• In charge of day-to-day task of site personal.

• Prepares day-to-day productivity reports.

• Scheduled and performed preventative and corrective maintenance on HVAC systems.


Emirates Electromechanical & industry L.L.C 2003-2010

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E


• Assists mechanics in diagnosing and repairing equipment for operating efficiency and safety factors.

• Installation of Fan coil units and Air handling units.

• Control valve and controls assembly installation for F.C.U and A.H.U main lines.

• Inspected, adjusted, repaired, replaced and performed preventive maintenance of heating, cooling, air -conditioning and ventilating equipment, chiller pumps and controls.

• Read blueprints schematic or wiring diagrams to determine locations, size, capacity and type of component needed to repair the unit.

• Repaired Package A/c units, Split A/c units, heating units and ventilating fans.

• Cleaned condenser coils, checked all operational and safety controls, checked suction and discharge pressure, checked for refrigerant leaks, silver soldered and silver brazed all brakes, evacuated and recharged system on air-conditioning and condensing units with help of vacuum pump and recovery machine.

• Maintained and repaired water softeners.

• Maintenance services to various HVAC equipment.

• Installation of supports for chilled water pipe work.

• Pressure testing and flushing of HVAC pipe work.

• Chemical treatment of pipe work.

• Measure, cut, thread and bend pipe or tubing, using pipefitter’s tools.

• Pressure leak testing of A/c duct.

• Installation of Grills, Diffusers, Exhaust fan, V.A.V (Variable air volume), C.A.V(Control air volume)and humidifier for duct work.

• Took and recorded all temperatures and pressures throughout the system, purged air from the machines, checked condenser coils for fouling ,measured specific gravity of solution and refrigerant, checked all operation and safety controls on chillers.

• Checked V-belt lubricated fan bearings, replaced air filters (pre and bag) and purified media on air handlers.

• Performed water treatment of related heating and air conditioning equipment.

• Installation and maintenance of HVAC plumbing work with help of engineering drawing.

• Cut and drill holes in floors, walls and roof to install equipment using power saws and drills.

• Wrap pipe in insulation and secures it in place with cement or wire bands.

• Rout making of A/c services at site based on drawing.

• Materials take- off A/c services at site based on drawing.

• Preparation of tools and equipment for various work order.

• Manage stock and prepare requisitions for parts and supplies.

• Reassemble equipment and start unit to test operation.

• Discuss heating, cooling system malfunctions with user to isolate problems or to verify malfunctions have been corrected.

• Inspect in operative equipment to locate source of trouble.

• Provided technical support for different projects.

• Layout and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment according to wiring diagram using- electricians hand tools.

• Managing available resources in effective manner.


• Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque, Abu Dhabi, U.A,E

• The American Embassy, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

• Al AIN(AL JIMI) Hospital, Al-Ain ,U.A.E

• Abu Dhabi International Airport, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

• Dubai International Airport, Dubai, U.A.E.

• Dubai Marina plaza,36th floor, Dubai,U.A.E


Baby Marine International,

Thoppumpady, Cochin, Kerala (State) India, 2001-2002

Web site:

• Installed and assembled the equipment in the refrigeration plant systems.

• Mechanic and operator of Refrigeration and Air conditioning plant such as Central A/c, Cold storage, I.Q.F (individual quick freezer) and plate freezer.

• Worked different type of gases(Ammonia,Freon,R404,134A)

• Responsible for the maintenance of various types of air-conditioner equipment.

• Monitors productivity of personnel and machines.

• Maintained operating logs and related records.

• Attend training to upgrade the skill in new techniques.

• Training the juniors in the troubleshooting of the devices.

• Scheduling and attending meeting to discuss new technology.

• Conducted training for junior technicians for effective working.

• Maintained time clocks ,thermostats and other controls

• Assisted the plant Engineer in activities relating to the different aspects of the plant.


Baraka Overseas Traders

Ullal, Mangalore, Karnataka (State) India, 1998-2001


• Assistant operator and mechanic in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning systems.

• Periodically disassembled and overhauled large centrifugal and reciprocating refrigeration compressors and related equipment.

• Assistant plant operator Cold storage, Central A/c, Tunnel freezer, Chill room and Tube ice plant.

• Assist the plant technician in monitoring the day-to-day process in the plant.

• Prepared records of the detected problems and submitted to senior.

• Organized daily reports on machine and equipment performance, prepare day-to day related log reports.

• Trained under a Supervisor in dealing with the different facets of the plant.

• Assisted Engineers in the designing the layouts of refrigeration plant lines.



• S.S.L.C (10th) Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

• Graduated With Honors.


• Trade Certificate in Refrigeration and Air conditioning Mechanic

M.D.P.S Industrial Training Center, 1996-1998

Tirur, Malappuram (district) Kerala (State) India

• 2 years certificate course with(N.C.V.T)

National Council for Vocational Training Certificate

For Refrigeration and Air conditioning Mechanic

• Major in Refrigeration Engineering laws and calculation science.

• Engineering Drawing and Social studies.

• Skillful laboratory Experiments and works.

• Graduate with honors.

Permit for Wireman License Govt. of Kerala (State) India.

• All Electrical wirings.

• Permit No :68026

• Date of issue :22-03-2010

• Date of Expiry :21-03-2015